The Encyclopaedia of Pleading and Practice: Under the Codes and Practice Acts, at Common Law, in Equity and in Criminal Cases, Volum 12

E. Thompson Company, 1898

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Pàgina 216 - And the said records and judicial proceedings, authenticated as aforesaid, shall have such faith and credit given to them in every court within the United States as they have by law or usage in the courts of the State from whence the said records are or shall be taken.
Pàgina 77 - ... when the judgment requires the sale of property, the same may be enforced by a writ reciting such judgment, or the material parts thereof, and directing the proper officer to execute the judgment, by making the sale and applying the proceeds in conformity therewith...
Pàgina 173 - the rule for jurisdiction is that nothing shall be intended to be out of the jurisdiction of a superior court but that which specially appears to be so, and, on the contrary, nothing shall be intended to be within the jurisdiction of an inferior court but that which is so expressly alleged;" and this rule has been so frequently repeated as to have become a maxim in the law.
Pàgina 79 - The parties shall have one month from the time of filing the report to file exceptions thereto ; and if no exceptions are, within that period, filed by either party, the report shall stand confirmed on the next rule day after the month is expired.
Pàgina 280 - ... a well-known member of the principal political party in the district in which the court is held opposing that to which the clerk may belong, the clerk and said commissioner each to place one name in said box alternately, without reference to party affiliations, until the whole number required shall be placed therein.
Pàgina 146 - Upon principle, it would seem, that the operation of every judgment must depend on the power of the court to render that judgment; or, in other words, on its jurisdiction over the subjectmatter, which it has determined.
Pàgina 203 - It is sufficient to say that there are certain immutable principles of justice, which inhere in the very idea of free government, which no member of the Union may disregard, as that no man shall be condemned in his person or property without due notice, and an opportunity of being heard in his defense. What shall constitute due process of law was perhaps as well stated by Mr.
Pàgina 129 - The power to hear and determine a cause is jurisdiction. It is coram judice whenever a case is presented which brings this power into action.
Pàgina 205 - ... the jurisdiction of any court exercising authority over a subject may be inquired into in every other court, when the proceedings in the former are relied upon, and brought before the latter, by a party claiming the benefit of such proceedings.
Pàgina 392 - Minister aforesaid shall, at such Command of the Court, return such Men duly qualified as shall be present or can be found to serve on such Jury, and shall add and annex their Names to the former Panel...

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