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Swinton (John, of Swinton,) Case of, in relation to his Father's pretended forfeiture, upon

pretext whereof the estate of Swinton hath been unjustly possessed by the late Duke and this Earl of Lauderdale, &c.—2. Information for the Earl of Lauderdale, &c. against John Swinton's Process.—3. An addition to Swinton's Case, &c. on occasion of the Earl of Lauderdale's Answer, &c. sm. 4to.

See Note to Heart of Mid-Lothian. SHELF X. Scotch Tracts and Sermons. 1 vol. 4to. containing, 1. Shields's (Rev. Alez.) Impartial Account of all passages relating to my Sufferings, Trials, and Examinations, &c.


. wants title. 2. Webster's (Rev. Jas.) Sermon, &c. at the Election of the City Magistrates, 28 Oct. 1694. Edin. 1694 3. Hart's (Rev. Dr. James) Sermon on same occasion, 5th Oct. 1703. . . ib. 1703 4. Meldrum's (Rev. George) Sermon, &c. before Lord Ross, her Majesty's Commissioner to General Assembly, 16th March 1704. . . .

. :' . . ib. 1704 5. — Sermon, &c. before Duke of Queensberry, her Majesty's Commissioner to General Assembly, 16th May, 1703.


: : : sb. 1703 6. — Vindication and Defence of the preceding Sermon.

. ib. 1703 7. Lord Haversham's Speech in House of Peers, 12th Jan. 1709, on the late intended invasion of Scotland.

ib. 1709 8. Letter from a Friend in the City, &c. anent Patronages.

. ib. 1703 9. Letter from Commission of General Assembly at Glasgow, &c. to the Council, &c. of the Scots Colony of Caledonia. .

. ib. 1699 10. Webster's (Rev. James) Essay upon Toleration.

. . 1703 11. Scotland's Interest, or, the great Benefit and Necessity of Communication of Trade with England, &c.

1704 12. Fletcher's (Andrew, of Saltoun,) Speech in Parliament concerning Limitation. 13. Reasons why the Succession ought not to be declared by this Parliament.

· 1704 14. Letter to an M. P. on the true interest of Scotland with respect to the Succession. .. wants title. Scottish Tracts, chiefly Religious, (1701.) 1 vol. 4to. containing, 1. Presbyterial Government, as now established, &c. methodically described. .

Edin. 1701 2. Dialogue between Mr. Smith, Mons. Ragouse, &c. in a Walk to Newington.

Lond. 1701 3. Perswasive to Prayer, &c.

. Edin. 1701 4. Lady Halket's Meditations and Prayers.

ib. 1701 5. Instructions for Youth.

ib, 1701 6. Collection of Pindarick Odes, Funeral Elegies, &c. on Lord Basil Hamilton, 6th son of William Duke of Hamilton. .

. ib. 1701 7. Essay upon (Drummond's) Polemo-Medinia, or, the Midden-Fight. Translated by J. C. prisoner in the Canongate. . .

. ib. 1701 8. Certain and Infal. Measures, &c. whereby the whole Begging Poor of the Kingd. may be alimented. ib.1701 9. Lord Belhaven's Speech in Parliament on the Indian and African Company, 10th Jan. 1701. ib. 1701 10. Argument proving that the imposition of the Sacrament, &c. as a qualification for secular office is contrary to the laws of God, &c. &c.

. . . . . Lond. 1701 11. Keith's (George) Plain Discovery of gross falsehoods, cheats, and impostures, &c. in three late pamphlets published by Quakers, &c.

. ib. 1701 12. Letter from a Magistrate, &c. containing an Historical Account of designs for reforming manners, &c.

1704 Patrick's (Dr. Symon, Bp. of Ely,) Parable of the Pilgrim, &c. 6th edit. sm. 4to. Lond. 1687

See PROSE WORKS, vol. xviii. pp. 95-99. Goodwin's (John) Twelve considerable, &c. Cautions to be used in and about a Reformation,

&c.—Theomaria, the Imprudence, &c. of running the hazard of fighting against God, &c. 2d edit.-Innocencie's Triumph, or, an Answer to Prynne's Animadversions, &c. 2d edit. -Calumny arraigned and cast, or, a briefe answer to some passages, &c. of Mr. Prynne.Cretensis, or, a briefe answer to an ulcerous Treatise by Thomas Edwards, entitled Gangraena, &c. 8m. 4to.

