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Universe, 1999 - 238 pagine
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From New York's famous Paramount Hotel to the official apartments of former French president Francios Mitterand, Philippe Starck's designs are as popular and as well-known as they are ubiquitous. You can stay in a Starck hotel in New York, Miami or London; you can mail-order a Starck design for a rural cottage; and you can buy a Starck motorcycle, a Starck lamp, or a Starck toothbrush.

Filled with photographs, descriptions, and Starck's own commentary, this book features his recent and current work in architectural and industrial design, including the forthcoming Covent Garden Hotel in London.

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Conway Lloyd Morgan is a contributing editor to World Architecture magazine and general editor of the 1995, 1996, and 1997 International Design Yearbook. Since working with Starck on the 1996 Yearbook, Morgan has written on Starck for a number of design magazines.

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