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Lond. 1679

Relation of several hundreds of Children, &c. that prophesie and preach in their sleep, &c. sm. 4to. . . .

. Lond. 1689 Hutchinson's (Rev. Dr. Francis) Short View of the pretended Spirit of Prophecy, &c. from its first Rise in 1688 to its Present State, &c. 800.

ib. 1708 Shiells, (Rev. Alexander) The Scottish Inquisition, or, Short Account of the Proceedings of the Scottish Privy Council, &c. 8m. 4to. : : : :

1 - A Hind let Loose, &c. 8vo. . .

. Glasg. 1770 Barclay's (Robert) Apology for the True Christian Divinity, vindicated from John Browne's Examination, &c. 4to.

See Note to Heart of Mid-Loihin, Pitcairn, (Dr. Arch.) The Assembly, or, Scotch Reformation, a Comedy, &c. from the original

MS. written in 1692.-Sermon preached by Mr. James Row, &c. commonly called Pockmanty Preaching 12mo. .

. . Edin. 1817 See Prose Works, vol. vii. p. 265. Sterry's (Rev. Peter) England's Deliverance from the Northern Presbytery, &c., a Thanksgiving Sermon, preached 5th November 1651, before the Supreme Authority of this nation, &c. With MS. note by Sir W. S. sm. 4to..

. . Lond. 1652 Punch turn'd Critick, in a Letter, &c., to the Rector of Covent Garden (Rev. Robert Lumley Lloyd) on his Sermon, 30th January, 1711. 8vo. .

ib. 1712 The Fierie Tryall of God's Saints ; &c. a Counter-poyze to J. W. Priest his English Martyrologie. And the Detestable Ends of Popish Traytors, &c. 8m. 4to. .

ib. 1612 Wenlock’s (John, of Langham, Essex,) Humble Declaration to the most illustrious, high and

mighty majesty of Charles II., &c., showing the great and dangerous troubles and intollerable oppressions of himself and his family, &c., in the wofull times of these late unhappy dis

tractions, &c. &c. With MS. note by Sir W. S. sm. 4to. . . Lond. 1662 Gordon's (John, of Glencat) Memoirs, &c. who was 13 years in the Scotch College at Paris, &c. With a second part not printed before. 12mo.

ib. 1734 Harding's (Elizabeth) Masterpiece of Imposture, &c. &c., being an Answer to the late Memoirs of John Gordon of Glencat. 8vo. . .

ib. 1734 Rutherford's (Rev. Sam.) Lex Rex, the Law and the Prince. A Dispute for the just prerogative of King and People, &c. 8m. 4to. . . . . .

ib. 1644 Simpson, (Arch. Eccles. Dalketh. Pastor) Hieroglyphica Animalium Terrestrium, &c., quae in

Scripturis Sacris inveniuntur. With MS. note by Sir W. S. 8m. 4to. Edin. Manes Presbyteriani; or, Monuments of the Kirk, the Covenant's Confession, Argyle's Re

liques, Guthrey and Giffan's Passions, and Gillespy's Recantation, &c. sm. 4to. Lond. 1661

Stewart's (Sir James, of Goodtrees,) Jus Populi Vindicatum, or, the People's right to defend

themselves, and their covenanted religion vindicated, &c., being a full Reply to the first part of the “Survey of Naphtaly,” &c. 800.


Vilant's ( ) Review and Examination of a Book bearing the title of the “ History of the Indulgence.” 8vo. . . .

. Lond. 1681 Collection of Letters. (93) of which 61 were wrote by the Rev. James Renwick, the remainder

by Messrs. Livingston, &c., from 1663 to 1689 inclusive, &c. Published by John M‘Millan. 12mo. . . .

· Edin. 1764 Barry's (Margaret) Sweet Experiences and Godly Exercises. 12mo. , Falkirk, 1778 Joshua Redivious ; or, Mr. (Samuel) Rutherfoord's Letters, in two parts: the first, &c.

written from Aberdeen, &c. the second from Anworth, &c. 12mo. . . 1664 Walker's (Patrick) Lives of Alexander Peden, John Semple, John Welwood, and Richard

Cameron. 12mo. wants tiile. See PoeticaL WORKS, vol. iv. p. 219; notes to Heart of Mid-Lothian ; PROSE WORKS, vol. vii. pp. 442-3. - Remarkable Passages in the Life and Death, &c. of Mr. Daniel Cargill, &c.; and with him Mr. Walter Smith, Mr. James Boig, &c. who hung all upon one gibbet, July 27, 1681, &c. 12mo.

