Ideo: Masters of Innovation

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CALMANN & KING Limited, 2001 - 160 pagine
"When people ask me what IDEO does, I say we design neat stuff", says David Kelly, one of the firm's founding partners. But neat stuff is just the beginning. Since its inception this world-renowned design firm has operated under the philosophy that in order to design for the future, you have to understand what's missing in the present. Clearly, that philosophy has paid off. With a client list that reads like an A-Z of top businesses, from Amtrak and Canon to BMW, Nike, and Pepsi-Cola, IDEO has helped hundreds of companies leap to the forefront of the marketplace -- and has earned them the kind visibility and reputation that have made their name synonymous with innovation, excellence, and creativity.

This first in-depth study of IDEO's background, working methods and design output explores how and why the firm continues to lead the way in industrial design. Filled with vibrant, fascinating shots that demonstrate IDEO'S unparalleled ingenuity, it reveals why IDEO's strategies are as innovative as their concepts. From projects most people never even thought of redesigning (chocolates and flip-flops) to things we all wish could be designed better (office chairs, electronic books, and remote controls), IDEO helps companies and their consumers change the way we think about doing ordinary tasks. Whether it's kitchens that speak to you, shopping carts that glide down aisles, trains that reach destinations more efficiently than planes, or sunglasses that help Olympic athletes compete more effortlessly, IDEO continues to be one step ahead of the present. This vibrant volume offers an inside look at an exciting firm -- and future -- brimming with neat stuff.

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