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Russell's (Rev. Hugh) Journey from Time to Eternity. 12mo. Rae's (Patrick, of Kirkconnell) Scotish Dove with an Olive Branch, or, Peace and Unity between Jurant and Non-jurant, &c. 800. . .

. Edin. 1732 Calderwood's (John) Collection of Dying Testimonies of some holy and pious christians in

Scotland, before and since the Revolution, &c. with preface. With MS. note by Sir W. S. 12mo.

Kilmarnock, 1806 Park; (Robert, Town Clerk of Glasgow) The Rights and Liberties of the Church asserted and

vindicated against Patronage, &c. With MS. note by Sir W. S. 8vo. Edin. 1689 Livingston's (Rev. John) Brief Historical Relation of his Life, &c. and Memorable Charac

teristics, &c. sm. 800. . . . . . . Glasg. 1754 MʻRae, (Rev. James) The Bereans defended and vindicated, &c. from the reflections &c. of

Mr. Robert Foote, Minister of Fettercairn, &c. 12mo. . . Edin. 1776 Keith's (George) Way cast up and Stumbling Blocks removed, &c. Answer to a P.S. at the

end of Samuel Rutherford's Letters, &c. 8vo. . . . Aberd. 1677 Pagitt’s (Rev. Ephraim) Heresiography, or, a Description and History of the Hereticks and

Sectaries sprang up in these latter times, &c. 6th edit. Edited by J. Heath. 8vo. Lond. 1662 Apocalypsis, or, the Revelation of certain notorious advancers of Heresie, &c. Translated out of Latin by J. D. 3d edit. sm. 8vo.

ib. 1671 Cry from the Desert: or, Testimonials of the Miraculous Things lately come to pass in the Cevennes, &c. With Preface by John Lacy. 2d edit. With MS. note by Sir W. S. 8vo.

ib, 1707 See Prose WORKS, vol. xix. pp. 75-6. Pious Tracts. 1 vol. 12mo. containing, 1. Key's (Rev. Dr.) New Catechism, &c.

5. Axford's (John) Hidden Truths brought to Light. 2. Thackery's (T.) Choice Drop of Honey, &c. 6. Baxter's (Richard) God's Call to unconverted 3. Golden Chain of Four Links, &c. 22d edit, 1. Sinners. 4. Boston's (Rev. T.) Sermon on the Lord's Supper. 1

all printed at Newcastle. Reid, (Alex, a Scotish Covenanter,) Life of; written by himself. (Edited by his great grand

son, Archibald Prentice, Editor of the Manchester Guardian.) 12mo. Manchester, 1822 Wilson's (Wm. Schoolmaster in Douglas,) Select Meditations in Spiritual Songs. 12mo. 1759

Lond. 1660

Speeches, &c. of the Regicides. 8m. 4to. containing,

1. Speeches and Prayers of some of the late King's Judges, &c. .
2. Vane’s (Sir Henry) Two Treatises. 1. Epistle General, &c. 2. The face of the Times, &c. ib. 1662
3. Speeches, &c. of Barkstead, Okey, and Corbet, &c. .

ib. 1662 4. Tryal of Sir Henry Vane, &c. with his Speech and Prayer on the Scaffold, &c.

ib. 1662 5. Life and Death of Sir Henry Vane,

ib. 1662 6. Narrative of Apprehension, Condemnation, and Execution of John James, &c.

ib. 1662

Swift's (Dean) Tale of a Tub, and Battle of the Books. 3d edit. 800.

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The Western Martyrology, or, Bloody Assizes ; containing the Lives, Tryal, and Dying

Speeches, &c. of those that suffer'd in the West of England, &c. from 1678 to this time.

With the Life and Death of George Lord Jeffereys. 5th. edit. 800. Lond. 1705 Person’s (David, of Loghlands in Scotland,) Varieties, or, a Survey of Rare and Excellent Matters, &c. 4to. . . . . . . .

ib. 1635 Dictionary of all Religions, Ancient and Modern. (Ascribed to Defoe.) 800. ib. 1704 M— T— M. A.) Cloud of Witnesses, or, The Sufferer's Mirrour; made up of the Swan

like Songs, and other choice passages of Martyrs and Confessors to the Sixteenth Century, &c. Collected out of the Ecclesiastical Histories of Fox, Fuller, Petrie, &c. In 3 parts.

