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Baden und seine Umgebungen, in malerischen Ansichten von Prof. Frommel, mit hist.-topog.

Beschreibung, von Hofr. Schreiber. fol. .... Carlsruhe, 1827 Lithographic Views of the Great Fires in Edinburgh in 1824. fd.

Grindlay's (Captain R. M.) Scenery, Costumes, and Architecture, chiefly on the Western side of India. 36 coloured Viewt. fol. . . . Lond. 1828-9

Turnier-Buch Herzogs Wilhelm IV. von Bayern, von 1510 bis 1545. Nach e. g. MS. der Kb'n. Bibl. zn Miinchen, in Steindruck nachgab. von T. u. C. Senefelder, mit Erklarungen begl. von F. Schlichtegroll. (illuminated plates.) oblong fol. . Munch. 1817

Hullmandel's (C.) Picturesque Views of Ancient Castellated Mansions in Scotland, drawn on stone.—Various Drawings of Scottish Castles and Subjects of Antiquity.—1 sol. fol.

Raine's (Rev. J.) History of South Durham, fol. . . . Lond.

Swan's (Joseph) Picturesque Scenes on the River Clyde, from Drawings by Fleming, with historical and descriptive Illustrations by J. M. Leighton. fol. . Glasg.\H2$

Skelton's (Joseph) Engraved Illustrations of Ancient Arms and Armour, from the Collection of L. Meyrick, Esq. after the Drawings and with the Descriptions of Dr. Meyrick. fol.

Oxford, 1830

Landscape Illustrations of the Waverley Novels, from Drawings by various British Artists, engraved by W. and E. Finden. India proof impressions. sm.fol. . Lond. 1830-1

Illustrations of Guy Mannering, Drawings by Richard Westall, engraved by Heath. India Itroofs. Lond. 1821.—Heath's (C.) Illustrations of Guy Mannering and Rob Roy, from Drawings by different Artists. India proofs. ib. 1830.—Original Portraits of Rob Roy. —1 vol. sm.fol.

Minutes of Evidence taken before the Commissioners of Inquiry into the State of the Universities in Scotland; Returns made by the Official Bodies to their Requisition; and Report of the Commissioners. 3 yol&. fol. . . . .' . Edin. 1826-7

Defence of the Scots Settlement at Darien, &c. With a Description of the Country, and a particular Account of the Scots Colony. 4to. .... 1699

Scott's (Sir Walter) Border Antiquities of England and Scotland; together with Illustrations of Remarkable incidents in Border History, and Original Poetry. 2 vols. ito. L. P.

Lond. 1817

—— Provincial Antiquities and Picturesque Scenery of Scotland, with descriptive illustrations. 2 vols. 4to. L. P. . . . . . . ib. 1826

Scott's (Sir Walter) Lay of the Last Minstrel. 8th edit.—Ballads and Lyrical Pieces. Interleaved, in 2 vols. With Illustrations from Drawings by Westal l and Schetky,from the " Border Antiquities," and other sources, collected by John Ballantyne. royal Mo. Edin. 1810

Lady of the Lake. Illustrated by Engravings from Designs by R. Cook, and the Songs

set to the Musical Compositions of Mazzinghi, Sir John Stevenson, Dr. John Clarke, Schetky, and Grahame, and interleaved, in 2 vols. royal Mo. (John Ballantyne's copy.) ib. 1810

Rokeby. 1st edit. With the Songs set to Music by Whitaker and Grahame. demy ito.

interleaved, in 2 vols. royal Mo. (John Ballantyne's copy.) . . ib. 1813

Lord of the Isles. Illustrated by Engravings from Westall's designs, Portrait of the

Author engraved by Heath from Saxon's picture, and a Drawing of a Lord of the Isles from a picture by Zuccaro, 1575, in Lord Frederick Campbell's collection, demy 4fo. interleaved, in 2 vols. royal ito. (John Ballantyne's copy.) . . ib. 1815

Tarbat's (George Mackenzie, Viscount of, afterwards Earl of Cromarty,) Vindication of Robert the Third, King of Scotland, from the imputation of Bastardy, by the clear proof of Elizabeth Mure, daughter of Sir A. Mure of Rowallan, being the first lawful wife of Robert the Second, &c. 4to. wants title. . . . . . [Edin. 1695]

L'Amour de Cupido et de Psiche, mere de Volupte, prise de la Metamorphose de Lucius Apuleius, nouvellement historiee et exposee en vers Francois. Leonar. Galter. fee. et excud. (32 planches.)Cinq Planches des Sujets Mythologiques, avec V anagramme de J. —1 tom. pet. in 4/o.

