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Waldemar and Nordmorvin, a Swedish Tale of Ancient Times. MS. fol.

Sternbergh (J. F.) Grammatica Graeca, Latine conscripta, in usum Scholarum. Dedicated

to Sir Walter Scott, as President of the Royal Society. MS. fol. . Brunswick, 1826 Cary's (John) New and Correct English Atlas. imp. Mo. . . Lond. 1818

Shaw's (Rev. Dr. Thomas) Travels; or Observations relating to several parts of Barbary and

the Levant foL ....... Oxford, 1738

Schilteri (Joannis) Thesaurus Antiquitatum Teutonic-arum, Ecclesiasticarum, Civilium, Lit

terariarum. 3 tom. fol. ...... Ulmae, 1728

Heating's (Rev. Dr. Jeof&y) General History of Ireland. Translated from the Irish by Der

mod O'Connor, fol. L. P. . . . . . Lond. 1723-6

Knolls's (Richard) Turkish History, &c. With Continuation by Sir Paul Rycaut, to the Peace

of Carlowitz, 1699. 6th edit. 3 vols. fol. .... Lond. 1687-1700


Assises et Bons Usages du Royaume de Jerusalem, &c. et autres anciennes Coustumes. Avec

des Notes et Observations, et un Glossaire, &c. par Gaspard Thaumas de la Thaumassiere.

fol. . . . . . . . . . Bourges, 1690

See Not e to The Talisman. (TaUi of the Crutadert.)

D' Aubigne (Sieur) Histoire Universelle. Dediee a la Posterite. 2 parties en un volume, fol.

A Maille,par Jean Moussat, 1816-18

Davila's (E. C.) Historie of the Civill Warres of France. Translated from the Italian by Sir Charles Cotterell, and William Aylesbury, Esq. With curious MS. note. fol. Lond. 1647

vEmylii (Pauli, Veronensis) Historiae jam denuo emendatae de Rebus Gestis Francorum, &c. usque ad Carolum VIII. Libri x.—Arn. Ferroni Burdigalensis de Rebus GestisGallorum, a Carolo VIII, usque ad Henricum II. Libri ix.—J. T. Freigii Paralipomena, &c. usque ad a.o. 1569.—Jo. Tilii Chronicon de Regibus Francorum, &c. usque ad Henricum II. Cum imaginibus. fol. ...... Basil. 1.569

Appian of Alexandria, the History of, in 2 parts, &c. Made English by J. Dryden. fol.

Lond. 1679

See Prose Works. vol. i. p. 203, note.

Fuller's (Thomas) Church History of Britain, &c. to 1648.—History of the University of Cambridge.—History of Waltham Abbe)', fol. .... ib. 1656

Mariana's (Father John de) General History of Spain, &c. With Continuation and 2 Supplements. Translated by Captain John Stevens. fol. . . . ib. 1699 See Poetical Works, vol. ix. p. 385.

Phillips's (Edward) New World of English Words; or Universal English Dictionary. 6th edition, revised, &c. by J. Kersey. fol. . . . . ib. 1706

Owen's (Rev. Dr. John) Works. fol. . . . . . . ib. 1721

Russell (P.) and Price's (Owen) England Displayed; being a New, &c. Description of England and Wales. 2 vols./o/. . . . . . . . ib. 1769 Fiddes's (Rev. Dr. Edw.) Life of Cardinal Wolsey. 2d edit. fol. . Lond. 1726

Capriata's (Dr. P. G.) History of the Wars of Italy, from 1613 to 1644. Translated from

the Italian by Henry, Earl of Monmouth. sm.fol. .... ib. 1663 Collection of Poetical Pieces. 1 vol. fol. containing,

