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(10.) Geology and physical geography

and construction of scales, perspective

(12.) Freehand (figure and landscape) drawing

(11.) Mechanical drawing of geometrical figures, plane and solid, use

4. Of these subjects two will be compulsory, viz. :—

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(1.) English composition to the extent of a candidate's being able to write grammatically and with correct spelling. An exercise will also be given in writing English from dictation.

(2.) The following branches of mathematics, viz., arithmetic, algebra, geometry
(first four and sixth books of Euclid), mensuration, plane trigonometry,
and the elements of statics and dynamics, in each of which the candidate
will be required to show competent proficiency.

The examination in English literature will be limited to the following authors :-

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King Lear.

Richard III.

Stanzas on Cromwell.

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Astrea Redux.

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Absolom and Achitophel.
Letters on a Regicide Peace.
On the Study of Words.

The examination in English History will be limited to the period from 1793 to 1820. 5. A deduction of 200 marks will be made from the marks gained by a candidate in each subject of the competitive examination, except mathematics, in which there will be no deduction, and mechanical drawing, in which only 100 marks will be deducted. But a part or the whole of such deduction may be remitted in cases of special proficiency exhibited in any subject.

6. Of the nominated candidates presenting themselves at the examination, the 12 who gain the highest aggregate number of marks will be entitled to admission into the Royal Indian Engineering College at Coopers Hill, in order to undergo a course of instruction in mathematics, mechanics, surveying, mechanical drawing, and natural science, and also in telegraph signalling.

7. Successful nominees will be admitted into the college on the first day of the term commencing in September next, and of these 12, six will, as explained further on (see Clause 13), be required to continue as students for three terms and the remaining six for six terms.

8. An annual charge of 150l. will be made for each student, in three payments of 501. per term, which must be paid in advance at the Public Drawing Office of the Bank of England, on the receipt of a receivable order containing full directions as to the transmission of the money, which will be forwarded, shortly before the fees fall due, to the parents or guardians of the students, by the Accountant, India Office, London, S.W.

9. In case, however, of a student whose parents or guardians may represent their inability to defray the whole of this charge, payment of a part, not exceeding 201. per term or 60l. per annum, can be deferred, and effected by deductions from the student's salary during the first two years after his admission to the Government service. In such case he will be required to signify beforehand his own consent to the arrangement, and security must be given for payment of the deferred portions of the college fees, in the event of the student failing to enter the Government service, or not remaining in it sufficiently long to allow of payment being effected by deductions from his salary. The needful form of application for admission to the benefit of this rule will be obtainable on application by letter to the Secretary, Public Works Department, India Office, London, S. W. Under this arrangement the total charge payable at the time for board, lodging, and instruction may be reduced to 901.

10. The college fees include all charges for tuition, board (exclusive of wine and beer), and lodging, with washing, but not for medical attendance. Students will be required to provide their own class books and drawing instruments. Drawing paper, drawing boards, and surveying instruments will be provided by the college.

* No candidate may take up more than three out of these four subjects.

INDIA 11. The proficiency of the students in the studies pursued will be tested by TELEGRAPH periodical examinations, and by assigning values to the drawings, surveys, notes, &c. DEPARTMENT. executed by them; and a certain minimum of qualification will be required in each branch of study, as well as a certain minimum of average proficiency in all the branches taken together, as tested by the aggregate marks gained. Competent skill in practical signalling will be indispensable.


for twelve


12. Every student will be required to exhibit due diligence in his studies throughout his course, and to give evidence of satisfactory progress at the different examinations, failing which he will not be allowed to remain at the college.

13. A final examination will take place towards the close of the third term, when, of those students who may attain the prescribed qualifying standard, the six who gain the highest place in the lists of the examiners will be appointed Assistant Superintendents in the Telegraph Department, and will be provided with free passages to India. The remaining students will be required to keep three more terms, so that their final examination will not take place until towards the close of the sixth term. 14. The regulated establishment of the Telegraph Department is at present as follows:

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15: The sole responsibility for the discipline and management of the College, and for the general superintendence of the studies, is vested in the President.

16. The students will be placed under personal charge of one of the professors or Instructors selected as tutor by the President, to whom the tutor will be responsible for exercising the necessary degree of personal supervision over each student in his division, and for conducting ordinary correspondence with the student's friends.

17. Each student will be provided with a separate room furnished, and with fuel and light and with the necessary attendance. He will be required to supply his own bed linen and towels. Meals are taken in hall. Wine and beer are not included in the ordinary fare, but are supplied from the college cellar.

18. A chapel is attached to the college.

19. Every student will be required to go through a course of exercise in the gymnasium, and of military exercises, including the use of the rifle.

20. Students are required to wear academical dress under such regulations as may be prescribed by the President.

India Office, January 1878.

(Signed) W. T. THORNTON, Secretary, Public Works Department.

The Secretary, Civil Service Commission, to the Under Secretary of State, India Office.


23rd May 1878.

I AM directed by the Civil Service Commissioners to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 17th instant, with enclosure, on the subject of an examination, to be held simultaneously with that for the Royal Indian Engineering College, for 12 appointments in the Indian Telegraph Department.

In reply, I am to acquaint you, for Lord Cranbrook's information, that the Commissioners will readily give effect to his Lordship's wishes as conveyed by your letter.

I have, &c.

* The officers of the ordinary Telegraph staff are eligible to these four appointments, which, however, are not necessarily reserved for them.



Printers to the Queen's most Excellent Majesty.

For Her Majesty's Stationery Office.

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