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Bailey (Jacobi) Hieroglyphicorum Origo et Natura: Prolusio in Cur. Cantab. 1816 recitata, &c. 8iw. ........ Cant. 1816


Ferrano, (Dott. Giulio) Storia ed Analisi degli Antichi Romanzi di Cavallerìa e dei Poemi Romanzeschi d' Italia, &c. 3 tom. 8vo. Carta grandissima, tav. color. Milano, 1828


Sigismondo, (Dott. Giuseppe) Descrizione della Citta di Napoli, e suoi Borghi. 3 tom. 8vo.

Napol. 1788

Signorelli, (Pietro) Storia Critica de' Teatri Antichi e Moderni. 10 tom. in 11, 8vo. ib. 1813

Vicende della Coltura nelle due Sicilie, dalla venuta delle Colonie Straniere sino a

nostri giorni. 2t*"- ediz. 8 tom. 8vo. • ib. 1810-11


Collezione di tutti i Poemi in Lingua Napoletana. 28 tom. \2mo. . ib. 1783-7

Tom. 1. Sgruttendio. 2, 3, 4, 5. G. C. Cortese. 6, 7. B. Valentino. 8-11. P. N. Stigliola. 12. Dom. Basile. 13, 14. Gab. Fasano.

15. Nic. Capassn.

16. Andr. Peruceio.
Santo Villano.

The only English account of illese Neapolitan Poets will be found in an early No. of Foreign Quarterly Reriew.

17, 18. Num. Pagano.

19. G. B. Valentino. 20, 21. G. B. Basile.

22. J. A. Palmieri.

23. G. d'Antonio.
24, 25. Opere inedite.

26, 27. Galiani, Vocabolario Napol .
28. Del Dialetto Napol.


Press L, SHELF II.

Collection of Scraps from Newspapers, &c., Songs, Ballads, &c., formed by John Bell of Newcastle, sm.fol.

Another Collection of similar Scraps, with a few Caricatures. sm.fol.

Collection of Ballads, Letters, Copy of Rev. Robert Law's Memorials, Mr. Row's Pockmanty Sermon, Sfc. MS. sm.fol.


Vyner's (Rev. Dr. Robert) Very long, curious, and extraordinary Sermon, preached 14th March

1732, at a noted chapel in Westminster, &c. ito. . . . Lond. 1733

Satyr against Hypocrites. sm. ito. ..... ib. 1674

Wild's (Rev. Dr. Robert) Iter Boreale, Sec., on the successful and matchless march of the Lord

General Monck, from Scotland to London, &c. sm. ito. . . ib. 1660

See Prose Works, vol. i. p. 35.

Tracts. sm. Mo. containing,

1. Account of the pretended Prince of Wales, and

other grievances, &c., and a short account of the
murther of the Earl of Essex, &c . Land. 1688

2. Account how the Earl of Essex killed himself in

the Tower of London, &c. . ib. 1683

3. Danvers's (Colonel) Murther will out; or a clear

and full discovery that the Earl of Essex did

not murther himself, &c. . £6. 1689

See Somkrs Tracts, vol. x.

4. Elegie on the Earl of Essex, who cut his own throat, &c. fol. Edin. 1683

Innocency and Truth Vindicated. An account of what hath heen and is ready to be deposed

to prove the most treacherous and cruel murder of Arthur late Earl of Essex, &c. With

MS. Note. Mo. . . . . . . - , Lond. 1689

See Somkrs Tracts, vol. x.

Ormonde (Duke of) Conduct of, in the Campaign of 1812. Mo. . ib. 1715

Heywood's (Thomas) Reader, here you 'll plainly see, Judgment perverted by these three, A

Priest, a Judge, a Patentee, &c. 1641. em. Mo. Reprint. Middleton's (General Sir Thomas) Declaration, &c. setting forth the illegality, &c., of a per- nicious Oath, &c. sm. Mo. ...... ib. 1644

Cruden's (Alexander) Account of the Trial, &c., July 1739, on an action brought by Mr.