Appendix to the Sufferer’s Mirrour, &c. 800. . . ib. 1665, 70, 77 Remarkable Life and Death of the Rev. Mr. Alexander Peden, late Minister of the Gospel at

Glenluce, &c. Edited by J. Duncan, Lavenham, Suffolk. 8vo. . Lond. 1774 Vindication of the fundamental Charter of Presbytery from the exceptions of the Country-man in his Letter to a Curate, &c. 800..

ib. 1713 Kirtown, [Kirkton] (Rev. Jas.) History of Mr. John Welsh, Minister of the Gospel at Aire. 4to. i . . . . . . .

ib. 1703 Babel, or, The Assemblie, a Poem, originalie in the Irish Tongue, and now translated into

Scotch for the benefit of the Lieges. By J. P., Sc. MS. 4to. . . 1692 The author's initials in this MS. would seem to negative the assumption of Mr. Kinloch, (in his edition,

printed for the Maitland Club,) of its being the production of Dr. Archibald Pitcair. True and Impartial Account of the Most Rev. Father in God, Dr. James Sharpe, Archbishop

of St. Andrews. With a Narrative of his Murder. sm. 800. . . 1723 Whitefield's (Rev. Geo.) Short Account of God's dealings with him, from his Infancy to his

entering into Holy Orders ; written by himself, &c.— The Expounder Expounded, or, Annotations upon that incomparable piece, entitled, A Short Account, &c. By R-ph J—ps-n, Esq. 8vo. .

. . Lond. 1740 See Prose WORKS, vol. iii. pp. 435-437. Bugg's (Rev. Francis) Tracts against the Quakers, &c. 8vo. Lond. 1699-1702. containing, 1. Narrative of a Conference at Sluford, August 25, 1701, .

1702 2. News from New Rome, occasioned by the Quakers challenging Fr. Bugg, &c.

1701 3. Modest Defence of my Book, entitled, Quakerism Exposed, &c. .

1700 4. Quakerism Exposed to Publick Censure, &c. .


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Tracts against the Quakers. 1 vol. 12mo. containing,

1. The Spirit of the Hat, &c. By G. J.
2. Hickes's (Thomas) Dialogue between a Christian and a Quaker, &c. 2d edit.
3. — The Quaker's Appeal answered, &c. .
4. The Danger of Enthusiasm discovered, in an Epistle to the Quakers.

Lond. 1673

ib. 1673 ib. 1674


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Journal, &c. of the Life, Travels, Sufferings, Christian Experiences, and Labour of Love, &c. of

that ancient, eminent, and faithful Servant of Jesus Christ, George Fox. 2 vols. 8vo. ib. 1709

Aiton's (Wm.) History of the Rencounter at Drumclog, and Battle of Bothwell Bridge, 1679,

with an Account of what is correct and what is fictitious in the “ Tales of my Landlord,” respecting these Engagements, &c. 800.

. Hamilton, 1821 Brownlee's (Thomas, Laird of Torfoot,) Narrative of the Battles of Drumclog and Bothwell Bridge, &c. 800. .

. Edin. 1823 “A very poor forgery.”—Sir W. S.'s MS. note.

Tracts relating to the Disturbances connected with the Scottish Service-Book in 1638, in

1 vol sm. 4to. containing,


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1. Short Relation of the State of the Kirk of Scotland, &c.

Edin. 1638 2. Confession of Faith of the Kirk of Scotland,

ib, 1038 3. Reasons for a General Assemblie. .

. . ib. 1638 4. Proclamation from the King at Greenwich, (broadside fol.) June 8, 1638. 5. Protestation of the Noblemen, &c. Subscribers to the Confession of Faith and Covenant, lately renewed,

&c. made at the Mercate Cross of Edinburgh, July 4, 1638. 6. General Demands concerning the late Covenant, propounded by the Ministers, &c. at Aberdene, to some

reverend Brethren who came thither, &c. together with the Answers of those reverend Brethren, &c. as also the Replyes of the foresaid Ministers, &c. .

. 1638 7. Marquis of Hamilton's Vindication, &c. in Answer to the Ministers, &c. .

. 1638 8. Answers of some Brethren of the Ministrie (Alex. Henderson and David Dickson,) to the Replyes of the Ministers, &c. of Aberdeen, &c.

. . 1638 9. The Beast is wounded, or, Information from Scotland, concerning their Reformation, &c. Printed in

the year that the Bishops had their downfal in Scotland. 10. Proclamation of the King from Oatlands, (9th Sept.) and Confession of Faith, &c. subscribed by James Marquis of Hammilton, &c. at Haly-rude House the 22d of September, .

