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It may be observed that the foregoing list includes three limited competitions for appointments in the British Museum, which it was before the practice to fill by nomination, subject to qualifying examination. The rules under which candidates for these situations are now examined, and the results of the three examinations above mentioned, will be found in the Appendix.

The following is a list of the DEPARTMENTS to which LOWER DIVISION CLERKS (Men or Boys) have been assigned in pursuance of the Order in Council of 12th February 1876:-Admiralty; Army Purchase Commission; Charitable Bequests Commission (Ireland); Charity Commission; Chief Secretary's Office, Ireland; Civil Service Commission; Colonial Office; Constabulary, Ireland, Inspector-General's Office; Customs; Dublin Metropolitan Police (Commissioners' Office); Dublin Metropolitan Police (Divisional Offices); Education Department; Exchequer and Audit Office; Fisheries Inspector's Office (Ireland); Friendly Societies Registry; Home Office; Inland Revenue; Judge Advocate General's Office; Local Government Board (England); Local Government Board (Ireland); Lunacy Commission, Scotland; Mint; National Education Office, Ireland; Patent Office; Paymaster-General's Office, including the Chancery Pay Office; Post Office; Prisons Service, Ireland; Prisons Department, Scotland; Privy Council Office; Public Works Loan Office; Public Works Office, Ireland; Queen's and Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer's Office (Scotland); Quit Rent Office, Dublin; Reformatories Office; RegistrarGeneral's Office, England; Registrar-General's Office, Scotland; Registrar-General's Office, Ireland; Science and Art Department; Seamen's Registry Office; Trade (Board of); Treasury; Valu

*These were open competitions.

ation Office, Ireland; War Office; Office of Woods; Works (Office of).

In pursuance of the provisions of clause 12 of the same Order, 112 appointments were, during the year 1878, made "exceptionally" to the Lower Division of clerks, 70 from the body of writers serving before 4th June 1870, and 42 from those subsequently placed on our register. Four writers of the latter class, who were proposed for appointments, failed in the "supplementary examination" which all such candidates are required to pass. The total number of such exceptional appointments made between the date of the Order and the 31st December 1878 was 324.

The number of copyists examined and registered in the year 1878, as compared with the two previous years, is exhibited in the following statement:

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The number on the register on the 31st December 1878 was 1,447 men and 225 boys, and the number in actual employment (as nearly as can be stated), 1,030 men and 185 boys; the difference between the number registered and the number employed being made up almost wholly of copyists who, for the time, were unprepared to serve as such.


In pursuance of the arrangement mentioned in our twentyfirst report, two competitions for the Civil Service of India were held in the year 1878; one at Easter, open to candidates between the ages of 17 and 21, under the rules which were in force in previous years; the other in July, open to candidates between the ages of 17 and 19, under new regulations, of which a copy was appended to the same report. The number of competitors at Easter was 69, and in July 134; the number of vacancies on each occasion being 13. In the previous year the number of vacancies was 30, and the number of candidates 203.

The 30 gentlemen who were selected in 1876 all appeared for their Final Examination in June 1878; and all having been found to possess a competent knowledge of the subjects prescribed, and to be duly qualified in respect of age, health, and character, were certified by us as entitled to appointments.

In July 1878 an open competition was held for admission to the Indian Engineering Service, when 108 candidates competed

for 34 vacancies; the corresponding numbers in 1877 having been as follows:-vacancies 45, candidates 137.

At an examination for admission to the Indian Telegraph Department held at the same time, and in the same subjects, 14 candidates, nominated by the Secretary of State, competed for 8 vacancies.

In November 1878 we held an examination of applicants for admission to the Forest Service of India, at which 5 candidates were selected out of 30 whose names were sent to us by the Secretary of State. At the similar examination in November 1877, 21 candidates were examined by us, and 5 were selected.


The following statement shows the number of candidates for the military services whose cases were dealt with in the year 1878, as compared with the corresponding number in 1877:-

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The subjoined list contains the names of the gentlemen who during the year 1878 acted as examiners on various occasions, under the superintendence of our Director of Examinations, Mr. Headlam, and the permanent Assistant Examiners, Mr. Poste and Mr. Butler.


English Language and Literature; Geography; History, &c. -Matthew Arnold; T. Arnold; Rev. G. D. Boyle; Rev. J. F. Bright; Rev. Stopford A. Brooke; C. W. Chute; W. J. Courthope; H. Craik; Rev. M. Creighton; J. R. Dasent; C. J. Elton; J. G. Fitch; H. R. Francis; FitzEdward Hall, D.C.L.; Rev. A. W. Headlam; Professor T. Rupert Jones; Rev. G. W. Kitchin; J. S. Laurie; Rev. T. H. L. Leary, D.C.L.; A. J. Mackey; J. Marshall; Professor J. M. D. Meiklejohn; H. F. Pooley; C. H. Robarts; T. C. Sandars; Rev. P. Hattersley Smith; W. Stebbing; R. Street; F. C. Walrond; Rev. M. S. A. Walrond; C. Knight Watson; Rev. J. Theed Watson; Rev. R. Whiston; Sir G. Young, Bart.

