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world but the discovery of another, where we fhall continue to live and to partake of enjoyments preferable to any of thofe we leave behind us. Now, for this difcovery we are wholly indebted to the Lord Jefus Chrift. Life and immortality are brought to light by his gofpel. This great object darkens the delufive luftre of all feen things. What hath this earth to offer that can stand the leaft comparison with that fulness of joy which is at God's right hand? Animated by this profpect, the believing Hebrews" took joyfully the fpoiling of their goods, "knowing in themselves, that in heaven they "had a better and more enduring fubftance." They did not regret the lofs of those perishing trifles, for which carnal men contend with fuch eager and unremitting labour: they looked beyond them to permanent and fubftantial blessings; and rejoiced in the hope, "that when the earthly "houfe of this tabernacle fhould be diffolved, "they had a building of God, an houfe not "made with hands, eternal in the heavens."But I must here add, that all thefe difcoveries, which have fo obvious a tendency to feparate us from idols, derive their virtue and efficacy from that divine Spirit which Chrift purchased by his fufferings, and obedience unto death; whofe office it is, not only to throw light upon the great truths revealed in the gofpel, and to open or unvail our eyes, that we may fee them in all their evidence, but likewise to carry them home into our hearts with fuch demonftration and power, that they fhall become the type or mould wherein that new man is formed, which after God

God is created in righteousness and true holiness. By this divine agent we are born into the kingdom and family of God, and are connected with the fpiritual world, as really as by our natural birth we were introduced into and connected with this material world. In confequence whereof, we become fons, not in name only, but in nature; and, as St. Paul reafons, upon a principle univerfally admitted, "If fons, then "are we alfo heirs, heirs of God, and joint heirs "with Chrift Jefus." This powerful renovation pulls down at once every idol from the throne, and lays them all under the feet of the "man "in Chrift," for every thing tends to the place of its original. "They that are after the fleth "do mind the things of the flesh; and they "that are after the fpirit, the things of the

spirit:""They have not received the fpirit "of the world, but the Spirit which is of God, "whereby they know the things that are freely "given them of God." And these they find to be a portion fufficient to fill the most enlarged capacity of their fouls. Being rifen with their Lord, they "feek the things which are above, "where Chrift fitteth at the right hand of God.” They are dead to whatfoever is confined to their prefent ftate of existence; and the new life they have received, being "hid with Chrift in God," they are enabled to conclude, with the most abfolute certainty, "that when he who is their "life fhall appear, then shall they also appear "with him in glory, and ever after be with the "Lord."

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May he who at firft commanded the light "to fhine out of darkness, fhine into all your "hearts, to give you the light of the knowledge "of his glory, in the face of Jesus Christ," that each of you may be disposed and enabled to say, What have I to do any more with idols? And let those who have experienced the power of divine grace, fhew, by their future conduct, that they find enough in their God and Saviour to render them completely happy; and that the draught they have got of the pure water of life, hath effectually quenched their thirst after the muddy pools of earthly enjoyments.

Beware, O Chriftians! of every thing that may fully your profeffion, or grieve the Spirit, and thereby breed in you a diftruft of your perfonal interest in God's pardoning mercy and fanctifying grace for it is "by faith you ftand;" and in the fame proportion that your faith fails, idols will regain their influence in your hearts. I fhall therefore conclude with that affectionate exhortation of the Apostle Jude, "Ye beloved,

building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghoft, keep yourselves in "the love of God, looking for the mercy of our "Lord Jefus Christ unto eternal life.” Amen.

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i John iii. 8.

For this purpose the Son of God was manifefted, that he might deftroy the works of the devil.

AMONG the various motives to the love and practice of univerfal holiness with which this facred epiftle abounds, the one I have now read to you doth certainly merit peculiar attention; and muft to every ingenuous mind appear not only moft perfuafive, but likewife moft animating. For who that hath any thirst for true glory, would not afpire to the high dignity of becoming a "worker-together" with the Son of God? Or can any man have reason to entertain the leaft doubt of victory and triumph, who is engaged in a caufe which the great Lord of heaven and earth hath undertaken to support?

1. I propofe therefore, in the first place, to offer a few remarks for eftablishing your faith of the important doctrine contained in my text.

2. Secondly, I fhall give you fome account of the principal means by which the Son of God hath hitherto conducted his falutary undertaking, and fhall finally deftroy the works of the devil.And then direct you to the practical improvement of the fubject.

I. First, then, that you may fee the evidence by which the doctrine here afferted is confirmed and

and illuftrated, in the cleareft and moft fatisfying light, I fhall lay before you the feveral parts of it, in the fame method and order of time in which the Spirit of God hath placed them in the facred Scriptures.

If we look back to the Old Teftament writings, we shall find this doctrine published in paradife immediately after the apoftafy of our first parents, when Satan's ufurped domination commenced. Then it was, that God faid unto the ferpent," Because thou haft done this, I "will put enmity between thee and the woman, " and between thy feed and her feed: It fhall "bruife thy head, and thou shalt bruise his " heel." This was an early intimation of a Saviour, who fhould defeat the malice of Satan the grand adverfary, and prevent the total ruin of mankind.

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To prefigure the manner in which he was to atchieve this great deliverance, it deferves our notice, that expiatory facrifices were very early appointed. Thus we read, that "Abel offered "unto the Lord the firstlings of his flock:" and when we confider that it was not till after the deluge that the use of animal-food was permitted to man, we can hardly doubt, that the "coats "of fkins" which God is faid to have made for Adam and Eve, must have been the fkins of animals offered in facrifice by his own direction and appointment. These were fignificant emblems, or types, of that great atonement which Chrift was to make in due time by the facrifice of himself; in allufion to which, he is ftyled, in the New Testament writings, a lamb, "the D 2


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