Cruden against Dr. Monro, &c., for false imprisonment, &c. 8vo. . ib. 1740

Tracts. 8vo.

1. True and Faithful Narrative of Oliver Cromwell's 2. Letter ,from Mr. Maccartney, Dec. 1712, on the compact with the Devil for seven years, &c. Duel between the Duke of Hamilton and Lord

2d edit. .... Lond. 1720 Mohun. ... ib. 1713

See Prose Works, vol. xxv. p. 209.

Prince Eugene not the man you took him for, &c. sm. 8vo. . . ib. 1712

Particular Declaration and Testimony of the undutifull and traitorous affection borne against

her Majestie, by Edmond Campion, Jesuite, and other condemned priests, &c. B. L. Mo.

With MS. notes. ...... Lond. C. Barker, 1582

Aminadab, or the Quaker's Vision, (relative to Dr. Sachverel.) 8vo. . ib. 1710

WagstafFs (Dr. Will.) Letter from the facetious Dr. And. Tripe to the Venerable Nestor

Ironside, &c. 8vo. ....... ib. 1714

Bibliotheca Parliamenti, Libri Theologici, Politici, Historici, &c., done into English for the

Assembly of Divines, &c. With MS. additions. Mo. . . ib. 1653

See Somkrs Tracts, vol. vii.

Hammilton's (Col. Sir Frederick) Humble Remonstrance to the Committee of both Kingdoms,

&c., and three other Tracts relating to the same. Mo. . . ib. 1644-5

Truth brought to light by Time. The proceedings touching the. Divorce between the Lady Fr.

Howard and Robert Earl of Essex, &c. With MS. notes, (imperfect.) Mo. ib. 1651 Chesterfield's, (Philip Earl of) Speech in the House of Lords against the bill for licensing dro

matic performances. 8co. ...... Dub. 1749

Guard's (Theodore de la) Simple Cobbler of Aggawam in America, Willing to help mend his

native country, &c. Mo. ...... Lond. 1647 Rivers (A.) The Sad Condition of a distracted Kingdome, &c., a Poem. sm. 4to. Lond. 1645 The (Latin) Description of Hogland, with its Dedication translated in English.—Collection of

Hymns and Poems for the use of the October Club, &c. 8 Do. . ib. 1711

Lyttelton (Lord) The Court Secret, a Melancholy Truth, &c., translated from the Arabic by

an adept. (relative to Lord Scarborough and the Duch. of Manchester.) 2d edit. 8vo. ib. 17 43

Gee's (John) The Foot out of the Snare, with a detection of sundry late practices, &c., of the

Priests and Jesuits in England, &c. 2d edit. sm. Mo. . . 2i.1624

See Somkrs Tracts, vol. ii.

Vicars's (John) God in the Mount, or England's Remembrancer, &c. 4to. ib. 1641

Relation of the Engagements and Actions of H. M. fleet under the command of his Highnesse Prince Rupert, &c. 4to. ..... ib. 1673

Dangerfield's (Capt.) Memoires, digested into Adventures, &c. By his own hand. 4/o. ib. 1685

London's Great Jubilee, restor'd and perform'd on Tuesday, October 29, 1689, for the entertainment of Sir Thomas Pilkington, Lord Mayor, &c. containing a Description of the several Pageants and Speeches, &c. for the entertainment of their Majesties, &c. who honoured his Lordship this year with their presence. By Matthew Taubman. 4to. ib. 1689

Ware's (Robert) Foxes and Firebrands, or a Specimen of the Danger and Harmony of Popery and Separation, &c. 2d edit. 4to. . . . . . i*. 1681

The Fatal Vesper, or a True and Punctuall Relation of that lamentable accident on Sunday the 26th of October last, &c. 4to. . . . . ib. 1623

