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Leipzig, 1787-97

267 Tome II. Coloured plates 2140, with text. Folio, boards, 8/- 1785 Supp. II., Sects. I. and II. With coloured plates CL-CL. Sm. 4to., boards, 7/6

1823-24 269 Supp. III., Sect. II. With coloured plates CCLXXVI.-CCC. 4to., boards, 7/6 1830

270 Ditto (small paper), Vols. I and 2 (in 1 vol.) and Vol. 3, pt. 4. With 90 coloured plates, folio, russia (i cover detached) and wrappers, £1 10s.





opus posthumum, Supp. II., Vol. I., Sect. I. With coloured plates CI.CL. Sm. 4to., boards, 7/6 272 Hempel (C. E.) Algenflora der Umgegend von Chemnitz. Plate, 8vo., (Sechster Ber. Nat. Gesell.), 2/6 273 Hereman (S.) Blight on Flowers; or, Figures and Descriptions of Insects infesting the Flower Garden. 17 coloured plates, 8vo., cloth, 6/274 Hibberd (Shirley) The Seaweed Collector. 8 coloured plates, cr. 8vo., cloth, 2/6 N.D. 275 Hiley (W. E.) The Fungal Diseases of the Common Larch. 8vo., cloth, 12/6 1919 276 Hobkirk (C. P.) Synopsis of the British Mosses. Post 8vo., cloth, 2/6 1873 1884

Cr. 8vo., cloth, 4/


277 278 Hoffmann (G. F.) Vegetabilia Cryptogamica. Fasc. I. et II. With 16 plates, sm. 4to., boards, 8/6 1787-90 279 Hofmeister (Dr. W.) Germination, Development, etc., of the Higher Cryptogamia, and on the fructification of the Coniferae, trans. by F. Currey. 65 plates, 8vo., cloth, 16/Ray Soc., 1862 280 Holmes (E. M.) and Gray (P.) British Fungi, Lichens, etc. 12mo., cloth, 1/


281 Horrell (E. C.) The European Sphagnaceae (after Warnstorf), 8vo., cloth, 3/6 1901

282 Howe (M. A.) The Marine Algae of Peru, 66 plates, 8vo., sewed, 15/-. (Torrey Bot. Club) 1914

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283 Hooker's (Sir W. J.) Collection of Excerpts on Lichens, etc., comprising Lichens of the Canary Islands in MSS.; Lichenes Florae Antarcticae, taken from Botany of the Antarctic Voyage of the "Erebus" and Terror," 1844; Fungi of Portugal, by M. J. Berkeley; Lichenes of Aucland and Campbell Islands, by Dr. T. Taylor and J. D. Hooker (in MSS.); Cryptogamia Antarctica (Falklands, etc.), with tracings of the illustrations; Eight New British Lichens, by D. Turner, 5 coloured plates, (Ex. Linn. Trans.), 1806; New Method of Preserving Fungi, by W. Withering, (Ex. Linn. Trans., 1792); Four New British Lichens, by H. Davies, coloured plate, (Ex. Linn. Trans., 1793); Glyphis and Chiodecton, by E. Acharius, 2 coloured plates, (Ex. Linn. Trans., 1815); Cryptogamic Plants from the Ionian Islands, by R. K. Greville, plate, (Ex. Linn. Trans., 1826). In 1 vol., 4to., cloth, £4 10s.

