Cells and Tissues in Culture Methods, Biology and Physiology

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E. N. Willmer
Elsevier, 2 ott 2013 - 842 pagine
Cells and Tissues in Culture: Methods, Biology, and Physiology, Volume 3 focuses on the applications of the methods of tissue culture to various fields of investigation, including virology, immunology, and preventive medicine. The selection first offers information on molecular organization of cells and tissues in culture and tissue culture in radiobiology. Topics include cellular organization at the molecular level, fibrogenesis in tissue culture, effect of radiation on the growth of isolated cells, and irradiation of the selected parts of the cell. The publication then considers the effects of invading organisms on cells and tissues in culture and cell, tissue, and organ cultures in virus research. The book elaborates on antibody production in tissue culture and tissue culture in pharmacology. Discussions focus on early attempts at in vitro studies, tissue culture in the study of pharmacologically active agents, and methods of assessment of drug activity. The text also reviews invertebrate tissue and organ culture in cell research; introduction and methods employed in plant tissue culture; and growth, differentiation and organogenesis in plant tissue and organ cultures. The selection is a vital source of data for readers interested in the culture of cells and tissues.

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CHAPTER 2 Tissue Culture in Radiobiology
CHAPTER 3 Effects of Invading Organisms on Cells and Tissues in Culture
CHAPTER 4 Cell Tissue and Organ Cultures in Virus Research
CHAPTER 5 Antibody Production in Tissue Culture
CHAPTER 6 Tissue Culture in Pharmacology
CHAPTER 7 Invertebrate Tissue and Organ Culture in Cell Research
CHAPTER 8 Introduction and Methods Employed in Plant Tissue Culture
CHAPTER 9 The Nutrition and Metabolism of Plant Tissue and Organ Cultures
CHAPTER 10 Growth Differentiation and Organogenesis in Plant Tissue and Organ Cultures
CHAPTER 11 The Use of Tissue Culture in Phytopathology
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