. Lond. 1644-6 Edwards's (Rev. Thomas) Gangraena, or, a Catalogue and Discovery of many of the Errors,

Heresies, &c. of the Sectaries of this time, &c. Parts first and second, 3d edit. Part third, 1st edit. 2 vols. 8m. 4to. . .

. . .

ib. 1646 Prynne's (William) Histrio-Mastix. The Player's Scourge, or the Actor's Tragoedie, &c. &c. 4to. . . . . . . .

ib. 1633 Arnot, (Samuel) Scotland's Present Circumstances, and the Duty of Private Christians with reference thereunto, &c. 8m. 4to. . . .

. Edin. 1718 Laick's (William) Scots Episcopal Innocence, or, the Juggling of that party with the late King, his present Majesty, &c. demonstrated. 8m. 4to.

Lond. 1694 The Spy, (a Poetical Satire on Popery.) 8m. 4to. . .

wants title. Tracts relative to the Scottish Episcopalians, (1690.) sm. 4to. containing,

1. Account of the present Persecution of the Church in Scotland. . . . Lond. 1690 2. Garden's (Rev. Dr. George) Case of the present afflicted clergy in Scotland.

ib. 1690 3. Four Collections of Papers relating to the practice of the rabble, before the Convention met, &c. ib. 1690 4. Account of the Sufferings of the Church of Scotland, occasioned by the Episcopalians since 1660. ib. 1690

5. Some Questions resolved respecting Episcopal and Presbyterian Government in Scotland. ib. 1690 Brown, (Rev.John, of Wamphray,) The History of Indulgence, shewing its Rise, Conveyance, Progress, and Acceptance, &c. 4to. . .

. 1678 Overall's (Bishop) Convocation Book, concerning the Government of God's Catholic Church,

&c. Published by Archbishop Sancroft. 4to. . . . Lond. 1690 Hickes's (Rev. Dr. Geo.) Ravillac Redivivus, being a Narrative of the late Tryal of Mr.

James Mitchel, a Conventicle preacher, &c. for an attempt on the sacred person of the Archbishop of St. Andrews; with an Account of the Tryal of that most wicked Pharisee, &c. Major Weir. With MS. note by Sir W. S. 8m. 4to. .

ib. 1678 See Letters on Demonology, p. 301 ; SOMERS Tracts, vol. vii. Shaftoe's (Mrs. Francis) Narrative, &c. of her being in Sir Theopilus Oglethorps's family, when hearing, &c. that the pretended Prince of Wales was Sir Theophilus's son, she was

trick'd into France, &c. in order to prevent a discovery, &c. 4to. . ib. 1707 Reynoldes's (Rev. Edw.) Treatise of the Passions and Faculties of the Soul of Man, &c. 4to.

ib. 1640 Broughton's (Hugh) Translations from the Bible. 1. Job, &c. metricall translation, &c. 1610.

-2. Comment upon Coheleth or Ecclesiastes, &c. 1605.-3. The Lamentations of Jeremy. &c.—4. Daniel, his Chaldic visions, &c. 1597.

Lond. 1597-1610

Papismus Lucifugus, &c. Papers exchanged between Mr. John Menzies, Professor of Divinity

in the Marischal College of Aberdeen, and Mr. Francis Dempster, Jesuit, otherwise surnamed Rin or Logan, &c. sm. 4to..

· · · Aberd. 1648 Religious Pamphlets. 1 vol. 8m. 4to. containing, 1. Reflections on H. M.'s Proclamation, 12th Feb. 1686-7, for a Toleration in Scotland.

1687 2. Answer to Scotch Presbyterian Eloquence, in 3 parts.

. Lond. 1694 3. Laick's (William) Continuation of the Answer to Scotch Presbyterian Eloquence, &c. ib. 1693 4. Queries and Protestation of the Scots Episcopal Clergy, &c.

. . i. 1696 5. Representation of the Committee of the Assembly for the North of Scotland, &c. 6. Reasons in defence of the Standing Laws, about the right of presentation, &c. . Edin. 1703

Meston's (Professor William, the Jacobite Poet,) Tale of a Man and his Mare. (Poetical satire

on the accession of the House of Hanover.) 2d edit. 4to. . . . 1721 - Mob contra Mob, or, the Rabblers Rabbled. Wrote by a Buchan Poet in the style of Hudibras. 8vo. (repr.) Printed by Peter Williamson in one of his new portable printing presses.