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289 Hoyt (W. D.) Physiological Aspects of Fertilisation and Hybridization in Ferns. 8vo., 2/6. (Ex. Bot. Gazette) 290 Hubener (J. W. R.) Hepaticologia Germanica. 8vo., boards, 36 291 Hue (A. M.) Lichenes Exotici a Prof. W. Nylander descrip. vel recog. et in Herb. Musei Paris. asservati in ordine System. dispos, sunt. 4to., sewed, £1 158. 1892 Lichenes extra-Europaei a pluribus collectoribus ad museum Parisiense missi. 18 plates, 4to., boards, (linen back), £1 18s. 1901


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316 La Nuova Notarisia.-Serie VII. Luglio et Ottobre, 1896; and Serie VIII., Gennaio, Aprle, et Luglio, 1897. 8vo., 5/317 Layen (Dr.) Synopsis Dichotomique des Champignons. Pp. 174, 8vo., 5/-. (Ex. Rec. d. Mém. etdes Travaux la Soc. Bot.) Luxembourg, 1880 318 Leighton (W. A.) The British species of Angiocarpous Lichens, elucidated by their Sporidia. 30 coloured plates, 8vo., cloth, Ray Society, 1851 New British Arthoniae, plate, 1/-; Lichens, collected by Cunningham in the Falkland Islands, 1867-9, 1/6; Monograph of the B. Umbilicariae, plate, 1/6; New British Lichens, plate, 1/6; Notes on B. Lichens, plate, 8vo., 1/6. (Ex. Ann. N.H.) 1856-7, etc. Lichenes Amazonici et Andini lecti a Domino Spruce. Coloured plate, 4to., 31, (Trans. Linn. Soc.)




Lichens of Ceylon. plates, 4to., 3/-. (Linn. Trans.)


1866 coloured 1869



300 Joseph (H.) Les Muscinees d'Auvergne. Roy, Svo., sewed, 16/301 Journal of Mycology.-Nos. 62, 65, 66, 69. 70. 8vo., 4/- each ** Kindberg (N. C.) Enumeratio Bryinearum Exoticarum. With 2 supplements. 8vo., 1888, etc.




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cloth, 18/

1879 Coloured

New Irish Lichens. Coloured plate, 4to., 2. (Trans. Linn. Soc.)

Only 100 copies printed.

Genera of European and NorthAmerican Bryineae (Mosses). 2 parts, pp. 410, 8vo., 18/Linkoping, 1897 304 Kirchenpauer (J. H.) Die Seetonnen der Elbmundung. Plate, 4to., half morocco, gilt top, 7/


305 Kirchner (O.) Die mikroskopische planzenwelt des Susswasser. Mit 4 tafeln (Diatomaceae, etc.), sm. 4to., boards, 12/6 1885 30 Kleinhans (R.) Iconographie des Mousses. 30 plates containing numerous figures, with descriptions, folio, cloth, 14/1871 397 Kjellman (F. R.) Norra ishafvets Algfora, 31 plates (2 coloured), large 8vo., half morocco, £1 IS. Stockholm, 1883 308 Knight (C.) Contribution to the Lichenographia of New Zealand. 2 plates, 4to., 46. (Trans. Linn. Soc.)

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325 New British Lichens. plate, 4to., 2/-. (Trans. Linn. Soc.) 1876 326 Le Jolis (A.) Remarques sur les Nomenclature Bryologique. 8vo., sewed, 2/6. (Ext. Mém. Soc. Nat.) Cherbourg, 1895 327 Lemaire (A.) Catalogue des Diatomées 1881 des environs de Nancy. 8vo., 1/6

328 Lemoine (Mme. Paul) Mélobesiées, revision des Mélobésiées antarctiques. (Ex. Deuxieme Exp. Antarctique Francaise, 1908-9). Map and 2 plates, 4to., 6/- 1915 329 Letts and Hawthorne.-The Seaweed Ulva latissima, and its relation to the Pollution of Sea-water by Sewage. 3 plates (1 coloured), 8vo., sewed. (Ex. P.R.S.) 2/Edin., 1901 330 Lieske (Prof. Rudolf) Morphologie und Biologie der Strahlenpilze (Actinomyceten). Pp. IX. 292, mit 4 Tafeln, 8vo., 6/

Leipzig, 1921 331 Lindau (G.) Kryptogamenflora für Aufänger. Die Algen I., II., III. 1,109 figures, 8vo., cloth and wrappers, £1 Is.

