Physical Therapist Assistant Examination Review

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Slack, 2001 - 336 pagine
Physical Therapist Assistant Examination Review, Fourth Edition is a PTA review manual that is the most current and extensive review on the market. Inside you will find valuable information to help you prepare for the biggest day of your career!

Be at the top of your class with this revolutionary study tool. The chapters contain a variety of information that consists of lists, charts, comparisons, outlines, and short definitions, and topics such as physiology, cardiology, oncology, the health care system, and much more. There are over 450 sample exam questions that will help the PTA student learn to choose the best answer.

Physical Therapist Assistant Examination Review, Fourth Edition is an innovative study aid to help the physical therapist assistant student achieve success in the field of physical therapy.

Some Chapter Topics Include:

Neurology General Clinical Disorders Laboratory Tests Orthopedics Posture Research Spinal Cord Injuries Modalities

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