1. Ode to Mini. Single leaf. . . . . . . 1730

2. Perkins's (H.) Blind Man's Complaint .

3. Orrery's (John, Earl of) Poem to the Memory of E. Sheffield, Duke of Buckingham. 1736

4. Horace's Ode to Venus. Imitated by Mr. Pope. .... 1737

5. First Epistle of Second Book. Imitated. . . . . 1737

6. Second Epistle of Second Book. Imitated by Mr. Pope. . . . 1737

7. Epistle to Alexander Pope, Esq. from South Carolina. .... 1737

8. The Cur and the Lap-dog, a Poem. ..... 1737

9. Jacob's (Hildebrand) Progress of Religion, a Poem. .... 1737

10. The Year of Wonders. Poetical translation of an old Prophecy, by S. D. . 1737

11. Session of the Crities, or Contention of the Nettle, a Poem. . . . 1737

12. The Unequal Match, a Tale. . . . . . . 1737

13. The True Great Man. Poem to the memory of Lord Chancellor Talbot. . . 1737

14. Essay on Conversation. . . . . . . . 173

15. Folly, a Poem. By the author of the Female Rake. .... 1737

16. Jacob's (Hild.) Epistle from Donna Clara to her daughter Teresa. . . 1737

17. Riddle. Paiad. Char, of a Hairy Monster often found under Holland, &c. 3d edit. . 1737

18. The Diseases of Bath, a Satire. ...... 1737

19. Boccace's Fra Cipolla, a Tale. Translated from the original MS. . . 1737

20. Ode to the Earl of Chesterfield, imploring his Majesty's Return. . . 1737 21. Modem Matrimony, a Satire. ...... 1737

22. Essay on the vicious bent and taste of the Times. .... 1737

23. Mother Gin, a Tragi-Comical Eclogue. ..... 1737

24. Order, a Poem. ....... 1737

25. False Patriot's Confession, or Bolingbroke's Address to Ambition. . . 1737

26. Eugenio : or Virtuous and Happy Life, a Poem. .... 1737

27. Essays^l. On Nobility; 2. Ancient and Modern State of Britain. . . 1737

28. Epistle on the Use and Improvement of the Stage. .... 1737

29. Savage's (Richard) Epistle to Frederic Prince of Wales. . . 1737

30. Of Legacy-Hunting, Imitation of Horace's 5th Satire, &c. . . . 1737 British Theatrical Gallery. Portraits of celebrated Actors and Actresses, with Biographical

Sketches, by Daniel Terry. 3 Nos. in 1 vol. with duplicate impressions, plain and coloured,

and 6 additional portraits, fol. ..... Lond. 1822, &c.


Acts of Sederunt of the Lords of Council and Session, Sec. from May 1532 to January 1553. Published by the authority of the Court, under the direction of Sir Hay Campbell, fid.

Edin. 1811

The same, from January 1553 to July 1790, &c. fol. .... ti. 1790 Stair's (James, Viscount of,) Institutions of the Law of Scotland, deduced from its originals, &c. 3d edit, with Notes by John Gordon and Wm. Johnstone, Esq. Adv. fol. ib. 1759

More's (John Shank) Notes and Illustrations to Lord Stair's Institutions of the Law of Scotland ; with Biog. Preface, Lord Stair's Apologie, &c. 1690. 2 vols. in 1. royal ito. ib. 1832

Halkerston's (Dr. Peter) Compendium, &c. of the Faculty Collection of Decisions of the Lords of Council and Session, from 1752 to 1817, &c. fol. ... ib. 1819

Erskine's (John, of Carnock,) Institute of the Law of Scotland. 3d edit. enlarged, fol. ib. 1793

Dictionarium Scoto Celticum: Dictionary of the Gaelic Language, &c. Compiled and

published under the Direction of the Highland Society of Scotland, (by the Rev. Dr. John

Macleod, E. Maclachlan, Dr. Alexander Irvine, Alexander Macdonald, and Dr. Macintosh

Mackay.) 2 vols. royal 4to. ...... ib. 1828

See Life, vol. vii. p. 283.

Livingston's (Dr. Edward) System of Penal Law, proposed for the State of Louisiana; comprising Codes of Offences and Punishments, of Procedure, of Prison Discipline, and of Evidence, &c. (In seven parts.) fol. .... New Orleans, 1824-27

Ancient Laws of the Isle of Man. Extracted from the yiS. Statute Book of the Island, §c. by Joseph Train. MS. fol. . . . . . .1829

Francisci Petrarchc Trostbiicher von Rath That und Artzeney in Gliick und Ungliick, &c. Auss dem Lateinischen, &c. und mit schbnen Figuren. Franckf. 1584.—Officia Ciccroni.% Teutsch. Auss den Latcin. &c. mit schdn. Fig. fol. . . . ib. 1565

Case of John Lindsay Crawfurd, Claimant of the Titles, Honours, and Dignities of Earl of Crawfurd and Lindsay, &c. fol. ..... Lond. 1824

Dobie's (James) Examination of the Claim of John Lindsay Crawfurd, &c.; containing an Exposure of the Forgeries on which that Claim is founded, &c. imp. ito. Edin. 1831

Lothian's (John) County Atlas of Scotland, with 33 Maps and Frontispiece; Historical Atlas of Scotland, 6 Maps, &c. royal 4to. .... ib. 1826-29