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335 Lindberg (S. O.) Hepaticologiens Utveckling fran äldsta tider till och med Linné. 4to., 3/6


1877 336 Lindenberg (Dr.) Synopsis Hepaticarum Europaearum. 2 plates, 4to., sewed, 4/6 Bonnae, 1829 Species Hepaticarum. Fasc. I., Jungermannicae Plagiochila. 33 coloured plates, 4to., half calf, £2 IOS. 1839 338 Lindsay (W. L.) Popular History of British Lichens. 22 coloured plates, sq. 12mo., cloth, SCARCE, 12/6 1856

339 Lichen-Flora of Greenland, with Notes on the Diatomaceae. By Dickie. 8vo., 2/-. (Ex. Trans. Bot. Soc.) Edin., VX. 340 Obs. on the Lichens collected by Dr. R. Brown in Wast Greenland. 5 coloured plates, 4to., sewed, 6/6. (Linn. Trans.) 1869 341 Linton (W. J.) Ferns of the English Lake Country; with tables of varieties. Plates, 2nd edition, 12mo., cloth, 3/342 Lister (A.) A Monograph of the Mycetozoa; with a descriptive catalogue of the species in the Herbarium of the British Museum. FIRST EDITION, with 78 plates and 51 woodcuts, 8vo., cloth, OUT OF PRINT, £I IOS.





(A. and G.) Synopsis of the Orders, Genera, and Species of Mycetozoa. 8vo., 1. (Ex. Jnl. Bot.) 344 Löhnis (F.) Bacteriologist U.S. Dept. Ag., and Fred (E. P.) Professor of Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin. Text Book of Agricultural Bacteriology. 66 illustrations, 8vo., cloth, 15/


New York, 1923 Handbuch der landwirtschaftlichen Bakteriologie. Pp. 907, large 8vo., sewed, 15/Berlin, 1910 346 Lorentz (P. G.) Uber die Moose die Hr. Ehrenberg, 1820-26. Egypt, Sinai, Syria. 15 plates, 4to., boards.5/-. Ex. K. Acad. Wiss). Berlin, 1867


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Mosses and Lichens. A popular guide to the indentification and study of our commoner mosses and lichens, their uses and methods of preserving. 16 plates in colours, 32 in black and white, and many text illustrations, 4to., cloth, £1 58.

New York, 1920 361 Martens et Galliotti.-Mémoire sur les Fougeres du Mexique. 23 plates, 4to., 12/6. (Ex. Ac. Roy. de Brux.) N.D. 362 Massee (G.) British Fungus Flora; a classified text-book of Mycology. vols., Svo., cloth, VERY SCARCE, £3 158. 1892-95 363 A Revision of the Genus Coprinus. 2 plates, 8vo., 4/-. (Ex. Annals Bot.) 1896 European Fungus Flora-Agaricaceae. Cr. 8vo.,




u. Molendo.-Moosstudien. plates, 4to., half calf, interleaved, 16/Leipzig, 1864

348 Lowe (E. J.) Ferns: British and Exotic. 480 coloured plates, 8 vols., super roy. 8vo., half calf, gilt, red labels, cloth sides, £2 28.



Our Native Ferns; or, a History of the British species and their varieties. With 79 coloured plates and 909 wood engravings, 2 vols., roy. 8vo., cloth, 16/



350 Luard und Witt.-Die Diatomaceen der Polycystineninkreide von Jérémie in Hayti. No plates, folio, 4/6 351 Luerssen (Dr, C.) Handbuch der Systematischen Botanik. Vol. I., Kryptogamen. 181 illustrations, 8vo., half calf, or cloth, 6/1879 352 Lundell (P. M.) De Desmidiaceis, quae in suecia inventae sunt, 5 plates, 4to., soiled, 5/6 Upsala, 1871