Southey's (Robert) History of the Peninsular War. 3 vols. 4/o. Lond. 1823-27-32

Lebensbeschreibung der Koniginn Luise von Preussen. Mo. . . Gotha, 1826

Tracts, Antiquarian, Historical, and Scientific. 1 vol. 4fo. containing,

1. JefFries's (Dr. J.) Narrative of Two Aerial Voyages in Nov. 1784, and Jan. 1785, with Mr. Blanchard.

Lond. 1786

2. Skene's (James) Account of Subterraneous Structures in Suabia, supposed to be connected with the

Secret Tribunal. (From Scott. Antiquarian Trans.) . . . Edin.

3. Anderson's (John) Origin of the Mercheta Mulierum. (From do.) . . a.

4,5,6. Hamper's (William) Observations on Runic Inscriptions, &c. (From Archaeologia.) Land. 1820-25

7. Sarcastic Verses, written in 1399. (From do.) . . . A.

8. Ellis's (Sir H.) Copy of MS. Tract, relative to Border Topography of Scotland 1590, with Map.

(From do.) ....... ib. 1828

9. Amyot's (T.) Reply to Mr. P. F. Tytler's Hist Rem. on the Death of Richard II. (From do.) a. 1831

10. Account of the Ditcoveryof St. CuthberVi Botly at Durham, by the Rev. J. Raim. MS.

See Portical Works, vol. vii. p. 105.

11. Charter, Constitution, Bye-Laws, and First Annual Report of the Royal Society of Literature.

Loud. 1826

12. Bell, (Sir Charles) Of the Nerves which associate the Muscles of the Chest with the Actions of

Breathing, Speaking, and Expression. ..... ib. 1822

13. Hall, (Sir James) On the Consolidation of the Strata of the Earth. . . Edin. 1825

14. Le Prevost, (Aug.) Notice sur la Chasse de Saint Taurin d' Evreux. . . Caen, 1829

15. Sellon, (M. de) Lettre, et Extrait d' un Discours, en faveur de l' abolition de la peine de Mort.

Genive, 1829 Views in the South of France, chiefly on the Rhone, engraved by Cooke, &c., from Drawings

by Dewint, as Illustrations of Mr. Hughes's Itinerary. (See p. 255.) 4to. Lond. 1825

Skene's (James) Series of Sketches of the existing Localities alluded to in the Waverley Novels,

drawn and etched by himself, with Descriptions. royal 8vo. . . Edin. 1829, Sec.

See Poetical Works, vol. vii. p. 177.

Blore's (Edw.) Monumental Remains of Noble and Eminent Persons; comprising the

Sepulchral Antiquities of Great Britain, engraved from his Drawings, with Historical and

Biographical Illustrations. royal 8vo. .... Lond. 1824-26

See Life, vol. vii. p. 290.

Poetical and other Tracts, printed and manuscript. sm. Mo. containing,

1. Wrangham's (Rev. Archdeacon) Scarborough Castle, a Poem. Privately printed. . Soarb. 1823

2. The Worme of Lambton. Dedicated to Lord Durham. Ditto. . no place or date.

3. Fitzgerald's (W. T.) Nelson's Tomb, a Poem. .... Lond. 1805

4. Sketch of Life and Character of Lord Kinedder, by Sir. Hay Donaldson. . Edin. 1822

See Lira, vol. v. p. 299.

5. Graham's (Rev. John) Miscellaneous Poems. Lifford, transcribed by James M'Cullagh, aged 14 years.

MS. ......... 1821.

