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Symson's (Rev. And.) Large Deseription of Galloway, 168*; with an Appendix of original papers, &c. Edited by Thomas Maitland, Esq. er. 8vo. . . Edin. 1823

See Introduction to Bride of Lommermoor.

Grahame's (Rev. Dr. Pat.) Sketches of Perthshire, illustrative of the Lady of the Lake.

2d edit. 8vo. ....... ib. 1812

See PoirncAL Works, vol. ii. p. 307; vol. viii. passim Also Notes to Rob Roy.

Riddell's (John) Saltfoot Controversy, as it appeared in Blackwood's Magazine, &c. (relative

to the Stewarts of Allanton.) 8vo. ..... ib.

Knox's (John) Tour through the Highlands and Hebride Isles in 1786. 8vo. Lond. 1787

Selkirk's (Thomas, Earl of) Observations on the present State of the Highlands of Scotland,

&c Svo. . . . . . . . . • ib. 1805

The same. 2d edit. 8vo. ..... ib. 1806

Craigi (Thom.) Henrici Ducis Albaniae, &c. et Mariae Serenissimae Scotorum Reginae Epi

thalamium. Edinb. per R. Lekpreuik. sm. 8vo. . . Reprint Edin. Laing.

Cunningham's (J.) Essay upon the Inseription of Macduff's Cross in Fyfe; with MS. note by Sir

W. S. tm.ito. . . . . . . . ib. 1678

See Poetical Works, vol. iv. p. 268.

Scott's (Sir John, of Scotstarvet) Staggering State of Scots Statesmen for 100 years,

(1550 to 1650.) \2mo. ....... ib. 1754

See Note 2 to Old Mortality, vol. i.

Boswell's (Sir Alex.) Spirit of Tintoe, a Ballad, &c. 8vo. . . ib. 1803

Edinburgh, or the Ancient Royalty, a Sketch of former Manners, &c. \2mo. ib. 1810

Clan Alpin's Vow, a Fragment. 8vo. . . . . #.1811

See Prose Works, vol. xx. p. 49.—Introduction to l.egend of Montrose.

Comic Poems of 1685 and 1793, on Rustic Scenes in Scotland, with notes by Brown of Newhall. ,2mo. ....... ib. 1817

Williamson, (Peter) French and Indian Cruelty exemplified in the Life and various vicissitudes of fortune of, &c. 4tf edit. \2mo. . . . . . #.1759

Monro's (Donald, Dean of the Isles) Description of the Western Isles of Scotland, (in 1549,)

with Genealogies of the Clans, &c. 18mo. .... #.1805

See Poetical Works, vol . Z. Notes.

Campbell's (Miss, of Zetland) Poems. 8vo. .... Lond. 1816

Creech's (William) Edinburgh Fugitive Pieces. 8vo. . . . Edin. 1791

See Prose Works, vol. vii. p. 231, Nate.

Adamson's (H.) Muses Threnodie, or Mirthful Mournings on the Death of Mr. Gall, &c., with

Notes relative to the History and Antiquities of Perth, &c.; by James Cant. 8vo. Perth, 1774

See Notes to Fair Maid of Perth.

Morer's (Rev. T.) Short Account of Scotland, &c., with MS. note by Sir W. S. 8vo. Lond. 1715 Nimmo'8 (Rev. William) History of Stirlingshire. 2d edit, corrected and continued by the Rev. W. Macgregor Stirling. 2 vols. 8vo. . . . Stirling, 1817 Crawford's (G.) History of Renfrewshire, &c.; continued by W. Semple. sm. Mo. Paisley;lJ82

See Poetical Works, vol. iii. p. 295.

Rae's (Peter) History of the late Rebellion raised against His Majesty by the Friends of the

Popish Pretender, &c. sm. 4to. ..... Dumfries, 1718

See Introduction to Rob Roy, notes; Tales of a Grandfather, S.c.