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Mildews, Rusts, and Smuts; synopsis of the families Peronosporaeae, Erysiphaecae, Uredinaceae, and Ustila-a ginaceae. With coloured frontispiece and illustrations in the text, 8vo., cloth, 7/6 1913 366 Diseases of Cultivated Plants and Trees, with Supplement. 173 illustrations, 2nd edition, 8vo., cloth, 13/6 1915 secondhand copy (AS NEW), 1915 and Crossland. The Fungus Flora of Yorkshire. 2nd instalment, pp. 53-396 (end), 8vo., wrappers, 5/-. (Yks. Nat. Union, Pt. 52) 1905 and Salmon.-Researches on Coprophilous Fungi II. 2 plates, 8vo., 3/-. (Ex. Ann. Bot. V., XVI.) 370 Maze (H.) et Schramm (A.) Essai de classification des Algues de la Guadeloupe. 2nd edition, only 30 copies issued, roy. 8vo., half morocco, gilt top, RARE, £3 38.



Basse-Terre, 1870-77

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Another copy, in 1 vol., half calf

(worn), 6/6

404 Newman (E.) History of British Ferns.
Illustrated, 8vo., cloth, 2/6 1844 or 1854
405 Newman (G.) Bacteria: especially as
they are related to the economy of nature
to industrial processes and to the public
health. With 15 micro-photographs of
actual organisms, 8vo., cloth, 4/6 1899

406 Nicolle (M.) et Magun (J.) Les Maladies

parasitaires des plants (Infestation-Infec-

tions). Pp. 199, 8vo., 6s.

407 Nitzsch (D. C. L..) Beitrage zur Infusori-
enkunde oder Natur-beschreibung der
Zerkarien und Bazillarien. 6 coloured
plates, 12mo., wrappers, 5/- Hall, 1817

408 Nordstedt (C. F. O.) Index Desmidiacearum. Pp. 1-40 and 281-310, roy. 8vo., 3/

409 Norman (G.) List of


1896 Diatomaceae occurring in the neighbourhood of Hull. Pp. 32, 8vo., sewed, 4/410 Notarisia commentarium Phycologicum redattore Gio. Batt, De Toni e D. Levi-Morenos. Anno I., Nos. 1 and 2; Index generalis, I.-III. (1686-1888); Anno IV., No. 15; also LA NUOVA NOTARISIA. Giugno and Agosto, 1890; Gennaio 1891; Luglio 1892; Luglio 1901; 1902 complete ; Gennaio and Aprile 1903; Gennaio, Aprile, Luglio, 1906; 1907 complete ; Gen.,

Luglio, Otto., 1908; Gen., 1909; 1910 and 1912 complete; Gen., Luglio, Ottobre, 1913; 1914 complete; Gennaio, 1920. 8vo., £I 10s.


The first part of Notarisia" has been


411 Nowell (Wm.), D.I.C. Diseases of CropPlants on the Lesser Antilles. With a Foreword by J. B. Farner, pp. 402, 8vo., cloth, 12/6

1923 412 Nylander and Crombie.-Lichens from Eastern Asia. 8vo., 1/6. (Ex. Jnl. Linn. Soc.) 1882 413 Oersted (A. S.) System der Pilze Lichenum und Algen Deutsche Ausgabe von A. Grisebach und J. Ranke. 93 figures, 8vo., half calf, 4/6 1873 414 Oltmanns (Dr. F.) Morphologie und Biologie der Algen. Zweite Auflage. 746 illustrations, 3 vols., 8vo., cloth, £1 10s. Jena, 1922-23 415 Oudemans (C. A. J. A.) Enumeratio Systematica Fungorum. 5 vols., about 1,200 pages in each, roy. 8vo., cloth, £15 1919



Vols. 1 to 4 are ready.