6. Song for Oliver Goldsmith's Birth-day, Nov. 29, 1820, on a card. . . ft. 1820

7. King's Welcome to Ireland. ..... ft. 1821

8. Burke's (George) Prize Ode on King's Visit to Ireland. . . . Dub. 1821

9. Boabdil. Written in 1819, when the Author was only 17. MS.

10. Boothby's (Sir B.) Sorrows tacred to the Memory ofPenelope. MS. transcript by E. C. Edin. April, 1800

11. The Vampire Bride, Ballad, lithog. transcript.

12. Charmion, a Tale, in 2 Cantos. Ode on the Death of Odin. MS.

13. Davezne (Jules) EpUre a Walter Scott. MS. Nouvelle Orleans, 1816.

14. Die Besehworung des Sturms, von Norna, 'Jr. von Klippc. MS.

15. Memoria di 190 TesorL MS. The gift of Sir William Gell to Sir W. Scott.

16. Capycii (Scip.) Carmen de Nativitate Domini, nuper feliciter inventum. . Neap. 1831 Istorie e Canzonctte Italiani. em. 4to. containing,

1. Tradimento di Gano contra Rinaldo.

2. Istoria, &c . di Giovanfiore e Filomena.

3. — di Carlo Rainone. ...... Neap. 1779

4. del fem, e forib. Bandito Abbate Cesare Riccardo. . . to.

5. di Pietro Mancino, Capo di Banditi. ... a,

6. di Antonio di Santo.

7. — di Marzia Basile.

8. della Regina Stella, e Mattabruna. ... . Neap. 1801

9. Canzonetta, Lode a Dio ed al Sommo Pontcfice Romano.

10. sopra la Madonna.

11. in Lode del glorioso S. Filippo Neri.

12. sopra i Lamenti di due Promessi Sposi.

13. Curioso Contrasto che fa la Moglie, e il Man to per gelosia della Serva.

14. Alfabeto del Villano.

15. Bacco Tracannante, &c.

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Storio Neapolitani e Siciliani. 12mo. containing,

1. Lamento e Morte di Benedetto Mangone.

2. Istoria di un orrib. e erud. Bandito, Bruno Grillo, &c.

3. Di Titta Griego, &c.

4. I'rodezze ed Imprese di Angelo del Duca, &c.
•ii. Istoria di un famoso Bandito Giuseppe Mastrillo.
'i. Delli Spicciarielli, &c. . .

7. di Bartolomeo Romano. . . . . . ib.

8. di un Caso successo in Valenza, &c. .... Roma, 1811

9. di Pascale Riccio di Lauro.

10. Opera piacevole, &c. di un Villano lavoratore nominato Grillo, il quale voile diventar Medico, in ott.

rima. ....... Todi,

11. Istoria del Guerino detto il Meschino.

12. di Agostino Avossa, &c.

13. di Marietta Cortigiana. ..... l.ucca,

See Liri Vo), vii. p. 341.

Walpole's (Horace, Earl of Orford) Catalogue of Royal and Noble Authors of England, Scotland, and Ireland, with Lists of their Writings. Enlarged and continued by Thomas Park, (without theportraits.) 5 vols. royal Svo. . . . . . ib. 1806

Coleridge's (S, T.) Friend, original edition. 1 vol. royal 8vo.

Dalyell's (Sir J. G.) Analysis of Ancient Records of the Bishopric of Moray. Edin. 1826.— Analysis of the Chartularies of the Abbey of Cambuskenneth, Chapel Royal of Stirling, and St. Anthony's Preceptory at Lcith. ib. 1828. 1 vol. 8vo.

Curtis's (J.) History of the Mysterious Murder of Maria Marten, at Polstead, with the Trial of William Corder, &c. 8w. ..... Lond. 1828

Constable's (David) Catalogue of a Collection of Tracts, illustrative of British History in Church and State, from the Accession of Charles I. to the present time. Edin. 1827.— Catalogue of Mr. D. C.'s Library, sold by D. Speare, Nov. and Dec. 1828, with the prices, ib. 1828.—Catalogue of Trials, &c. and of a valuable Collection of Paintings, sold Jan. 1829, by Speare, with the prices.—Catalogue of a curious Collection, &c. particularly rich in early English and Scottish History and Poetry, sold by Sotheby, Jan. 1827- Lond. 1 vol. 8 ro.

Bbhl de Faber (Don. J. N.) Floresta dc Rimas Antiguas Castellanos. 3 torn. 8vo.

Hamburg, 1821-1825

Hawkins's (Miss L. M.) Anecdotes, Biographical Sketches, and Memoirs. Vol. I. 8co.

