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The title and first page are slightly repaired.

" NORTH (THOMAS). ANOTHER EDITION. Old calf gilt extra, joints neatly repaired. 1631.




¶ NOUVEAU TESTAMENT. Post 8vo, old calf. Londres, 1772. This copy belonged to Charles Lloyd, the friend of Coleridge and Lamb, and has his autograph on the fly-leaf.

NOVUM Jesu Christi D.N. TESTAMENTUM. (Greek Text). Folio, calf, rebacked. Paris, Robert Stephanus, 1550. £2 25. A few leaves stained, but large tall copy.

OFFICIUM VIRGINIS MARIE. Manuscript on Vellum (Italian, 15th Century), written in bold gothic characters, in black and red, on 102 leaves (4 ins. 3ins.), 14 lines to a page. Miniatures of the Virgin and four Apostles on the first page (slightly rubbed), and eight exquisitely illuminated floral borders, also numerous small capitals and decorative penwork. Brown levant extra, with the arms of a former owner on side, A VERY PLEASING LITTLE MANUSCRIPT. £35

C OGILBY'S BRITANNIA, or England and Wales actually survey'd.
With descriptions of the principal roads, explained by 100 maps on copper
plates, with the Draught of the Cities, Towns, Churches, etc. Folio, sheep,
£2 105.

¶OLD ENGLISH SILVER. The values of old English Silver and Sheffield
Plate, from the 15th to the 19th Centuries. By J. W. Caldicott. Edited by
J. Starkie Gardner, F.S.A. 4to. 1906.
£2 10S.

⚫ ORIGINES ISLANDICAE. A Collection of the More Important Sagas and other Native Writings, relating to the Settlement and Early History of Iceland. Edited and Translated by Gudbrand Vigfusson and F. Yorke Powell. 2 vols., 8vo. 1905. £4 ¶ OTWAY (THOMAS). Alcibiades, a Tragedy. Acted at the Duke's Theatre. Sm. 4to, half-calf. Printed for William Cademan, 1675. £9

THE VERY RARE FIRST ISSUE OF THE FIRST EDITION, with the headlines of pages 25-32 printed in capitals.

OVIDUS. Opera Omnia. Variorum Edition. 8vo, old calf. Amst., 1683. £2 105.

This copy belonged to THOMAS DAY, the eccentric scholar and author of "Sandford and Merton," and carries his bookplate.

¶ PAINTING IN ENGLAND, ANECDOTES OF; with some account of the Principal Artists; with a Catalogue of Engravers, etc., collected by the late George Vertue, digested and published from his Original MSS. by HORACE WALPOLE, with additions by the Rev. James Dallaway. New Edition, revised with Additional Notes by Ralph N. Wornum. Numerous fine plates, 3 vols., half blue levant, arms on side, VERY FINE SET. 1849. £5'12s. 6d. ¶ PANDOLFINI (A.). Trattato del governo della Famiglia con note da A. F. Stella. Large paper, 8vo, half-calf. Milan, 1811. £I IS.

With Maurice Hewlett's bookplate.

12 vols., large cr. 8vo, new.


¶ PATER (WALTER). Works. Complete Set. Library Edition. 10 vols. 8vo, new.

£3 155.

¶ PATER (WALTER). Gaston De Latour. An Unfinished Romance. Prepared for the Press by Charles L. Shadwell. FIRST EDITION. Cr. 8vo. 1896. £I IOS.

¶ PATER (WALTER). Plato and Platonism. A Series of Lectures. FIRST EDITION. Crown 8vo. 1893. Cover a little rubbed. £I IOS.