Boyse's (Sam.) Historical Review of the Transactions of Europe, &c. from 1739 to 1745;

with an impartial History of the late Rebellion, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. . Lond. 1747

James VI. Apologie for the Oath of Allegiance, sm. 4/o. . . ib. 1609

Peterkin's (Alexander) Notes on Orkney and Zetland, &c. 8vo. . Edin. 1822

Malcolm's (Rev. David) Essay on the Antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland, and various

other Letters and Papers on the usefulness of the Celtick, &c. 8vo. . ib. 1738-9


Don, a Poem, with historical notes, 1742, with Letter from the Printer and editor to Sir W. S. 8vo. ....... Edin. John Moir, 1814

Irving's (Dr. David) Lives of the Scottish Poets, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. . ib. 1804

Rachurn (Sir Henry) Memoir of. 8vo. . . Lond. 1823

Melville, (Henry, Lord Viscount) Biographical Sketch of, Edin. 1811. Syllabus of first Commemoration of Carolan, the Irish Harper, Dub. 1809. Rules and Regulations of Irish Harp Society, Dm*. 1810. 8vo. ..... 1809-11

Stair, (John Earl of) Memoirs of the Life, &c. of, by an impartial hand. 8vo. Lond. (1747)

See Introduction to Bride of Lammcrmoor.

Dundas's (President) Present State of Scotland considered, and its declining condition charged

upon the conduct of the landed gentlemen, &c. 8vo. . . Edin. 1745

Ridpath's (Geo.) Proceedings of Parlia. of Scot begun at Edin. 6 May 1703. sm. 4to. 1704

M'Crie's (Rev. Dr. Thomas) Life of John Knox. ith edit. 2 vols. 8vo. Edin. 1818

Napier's (Archibald, first Lord) Memoirs, written by himself, sm. Mo. ib. 1793

See Prose Works, vol. vii. p. 54.

Johnstoni (Joannis) Heroes, ex omni Historia Scotica lectissimi. sm. 4-to. Lug. Bat. 1603

See Poetical Works, Vol . vi. Note B.

Inscriptions Historicae Regum Scotorum. sm. Mo. wants title. . [Amsl. 1602]

Political and Poetical Scottish Tracts, printed and MS. sm. Mo. .' 1680-1705


Satyre against Frendraugkt, MS.

See Prom Woum, Toi. vii. p. 171.

'2. Calcdon's Complaint against infamous libels.

3. Panegyric on a noble peer and worthy patriot.

4. — on their Royal Highnesses. 1682.

5. Albion's Farewell, by the same author. 1680.

6. Mysteries of Iniquity, or the Revolution deduced to the time of King James being forced, S.c., to retire from England. MS.

7'. Directions to a Painter. MS. 1705.

8. Brussii Oratio ad Mackaium. 1689.

9. Donaldson's (James) Pill for the Pork-eaters.


10. Ferguson's (Robert) Late proceedings of Parlia

ment of Scotland, &c, vindicated. 1689.

11. Reasons why the Parliament of Scotland cannot

comply with King James's proclamation. By J. W. 1689.

Letters to the Inverness Journal, 1817, 1818, (on the Glengarry controversy.) 8vo. Perth, 1818 Vindication of the Clanranald of Glengarry, against the Inverness Journal. 8vo. Edin. 1821 Scottish Tracts. 1 vol. 8vo. containing,

1. Clark's (John) Letter to C. Jenkinson, on the

late mutinies in the Highland regiments. 2d edit Edin. 1780.

2. Douglas's (Rev. Robert, of Galashiels) Observa

tions on the nature of Oaths. ft. 1783.

S. Liberty of the press—Proceedings in process, Dug.
Bannatyne against Molleson. Glasgow, 1811.

4. Observations, &c., on the mathematical pretensions

of the Scottish Clergy. . . Cupar, 1805.

5. Baron Dalrymple's Considerations on the polity

of Entails. 2d edit. . . Edin. 1763.

Bannatyne's (Richard, Seeretary to John Knox) Journal of the Transactions in Scotland, &c.

from 1570 to 1573; with four other tracts. Edited by Sir J. G. Dalyell. 8vo. ib. 1806 See Note to Ivanhoe, vol. i. Prosk Works, vol. vii. p. 71, 248, &c.

Macculloch's (Dr. John) Deseription of the Western Islands of Scotland, including the Isle of

Man, Sec . 2 vols. 8vo., with quarto atlas ofplates, . . . Lond. 1819

Lumsden'8 (M.) Genealogy of the family of Forbes. 1580. 8vo. . Inverness, 1819

Franck's (Richard) Northern Memoirs, caleulated for the meridian of Scotland; with The

Contemplative Angler. 1658. Edited by Sir Walter Scott. 8so. Edin. repr. 1821

Edmonstone's (Dr. Arthur) An. and Pres. State of the Zetland Islands. 2 vols. 8vo. ib. 1809

See Notes to The Pirate.

