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Letters of King James the Sixth, from the Queen, Prince Henry, Prince Charles, the Princess Elizaheth, and her husband, Frederick King of Bohemia, and from their son, Prince Frederick Henry. From the Originals in the Library of the Faculty of Advocates. (Sir Patrick Walker, of Coats.) ito. . . . . Edin. 1835

Reports of the State of certain Parishes in Scotland, made to his Majesty's Commissioners for Plantation of Kirks, &c. in pursuance of an Ordinance dated April xii., M.d.xxvii. From the Originals preserved in her Majesty's General Register House. (Alexander Maegregor.) ito. . . . . . ... . ib. 1835

Rob Stene's Dream, a Poem. Printed from a Manuscript in the Leightonian Library, Duinblane. (Club.) ito. . . . . . . . ib. 1836

The Cochrane Correspondence regarding the Affairs of Glasgow, M.dcc.xlv.-vi. (James Smith, of Jordanhill.) ito. . . ... . . . ib. 1836

Catalogue of the Works printed for the Maitland Club, instituted March 1828; with Lists of the Members, and Rules of the Club. ito. . . ... . ib. 1836

Soala Chronica, by Sir Thomas Gray of Helon, Knight; a Chronicle of England and Scotland, from A.d. M.lxvi. to A.d. M.ccc.lxii. now first printed from the unique Manuscript; with an Introduction and Notes, by Joseph Stevenson. (Club.) ito. . . ib. 1836

Selections from unpublished Manuscripts in the College of Arms, and the British Museum, illustrating the Reign of Mary Queen of Scotland, M.d.xliii.-m.d.lxviii. (Kirkman Finlay, of Castle Toward.) ito. . . . . . . . ib. 1836

The Life and Death of King James the First of Scotland. (George Macintosh.) ito.

ib. 1836

Sir Beves of Hamtoun, a Metrical Romance, now first edited from the Auchinleck MS. (W. B. D. D. Turnbull.) ito. ...... ib. 1838


Nicoll, (John) Diary of, from 1650 'to 1667- Manuscript Transcript from the original in the Advocates' Library. 3 vols. ito.

Sec Prosk Works, vol. vii. p. 289.

The Royal Outlaw; or Edward the Black Prince, a Scottish Tale (in verse) of the eighteenth Century, founded on the truth of History. MS. ito.


Catalogue of the Library at Abbotsford. MS. 5 vols. ito.
Catalogue of the Pictures, Armoury, c\c. at Abbotsford. MS. Ho.




Holy Bible; containing the Old and New Testaments, with the Apocrypha. Translated out of

Greeke by Theodore Beza, &c.—The Revelation of St. John, &c. with F. Junius's Commen

tarie. Lond. R. Field, 1600.—Book of Psalmes, by Thomas Sternehold, John Hopkins,

and others. wants title and end, and injured. 4to. Lond. R. Barker, 1601.

This Bible formerly belonged to Dean Swift, Kith MS. notes by him.
Sec Sir Waller Scou't edition of hit Works, vol. i. p. 43 ; and Prose Works, vol. ii. p. 418.

Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, with the Apocrypha. Newly translated by his Majesty's special command, &c. imperfect. sm. 4to. Lond. R. Barker, 1612 Uecretales Domini Gregorii, nunc accurata diligentia nuper emendate, &c. lit. goth. Mo.

Paris. T. Kerver, 1519

Verdere's Love and Armes of the Greek Princes; or, the Romant of Romants. Written in French, and translated for the Right Hon. Philip Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, tome Ii. (in 2 parts) and tome m. 1 vol. fol. . . . Lond. 1640

Religious Tracts. 1 vol. 4to. containing,

1. History of Sin and Heresie, &c. ...... id. 1698

2. Keith's (Geo.) Satan disrobed, &c . or the Quaker's Last Shift, &c. 2d edit. . ii. 1698

3. Discourse, &c. on Water Baptism. . . . . ft. 1697

4. Primitive Heresie revived, &c . . . . . ib. 16911

5. Lesley's (Dr. Chas.) New Association of Moderate Churchmen with the Modern Whigs, &c. 4th edit.

a>. 1705

6. Part II. 2d edit. ....... ib. 17(15

7,8. Cassandra telling what will come of it. No. I. 3d edit. No. II. 2d edit. . ft. 1705