¶ PATMORE (COVENTRY KERSEY DIGHTON). The Unknown Eros; and other Odes. Sm. 4to. 1877. £4

Cover slightly faded. Presentation copy "J. W. Dangar from the Author." ¶ PAUL AND VIRGINIA. By Bernardin D. St. Pierre. With an Original Memoir of the Author. Portrait, engraved title and 130 illustrations, those which are full-page being on India paper and mounted, roy. 8vo, three-quarter mauve levant, extra, arms on side (by Root and Son), FINE COPY. London: W. S. Orr & Co., 1839. £3

¶ PEELE (GEORGE). Works. Collected and Edited, with some account of his life and writings, by the Rev. Alexander Dyce. Second Edition, with Additions. 3 vols., fcap. 8vo. London: William Pickering, 1829. £210s. ¶ PENN (WILLIAM). Some Fruits of Solitude, in Reflections and Maxims Relating to the Conduct of Human Life. The Second Edition, post 8vo, original sheep. London: Printed for Thomas Northcott in George Yard in Lombard Street, 1693. £2 ¶ PEPYS (SAMUEL). Diary and Correspondence. With a Life and Notes by Richard, Lord Braybrooke. A verbatim reprint of the edition of 18481849, with a copious index. 4 vols, 8vo. 1914. £I IS. ¶ PERCY'S (BISHOP) Folio Manuscript. Ballads and Romances. Edited by John W. Hales and F. J. Furnivall. 3 vols. in 6, 4to, half-morocco extra, marbled sides, FINE LARGE PAPER COPY.


£6 10s. Ballads and Romances. Edited With the supplementary volume

¶ PERCY'S (BISHOP) Folio Manuscript. by J. W. Hales and Frederick Furnlvall. of Loose and Humorous Poems. 4 vols. in 3, thick 8vo, boards, leather backs.


With Maurice Hewlett's bookplate.


¶ PETRARCHA. I Triomphi full-page woodcut illustrations. Four leaves mended. Slagnino, Venice, 1513. Sonetti e Canzoni de Petrarcha. One full page woodcut. Folio 153 lacking. Gregoria de Grigorii, Venice, 1519.

*con interp. Meser Bernardo. Five

modern calf, antique style.

The two in 1 vol., 8vo,


From the library of Maurice Hewlett, with his bookplate.

¶ PIC NIC PAPERS (THE). By Various Hands. Edited by Charles Dickens, Esq. With Illustrations by George Cruikshank, Phiz., etc. 3 vols., fcap. 8vo, half-red calf gilt. 1841. £4 IOS.

¶ PIPES and Smoking Customs of the American Aborigines, based on material in the U.S. National Museum, by J. D. McGuire. Five plates, Smithsonian Inst., 1899. . . Fewkes (J. W.). Expedition to the Pueblo Ruins, near Winslow, Arizona, 1896. Coloured plates. WILSON (THOS.)

illustrations. Smithsonian Inst., 1899. In 1 vol., large 8vo, new, half-calf gilt. FINE COPY.

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¶ PLAUTI (EX) Comoediis XX. Quarum Carmina magna ex-parte in Mensum suum restituta sunt. 8vo, calf, gilt. Venice, Aldus, 1522. £3 155. Large-paper copy, rare.

¶ PLUTARCHI historiographi graeci liber de viris clarissimis: e greco sermone in latinum diversis plurimorum interpretationibus virorum illustrium translatus, collectus a Jo. Campano. 2 vols. in 1, pigskin over oak covers. Circa 1472. EXCESSIVELY RARE. £35

Volume one has 276 leaves, commencing with the dedicatory epistle of Campanus ("“a scholar of great fame and erudition"-E. GORDON DUFF). Volume two has 236 leaves, lacking 2 and 3 of Folio XX.

The book is printed with long lines, forty-nine to a page. It has neither place, date, nor signatures. The type is very fine, with a peculiar capital “R." This copy is a large one, and is remarkably clean. The binding is almost contemporary, and the edges are painted. There are a few small worm holes. "POE (EDGAR ALLAN). Tales of Mystery and Imagination. Full-page illustrations by Harry Clarke, 4to, vellum gilt, As New (published £5 5s.) net. 1919.

Number 37 of 170 signed copies.

£3 10s.

POE (EDGAR ALLAN). Complete Poetical Works. With three Essays on Poetry. Edited, with Memoir, Textual Notes, and Bibliography, by R. Brimley Johnson. Portrait. Cr. 8vo, full crushed levant, gilt, gilt edges, FINE COPY, as new. 1909. £1 55.