. . Edin. 1732 Gastrell's (Francis, Bishop of Chester,) Christian Institutes, &c. 5th edit. 12mo. Lond. 1727 Shiels's (Rev. Alexander) Hind let Loose, &c. 1st edit. With MS. note by Sir W. S.

sm. 8vo. . . . . . . . . Edin. 1687 Whitefield's (Rev. George) Letter to the Rev. Laurence Sterne, on his Tristram Shandy. 800.

Lond. 1760 Acts (the whole printed,) of the Generall Assemblies of the Church of Scotland, from 1638 to

1649; diligently compared and exactly reprinted, &c. 1682.– To which are now added, the

Index of the unprinted Acts, &c. and the Acts of the G. A. 1690. 8vo. Edin. 1682-91 Prophetical Tracts, 1 vol. 800. containing, 1. Warnings of the Eternal Spirit to the City of Edinburgh and the City of Glasgow, pronounced, &c.

by Margaret Mackenzie and James Cunningham, in 2 parts, . . . Lond. 1710-11 2. Warnings of the Eternal Spirit, pronounced in and about London, 1711; at Birmingham in 1709-10,

&c. by John Taylor and Hannah Wharton ; to the City of Edinburgh, by Dutton, Nutt, and Glover,

in 1709, 8vo. . . . . . . . . . 1709-11 Wharton's (Hannah) Divine Inspiration, or Collection of Manifestations to make known the

Visitation of the Lord, and the coming of his Kingdom, &c. at Birmingham and Worcester. With MS. notes and remarks. 12mo,

. . Lond. 1732 Fraser's (Rev. James of Brea, Minister at Culross) Memoirs of his Life, written by himself. 800.

. Edin. 1738 M Ward's (Rev. Rob.) ETAYWIOLLOI, or Earnest Contendings for the Faith. Answers to Mr. Rob. Fleming's first and second Paper, &c. 12mo. .

. Reprinted 1723 Miscellaneous Tracts. 1 vol. 12mo. containing,

1. Travels of John Megee, pedlar and flying stationer in N. and S. Britain in 1806 and 1808, Glasg. 1809 2. Fletcher's (Rev. John) Dreadful Phenomenon of the Stoppage of the River Severn, described and improved,

. Shrewsb. 1773 3. Benson's (Joseph) Battle of Flodden Field, an Heroic Poem, collected from ancient MSS. reprinted,

Lancaster 1805

Collection of several remarkable and valuable Sermons, &c. at renewing and subscribing the

Covenant, &c. With recommendatory Preface by Ebenezer Erskine. 12mo. Glasg. 1741 Theological Tracts. 1 vol. 12mo. containing, 1. Bissets (Rev. J.) Letter, &c. on a late Apology for the Presbyterians in Scotland keeping communion with Mr. George Whitefield. 2d edit.

. Glasg. 1743 2. Supplement to the Testimony deserted, &c. ; Character and Conduct of Mr. Thomas Nairn, Minister at Abbotshall, from 1710 to 1743, &c.

1743 3. Hamilton's (Rev. Alexander) Testimony and Contendings against the violent Settlement of Mr. James

Mackie in St. Ninians, with prefatory letter by Ebenezer Erskine, &c. . Edin. 1736 4. Doctrine of the Trinity stated, &c. ; Dangerous opinions vented by Professor Simpson of Glasgow,

ib. 1728 5. Queries agreed to by the Commission of the General Assembly, and put to those Ministers who gave

in a Representation and Petition against the 5th and 8th Acts of Assembly, 1720 ;-together with the Answers given by those Ministers, &c. . . .

1722 6. Letter concerning the Defections, Sins, &c. of the Church of Scotland, &c. . . 1720 7. Summary View of Professor Simson's Errors proved against him, &c. . . Edin. 1729 8. A Warlick Captain attacked by a single soldier, or, a Letter from Andrew Stevenson, writer in Edin

burgh, to the Rev. Thomas Nairn of Abbotshall, (relative to his separation from the Associate Presbytery.) . . .


. 1743 (See No. 2, above.) Marvell, (Andrew) The Rehearsal Transpros’d, or, Animadversions on a late Book, &c. shewing

what grounds there are of Fears and Jealousies of Popery. 2d imp. sm. 800. Lond. 1672

Cameronian Tracts. 1 vol. 12 mo. containing,
1. Shields's (Rev. Alexander) Life of Mr. James Renwick, &c. .