. 1638 11. Protestation of the Noblemen, Barons, &c. made at the Mercate Crosse, &c. 220 Sept. immediately after reading the Proclamation of Sept. 9, wameamuan sepu, . . . .


. 1638 12. Ramsay's (Andrew) Warning to come out of Babylon, in a Sermon at the receiving of Mr. Thomas

Abernethie, sometime Jesuite, &c. . . 13. Abernethie's (Thomas) Abjuration of Poperie, &c. in the Grayfreir Church, 24th August, 1638 14. Answere to M. J. Forbes of Corse, his Peaceable Warning, . .

1638 15. Profession and Declaration of James, Marquis of Hamilton, &c. December, . . 1638 16. Answer of General Assemblie to Marquis of Hamilton's Profession, &c. 14th February,

1639 17. Protestation of General Assemblie, made in the High Kirk and at the Mercate Crosse of Glasgow, 28th and 29th November, . . .

1638 18. Proclamation from the King from Whitehall, 8th December,

1638 19. Protestation of General Assemblie, &c. made at the Mercate Crosse of Edinburgh, 18th Dec. 1638 20. Information to all good Christians within the Kingdom of England, from the Noblemen, Barons, &c.

of Scotland, . . . . . . . . 1639


Passionate Remonstrance, made by His Holinesse, &c. upon the late proceedings and great Covenant of Scotland, &c. 4to. . . . ·

Edin. 1646 Collection of Loyal Poems, all of them written upon the two late Plots, viz. the Salamanca

Plot of 1678, and the present fanatical Conspiracy in 1683, &c. collected by Nathaniel Thompson. 8vo. ..

Lond. 1683

Political Poems (Jacobite) relative to the Rebellion in 1745–6. thin 4to. MS.
History of the Rebellion 1745 and 1746. (a portion of a work.) 96 pages, 800. wants title
Bernardi's (Major John) History of his Life, written by himself in Newgate, where he has
been a Prisoner of State for 33 years, &c. 800.

Lond. 1729 Highland Tracts. 1 vol 8vo. containing, 1. Short History of the Highland Regiments, &c. .

Lond. 1743 2. Memoirs, of the old Highlander, Serj. Donald Macleod, now in the 103d year of his Age. ib. 1791 3. Copy of a Letter from a Gentleman in London, to a Friend in Bath, (on the Cruelties towards the Highland Officers after the Battle of Culloden.) .

Bath, 1750

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Religious Poems. 1 vol. 8vo. containing,
1. The Kirkiad, or, Golden Age of the Church of Scotland.

Edin. 1774 2. The Reformers, a Satirical Poem. .

ib. 1793 3. Jamieson's, (Rev. Dr. John) Eternity...

ib. 1798 4. Monro's (John) Celestial Excursion. .

Leith, 1814 5. Young's (W.) Airdrie Fair. . . .

Glasg. 1792 Vol. of Miscellaneous Scotch Tracts. 8vo. containing, 1. Drummond's (Hon, and Rev. Rob. Hay) Town Eclogue, a Satirical Poem. With MS. Key and notes.

Edin, 1804 See POETICAL WORKS, vol. vi. nole to Canto IV. 2. Jeffrey's (Francis) Observations on Thelwall's Letter to the Editor of Edinburgh Review. ib. 1804 3. Brown's (Rev. Dr. And.) Love of Country, &c. a Sermon. .

. ib. 1801 4. Bell's (John) Memorial, &c. on Military and Naval Surgery.

. . ib. 1800 5. Minto's (Lord) Speech at Roxburgh County Meeting.


Kelso, 1803 6. Mackenzie's (Colin) Observations on the introduction of Roads into the Highlands. Edin. 1801 7. Bell's (Rob.) Observations on the Danger, &c. of double-holding, &c. in Dispositions to Lands in Scotland.