¶ Polydori Vergilii Urbanatis Praesbyteri PROVERBIORUM LIBER, quo paroemiae insigniores omnium fere scriptorum luculentissima enarratione explicantur, Lectoreme, Lege, et Probabis. 4to, calf. Strasburg, 1510. £2 7s. 6d.

A pretty example of printing. The Carysfort copy, with bookplate. POOLE (JOSHUA). The English Parnassus: or, a Help to English Poesie. Together with a short Institution to English Poesie by way of Preface. Cr. 8vo, straight grain morocco, gilt, g. e. London, 1677.

Fine copy.


POPE (ALEX.). One Thousand seven Hundred and Thirty-Eight— a Dialogue something like Horace. (Second Issue of the first edition) with Dialogue II (first edition slightly damp stained, Dodsley, 1738. (James Branston.) The Man of Taste, occasioned by an Epistle of Mr. Pope's on that subject, 1733. The three in one volume, fo., half sheep.

£2 25.

¶ PORTRAIT MINIATURES (THE HISTORY OF). By G. C. Williamson, Litt.D. With 104 full-page plates, limited edition of 250 copies, 2 vols., folio, red morocco, extra, raised bands on backs, double border on sides, silk ends and gilt tops, arms on sides, VERY FINE COPY. 1904. £17 175. A very slight stain on some half-a-dozen pages.

¶ PRODIGIES. Mirabilis Annus Secundus; or, Second Year of Prodigies; being a true account of many Signes and Apparitions which have been seen (April, 1661-June, 1662) in the Heavens, the Earth and the Waters. 2 parts in I vol., sm. 4to, half-roan. 1662. £2 25.

Fiorentino. Title and 38 plates (should be 40) all carefully coloured by a contemporary hand, oblong folio, boards. Firenze, 1788. £10 IOS.

With Maurice Hewlett's bookplate.

¶ PSALMANAZAR (GEORGE). Memoirs of X****, commonly known by the name of George Psalmanazar; a reputed native of Formosa. Frontispiece. Cr. 8vo, original calf. Printed for the Executrix, 1764. £9 95. Inserted is a 14-line A.Ls. from George Psalmanazar. His letters are extremely rare. He was probably the most famous literary impostor in history. ¶ PSALTER AND HOURS (A), executed before 1270 for a Lady connected with St. Louis, probably his sister, Isabelle of France; now in the collection of H. Y. Thompson. Described by S. C. Cockrell in relation to the companion Psalter of St. Louis in Paris. With photogravures of all the 50 miniatures, oblong fo., cloth. Chiswick Press, 1905. £I IOS. Presentation copy from S. C. Cockrell.

¶PUCELLE (LA), Poeme en XXI. Chants, avec les notes et les variantes. Edition conforme a l'originale, publiee en 1784. 2 vols., 8vo, contemporary crimson morocco extra, with double gilt border on sides, raised bands on back, gilt edges and watered silk ends. A VERY PRETTY COPY. Paris, 1789. £3 ¶ DULAU & CO., LTD., WILL BE GLAD TO BE GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY OF MAKING OFFERS FOR THE PURCHASE OF ALL CLASSES OF LIBRARIES OR COLLECTIONS OF BOOKS. DISTANCE FROM LONDON IMMATERIAL.

¶ QUEEN ANNA'S New World of Words, or Dictionaire of the Italian and English tongues. Collected, and newly much augmented, by John Florio, Reader of Italian unto the Soveraigne Majestie of Anna, etc. Folio, calf, rebacked. 1611. £2 105.

¶ QUILLINAN (EDWARD). The Sacrifice of Isabel: a poem. Post 8vo, original boards. London: Printed by Bensley & Son, 1816. £4 Presentation copy to "Lady Bridges, 26th April, 1816. Lee Priory from Mr. Quillinan." Lady Brydges was the wife of the founder of the Lee Priory Press. Quillinan married Wordsworth's second daughter.

¶ QUINTILIANI (MARCI FABII), Historiarum Institutionum Libri Duodecim diligenter emendati. Index Capitum totius operis et serie qua explicabuntur. Title-page printed in red (stained). Fcap. 8vo, calf. Aldus, 1518.