Abela, (Fra G. F.) Malta Illustrate. Descrittione di Malta, Isola nel Marc Siciliano, Con le sue Antichita, &c. fol. ...... Malta, 1647

Sallust, The Works of. To which are prefixed two Essays on the Life, &c. of the Historian. With Notes, &c. by Dr. Henry Steuart. 2 vols. royal 4to. . . Lond. 1806

Rud (Thomae) Codicum Manuscriptorum Ecclesiae Cathedralis Dunelmensis Catalogue Classicus. fol. ....... Dunelm. 1825

Manuscript Scots Legal Tracts. Containing 19 Treatises, separately paged, fol.

Notes of Lectures on Scots Law. Actions, Lect. 96-106. fol.

Press C. Shelf 1.

Miscellaneous Collection of Manuscript and Printed Relics of all descriptions, Prose and

Poetical, Ancient and Modern. Formed by Sir fValier Scott. fol.

Notes of Professor (afterwards Baron) Hume's Lectures on the Law of Scotland, taken by Sir

Walter Scott, when a Student of the Class of Scots Law. 3 vols. fol. 1791.

See Life, vol. i. pp. 58 and 184.

ldney's (Sir Philip) Arcadia, moderniz'd by Mrs. Stanley. fol. . Lond. 1725 Scriptores Rerum Brunsvicensium illustrationi inservientes, Antiqui omnes, et Religionis Re

formatione priores, &c. cura God. Guil. Leibnitii. 3 torn. fol. Hanoverae, 1707-11

See Poetical Works, Vol . I p. 202; vol. ii. pp. 265, 270, 273; vol. iii. p. 245.

Catalogue of the Library of the Faculty of Advocates, Edinburgh, (by T. Ruddiman, Walter

Goodal, Alexander Brown, and Alexander Manners.) 3 vols. fit. Edin. 1742-1807

Pontoppidan's (Erich, Bishop of Bergen,) Natural History of Norway, &c. In two parts.

Translated from the Danish. fol. . . . . . ib. 1755

See Poetical Works, vol. iv. p. 290; Notes to The Pirate.

Cotgrave (Randle) and Sherwood's (Robert) French and English, and English and French

Dictionary; with Animadversions and Supplements, &c. by James Howell, fol. ib. 1673 Fabri (Basilii) Thesaurus Eruditionis Scholasticae, Latin, ct German, per Aug. Buchnerum

auctus: per Christ. Cellarium correct, et locuplet. fol. . . Leipt. 1696

Thomson's (Thomas, Deputy Clerk-Register,) Annual Reports, (on the State of the Records

of Scotland,) from 1807 to 1821. 14 parts. fol. . . Edin. 1807-21

Lhuyd's (Edward) Archaeologia; giving some Account, &c. of the Languages, Histories, and

Customs of the original Inhabitants of Great Britain, &c. fol. . Oxford, 1707

Sydney Gazette, and New South Wales Advertiser, Nov. 1821 to Feb. 1822. foL Sydney.


Supplement to the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Editions of the Encyclopaedia Britannica; with Preliminary Dissertations on the History of the Sciences, (by Professors Dugald Stewart, John Playfair, and William Thomas Brande.) Edited by Professor Macvey Napier. G vols. 4to. Fine Paper. ...... Edin. 1815-24

This Work contains Sir Walter Scoffs Essays on Chivalry, Romance, and the Drama; afterwards incorporated into his Miscellaneous Prose Works, (vol. 6. last edition.)

Hutcheson's (Gilbert) Treatise on the Offices of Justice of Peace, Constable, Commissioner of Supply, &c. in Scotland. 2 vols. royal Svo. . . . . . t4. 1806

Ames (Joseph) and Herbert's (William) Typographical Antiquities: or the History of Printing in England, Scotland, and Ireland, &c. greatly enlarged, with copious Notes, &c. By the Rev. Dr. T. F. Dibdin. vols. 1, 2, 3. 4/o. . . . Lond. 1810-16

Robson's (Thomas) British Herald; or Cabinet of Armorial Bearings of the Nobility and

Gentry of Great Bribain and Ireland, &c. 3 vols. 4fo. . Sunderland, 1830

. See Life, Vol . vii. p. 260.

