The Complete Steward: Or, The Duty of a Steward to His Lord: Containing Several New Methods for the Improvement of His Lord's Estate ... Also a New System of Agriculture and Husbandry ... with Tables for the Measurment of Timber, Interest of Money ... Together with Several Law Precedents Relating to the Duty and Office of a Steward

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W. Sandby, 1761

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Pagina 420 - Kingdom, he is ready to defend with his body the right of the King and Kingdom, and the dignity of his Crown, against him and all others whatsoever.
Pagina 125 - Here I am, Riding upon a black ram, Like a whore as I am, And for my crincum crancum, Have lost my bincum bancum; And for my tail's game Have done this worldly shame; Therefore I pray you, Mr. Steward, let me have my land again.
Pagina 457 - Turnip -feed fbwn (after.Harveft) upon an acre of light, fandy, or gravelly land, that is poor or worn out by over-ploughing, and where manure is wanting, (the crop of which being ploughed in when grown high) will in two months time die away and rot, and enrich the land fo as to prove as good a manuring as twenty loads of dung or more upon an acre...
Pagina 125 - Customs to readmit her to her Free-Bench. Here I am, riding upon a black Ram, Like a Whore as I am ; And for my Crincum Crancum, Have lost my Bincum bancum ; And for my Tailes game.
Pagina 213 - Inconveniences, when they suffer themselves to be persuaded to employ Country Attorneys for their Stewards; because it seldom happens that they are well Qualified for that Trust. ... A Steward's Business is not such as may be done as it were by the by : 'Tis his whole Employment, and a full one too...
Pagina 229 - ... or freeholders, two at the least ; for if all the freeholds except one escheat to the lord, or if he purchase all except one, there his manor is gone, causa qua supra, although in common speech it may...
Pagina 57 - ... for his own ufe. And as for the land which they held in villenage, though lord Coke fays it was not only held at the will of the lord, but according to the cuftom of the manor ; yet, in antient times, if the lord ejected them, they were manifeftly without remedy.
Pagina 85 - It is said an estray is any valuable animal that is not wild, found within a lordship, and whose owner is not known...
Pagina 176 - Is a liberty that the tenant of one lord in one town, have to common with the tenants of another lord in another town.
Pagina 419 - ... into the presence of our Lord the King, on the day of his Coronation, and...

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