. Edin, 1724 2. Renwick's (James) Testimony of some persecuted Presbyterian Ministers, &c. given in 17th Jan. 1688. -Shieldss Elegy on Renwick,

reprinted Edin, 1723 3. Confutation of a Scandalous Pamphlet, entitled a Manifesto, or the Standard of the Church of Scotland. By the United Societies, &c. . .

. 1724 Religious Tracts. 1 vol. 24mo. containing, . 1. Deans's (Rev. Archibald) Last words of Christian Kerr, (aged 11,) who died at Edinburgh, Feb. 1702,

Edin. 1702 2. Wonder of Wonders, &c. Relation of Francis Mason of Mile End Green, near London, who hath lived

in the reign of nine Kings and Queens, being 172 years of age, &c. . . Lond, 1698 3. Smith's (S.) David's Repentance, or the true Penitent bewailing his sins, &c. . Edin, 1706 4. Sufferings and Dying Words of several French Protestants, &c.

Lond. 1706 5. Two Sermons preached by Mr. William Guthry at Finnick, 17th Aug. 1661, imperfect, 1694 6. Smithson, (S.) Christ on the Cross, suffering for sinners. bl. lett.

Glasg. 1696 7. The Way to Heaven made plain, &c. .

Edin, 1705 8. The same, another edition,

ib. 1703 9. Sermon explaining the Life of Faith, &c.

ib. 1705 10. Verses written by a worthie Christian friend in the time of his solitude, &c.

ib, 1706 11. Account of the dreadful Earthquake at Port Royal in Jamaica, in two Letters from the Minister, &c.

ib. 1692

Guthrie's (Rev. Wm.) Heads of some Sermons preached at Finnick, Aug. 1662. With MS. note by Sir W. S. 12mo. ..

. 1680 Durham's (Rev. James) Dying Man's Testament to the Church of Scotland, or, a Treatise concerning Scandal, &c. 12mo.

. . Edin. 1680 Cairns' (Elizabeth) Memoirs, written by herself some years before her death, &c. Glasg. 1762

-Greig's Letter to the Rev. William Robe, on the falsehood of his charges against the Publisher of the Life of Elizabeth Cairns. ib. 1743..

. Glasg. 1743-62 Smith's (R. Schoolmaster at Glenshee,) Poems of Controversy betwixt Episcopacy and Pres

bytery, &c. 12mo. . . . . . . . . 1714 God and the King, or, a Dialogue, &c. on the Oath of Allegiance. 3d edit. 800. Edin. 1725 Howie's (John, of Lochgoin,) Memoirs, containing Religious Exercises, Soul Soliloquies, &c.

With MS. note by Sir W. S. 8vo. . . . . . Glasg. 1796 Re-Examination of two of the Articles abridged, viz. the Communicant's Gesture, &c. and the

observation of Festivall dayes. 12mo. . . . . . 1636 Stevenson's (J., land-labourer of Daily) Rare Soul-strengthening Cordial for Old and Young Christians, &c. 12mo. . .

. 1729 Peden's (Rev. Alexander) Lord's Trumpet sounding an Alarm against Scotland, &c. substance

of two Prophetical Sermons, preached 1682. -- Cameron's (Rev. Richard) Prediction, July,

1680, &c. 12mo. . . . . . . . repr. ib. 1739 Predictions or Prophecies of severals of the Reverend and worthy servants of the Lord, viz. Mr.

Thomas Lundie, Mr. Samuel Rutherford, Mr. Richard Cameron, &c. 12mo. ib. 1739 Rutherford's (Sam.) Communion Exhortation to a Scots Congregation in London. 12mo. ib. 1735 Lindsay's (Rev. H.) Synod Sermon on the Present State of the Ch. of Scotland. 12mo. ib. 1733 Sin punished and Virtue rewarded, or, a Monitor for Old and Young, &c. 12mo. Lond. 1721 Dickson's (Rev. David) True Christian Love, &c. to which is added, Hony Drops, &c. 12mo.

Glasg. 1745 The Planters of the Vineyard, or, a Kirk Session confounded, a Comedy of three acts, &c.

12mo. . . . . . . . . . Edin. 1771 Dunton's (John) Preaching Weathercock, a Paradox, proving that Mr. W. Richardson (lately

a Dissenting Minister, and now a Presbiter of the Church of England) will cant, recant, and re-recant, &c. &c. 800. .

