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Borzacchini's (G.) Tuscan Master; or New and Easy Method of acquiring the Italian Language. sm. 8vo.

. Bath, 1791 Galmace, (Don Ant.) Llave Nueva para aprender la Lingua Francesa. terc. edic. 800.

Par. y Losana, 1767 Heard's (James) Practical Grammar of the Russian Language. sm. 8vo. St. Petersb. 1827 Dyche, (Rev. T.) and Pardon's (William) New General English Dictionary. 6th edit. 800.

Lond. 1750 Smollett's (Dr. Tobias) Miscellaneous Works. With Memoirs of his Life and Writings, by Dr. Robert Anderson. 2d edit. 6 vols. 8vo.

Edin. 1830 See Prose WORKS, vol. iii. p. 117, &c. Cervantes's Don Quixote. Translated by several hands, and published by Motteux and Ozell. With Notes. 4 vols. 12mo. . .

. . ib. 1766 The German Novelists : Tales selected from ancient and modern Authors, &c. Translated

from the Originals. With Critical and Biographical Notices, by Thomas Roscoe. 4 vols. sm. 800. .

. . . . . Lond. 1826 Porter's (Miss Jane) Sir Edward Seaward's Narrative of his Shipwreck, and consequent

Discovery of certain Islands in the Carribbean Sea. 3 vols. 8vo. . . ib. 1831 SHELF V. Chinese Novels, Proverbs, and Moral Maxims. Translated and collected, &c. by J. F. Davis. 8vo.

. ib. 1822 The Fortunate Union, a Romance. Translated from the Chinese. With Notes and Illustrations. And a Chinese Tragedy. 2 vols. 8vo.

. . ib. 1829 Wilson's (Professor Horace Hayman) Select Specimens of the Theatre of the Hindûs. Trans

lated from the Sanscrit. 3 vols. 8vo. . . . . Calcutta, 1827 Mirza Abu Taleb Khan's Travels in Asia, Africa,' and Europe, 1799-1803. Translated from

the Persian by Charles Stewart. 2d edit. 3 vols. sm. 8vo. . . Lond. 1814 Mirza Itesa Modeen's Travels in Great Britain and France. Translated from the Persian MS. by Sir J. E. Alexander. 800.

. ib. 1827 Heber's (Dr. Reginald, Bishop of Calcutta,) Narrative of Journey through the Upper Provinces

of India, from Calcutta to Bombay, 1824-5, &c. Published by his Widow. 3d edit.

3 vols. 8vo. . . . . . . . . . ib. 1828 Burnes's (James, Surgeon,) Narrative of a Visit to the Court of Sinde, &c. 800. Edin. 1831 Hastings's (Marquis of) Summary of his Administration of the Indian Government, from 1813

to 1823. 800. . . . . . . . . ib. 1825 Gleig's (Rev. G. R.) Life of Major-General Sir Thomas Mouro, Bart. new edit. 3 vols. 8vo.

Lond. 1830–1 Collingwood's (Geo. L. N.) Selections from the Public and Private Correspondence of Vice

Admiral Lord Collingwood. With Memoirs of his Life. 3d edit. 800. . ib. 1828


Sherer’s (Major) Scenes and Impressions in Egypt and in Italy. 2d edit. 800. Lond. 1825 Jenkins (Thomas) and Lowellin's (David) Admirable Travels ; containing a Tour of 3000

miles through the unknown Tracts of Africa, &c. 800. . . . ib. 1782 Tench's (Major) Letters from France, between November 1794 and May 1795. 8vo. ib. 1796 Wolfe’s (Rev. R. B.) English Prisoners in France ; containing Observations, &c. during 9 years' residence in the Depôts, &c. 800. . . .

. ib. 1830 Jameson's (Mrs.) Diary of an Ennuyée. new edit. sm. 8vo. .

. ib. 1826 See PROSE WORKS, vol. xiii. p. 120, note. Tennant's (Charles) Tour through the Netherlands, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, &c. in

1821-2. With Eight Letters from Napoleon to Josephine. 2 vols. 8vo. . ib. 1824 Smith's (R.) Notes made during a Tour in Denmark, Holstein, Prussia, &c. in 1826. With

Observations on the Foreign Corn Trade. 800. . . . . ib. 1827

Faden's Map of the District of Albany, on the East Frontier of the Colony of the Cape of

Good Hope. On canvass, in case. . . . . . . ib. 1822 James's (G. P. R.) History of Charlemagne. 8vo. . .

. ib. 1832 Brydone's (Patrick) Tour through Sicily and Malta. 1770. new edit.. . ib. 1806

See POETICAL WORKS, vol. vii. p. 331; Life, vol. vii. pp. 313-14. Forsyth's (Joseph) Remarks, &c. during an Excursion in Italy in 1802 and 1803. 2d edit. 8vo.

. . . . . . . . ib. 1816 Williams's (H. W.) Travels in Italy, Greece, and the Ionian Islands, (1816--17.) 2 vols. 8vo.