£1 55.

Illustrated by

18s. 6d.

(MR. FRANCIS), The Works of. W. Heath Robinson. 2 vols., 8vo, 191-. ¶RABELAIS (MASTER FRANCIS). Five Books of the Lives, Heroic Deeds and Sayings of Gargantua and his Son Pantagruel. Translated into English by Sir Thomas Urquhart and Peter Motteux. With an Introduction by Anatole De Montaiglon. Illustrations by Louis Chalon. Copy with the Plates BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED, 2 vols., imp. 8vo, half levant, extra, arms on sides. 1892.


¶ RABELAIS, Gargantua and Pantagruel. Translated into English by Sir Thomas Urquhart and Peter Le Motteux, Annis 1653-1694. With an Introduction by Charles Whibley. 5 vols. in 3, 8vo. 1900. £10 IOS. The scarce "Tudor Translations" series, edited by W. E. Henley.

paper editions of books with plates by this well-known illustrator.

¶ RACONTARS ILLUSTRES d'un Vieux Collectionneur, par L'Auteur du "Voyage dans un Grenier," Charles Cousin, Vice-President de la Société des Amis des Libres. Beautiful coloured and other illustrations of bookbindings, enamels, porcelains, etc., reproductions of prints and facsimiles of autographs, Number 28 of 150 copies on Japanese vellum, 2 vols., 4to, half crimson levant extra, arms on sides (by Zaehnsdorf), FINE COPY. Paris, 1887. £6

¶ RANDOLPH (THOMAS). Poetical and Dramatic Works. Collected and edited from Early Copies, with some Account of the Author, and Notes, by W. Carew Hazlitt. Portrait, view, etc. 2 vols., p. 8vo, half calf, with double labels. 1875.


RAY (JOHN). A Collection of English Words, Not Generally used, with their Significations and Original, in two Alphabetical Catalogues, the one, of such as are proper to the Northern, the other to the Southern Counties. With an Account of the preparing and refining such Metals and Minerals as are gotten in England. P. 8vo, old-style calf. 1691.


With Maurice Hewlett's bookplate, and his autograph written with blue pencil.


¶ REMBRANDT. One hundred examples of the drawings and studies of; each mounted on card, with names, places of originals, etc., beneath. 4to (size 13ins. 1olins.), in portfolio, with cloth sides and morocco back. An exceedingly well produced and representative collection. £2 105. RESTIF DE LA BRETONNE. Dernière Aventur d'un Homme de Quarante-cinq ans. Many beautiful coloured plates, cr. 8vo, half levant, extra, VERY FINE COPY. Paris, circa, 1900.

Number 107 of 150 copies. VERY SCARCE.

£3 35.

¶ RESTIF DE LA BRETONNE. La Petite Laitiere. Lithographies en couleurs, par Lubin de Beauvais, portrait de l'auteur grave sur bois par Dochy, roy. 8vo, new half levant, extra, with the original wrappers bound in VERY FINE COPY. Paris, 1911. £2 10S. ¶ RICCARDI PRESS. Brooke (Rupert). Collected Poems. Title-page and Portrait cut on wood by G. Raverat. 8vo. 1919. £2

Limited edition of 1,000 copies.

ROBERT (HUBERT), 1733-1808. Par Pierre De Nolhac. Coloured frontispiece and fine plates. No. 74 of 500 copies on hand-made paper, 4to, crimson levant extra, arms on side (by Zaehnsdorf), FINE COPY. Paris, Goupil, 1910.


ROSENBERG (DR. MARC) Der Goldschmiede Merkzeichen. 2,000 Stempel auf Alteren Goldschmiedearbeiten in facsimile herausgegeben und erklat. Roy. 8vo, half morocco, gilt, arms on side, VERY SCARCE £2 IOS. ¶ ROUSSEAU (JEAN-JACQUES), THE CONFESSIONS OF Preface by Jules Claretie. Illustrated by Maurice Leloir, 4 vols, large 8vo, art cloth, with leather labels, arms on side. Philadelphia, 1904.

£6 6s.

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