Hogg's (James) Jacobite Relies of Scotland, being the Songs, Airs, and Legends of the adherents of the House of Stuart. 2 vols. 8vo. .... ib. 1819-21

See Life, vol. iv. p. 234.

James I. of Scotland, The King's Quair, a Poem; with notes by Eb. Thomson. 8vo. Ayr, 1815

Poetical Remains ; with two dissertations, &c., by Lord Woodhouselee. 8vo. Edin. 1783

Martin's (M.) Voyage to St. Kilda, the remotest of the Hebrides, &c. ith edit. 8vo. Lond. \753 See Poetical Works, vol. viii. notes A. G. and J.; vol. x. passim.

Buchan's ( ) Deseription of St . Kilda, &c. 12wo. . . Edin. 1741

Burt's (Capt.) Letters from a Gentleman in the North of Scotland, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1754

The same, new edition, with large appendix, introduction, and notes, by R. Jamieson, Esq.,

&c. 2 vols. 8co. ....... Edin. 1818

See Poetical Works, vol. viii. passim;Prose Works, vol. xx. p. 21, note, &c .

Stewart's (General David of Garth) Sketches of the character, manners, and present state of

the Highlanders of Scotland. 2 vols. 8vo. .... ib. 1822

See Notes to Chronicles of the Canongatc.

Report of Committee of Highland Society on Ossian's Poems, drawn up by Henry Mackenzie, Esq. Svo. ........ ib. 1805

Sinclair's (Sir John) Dissertation on the authenticity of Ossian's Poems. 8vo. Lond. 1806 Poems of Ossian, &c., containing the Poetical Works of James Macpherson, with notes and illustrations by Maleolm Laing. 2 vols. 8vo. . . . Edin. 1 805

Graham's (Rev. Dr. Patrick) Essay on the authenticity of Ossian's Poems, in answer to Malcolm Laing. Svo. ....... ib. 1807

See Review of the Oman Controversy by Sir W. S. in Edin. Review, vol. vi. p. 429. Life, vol. ii. p. 53-59.

Enquiry into the causes which facilitate, Sfc., rebellions and insurrections in the Highlands of Scotland, fyc. MS. Mo.


History of the Feuds and Conflicts among the Clans, &c., (1031-1619), from a MS. of the

time of James VI. \2mo. ...... Glasgow, 1764

Balfour's (Sir Andrew) Letters of advice and directions for travelling through France and

Italy, &c. \2mo. ....... Edin. 1700

Moyse's (David) Mem. of the affairs of Scotland, &c., from 1577 to 1603, &c. 12mo. ib. 1755

Moodie's (A.) Scotiae Indiculum, or Present State of Scotland, &c. 12wo. Lond. 1682

Urquhart's (Sir Thomas) Tracts, &c., containing, 1. A Promptuary of Time; 2. Pedigree of

the Urquharts; 3. Dissertation on the Universal Language; 4. Characters of Scotsmen, his

contemporaries, including the Admirable Crichton, &c., reprinted. \2mo. Edin. 1782 See Life, vol. v. p. 120. Prose Works, vol. vii. pp. 182, 183.

Crawford's (Prof. Thos.) Notes and Obs. on Buchanan's Hist, of Scotland, &c. 12wo. ib. 1708 Monteith's (Robert) Theater of Mortality; or, the Illustrious Inseriptions upon the Monuments

in the Grayfriars', and other churches in Edinburgh, and in various towns in Scotland, &c.

2 parts. sm.Svo. ....... ib. 1704-13

Compleat History of the Warrs in Scotland, under the conduct of the Marquis of Montrose;

newly corrected and enlarged by an eye-witnesse, &c. 12 wo. . Lond. 1660

Wishart's (Dr. George) Memoirs of James, Marquis of Montrose, &c. translated from the

Latin: with an Appendix. 12 wo. .... ib. 1756

See Poetical Works, vol. ii. p. 174.

Hume's (D.of Godseroft) Hist, of the House and Race of Douglas & Angus. 2 vols. 12 wo. ib. 1741 Panteri (Patricii) Valliados libri iii., opus inchoatum. 12mo. . . Edin. 1663

Symson (And.) de Gestis illust. herois Gulielrai Vallae, Collectanea varia, &c. 12wo. ib. 1705 Watson's (R.) Historicall Collections of Ecclesiast. Affairs in Scotland, &c. 12wo. Lond. 1657 History of the Picts, containing an Account of their original, language, manners, &c. with MS.

note by Sir W. S. \2mo. ...... Edin. 1706

Memoirs of Viscount Dundee, the Highland Clans, &c. 12wo. . Lond. 1718

Molinaei (Ludovici, sub nomine Irenaei Philalethes) Rerum nuper in regno Scotiae gestarurn

Historia, &c. 12wo. ...... Dantisci, 1641

Hume's (Dav.) Life, written by himself, with Dr. Adam Smith's letter to Strahan on his death.