Edin. 1820

' ' See PROSE WORKS, vol. in 126 Rose's (William Stewart) Letters from the North of Italy, (1817.) 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1819 Beattie's (Dr. Wm.) Journal of a Residence in Germany, &c. with the Duke and Duchess of

Clarence, (afterwards K. William IV. and Q. Adelaide) in 1822-25-26. 2 vols. 8vo. ib. 1831 Hodgskin's (Thomas) Travels in the North of Germany, &c. particularly in the Kingdom of

Hanover, (1817-18.) 2 vols. 8vo. . . . . . Edin. 1820 Mignet's (A. T.) History of the French Revolution, from 1789-1814. 2 vols. 8vo. ib. 1826 Robison's (Professor John) Proofs of a Conspiracy against all the Religions and Governments

of Europe. 4th edit. With MS. notes by the Author, and note by Sir W. S. 800. ib. 1798 Aimé's (J. J. Job) History of the Revolution of 18th Fructidor, (September 4,) 1797, and the Deportations to Guiana, &c. 800. . .

. . ib. 1800 Wilson's (General Sir Robert) History of the British Expedition to Egypt. 4th edit. 2 vols. 8vo. .: :

. . . ib. 1803 Napier's (Colonel W. F. P.) History of the War in the Peninsula and in the South of France, from 1807-14. vol. 8vo.

ib. 1828, &c. See LIFE, vol. vii. p. 143.


Benson's (R.) Sketches of Corsica, &c. during a Visit to that Island in 1823. 800. Edin, 1825

See PROSE WORKS, vol. ix. p. 323. Segur's (General Count Philip de) History of the Expedition to Russia, &c. in 1812. 2d edit. 2 vols. 8vo..

. . . ib. 1825 See Prose Works, vol. xiv. pp. 31, 49. . Odeleben's (Baron von) Narrative of the Campaign in Saxony, 1813. Translated from the French version, by A. J. Kempe. 2 vols. 8vo. .

. . ib. 1820 Copies of Original Letters, &c. of the Ministers, Generals, &c. at Paris to the Emperor Napoleon at Dresden ; intercepted by the Allies, &c. 8vo.

. ib. 1804 Fain's (Baron) Manuscript of 1814. History of Events which led to the Abdication of Napo

leon, &c. . . . . . . . . . ib. 1823 Thiebaut de Bernéaud's (Arsenné) Voyage to the Isle of Elba, &c. Translated by W. Jerdan.

. . . . . . . . ib. 1814 Account of the Battle of Waterloo, &c. By a British Staff Officer. 3d edit. Lond. 1815.

Battle of Waterloo ; containing the Accounts published by authority, British and Foreign.

4th edit. ib. 1815. 8vo. Giraud's (P. F. F. J.) Campaigns of Paris in 1814 and 1815. Translated by Edmund Boyce. 2d edit. 800.

. . Lond. 1816 Boyce's (Edm.) Second Usurpation of Buonaparte, &c. 2 vols. 800. . . ib. 1806 Scott's (John) Visit to Paris in 1814. 4th edit. 8vo. .

. ib. 1816 See PROSE WORKs, vol. v. pp. 336-7. - Paris Revisited in 1815, by the way of Brussels. 3d edit. 8vo. .. ib. 1816

See Prose Works, vol. v. p. 222. - (Sir Walter) Paul's Letters to his Kinsfolk. 8vo. . . Edin. 1816 - The same. 2d edit. 8vo.

. ib. 1816 Williams's (H. M.) Narrative of Events in France, from the landing of Napoleon, in March 1815, till the Restoration of Louis XVIII. 8vo.

. Lond. 1815 Hobhouse's (Sir John Cam) Letters of an Englishman at Paris, during the last reign of the Emperor Napoleon. 2 vols. 8vo. .

. . . ib. 1816 See PROSE WORKS, vol. xv. passim. Maitland's (Captain Fred. L.) Narrative of Buonaparte's Surrender and Residence on board the Bellerophon, &c. 800. . . . .

. . ib. 1826 See Prose Works, vol. xvi. passim. Las Cases, (Count de) Letters from, to Prince Lucien Bonaparte, and to Sir Hudson Lowe. 8vo.

. ib. 1819 O'Meara's (Barry E.) Napoleon in Exile; or a Voice from St. Helena. 5th edit. 2 vols. 800.

ib. 1822 Arnott’s (Dr. A.) Account of the last Illness, Decease, &c. of Napoleon Bonaparte. 8ro. ib. 1822 Antommcarhi’s (Dr. F.) Last Days of the Emperor Napoleon. 2 vols. 800. ib. 1825




Scott's (Sir Walter) Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border. 3 vols. 800. His Mother's Copy.

Kelso & Edin. 1801-3 - La Donna del Lago, Poema, rec. in versi Ital. dal Dottore Gius. Indelicato, &c. 8vo. With MS. Letter from the Translator. Paris, 1825.

, Palermo, 1821 - Romans Poetiques. Trad. en Prose Française, par Amedee Pichot, M.D. 3 tom. 8vo. With MS. Letter from the Translator. . . . . Paris, 1822

Das Fraulein vom See. Aus dem Englischen, von Dr. Ad. Storck. sm. 8vo. With MS. Letter from the Translator..