Lond. 1822

Guarini's Pastor Fido. Attempted in English blank verse, by W. Clapperton. 8co. Edin. 1809 Coplestone's (Rev. Dr. now Bp. of Llandaff,) Refutation of the Calumnies of the Edinburgh

Review against Oxford. 8vo. ..... Oxford, 1810-11

Vaudoncourt's (General Guillaume de) Letters on the present State of Spain. Translated

from the French. 8vo. . ., . . . Lond. 1823

Schrevelii (Corn.) Lexicon Manuale Graeco Latinum, euris Hill et Entick. 8co. ib. 1774 Avellaneda's Continuation of the Adventures of Don Quixote. Translated from the Spanish.

2 vols.—Marivaux's Virtuous Orphan, or Life of Marianne, from the French. 4 vols.

(Vol. of Harrison's Novelists.) bound in 1 vol. 8co. . . Lond. 1784

Colman's (George, the younger,) Random Records. 2 vols. 8vo. . . ib. 1830

Kelly's (Michael) Reminiscences, &c. including a period of nearly half a century; with origi

ginal Anecdotes of distinguished personages. '2 vols. 8vo. . . . ib. 1826

See Review of this and Boaden's Life ofKemble, (p. 202,) tn Prose Works, vol. xx. pp. 152-244.

Scottish Poetry, &c. containing, 1. King's (J. R., Soldier in the Renfrew Militia,) Modern Pilgrimage, a Scottish Ballad.—2. Burns's (Robert, of Hamilton) Cadzow Castle, and other Poems.—3. Sketch of the Scenery near Callander. 3d edit. 1 vol. 12mo. Stirling, 1806 See Poetical Works, vol. viii. p. 277.

Maegregor and Lamont, a Traditionary Tale. 8co. . . . Lanark, 1818

Ralph's (Rev. Dr. H.) Terrible Things in Judgment, a Sermon preached in the Scottish

Church, Liverpool, with Reminiscences of Mrs. Douglas. 16mo. Liverpool, 1831

Croker's(T.C) Fairy Legends and Traditions of the So. of Ireland. 3 vols. 12mo. Lond. 1824-29

Hall's (Captain Basil) Fragments of Voyages and Travels. 3 vols. 18mo. Edin. 1831

See Lifk, vol. vii. pp. 275-6.

Gell's (Sir William) Notes on the island ofRhodes. MS. With Sketches. \2mo.

Sec Lipa, vol. vii. pp. 350,351.

Robertson's (George) Genealogical Account of the principal Families in Ayrshire, more particularly in Cunningham. 3 vols. and Supplement, sm. 8co. . . Irvine, 1823-5-7

Cagliostro demasque a Varsovie, 1780. Par un Temoin Oculaire, (Le Comte de M * * *) 12mo. ......... 1786

Roland's (John, of Dalkeith) Seven Sages. Translated out of Prose into Scots Metter. sm. 8vo. (Geo. Paton's Copy.) . . Edin. Heires of Andro Hart, 1631

Life of the famous Comedian, Jo: Hayns. Containing his Comical Exploits and Adventures, both at home and abroad. 8vo. ..... Lond. 1701

Ainslie's (Robert) Reasons for the Hope that is in us. 12wo. . . Edin. 1831

Raupach, Der Liebe Zauberkein. 12mo. . . ... . 1824

Irish Poetry. 1 vol. 8vo. containing,

1. Anster's (John) Lines on Death of Prince* Charlotte, &c. . . . DvL. 1818

2. Maquay's (G. P.) Royal Progress, Ode on the King's Journey to Ireland. . . ib. 1821

3. Burke's (T. T.) Royal Visit, a Poem on the King's Arrival. . . A. 1821

4. Beatty's (T. E.) Lines on the King's Arrival, August. . . 9>. 1821

5. Verdon's (William) The Farewell, Poem on His Majesty's Departure. . . ft. 1821

6. Fion's Choice, or Minstrel of the Sea. .... Nevmy, 1R21

7. O'Kelly's (P.) Aonian Kaleidoscope, a Collection of Original Poems. . Cori, 1824

Miscellaneous Tracts. 1 vol. sm. 8vo. containing,

1. Camberlyn (J. B. G.) Eyckii immortali Genio, (Poema). . . Gandae, 1822

2. , Bukelingi Genio, (Poema). . . . . ib. 1826

3. Description of Shield of .lEneas, modelled by Mr. Pitts, for Mr. Widdotrson.

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