*This Board was not informed as to the number of appointments.

Greek and Latin Languages.-T. Arnold; R. Booth; Rev. G. G. Bradley, D.D.; C. W. Chute; Rev. C. Evans; Rev. T. Field; Rev. O. Gordon; R. C. Jebb; Rev. Professor B. H. Kennedy; Very Rev. Dean Merivale; Rev. W. W. Merry ;. C. Neate; R. Ornsby; F. A. Paley; Rev. T. L. Papillon; H. M. R. Pope; Professor J. E. Thorold Rogers; Rev. H. Percy Smith; Rev. R. Whiston.

French.-J. Andrieu; Matthew Arnold; Professor R. Atkinson; A. de Charente; A. Hamonet; Dr. J. F. Kühlke; J. F. P. Massé; A. Roche; A. de la Taille des Essarts; H. Van Laun. German.--Dr. F. Althaus; Dr. C. A. Buchheim; Dr. A. Hamann; Dr. J. F. Kühlke; Rev. Dr. J. J. Overbeck; Rev. Dr. C. Schoell; Rev. Dr. A. Walbaum.

Italian.-Signor V. Pistrucci.
Spanish.-Señor V. Carrias.

Hindustani.- Fitz-Edward Hall, D.C.L.
Sanskrit.-Professor E. B. Cowell.

Assyrian.-Professor A. H. Sayce.

Mathematics, Pure and Mixed.-W. H. Besant, F.R.S.; J. F. Blake; S. W. Bromfield; A. S. Butler; W. Esson, F.R.S.; W. Garnett; Rev. A. W Headlam; Rev. Canon Heaviside; Professor R. Kalley Miller; B. G. F. Molesworth; W. D. Niven; H. F. Pooley; Rev. P. Hattersley Smith; Professor J. Stuart; J. Todhunter, F.R.S.; Rev. R. Townsend, F.R.S.; Rev. G. S. Ward; Rev. H. W. Watson.

Chemistry; Electricity and Magnetism; Heat and Light; Geology and Mineralogy; Physical Geography.-F. A. Abel, C.B., F.R.S.; Dr. E. Atkinson; J. F. Blake; H. W. Bristow, F.R.S.; Professor P. M. Duncan, F.R.S.; Professor J. W. Judd, F.R.S.; Professor G. D. Liveing.

Crystallography.—Rev. H. P. Gurney.

Botany; Zoology; and Comparative Anatomy.-Rev. M. J. Berkeley; Dr. W. B. Carpenter, C.B., F.R.S.; W. T. Thiselton Dyer; Professor E. Ray Lankester, F.R.S.; Dr. W. Ogle.

Architecture, Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Practical Geometry, and Geometrical Drawing.-Lieut. G. S. Clarke, R.E. ; Major W. H. Collins, R.E.; T. H. Eagles; Major-General C. S. Hutchinson, R.E.; J. B. Redman; Major H. C. Seddon, R.E.; Major Percy Smith, R.E.; W. Castle Turner, C.E.

Mechanics and Mechanism.-Professor W. Cawthorn Unwin. Fortification-Major-General C. S. Hutchinson, R.E.

Freehand Drawing.-E. A. Goodall; Rev. W. Kingsley; Rev. R. St. John Tyrwhitt.

Law and Constitutional History.-W. B. Campion; K. E. Digby; C. J. Elton; G. Farwell; J. Hooper; Sir H. S. Maine, K.C.S.I.; J. Muirhead; T. C. Sandars; T. S. Soden.

Moral Sciences, Logic, and Political Economy.-L. Courtney, M.P.; Rev. Professor T. Fowler; Sir A. Grant, Bart.; Professor Bonamy Price; Professor G. Croom Robertson; Professor J. E. Thorold Rogers; T. C. Sandars.

Book-keeping.-E. E. Humphreys.
Shorthand.-W. H. Gurney Salter.


Jurisprudence.-T. C. Sand ars, Esq.

Law of India, &c.-Sir H. S. Maine, K.C.S.I.

Notes of Cases and Law of Evidence.-Kenelm E. Digby, Esq., and T. S. Soden, Esq.

History and Geography of India.-Claude Erskine, Esq.

Political Economy.-Professor J. E. T. Rogers and T. E. Cliffe Leslie, Esq.

Hindustani.-Fitzedward Hall, Esq., D.C.L., and Professor

E. H. Palmer.

Telugu.-J. Goldingham, Esq.

Hindi.-Fitzedward Hall, Esq., D.C.L.

Bengali.-W. S. Seton-Karr, Esq., and Rev. Dr. Mullens.
Marathi.-Rev. A. H. Frost.

Tamil.-Rev. S. Hobbs and E. W. Bird, Esq.
Sanskrit.-Professor E. B. Cowell.

Colonel J. W. J. Ouseley.

All which we humbly submit to Your Majesty's most gracious consideration.

Witness our hands this twelfth day of August One thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine.




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