9. Wolf Stript of his Shepherd's Clothing. Answer to Moderation a Virtue, ith edit, ib. 1704

10. Bishop of Salisbury's Proper Defence, &c. > . . ft. 1704

11. The Good old Cause, &c. a Second Defence of the Bishop of Sarum, &c. . . ft.1704

12. Salt for the Leach, in Reflections on Reflections. 2d edit. . . . ib. 1712

13. Warning for the Church of England. ...... i6. 170C

Religious Controversial Tracts. 1 vol. 4to. containing,

1. Mr. Kirkwood's Plea before the Kirk, &c. ..... ft. 1698

2. Keith's (George) Third Narrative of Proceedings at Quaker's Meeting. . . ft.1698

3. Fourth Narrative of Ditto. . . . . .ft.1700

4. . Quakers' Arguments against Baptism and Supper refuted. . . . ft. 1 698

5. Account of the Quakers' Politicks, &c. ..... wants title.

Religious and Political Tracts. 1 vol. 4to. containing,

1. Narrative of Sir G. Rooke's Voyage to the Mediterranean, and Description of Gibraltar, &c . Lond. 1704

2. Papers against the Scots Toleration, and Patronages. (8t».) . . . ft.171

3. Ballantyne's ( ) Comical History of Marriage betwixt Fergusia and Ueptarchus. . ft. 1706

4. Great Britain's Union, and the Security of the Hanover Succession, &c. by a Person of Quality. ft. 1705

5. Dick's (John) Testimony to the Doctrine, &c. of the Church of Scotland, &c.; with his last Speech on the Scaffold, 1684. ..... Printed in the year

See Note to Old Mortality; Prose Works, Toi. vii. p. £4o.

6. Defoe's (D.) Letter, &c. Account how the Treaty of Union has been received here. Edin. 1706

7. Webster's (Rev. J.) Covenants of Redemption and Grace Displayed. . . ib. 1707

8. Lord Beilhaven's Speech, 2d November. ..... 1706

9. Williamson's (Rev. David) Sermon before Duke of Queensberry, High Commissioner, &c. Edin, 1700

10. Letter to a M. P. Ac. True Interest of Scotland respecting the Succession. . tcants title.

11. Oath of Abjuration displayed in its sinful nature, &c. . . . Edin. 1712

12. Letter to a Gent &c. respecting Mr. Adam Glass. (8co.) . . . ti. 1712

13. Just Reproof, &c. of two late pamphlets on the Witches of Pittenweem. ib. 1705

Sec Letters on Dcmonotoay, pp. 324 5.

14. Declaration of the Estates of Scotland; containing the Claim of Right, &c. . ib. 1689

15. Curat Calder Whipt. By T. T. ft. 1712

16. The Oath of Abjuration enquired into. ..... 1712

Tracts. 1 vol. thin 4/o. containing,

1. Hart's (Rev. Dr. John) Warning Piece to nil Drunkards and Health-drinkers. Land. 1682

'2. The Lawyer Outlawed ; or a Brief Answer to Mr. Hunt's Defence of the Charter, &c. ib. 1683

Sec Prose Works, vol. i. p. 247

3. The Present Interest of England, Ac. . . . . . ft. 1683

4. Narrative of the Demon of Spraiton, (Devon) &c. ib.

5. Behold Two Letters; the one written by the Pope to the (then) Prince of Wales; the other an An

swere to the said Letter by the said Prince, now his Majesty of England, Axe.

Printed in thr year of discoveries, 1642.

Ol'l Tracts. thin ito. containing,

1. Penn's (William) Letter containing Reflections on " Good Advice to the Church of England," &c.

no date, [1687]

J. Conviction, &c. that it is the true interest of the City of Edinburgh, that Mr. F r be chosen, &c.

in the ensuing Parliament. ..... Edin. 1761

3. Lines on the Indulgence, with a Reply. MS.

4. Paterson's (Ninian) Moristonus Martyr; a'Funeral Elegie on Andrew Ker of Moristoun, slain at Buda,

July 19,1686. ........ 1687

5. To Hir Grace Hir Majesties High Commissioner, &c. Te Address far te fishers in te Highland Coasts. Ac.

no title or date.