Nichols's (John) Progresses and Public Processions of Queen Elizabeth, &c. printed from original MSS. or scarce Pamphlets, &c. 2 vols. 4fo. . . . Lond. 1788

1. Passage of our most drad Sov. Lady, Queen Elizabeth, through the citio of London to Westminster,

the day before her Coronation, June 1558. ... ib. Tottili,

2. Hartuelli, (Abr.) Regina Literals: sive de S. D. Elizabethae, &c. in Acad. Cantabrig. adventu,

A. D. 1564. . . . . . Seres, 1565

3. Churchyard's (Thomas) Chippes: the 12th Labour. Order how our Sov. Ladye Queen Elizabeth was

receyved into the citie of Bristowe, 1574. . . . .ib. Marthe, 1575 4. Lancham's (Robert) Letter, &c. Entertainment unto the Queen's Majestie at Killingwoorth Castle, in

Warwick Sheer, &c. 1575. ..... Land.

5. Gascoigne's (G.) Princely Pleasures of Kenelworth Castle, 1575. (From his Works, 1587.)

6. Humfredi (L.) Oratio ad S. R. Elizabetham, &c. in aula Woodstochiensi, 1575. Land. Binneman,\575

7. Harveii (Gab.) Gratulationum Valdinensium Libri iv., ad A. P. R. Eliz. ib. ap. eundem, 1578

8. Gar. (Ber. cit. of London,) Joyfull Recejving of the Q. m. e. M. into her Highnesse citie of Norwich,

etc. 1578. . . . . . . ii. tame.

9. Churchyard's (Thos.) Discourse of the Q. M. Entertainment in Suffolk and Norfolk, &c. ib. tame.

10. Goldwel's (Henry) B. Declaration of the Shews, Devices, &c. done and performed before the Q. M.

and the French Ambassadours, &c. 1581. ...£6. Waledgrave.

11. Device of Pageant bome before Woolstane Dixi, Lord Mayor of London, &c. 1585. ib. Allde, 1585

12. Hake's (Ed.) Oration conteyning an Expostulation, &e. . . . ib. Aggas, \587

13. Aske's (J.) Elizabetha Triumphans; conteyning the damned Practizes of the divelish Popes of Rome,

&c. . . . . . . . t6. Orwin, 1588

14. Churchyard's (Thomas) Sparko of Friendship and Warme Good Will, &c. . ib. 158ft

15. Entertainment given to the Q. M. in Progresse, at Cowdrey in Sussex, &c. 1591. ib. Scarlet, 1591

16. Entertainment at Elvetham in Hampshire, &c. 1591. . ib. Wolfe, 1591

17. Speeches delivered to H. M. this last Progresse at Bissam, at Sudley, and at Ricorte, &c.

Oxford, J. Barnet, 1592

18. Churchyard's (Thomas) Pleasant Conceite, penned in verse, presented on New Yeere's Day last to

the Q. M. at Hampton Court, 1593. .... Lond. Warde,

19. Gesta Grayorum; History of Henry, Prince of Purpoole, 1594. . ib. Canning, 1688

20. Churchyard's (Thomas) Fortunate Farewell to the Earl of Essex. . ib. Bollifant, 1559

21. True Discourse, &c. of Q. Mary de Medicis's Voyage, from Florence to Marseilles. Translated from

French. ...... A. Stafford, 1601

22. Petowe's (H.) Eliza's Funerall. A prill Drops showered on the Hearse of Dead Eliza, ib. .tilde. 1603

See Poetical Works, vol. ix. p. 227; Note to Keniluvrth.


Jamieson's (Rev. Dr. John) Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Langnage, &c. With numerous MS. notes by Sir W. S. 2 vols. Edin. 1808.—Supplement to the Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language. 2 vols. ib. 1825.—4 vols. Mo. Edin. 1808-25 See Prose Works, vol. xx. pp. 345-6.

Johnson's (Dr. Samuel) Dictionary of the English Language. 6th edit. 2 vols. 4/c. Lond. 1785

Nares's (Rev. Robert, Archdeacon of Stafford,) Glossary; or a Collection of Words, Phrases, Names, &c. requiring illustration, in the Works of English Authors, partlcularly Shakspeare, &c. 4to. . . . . . . . . ib. 1822

Thomson's (John, Secretary to Lord Hastings,) Observations introductory to a Work on English Etymology. 4to. . . . . . . . ib. 1819

Cruden's (Alexander) Complete Concordance of the Holy Scriptures, &c. 8th edition, with Author's Life. Mo. ....... Berwick, 1817

Falconer's (William) New Universal Dictionary of the Marine, &c. modernized and enlarged by Dr. William Burney. 4to. ..... Lond. 1815

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