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Pagina 42 - Walton and Cotton's Complete Angler ; or, The Contemplative Man's Recreation : being a Discourse of Rivers, Fishponds, Fish and Fishing, written by IZAAK WALTON ; and Instructions how to Angle for a Trout or Grayling in a clear Stream, by CHARLES COTTON.
Pagina 42 - And instructions how to angle for a trout or grayling in a clear stream, by Charles Cotton. With copious notes, for the most part original, a bibliographical preface, giving an account of fishing and fishing books, from the earliest antiquity to the time of Walton, and a notice of Cotton and his writings by the American editor [ ie George W.
Pagina 45 - Wilcocks. THE SEA FISHERMAN : Comprising the Chief Methods of Hook and Line Fishing in the British and other Seas, and Remarks on Nets, Boats, and Boating.
Pagina 17 - Ephemera. — A Handbook of Angling; Teaching Fly-fishing, Trolling, Bottomfishing, Salmon-fishing ; with the Natural History of River Fish, and the best modes of Catching them. By EPHEMERA.
Pagina 36 - The Compleat Angler, or the Contemplative Man's Recreation. Being a Discourse of Fish and Fishing, not unworthy the perusal of most Anglers.
Pagina 32 - SAUNDERS (JAMES) THE COMPLEAT FISHERMAN, being a large and particular Account of all the several Ways of Fishing now practised in Europe ; with abundance of curious Secrets and Niceties in the Art of Fishing, as well...
Pagina 11 - The Moor and the Loch. Containing Minute Instructions in all Highland Sports, with Wanderings over Crag and Corrie, Flood and Fell. By JOHN COLQUHOUN.
Pagina 28 - THADDEUS. The American Angler's Book; embracing the Natural History of Sporting Fish, and the Art of taking them. With instructions in Fly-Fishing, Fly-making, and Rod-making: and directions for Fish-breeding.
Pagina 20 - The British Angler's Manual, or the Art of Angling in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland : with some account of the principal rivers, lakes and...
Pagina 3 - The art of angling. Wherein are discovered many rare secrets very necessary to be known by all that delight in that recreation. Written by Thomas Barker, an ancient practitioner in the said art.

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