Edin. 1769 Potter's (Rev. Francis) Interpretation of the Number 666, &c. 4to. . Oxford, 1642 Luther's (Martin) Commentary upon the Epistle of Paul to the Galatians, &c. faithfully tran

slated, &c. B. L. 4to. . . . . . . Lond. 1588 Mitchel, (William) The Whole Works of that eminent divine and historian,-Professor

of Tinklarianism in the University of the Bowhead. Being Essays of Divinity, Humanity, History, and Philosophy, &c. 8m. 4to. .

Edin. 1712

Kerr's (Robert) General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, arranged in systematic

order, &c. 16 vols. 8vo. . . . . . . ib. 1811-15 Hamilton's (Count Antony) Memoirs of Count Grammont. new edit. with Biographical

Sketch of Hamilton, &c. and 64 portraits. 2 vols. royal 8vo. . Lond. 1811 Sinclair's (Sir John) Statistical Account of Scotland, drawn up from the communications of the Ministers of the different parishes. 21 vols. 8vo.

. Edin. 1791-99


Charles's (George) History of the Transactions in Scotland in 1715-16 and 1745-6. 2 vols.

. Stirling, 1817 Compleat and Authentick History of the Rise, Progress, and Extinction of the late Rebellion. 8vo.

. . Lond. 1747 Henderson's (Andrew) Edinburgh History of the late Rebellion, 1745 and 1746, &c. 4th edit. 8vo. . . . . . . . .

ib. 1752 Memorial and Admonition of the Reverend Synod of Glasgow and Ayr, met at Glasgow, 1st

October, 1745. Lond. 1745.-Account of the late Proceedings in Parliament, relating to the money granted for the relief of the City of Glasgow. ib. 1749. 8vo. 1745-9 Yorke's (Hon. Charles) Considerations on the Law of Forfeiture for High Treason. 3d edit.

corrected and enlarged. 8vo. . . . . . Lond. 1748 Journal of the Campaign made by the Argyleshire Levies through the West Highlands, fc. under the command of Major General Campbell, (from 1st May, 1746).Journal of the proceedings of the Pretender's eldest son, from the 16th of April to the 20th September, 1746. (With

Moll's Map of Scotland.) MS. 4to.
The Honourable Chieftains of the Highland Clans vindicated from the false aspersions &c. of

Ridpath, the scandalous and justly condemned libeller. 4to. Lond. pr. Edin. repr. 1713 The Grotesquiad, (a Mock-heroic Poem,) in four books. By Goliah Gentle, Esq. Teterrima

Belli Causa, Hor. MS. 4to. The Political Magnet, or, Essay in defence of the late Revolution, and the Settlement of the Crown in the Protestant Line. 8vo.

. Lond. 1745 The Non-Existence of a Popish Pretender to the Crown, &c. By an Old Briton. 8vo. ib. 1745 The Highlander Delineated. With frontispiece. Wants title. .

ib. 1746

Prynne's (W.) New Discovery of the Prelates' Tyranny, in their late persecutions of Mr. W.

Pryn, Dr. John Bastwick, and Mr. Henry Burton, &c. 4to.. . ib. 1641 Richardson, (Sam.) History of Sir Charles Grandison. 5th edit. 7 vols. 12mo. ib. 1766 Cervantes, (Miguel) History of Don Quixote. Translated by Motteux. With copious notes, and Life of Cervantes, by J. G. Lockhart, Esq. 5 vols. cr. 800.

ib. 1822 The English Drama purified; being a Specimen of Select Plays, in which all the passages, &c.

objectionable in point of morality, are omitted or altered. With Preface and Notes. By J. Plumtre, B.D. 3 vols. 12mo.

. . Cambridge, 1812 MacDonald, (Andrew) The Independent, a Novel. With MS. note by Sir W. S. 2 vols. 12mo.

Lond. 1784 See Life, vol. i. p. 205. Laura, a Novel. 2 vols. 12mo. . Thomson's Traveller's Guide through Scotland and its Islands. 2 vols. 12mo. Edin. 1814 M‘Diarmid's (John) Sketches from Nature. 12mo. .

ib. 1830 See Introduction to the Heart of Mid-Lothian. Seton, (Wm. of Pitmedden,) The Interest of Scotland, in 3 Essays. 1. Of Church Govern

ment. 2. Of the Union between England and Scotland. 3. Of the present State, &c. sm. 8vo. . . . . . . . .