Révision des Champignons trouves jusqu'a ce jour dans les Pays-Bas. 2 parts, 8vo., 3/6. (Ex. Arch. Néerl. Sci.) 1879-80. 417 Pabst (G.) Cryptogamen-Flora. III. Band. Die Moose, I. Abth. Lebermoose. 8 plates, folio, 6/Gera, 1877 418 Paris (E. G.) Index Bryologicus sive enumeratio muscorum hucusque cognitorum Suppt. primum, pp. 234. 8vo., sewed, 6/



419 Pantocsek (J.) Beit. zur kenntniss der Fossilen Bacillarien Ungarms. III. theil (Beschreibung der auf Tafel 1-42, abde. Arten). Roy. 8vo., 4/420 Patouillard (N.) Enumération des Champignons observés en Tunisie. 8vo., 2/6 Paris, 1892 421 Pearson (W. H.) List of Canadian Hepaticae. 8vo., 2/6 Montreal, 1890 422 Penzig (O.) and Sacardo (P. A.) Icones Fungorum Javanicorum. With 80 plates, in 2 vols., large 8vo., sewed, £3 3s.

Leiden, 1904 423 Peragallo (H.) Diatomées du Midi de la France. Ier partie, 8vo., 3/1884

424 Pasteur (L.) Etudes sur le Vins ses Maladies 'causes qui les protoquent procédés nouveaux pour le conserver et pour le viellie. 2e edition, avec 32 planches imprimees en couleur et 25 gravures dans le texte, large 8vo., three-quarter morocco, with author's autograph, £2 12s. 6d. 1873 425 Percival (John) Agricultural Bacteriology-theoretical and practical. 2nd edition, with 59 illustrations, cr. 8vo., cloth, 12/6


426 Petch (T.) The Diseases of the Tea Bush. The classification of Fungi; Leaf, Stem, and Root Diseases; Wood Covers; Sprays and Sprayers; Mycological Notes; Fungi of the Tea Bush. 3 coloured plates and 60 illustrations in the text, 8vo., cloth, £1 1923 427 Petherbridge (F. R.) Fungoid and Insect Pests of the Farm. 2nd edition, 54 illustrations, large cr. 8vo., cloth, 6/

1923 428 Ritzer (E.) Unter. uber Bau und Entwicklung der Bacillariaceen (Diatomaceen). 6 coloured plates, 8vo., half morocco, gilt top, 12/6

1871 429 Phillips (W.) A Manual of the British Discomycetes. 12 plates, cr. 8vo., cloth, 5/1893 430 Phychological Memoirs.-Being researches made in the Botanical Department of the British Museum. Edited by G. Murray, F.L.S. Parts I., II. and III. (all pubd.). With 20 plates (some coloured), 4to., cloth, gilt tops (pub. 25/- net. in parts), 12/6

parts, 10/


431 432 Pierce (N. F.) The California Vine Disease. 26 plates (some coloured), 8vo., 7/Washington, 1893 433 Pierce (N. B.) Peach Leaf Curl: its nature and treatment. 29 plates, 8vo., cloth, 6/6 Washington, 1900 434 Planchon (L.) Les Champignons comestibles et vénéneux de la région de Montpellier et des Cevennes. 8vo., 4/6 1883 435 Plant Industry.-Bulletins of the Bureau of. No. 1. Lime and Magnesia in Plant Growth. By Low and May. Illustrated, 1901 No. 20, Manufacture of SemoIllustrated. By Skin1902



lina and Macaroni. ner. 2/


Circular 35. White Pine Blights. By Spaulding. 9d. 438 Plowright (C. B.) A Monograph of the British Uredineae and Ustilagineae; with an account of their biology, including the method of observing the germination of their spores. 8 plates and cuts, 8vo., cloth, £1 8s. 1889 439 Plues (M.) Rambles in search of Flowerless Plants. With 20 coloured plates, and an autograph from the authoress inserted, 8vo., cloth, 4/1864 or 1865 British Ferns: their structure, 16 coloured 1866


propagation, diseases, etc. plates, cr. 8vo., cloth, 4/6

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