■—Hurd's (Bp.) Apology for Hume's Life and Writings, with a parallel between him and

Chesterfield, &c. 12wo. ...... Lond. 1777

See Prose Works, vol. iii. p. 269, Note.

Meston's (Prof. Win. the Jacobite Poet,) Poetical Works. 6th edit. 2 vols. \Zmo. Edin. 1767 Remonstrance concerning the present troubles, from the Meeting of the Estates of Scotland to

the Parliament of England. 4to. ...... 164(1

See Works, vol. ii. p. 156.

The Union; or, Select Scots and English Poems. 12mo. . . Edin. 1753

Abridgment of Military Discipline, for the use of His Maj. Forces in Scotland. 12mo. ib. 1686

Lindesay's (Sir David) Works. black letter. 2imo. . . . Glasg. 1696

Prophecies (The whole) of Scotland, England, France, &c. prophesied by marveilous Morling,

Beid, &c. &c. B. L. Edin. And. Hart, 1615. Prophecies collected from other Authors,

S.c. fyc. by John Gordon of Tillichandrie. 1611. MS. \2mo.

See Poetical Works, vol. iv. p. 133.

S. (T. ) Hist of the Affairs of Scotland, from the Restoration of K. Charles II. in 1660.

And of the late great Revolution in that kingdom, &c. to Midsomer 1690. 12mo. Lond. 1690 Pennecuik's (Alex.) Streams from Helicon; or, Poems on various subjects; with MS. note by

SirW.S. 2d edit. \2mo. ..... Edin. 1720

Hist. Account of the Blue Blanket or Craftsman's Banner of Edinburgh. 12mo. ib. 1722

Ferguson's (Dr. Adam) History of the proceedings in the case of Margaret, commonly called

Peg, &c. copy corrected by the Author; with MS. note by Sir W. S. \2mo. Ijynd. 1761

See Prose Works, vol. zix. p. 336.

Modern Account of Scotland, &c. by an English gentleman, a Satire. \2mo. ib. Morer's (Rev. T.) Short Account of Scotland, &c. David Herd's copy, with MS. note by him.

sm. 8vo. . . . . . . . ib. 1702

Ridpath's (Geo.) Discourse on the Union of Scotland and England, under 6 heads. sm. 8vo. 1702 M'Alpine's (J.) Memoirs of some of his most interesting Exploits, and singular Adventures,

from his Emigration to America, 1773, &c. 12»/o. . . 1788

Guthry's (Henry, Bishop of Dunkeld) Memoirs. 2d edit. \2mo. . Glasg. 1747

Tytler's (P. F.) Acc. of the Life and Writ. of Sir Tho. Craig of Riccarton, &c. sm. 8vo. Edin.1823 Edinburgh Miscellany, consisting of Original Poems, Translations, &c. 12mo. ib. 1720

Skinner's (Rev. John) Poetical Amusements of leisure hours, &c.; with MS. note by Sir W. S.

\2rno. ........ ib. 1809

Cecil's (Sir Robert, Earl of Salisbury,) Secret Correspondence with James VI. Published by

Lord Hailes. 12mo. ...... ib. 1766

Octupla; h. e. Octo Paraphrases Poeticae Psalmi CIV. authoribus totidem Scotis, &c.—Mont

gomrii (Alex.) Cerasum et Silvestre Prunum, in Latin, vers. translat. Vlmo. ib. 1696 Nodier's (Charles) Promenade from Dieppe to the Mountains of Scotland; from the French.

12mo. . . . . . ib. 1822

S. (J. ) The Age of the World, &c.; or a convincing Demonstration that the lineal and

uninterrupted succession of the Scots Monarchy has continued longer than that of any other

Kingdom in the known world. Written in 1706. 12mo. . ib. 1716

Curious Letters and Papers concerning the War between Montrose and the Covenanters, &c.

12m©. With MS. note by Sir W. S. . \ . . Glasg. 1773

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