Cobbett's Weekly Register, Volume 68

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J.M. Cobbett, 1829

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Pagina 267 - By raising and keeping a standing army within this kingdom in time of peace without consent of Parliament, and quartering soldiers contrary to law; 6.
Pagina 1 - We are commanded by his Majesty, in releasing you from your attendance in Parliament, to express to you his Majesty's acknowledgments for the zeal and assiduity with which you have applied yourselves to the...
Pagina 187 - You must know then,' said the vizier, ' that one of these owls has a son, and the other a daughter, between whom they are now upon a treaty of marriage. The father of the son said to the father of the daughter in my hearing, Brother, I consent to this marriage, provided you will settle upon your daughter fifty ruined villages for her portion.
Pagina 187 - I would fain know,' says the sultan, ' what those two owls are saying to one another; listen to their discourse, and give me an account of it.' The vizier approached the tree, pretending to be very attentive to the two owls. Upon his return to the sultan, ' Sir,' says he, ' I have heard part of their conversation, but dare not tell you what it is.
Pagina 187 - To which the father of the daughter replied, " Instead of fifty, I will give her five hundred if you please. God grant a long life to sultan Mahmoud! Whilst he reigns over us, we shall never want ruined villages.
Pagina 183 - We consider the instruction as an implicit censure, and the zeal which any one shows for our good on such an occasion, as a piece of presumption or impertinence. The truth of it is, the person who pretends to advise, does, in that particular, exercise a superiority over us, and can have no other reason for it, but that, in comparing us with himself, he thinks us defective either in our conduct or our understanding.
Pagina 191 - THE WOODLANDS ; or, A Treatise on the Preparing of ground for planting ; on the planting ; on the cultivating ; on the pruning ; and on the cutting down of Forest Trees and Underwoods ; Describing the usual growth and size and the uses of each sort of tree, the seed of each, the season and manner of collecting the seed, the manner of preserving and...
Pagina 131 - If I have said it once, I have said it a hundred times...
Pagina 797 - The HORSE-HOEING HUSBANDRY; or, A TREATISE on the Principles of TILLAGE and VEGETATION, wherein is taught a Method of introducing a sort of VINEYARD CULTURE into the CORNFIELDS, in order to increase their Product and diminish the common Expense.

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