Questions Set at the Examinations, Volume 1905

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Ginn, Publishers, 1905
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Pagina 23 - Mortals, that would follow me, Love Virtue ; she alone is free. She can teach ye how to climb Higher than the sphery chime; Or, if Virtue feeble were, Heaven itself would stoop to her.
Pagina 22 - ... movement of empire, are not fit to turn a wheel in the machine. But to men truly initiated and rightly taught, these ruling and master principles, which, in the opinion of such men as I have mentioned, have no substantial existence, are in truth everything, and all in all. Magnanimity in politics is not seldom the truest wisdom ; and a great empire and little minds go ill together.
Pagina 65 - ... right of representation in the legislature ; by dissolving legislative assemblies repeatedly and continually, for opposing with manly firmness his invasions of the rights of the people...
Pagina 64 - That the pretended power of dispensing with laws, or the execution of laws, by regal authority, as it hath been assumed and exercised of late, is illegal.
Pagina 64 - Majesty, that no man hereafter be compelled to make or yield any gift, loan, benevolence, tax, or such like charge, without common consent by act of parliament...
Pagina 72 - Servi mehercule mei si me isto pacto metuerent, ut te metuunt omnes cives tui, domum meam relinquendam putarem: tu tibi urbem non arbitraris?
Pagina 22 - We ought to elevate our minds to the greatness of that trust to which the order of Providence has called us. By adverting to the dignity of this high calling, our ancestors have turned a savage wilderness into a glorious empire, and have made the most extensive and the only honorable conquests, not by destroying, but by promoting the wealth, the number, the happiness, of the human race.
Pagina 74 - Tros Tyriusque mihi nullo discrimine agetur. atque utinam rex ipse noto compulsus eodem 575 adforet Aeneas! equidem per litora certos dimittam et Libyae lustrare extrema iubebo, siquibus eiectus silvis aut urbibus errat.
Pagina 31 - They have gone before us, and are like the angels in heaven. They stand upon the borders of the grave to welcome us, with the countenance of affection which they wore on earth ; yet more lovely, more radiant, more spiritual...
Pagina 29 - LA SOURCE Tout près du lac filtre une source, Entre deux pierres, dans un coin ; Allègrement l'eau prend sa course Comme pour s'en aller bien loin. Elle murmure : Oh ! quelle joie ! Sous la terre il faisait si noir ! Maintenant ma rive verdoie, Le ciel se mire à mon miroir.

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