Media-mediated AIDS

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Linda K. Fuller
Hampton Press, 2003 - 356 pagine
Health communication scholars both in the US and abroad, explore media-related aspects of AIDS. The books consensus is that whether that media is print, electronic, and/or visual, they all lie at the heart of understanding the messages we have, or perhaps have not, received about AIDS.

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Linda K. Fuller (Ph.D., University of Massachusetts), Professor of Communications at Worcester State College and a Senior Fellow at Northeastern University, is the author/(co)editor of more than 20 books and over 250 professional publications and conference reports, including Sport, Rhetoric, and Gender: Historical Perspectives and Media Representations (2006), Sportscasting: Principles and Practices (2008), and Sexual Sports Rhetoric: Historical and Media Contexts of Violence (Peter Lang, 2009). Fuller was awarded Fulbrights to teach in Singapore and do HIV/AIDS research in Senegal. Her website is:

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