The Presbyterie's Triall, or, the Occasion and Motives of Conversion to the Catholique Faith of

a Person of quality in Scotland, &c. By F. W. S. sm. 8vo. Paris, permissu superiorum, 1657 E1%w Baoinean dutega. The Pourtraiture of his sacred Majesty King Charles II., with his

reasons for turning Roman Catholick. Published by King James. 800. Lond. 1694 Crichton's (Rev. Dr. Andrew) Memoirs of the Rev. John Blackader, compiled chiefly from unpublished MSS. &c, written by himself while prisoner on the Bass, &c. 12mo. Edin. 1823

See Prose WORKS, vol. xix. p. 54. - Life and Diary of Lieut.-Col. J. Blackader, of the Cameronian Regiment, &c. 8vo. ib. 1824 Wodrow's (Rev. Robert) Life of James Wodrow, Professor of Divinity at Glasgow, from 1692

to 1707. Edited by Rev. Dr. John Campbell. 12mo. . . ib. 1828 Collection of Twenty-four Sermons and Tracts on King Charles's Martyrdom, the Restoration,

King's Accession, the Rebellion of 1715, &c. &c.; by Bishops Kennett, Hoadley, and Burnet, Drs. J. Turner, E. Sydall, Edm. Calamy, Pooley, Waugh, Synge, John Hoadley, Messrs. Ibbot, Skerret, Lambe, Peploe, Acres, &c. 800. .. Lond. 1706-16 Duncan's (Rev. Dr. Alexander, Minister of Smallholm,) Preservative against the Principles of

Infidelity. 12mo. . . . . : . . Edin. 1774 Crawfurd's (Rev. W., Minister of Wiltoun,) Short Manual against the Infidelity of this age, &c.;

and Synod Sermon, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God. 12mo. ib. 1748 - Zion's Traveller, or, the Soul's Progress to Heaven. 2d edit. 12mo. ib. 1743 Religious Tracts, &c. 1 vol. 12mo. containing, 1. The Power of Grace illustrated, in six Letters from a Minister of the Reformed Church to the Rev.

John Newton; translated from the Latin by William Cowper, Esq. (the poet.) Edin. 1792 2. Erskine's (Rev. Dr. John) Letters, &c. to comfort those bereaved of parents or friends, &c. 3d edit.

ib. 1803 3. Young, (James) Faith promoted and Tears prevented, &c. in a Letter to his spouse from London, 1697.

ib. 1792 4. Goldsmith's (Dr. Oliver) Traveller, or, Prospect of Society. 6th edit. . Lond. 1775 Orpen’s (Dr. C. E. H.) Contrast between Atheism, Paganism, and Christianity, illustrated; or,

the uneducated Deaf and Dumb, or Heathens, compared with those instructed in language

and revelation, &c. 12mo. . . . . . . Dub. 1828 Boston's (Rev. Thomas) Select Discourses on Practical Subjects. SM. 8vo. Glasg. 1768 Godwin's (Thomas) English Exposition of the Roman Antiquities. Lond. 1661.-2. Moses

and Aaron: Civil and Ecclesiastical Rites of the Ancient Hebrews. 8th edit. Lond. 1662. -3. Rous's (Fr.) and Bogan's (Zach.) Seven Books of the Attick Antiquities. 5th edit. Oxford, 1658. sm. 4to. .

1658-61 Featley's (Dr. Daniel) Dippers Dipt, or, the Anabaptists Duck'd and Plung'd over head and ears, &c. 5th edit. 4to.

. . . Lond. 1647 Minute Book of the General Meeting of the Correspondent Meeting of Nithsdale, (Cameronians,)

from August 1693 to October 1760. MS. 8m. 4to. Records of the Meetings of the Reformed Presbytery (Cameronians) at Quarreltoun, from

1693 to 1729. MS. 8m. 8vo. Tracts. 1 vol. 8m. 4to. containing, 1. General Demands of the Rev. D. D.'s and Ministers, &c. in Aberdeen, concerning the late Covenant

in Scotland. Together with the Answeres, Replyes, and Duplyes, that followed thereupon in 1638. Reprinted in one book by order of Parliament,


Aberd. 1663 (See Nos. 6 & 8 of Vol. Of Tracts in d. 18 2. Declaration of the Brethren who are for the Established Government and Judicatures of this Church, &c.

Edin. 1658 3. Usher's (Archbishop) Original of Bishops and Metropolitans.—Chillingworth's (William) Apostolical Institution of Episcopacy, &c. .

. . . reprinted, ib. 1703 4. Information for the Earl of Sutherland against the Earl of Crawfurd, &c. . . ib. 1706 Answer to the Declaration of the Pretended Assembly at Dundee, &c.-Reply to the late

printed Answer to the Letter directed by the Protesters to their Brethren, &c. sm. 4to. 1653 Hale’s (Sir Matthew) Contemplations, Moral and Divine. 800.. . Lond. 1679 Rabbi Nathan, Tractatus de Partibus : in Ling. Latin. translatus cum notis, &c. Francisci Taileri, &c. 8m. 4to.

ib. 1654

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