The Reformado, precisely charactered by a Transformed Church-Warden, &c. sm. Mo. ib. 1642

Tracts relative to Prince Rupert. 1 vol. sm. Mo. containing,

1. The Bloody Prince; or Declaration of the cruel 1 at Lichfield against Prince Rupert, &c. 1643

practices of Pr. Rupert,&c. By J. W. Lond. 1643 | 3. An Ar>ology vindicating the Cavaliers from a par

2. Russell's (Colonel) Relation of the valiant pro- tiall aspersion, &c . . 1643

ceedings of the Parliament forces in the closse 4. The Cavaliera Catechisme, &c. . 1643

Manifest Truths, or an Inversion of Truths Manifest, containing a narration, &c., and vindication of the Parliament and Kingdome of England from the false and injurious aspersions cast on them by the author of the said Manifest (David Buchanan.) 4to. Lond. 1646

The False Brother, or a New Map of Scotland, drawn by an English pencil, &c. sm. Mo. ib. 1657

Parker's (Henry) Scotland's Holy War; a Discourse, &c., how the Scots, out of a corrupt pretended zeal to the Covenant, have made the same scandalous and odious to all good men, &c. sm. 4/o. ....... ib. 1651

Scarce Tracts, Reprints of seven—in one vol. sm. 4/o. containing, 1. The Dounefal of Temporising Poets, &c. Lond. 1641 | 5. Sir Thomas Middleton's Declaration &c. ib. 1644

2. The High-way Woman, &c. Marcy Clay, other

wise called Jenny Fox. . . ib. 1665

3. Declaration of Captain James Hind. ft. 1651

4. The Mowing Devil; or Strange News out of Hart

fordshire, &c. . ■ Io. 1678

6. The Generous Usurer, Mr. Nevell in Thames St.

ib. 1641

7. Danvers, (John) The Royal Oake ; or an Histori

cal Description of the Royal Progress, &c., of

Charles II. ib.
Sec Somess Tracts, vol. vii.

Tracts relative to the Civil War, 1643-4. in 1 vol. sm. Mo. Containing,



Volume of Tracts (62) relating to the Civil War, &c. sm. Mo. Lond. 1644-46. Containing,

1. Vicars's (John) Looking Glass for Malignants.

2. Relation of Montrose's Victory at Kilsyth. ...... 1645

3. Lesley's Victory over Montrose. . ....... 1645

4. England's Remembrancer. Catalogue of Victories obtained by the Parliament's forces. 1645

5. Speech of Lord Loudon, Lord Chancellor of Scotland, &c. .... 1645

6. Manifesto of the Scots Commissioners. ...... 1645

7. Manifestation to Parliament from Lord Inchiquin and others. . . . 1645

8. Lithgow's (William) Relation of the Siege of Newcastle. .... Edin. 1645

9. Proceedings of Sir Thomas Fairfax's Army, (No. 5.) ..... 1645

10. Examination of Relation of the Siege of Leicester.

11. Fairclough's (Rev. H.) Examination, Confession, and Arraignment of the Essex Witches. 1645

See iJiUrt on Demonolcgy.

12. Brereton's (Sir William) Letter on the Surrender of Chester. .... 1645

13. Fairfax's (Sir Thomas) Letter concerning the King's being brought from Holmby. 1645

14. Advertisements for the election of Burgesses to Parliament. .... 1645

15. Wither's (George) Letters of advice on the choice of Knights and Burgesses. . 1645

16. Letters intercepted by Colonel Mitton. ...... 1645

17. Relation of the miseries of Province of Munster. ..... 1645

18. Remonstrance of General Assembly of Kirk of Scotland to the King. . 1645

19. England's Remembrancer. (Duplicate of No. 4.)


Mercurius Caledonius, SfC. Diurnall, &c. of all such Speeches, Disputes, Debates, Occurrents, and Remarkable Passages, &c. during this present Session at Edinburgh. sm. Ito. Edin. 1648

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