. Lond. no date. Pious Tracts. 1 vol. 12mo. containing, 1. The Christianos Best Garment, &c. .

Lond. 167 2. The Christian's Blessed Choice, &c. .

. ib. 1674 3. Hart's (Rev. Dr. John) Warning Piece to the Slothful, Drunken, and Secure ones, &c. B.L. ib. 1671 Dowriche's (Rev. Hugh) The Jaylor's Conversion, &c. the true Image of a Soule rightly touched and converted by the Spirit of God, &c. 12mo. .

ib. 1596 Seasonable Warning, &c. from the danger of Trafficking Priests and Jesuites, &c. 800. 1734 Welch's (Rev. John) Fifty and Two Directions, &c. to his parish of Irongray, in Galloway.- Mary's Choice, a Sermon. 12mo. . . . . Glasg. 1739, &c. Scotland's Warning, or a Treatise of Fasting, &c. &c. 12mo. Wants title, [but about 1623 or 4] Shield's (Rev. Alexander) Letter concerning the true boundaries of Christian Fellowship, &c.

written to the prisoners for conscience in Dunottar Castle, 1685, &c. 18mo. Edin. 1726 Cleland's (Colonel William, of Lord Angus's Regiment) Poems and Verses composed upon various occasions. With MS. note by Sir W. S. 12mo.

. . 1697 See POETICAL WORKs, vol. i. p. 191, vol. i. pp. 207, 217, vol. viii. p. 57 ; ProsE WORKs, vol. vii. p. 141. Ranwick’s (Rev. J.) Prophecy concerning the Lord's return to Scotland, &c. in three Prophetical

Sermons, &c. never before printed. With preface by W. Gray, the publisher. 12mo. ib. 1746 Keach's (Benjamin) War with the Devil, or Young Man's conflict with the powers of darkness. (In verse.) 19th imp. 12mo. . .

. . Lond. 1728 Mitchel, (William) The Tinklarian Doctor's Catechism, where he examines all the ministers of

the General Assembly, &c.; and Second Catechism, where he examines all the Bishops in

England, &c. with his Funeral Sermon for kings and rulers. 12mo. . Edin. 1787 Pringle's (Walter, of Greenknow) Memoirs, or, some few of the free mercies of God to him, &c. Written over by James Pringle, 1684, &c. 12mo. .

ib. 1723 Shiels's (Rev. Alexander) Scots Inquisition, &c. &c. 12mo. .

ib. 1745 Mackaile's (Rev. Hugh) Last Public Sermon, preached in the Old Church at Edinburgh, 8th

September, 1662, &c. &c. and his last speech on the Scaffold, 220 December, 1666, &c.

12mo. . . . . . . . . Edin. 1749 Scott's (Rev. Dr. Robert) Sermon on occasion of the late dreadful fire at Edinburgh, 3d February, 1700. 12mo. . .

ib. 1701 Anti-Popish Tracts. 1 vol. 4to. containing,

Robinson's (Tho.) Anatomie of the Eng. Nunnery at Lisbon in Portugall. Pub. by authority. Lond. 1630 Chassanion's (John) Merchandizes of Popish Priests, or, a Discovery of the Jesuites Trumpery, newly packed in England, translated from the French.

· · ib. 1629 Protestation against Toleration, containing, 1. Proclamation of Toleration in Scotland, Feb

ruary 12, 1686-7. 2. Proclamation prohibiting Field Meetings, 28th June, 1687. 3, 4. Two Addresses to the King, from the Presbyterians. 5. Renwick’s Testimony of some persecuted Presbyterian Ministers, &c. 1688. With preface by John M‘Millan, Sandhills. 12mo.

. . . . . . . Edin. 1770 Cry from the Dead, or, the Ghost of the famous Mr. James Guthrie appearing, being the

last Sermon he preached in the Pulpit of Stirling before his martyrdom at Edinburgh, June,

1661, &c. Edited by Ebenezer Erskine. 12mo. . . . Glasg. 1738 Cant's (Rev. Andrew) Discourse at the renewing of the Covenant at Inverness, April 25, 1638.

12mo. Wants title. Visions, Discoveries, and Warnings, &c. revealed to John Porter of Crossibeig, &c. 12mo.

Edin. 1799 Dickson's (Rev. John, of Rugland) Two Letters, written while he was prisoner in the Bass, &c. a little before his death in 1700. 12mo.

wants title. Kerr's (Robert) Short Abstract of his Writings, &c. under six heads. 12mo.


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