C>. New Test of the Church of England's Loyalty, (with allowance.) . . land. 16C7

(Soc Sohrrs Tracts. vol. ix. p. 195,i

7. Advice to Protestants. ..... no title, but about 1687

8. Sherlock's (Rev. Dr.) Letter to a Member of Convention, with answer. . repr. 1689

(Sec Somers Tracts, vol. x. p. 186.1

9. Humble Representation of House of Commons to the Queen, with Her Majesty's most gracious Answer.

Edin. 1712


Tracts by Dean Swift and others. 1 vol. Mo. containing,

1. Memorial of the State of England, &c. by Earl of Nottingham. . . Dub. 1706

(Sec Somers Tracts, vol. xii. p. 5s6.i

2. Swift's (Dean) Tripe Club, a Satyr, &c . .... Lond. 1706'

3. The New Idol, a Poem, &c. inscrib'd to the unchristian Author of the Tripe Club. . ib. 1706 4. Great Britain's Union, &c. by a Person of Quality. . . . Lond. 1705

5. Humble Representation, &c. of the Lords, &c. to Her Majesty, 14th March 1704, and Her Majestie's

Answer. ........ Dub. 1705

b'. Defoe's (Daniel) Advice to all Parties. .... Load. 1705

7. Burnet's (Bishop) Speech on the Bill against occasional Conformity. . . ib. 1704

8. Defoe's (Daniel) Shortest Way to Peace and Union. . . . ib. 1704

9. Reflections upon some Scandalous and Malicious Pamphlets, The Shortest Way, &c . . ib. 1703

10. Dangers of Europe from the Growing Power of France. 3d edit. . . . to. 1702

11. Two Letters, &c. respecting the Partition Treaty, vindicating King William. . . Dub. 1702

12. Defoe's (Daniel) Mock Mourner, a Satyr, by way of Elegy on King William. 2d edit. Lond. 1702

13. Somers's (Lord) Jura Populi Anglkani: or the Subject's Right of Petitioning set forth. ib. 1701

14. The Memorial, alias Legion, answered paragraph by paragraph, &c. . . mo tillt.

15. True Character of a Churchman. ...... idem.

(See Somers Tracts, vol. ix. p. 477.) L6. Defoe's (Daniel) New Test of Church of England's Loyalty; or Whiggish Loyalty and Church Loyalty compared. . . . . . . ib. 1700

(Set Somers Tracts, vol. ix. p. 589.)

17. The Rector's Case, concerning the Power of Suspension from Saerament . . Load. 1695

1G. Answer to the Rector's Libel; or the Bishop's Case truly stated. . . . Dub. 1694

19. Case of the Suspended Bishops considered. .... Lond. 1691

20. Johnson's (Samuel) Argument proving the Abrogation of King James to be constitutional. &. 1692

21. Short History of the Kings of England, proving no direct Succession, &c. . . ib. 1692

22. Hickeringil's (Rev. Ed.) Lay Clergy; or the Lay Elder, &c. . . ib. J. Dunton, 1695

23. Locke's (John) Letter concerning Toleration. ... . ib. 1689

24. Defence of True Protestants, abused for the Service of Popery. . . ib. 1680

25. Eaton (Samuel) and Taylor's (Tim.) Defence of the Congregational Way, &c. . ib. 1646

26. The People's Ancient and Just Liberties asserted. Tryal of W. Penn and W. Mead, 1670. ib. 1682

27. Death and Burial of John Asgill, Esq. ..... Dub. 1702

Tracts relative to the Union, &c. 1 vol. Mo. containing,


17. Samson's Riddle, or a Branch of Bitter Wormwood bringing forth a Bundle of sweet-smelling Myrrh. (Account of Judicial Proceedings against the Covenanters in 1666 and 1667, their last Speeches, &c. (wants last leaf.) .... Printed in tht year

