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The English Theological Library

General Editor

Frederic Relton A.K.C.
Vicar of St. Andrew's, Stoke Newington

With General Introduction by

The Lord Bishop of London

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BV 4831 W75 1898


3-28-49 FH

THEOLOGY is concerned with setting forth the truth
of God as He has revealed it in His Word to
His Church. This truth needs new application
to the conditions and circumstances-intellectual
and social—of each generation. As various prob-
lems arise in the world of man, various aspects
of God's truth receive additional emphasis and
explanation. Theology grows according to the
growth of human knowledge. It brings out of
the treasure-house of Scripture "things new and

A student of theology who wishes to gain
accurate knowledge on any particular point, must
refer to the time when that point was forced into
prominence by some movement or tendency of
thought. At such times men's minds, with the
full force of their intelligence and their learning,
were directed to the full investigation of a question
which pressed for immediate solution. At such
periods a subject was fully studied and thought
out. It is only when we are in contact with
minds to which these subjects were of vital im-
portance that

feel their full significance.


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