Essen, 1819 - Schottische Lieder und Balladen. Uebers. von H. Schubart. 800. Leipz. 1817

See Life, vol. i. p. 379. - Ivanhoe, &c. uit het Engelsch, van W.L. H. Köster Henke. 3 vols. 800. Groning. 1824 Lewis's(J.H.) Orations on Battle of Waterloo, and Rise and Fallof Buonaparte. 8vo. Lond. 1815 Mounteney's (Barclay) Historical Inquiry into the principal circumstances and events relative to the late Emperor Napoleon. 800. . . . . . ib. 1824

See Prose WORKS, vol. xij. p. 369.

Scott's (Sir W.) Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, Emperor of the French. 9 vols. cr. 8vo.

Edin. 1827 Adolphus's (J. Leicester) Letters to Richard Heber, Esq. containing Critical Remarks on the Waverley Novels, and an attempt to ascertain their Author. 2d edit. cr. 800. Lond. 1822 See Introduction to The Fortunes of Nigel; General Preface to WAVERLEY NOVELS ;

Life, vol. v. p. 103-21. Warner's (Rev. Richard) Illustrations, Historical, Biographical, &c. of the Waverley Novels.

(With MS. Communication from Mr. Thomas Pringle, on the Death of Mr. Davison,

the supposed original Dandy Dinmont, in 1820, bound at the end.) sm. 8vo. ib. 1823 Criminal Trials, illustrative of the Heart of Mid-Lothian, &c. 12mo. . Edin. 1818 Christian's (John) Historical Notices of Edward and William Christian, two Characters in Peveril of the Peak. sm. 8vo.

. Lond. no date. See Introduction and Appendix to Peveril of the Peak. Nine Sixpenny Chap-Books, founded on the Waverley Novels; 1. The Heart of Mid-Lothian.

2. Ivanhoe. 3. The Monastery of St. Mary. 4. The Abbot. 5. Kenilworth. 6. and 7. The Pirate, 2 editions. 8. Fortunes of Nigel. 9. The Night-Hag, &c. 1 vol. 12mo. ib.1822,&c.

37. The Betrothed.

Tales of the Crusaders.

Tales of My Landlord.

41. Highland Widow. Tales of the Canongate.


Sir Walter Scott. The Waverley Novels. New edition, with the Author's Introductions and
Notes. 48 vols. foolscap 800.

. Edin. 1829-33 Vol. 1, 2. Waverley.

Vol. 28–30. Peveril of the Peak. 3, 4. Guy Mannering.

31, 32. Quentin Durward. 5, 6. The Antiquary.

33, 34. St. Ronan's Well.
7, 8. Rob Roy.

35, 36. Redgauntlet.
9. Black Dwarf.
Old Mortality.

38. The Talisman. 10, 11.

39, 40. Woodstock.
Heart of Mid-Lothian.
12, 13.

Two Drovers.
Bride of Lammermoor.

Aunt Margaret's Mirror.

The Tapestried Chamber. 15. Legend of Montrose.

The Laird's Jock. 16, 17. Ivanhoe.

42, 43. Fair Maid of Perth, Tales of the Canongate. 18, 19. The Monastery.

44, 45. Anne of Geierstein. 20. 21. The Abbot.

46, 47. Count Robert of Paris. , Tales of 22, 23. Kenilworth.

48. Castle Dangerous. S My Landlord. 24, 25. The Pirate.

Surgeon's Daughter. Tales of Canongate. 26, 27. Fortunes of Nigel.

Glossary to the Scottish Novels. Scott's (Sir W.) Poetical Works. new edition. With Introductions by the Author, and addi

tional Notes by the Editor. 12 vols. foolscap 8vo. . . . . Edin. 1833-4 Vol. 1-4. Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border.

Vol. 11. Field of Waterloo, and other Poems. 5. Sir Tristrem.

12. Halidon Hill. 6. Lay of the Last Minstrel, and other Poems.

Macduff's Cross. 7. Marmion.

Doom of Devorgoil.

Dramas. 8. Lady of the Lake, with other Poems.

Auchendrane. 9. Rokeby. Don Roderick.

House of Aspen. 10. Lord of the Isles, and other Poems.

Goetz of Berlichingen.) 11. Bridal of Triermain.

General Index.
Harold the Dauntless.

SHELF VIII. Sir W. Scott, Euvres.-Romans Poétiques. 8 tom. rel. en 9. 12mo.* Paris, 1820-1 - Der Letzte Minstrel. Gedicht, &c. von Dr. Ad. Storck. 12mo.. Bremen, 1820 - Das Lied des letzten Minnesängers, &c. von Fr. Lennig. sm. 800. Mainz, 1828 - Marmion, Novella di Flodden Field. Rec. in versi Italiani per Mich. Amari. 2 tom. in 1. 18mo.

· Palermo, 1832 - Panna Gezerni. Basen &c. Polish Translation of the Lady of the Lake, by F. L. Celakowski. With MS. German letter from the translator. 12mo. . Praze, 1828

* In Querard's La France Littéraire, tom. 8. (1837.) the list of editions and translations of Sir W. Scott's Works, printed in France alone, occupies 20 closely printed pages, in double columns.

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