The Epicurean, a Tale

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N. H. Whitaker, 1831 - 192 pagine

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Pagina 9 - ... rising on the very spots where Imagination herself would have called them up, and fountains and lakes, in alternate motion and repose, either wantonly courting the verdure, or calmly sleeping in its embrace, — such was the variety of feature that diversified these fair gardens ; and, animated as they were on this occasion, by...
Pagina 33 - I watched, as, with the same downcast brow, she glided gently and aerially round the altar, as if her presence, like that of a spirit, was something to be felt, not seen. Suddenly, while I gazed, the loud crash of a thousand cymbals was heard; — the massy gates of the Temple flew open, as if by magic, and a flood of radiance from the illuminated aisle filled the whole vestibule ; while, at the same instant, as if the light and the sounds were born together, a peal of rich harmony came mingling...
Pagina 32 - Castanet, some to the shrill ring of a sistrum — which they held uplifted in the attitude of their own divine Isis — continued harmoniously to time the cadence of their feet; while others, at every step, shook a small chain of silver, whose sound, mingling with those of the castanets and sistrums, produced a wild, but not unpleasing harmony.
Pagina 174 - ... persecution under Dioclesian, his sufferings for the faith were most exemplary ; and, being at length, at an advanced age, condemned to hard labour, for refusing to comply with an Imperial edict, he died at the brass mines of Palestine, AD 297. — ' As Alciphron held the opinions maintained since by...
Pagina 34 - Temple prevented all further entrance, and still, as I presented myself, their white wands barred the way. Perplexed and irritated amid that crowd of faces, regarding all as enemies that impeded my progress, I stood on tiptoe, gazing into the busy aisles, and with a heart beating as I caught, from time to time, a glimpse of some spangled zone, or lotus wreath, which led me to fancy that I had discovered the object of my search.
Pagina 72 - is written all the knowledge of the antediluvian race, — the decrees of the stars from the beginning of time, the annals of a still earlier world, and all the marvellous secrets, both of heaven and earth, which would have been
Pagina 31 - Babylon, but from cities still farther removed from the festal scene. As I approached the island I could see, glittering through the trees on the bank, the lamps of the pilgrims hastening to the ceremony. Landing in the direction which those lights pointed out, I soon joined the crowd ; and, passing through a long alley of sphinxes, whose spangling...
Pagina 181 - Then said he unto me, Son of man, hast thou seen what the ancients of the house of Israel do in the dark, every man in the chambers of his imagery ? for they say, The Lord seeth us not ; the Lord hath forsaken the earth.
Pagina 31 - As far as eye could reach, the lights of innumerable boats were seen studding, like rubies, the surface of the stream. Vessels of every kind, — from the light coracle, built for shooting down the cataracts, to the large yacht that glides slowly to the sound of flutes, — all were...
Pagina 32 - Nile — that flower being accounted as welcome to the moon as the golden blossoms of the bean-flower are to the sun. As they passed under the lamp, a gleam of light flashed from their bosoms, which I could perceive was the reflection of a small mirror that, in the manner of the women of the East, each wore beneath her left shoulder.

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