. 1700 Laing's (Alex.) Eccentric Magazine ; a Collection of Anecdotes, Epitaphs, Bon-Mots, &c. in prose and verse. 2 vols. 12mo. .

. Aberd. 1820-21 Gibbon's (Edward) Survey of the Roman, or Civil Law. With Professor Hugo's German

Notes, translated by the Rev. Dr. W. Gardiner. 12mo. . . Edin. 1823 The Chester Miscellany; a Collection of pieces in prose and verse in the Chester Courant, from January 1745 to May 1750. 12mo.

. Chester, 1750


SHELF XIV. Olavius, (Eger.) Enarrationes Historicae de Islandia, &c. Partic. I. de Islandia antequam cæpta est habitari. 8m. 8vo.

. . Hafniae, 1749 Den Ældre Edda. En Samlung af de Nordiske Folks Ældste Sagn og Sange, &c. oversat og

ferklaret ved Finn Magnussen. 3 vols. 12mo. . . . ib. 1821-22 Fornmanna Sögur, eptir gömlum handritum, &c. Sago Olafs Konúngs Tryggvasonar. 3 vols. sm. 8vo.

. ib. 1825-7 Oldnordiske Sagaer, &c. Kong Olaf Tryggveson’s Saga, overs. af C. C. Rafn. 3 vols. sm. 800.

ib. 1826-7 Stephensen's (M. M.) Einfaldt Matreidslu Vasa-Quer, &c. (Icelandic Cookery Book.) sm. 12mo. . .

Leirargordum, 1800

Life and Strange Adventures of Major Alexander Ramkins, a Highland Officer, &c. during

about 28 years Service in Scotland, Germany, Italy, &c. from the Battle of Gillicranky, &c.

2d edit. 12mo. . . . . . . . Lond. 1722 The Oath of Abjuration set in its true light. 18mo. . .

Edin. 1712 Colville's (Samuel) Mock Poem, or, Whigg's Supplication. 2 parts. 12mo. Lond. 1681 - Part II. MS. 8m. 4to. .

1674 Rantum Scantum, or, Town Topics, (the Rebellion in Scotland; the Playhouses and Players;

the Poet's Association ; the Opera, &c.) 800. . . . ib. Hope's (Sir Wm. Bart.) Vindication of the true Art of Self-Defence, &c. 8vo. ib. 1729 M‘Kintosh's (Rev. Donald) Gaelic Proverbs and familiar Phrases, Englished anew by Alex.

Campbell. With Franklin's Way to Wealth, Gael. and Eng. 12mo. Edin. 1819 Ray's (John) Scottish Proverbs, interleaved, with the variations of the edition of 1659, written in opposite lines. sm. 8vo. . .

Camb. 1670 Wogan's (Charles) Female Fortitude exemplified, in an impartial Narrative of the Seizure,

Escape, and Marriage of the Princess Clementina Sobiesky, &c.—Remarks upon a Jacobite

Pamphlet, entit. Female Fortitude, &c. With MS. note by Sir W. S. sm. 8vo. Lond. 1722 Scottish Tracts. 1 vol. 12mo. containing, 1. Kerr's (Robert) Account of the Nobility and Representatives of Scotland, drawn up in 1705, at the

time of Lord Belhaven's Speech (or Prophesie), &c. . . . . Edin, 1712 2. Catalogue of several excellent and curious Books, &c. whereof there is an Auction to be, &c. on the 10th of March. . . .

ib. 1686 3. Causes of the Decay of Presbytery in Scotland. .

wants title. 4. Copy of Letter from the Duke of Berwick to the Duke of Fitz-James, August 7, 1734. Short Account of the Faroe Islands, drawn up for Edin. Encyclopædia. 12mo. Edin. 1815 Debes, (Lucas Jacobson) Foroae et Foroa Reserata, that is, a Description of the Islands and

Inhabitants of Foeroe ; being 17 Islands subject to the King of Denmark, &c. Written in Danish, Englished by John Sterpin. 12mo..

. . Lond. 1676 See POETICAL WORKs, vol. ii. p. 293 ; Letters on Demonology, p. 119.

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