18. Modest Reply to a Letter from a Friend to Mr. John M'Millan. . . Edin. 1705

19. Calamy's (Rev. Ed.) Sermon, &c . 16*5, on the Danger of Covenant-Breaking. . repr. 1707

20. Smectymnuus Redivma: Answer to a Book entitled An Humble Remonstrance, &c . Edin. 1708 Religious and other Tracts. 1 vol. ito. containing,

1. Propositions concerning Optic Glasses, &c. .... Oxford, 1670

2. Stillingfleet's (Dean) Letter to Mr. Godwin, giving a true Account of a late Conference. Load. 1687

3. Letter, &c. desiring Information of the Conference. .... wants title.

4. Stillingfleet's Letter to a Friend, reflecting on some Passages, in a Letter, &c. . Lond. 1687

5. Second Letter to Mr. G. in answer to Two Letters. . . . ib. 1687

6. Doctrine of the Trinity and Transubstantiation compared, &c. 2 parts. . «6.1687

7. Parish Churches no Conventicles, &c. by O. U. . . . ft. 1688

8. Burnet's (Bishop) Answer to a Letter occasioned by his Letter to Dr. Lowth. . A. 1685

9. Lowth's (Rev. Dr.) Second Letter to Dr. Burnet. . . . 0>. 1684

10. Bishop Burnet's Letter, occasioned by the Second Letter (of Dr. Lowth.) . . ib. 1685

11. Stillingfleet's (Dean) Answer to Dr. Lowth's Letter. .... ib. 1687

12. Smythies's (Rev. William) Three Replies to the Observator. 4thedit. . . ib. 1684

13. Sicurus's Origin of Atheism, &c. translated by E. Bohun. . . . ib. 1684

14. Saywell's (Rev. Dr. William) Inquiry into the Means of a happy Union. . . ib. 1681

15. Decree made at Rome, condemning some Opinions of the Jesuits. . . . ft.1679

16. Dryden (John) Absalon et Achitophel, Poema, Latino Carmine donatum. . . Oxon. 1682

17. Houghton's (John) Letters on Husbandry and Trade. . . . Lond. 1681

18. Wray's (Rev. W.) Anniversary Sermon on Fire of London. . . . tl. 1682 Tracts, chiefly controversial hetween Protestants and Papists. Mo. containing,

1. Dellon's History of the Inquisition at Goa. Translated from French. . . ib. 1688

2. Canaries's (Rev. Dr. James) Rome's Additions to Christianity. . . . ft. 1685

3. Sherlock's (Rev. Dr. W.) Preservative against Popery. 2 Parts. With Vindication. ib. 1688

4. Gordon's (Bishop of Aberdeen) Request to Roman Catholicks, to answer certain Queries, &c. 4th edit

ib. 1687

5. Clagett's (Rev. Dr. W.) Prerogative of 8t. Ann, Mother of the Mother of God. With Preface, ib. 1688

6. Coventry's (Sir William) Character of a Trimmer, &c. . . . . ib. 1689

7. Burnet's (Bishop) Sermon at the Coronation of William and Mary. . . ib. 1689

8. Vox Regis et Regni; or a Protest against Vox Cleri. . . . . il,. 1600

0. Sherlock's (Rev. Dr. W.) Case of Allegiance due to Sovereign Princes. 2d edit. . ib. 1691

10. Remarks upon Dr. Sherlock's Book. 2d edit. . . . . . ii. 1691

11. Wagstaffe's (Rev. T.) Answer to Dr. Sherlock's Vindication, &c. . . . io. 1692 Tracts by the Duke of Buckingham, &c. sm. Mo. containing,

1. Buckingham's (George, Duke of) Short Discourse upon the Reasonableness of Men's having a Religion.

See Somkrs Tracts, vol. ix. p. 13. ^ 1683

2. Answer to the Duke of Buckingham's Paper. ..... io. 1685

3. Duke of Buckingham's Letter to the Author of Answer, &c. . . .A. 1685

Sec SoMKRa Tracts, vol. Ix. p. 1s.

4. Reply to his Grace the Duke of Buckingham's Letter. . . . ib. 1685

5. Reply to the Answer of the Man of no Name. By G. C. . . . ft. 1685 ^. Considerations moving to a Toleration, &c. occasioned by the Duke of Buckingham's Discourse ib. 1685

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