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2096 Berkenhout (J.) Synopsis of the Natural History of Great Britain and Ireland. Being a Third Edition of The Outlines," etc. 2 vols., sm. 8vo., boards, 10/- 1795 2097 Big Game Shooting, by C. PhillippsWolley, Sir Samuel W. Baker, W. Pike and F. C. Selous. Numerous illustrations, 2 vols., post 8vo., cloth, 7/6. (Badminton Library) 1894 Inscription on back of frontispiece in both vols., George E. W. Hood, from Father, Feb., 1895.'



2098 Birds' Eggs.--Catalogue of the Collection of, in the British Museum (Natural History), by W. R. Ogilvie-Grant, Eugene W. Oates, and Capt. Savile G. Reid. plete Set, with nearly 1,100 coloured figures in 74 plates, 5 vols., 8vo., cloth, £8 1901-12 2099 Bloch (M. E.) Systema Icthyologiae post obitum. Auctoris opus inchoatum absoluit Jo. Gottlob Schneider. With 110 coloured and 58 extra coloured plates by Nodder and Hennig, bound in 2 vols., 8vo., russia, £2 5s. 1805 2100 Blome.-The Gentleman's Recreations. The First Part contains a Short and Easie Introduction to all the Liberal Arts and Sciences, etc. [Natural Philosophy and Physicks from the Tracts of Boyle, Sir Isaac Newton, Halley, Bartholinus Ward and M. Bien-the Second treats of Horsemanship, Hawking, Hunting, Fowling, Fishing, Agriculture, etc. [the part of Horsemanship has received very large additions, from the last edition of the Compleat Horseman, written by M. de Solleysel, Querry to the Present French King; Hawking, etc., much improved from several French tracts: Les Ruses Innocentes, La Venerie Royale, Traité de la Chasse, Plasirs Innocens de la Campagne, Merveilles de Nature, etc.; Agriculture is enlarged throughout l'Oeconomie de la Campagne, ou le Nouvelle Maison Rustique. The whole illustrated with near an hundred copper cuts...particularly all sorts of Nets, Engines, Traps. etc., are added for the Taking of Wild-Beasts, Fowl, Fish, etc., NOT HITHERTO publish'd by any. The Second Edition... with near one half of Additions. Folio, original calf (worn and one cover detached), £5 5s. 1710

N.B. One plate has unfortunately been coloured by an amateur.


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2101 Boulenger (G. A.) Materiaux pour la Faune de Congo-Poissons Nouveaux. Tome I. en 6 fasc., avec 56 planches, folio, £2 2s. 1898-1900 2102 Catalogue of the Batrachia Gradientia s. Caudata and B. Apoda in the B. M. 2nd edition, 9 plates, 8vo., cloth, 1882 RARE, £3 3S. Fresh-water Fishes of Africa in the B. M. (Nat. Hist.). Complete in 4 vols., comprising 1717 pages, with 1,198 text figures, roy. 8vo., cloth, £7 12s. 6d. 1909-16 Second-hand copies of vols. 1, 2 and


Catalogue of


3. £5 2104 Edwards (George) Gleanings in Natural History, exhibiting figures of Quadrupeds, Birds, Insects, Plants, etc., most of which have not, till now, been either figured or described; also A Natural History of Birds with coloured emblematic frontispiece, 317 coloured plates, and copper portrait. 7 vols., 4to., full contemporary red morocco, marbled edges, £20 1743-60

2105 Wolf (J.) Zoological Sketches made for the Zoological Society, from Animals in their Vivarium in the Regent's Park. Collection of Lithographic Plates finished by hand colouring at 5/- each. Each plate mounted on cardboard:

MAMMALIA-Tasmanian Wombat, Vigne's Wild Sheep, Rasse, Ashy-black Ape, Red Kangaroo, Azara's Fox, Cheetah, Leopard, Binturong, Wagati Cat, Bosch Vark, Painted Ocelot, Pudu Deer, White-tailed Deer, Yaguarundi Cat, Stangeis Monkey, Markhove, Bassaris Ratels, Wapiti Deer, Leucoryx Antelope, Hairy-nosed Wombat, Syrian Bear, Red Caracal, Alpaca, Egyptian Cat, Patagonian Skunk, African Lioness, Persian Deer, Mantell's Apteryx, Collard Peccary, Young Eland, Aye-Aye, Coloured Tiger, Chimpanzee, Red River Hog.

REPTILES:-The Clotha, Green Boa. BIRDS-Young Ostrich, Spotted Eagle, Horsfield Kaleege, Chinese Pheasant, Mooruk, Australian Mycteria, White-headed Shieldrake, Weka Rail, Saker Falcon, Shoe Bill, Brush Turkey, American Rhea, Rhinoceros Hornbill, Concave-Casqued Hornbill, Viellot's Firebacked Pheasant, Saddle-billed Stork, Black-necked Swan, African Wood Ibis, Indian Wood Ibis, Great Bustard, Bower Bird, Angolan Vulture, Painted Spur-Fowl.

Free on application.

121. Rare Quarto Plays by Beaumont and Fletcher, Cartwright, Ford, Freeman, Glapthorne, Goffe, Massinger, Middleton, Nabbes, Rowley, Shirley, Staplyton, and Zouch.

122. Travel, Topography, Ethnology, etc.


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1 ABERCROMBIE (LASCELLES). Four Short Plays [The Adder, The Staircase, The Deserter, End of the World]. Sq. cr. 8vo, boards. 1922 6s 2 ABERCROMBIE (LASCELLES). Speculative Dialogues. First Edition. Fine Copy. Cr. 8vo. 1913 7s

3 ABERCROMBIE (LASCELLES). Emblems of Love. Designed in Several Discourses. First Edition. Excellent Copy. Cr. 8vo. 1912 8s

4 ADDISON (J.). Works. Portrait and plates. 4 vols, 4to, calf. Baskerville, Birmingham, 1761 £10

5 ADDISON, etc. The Miscellaneous Works, in Verse and Prose, of the Right Honourable Joseph Addison, Esq., 4 vols, 1765. The Spectator, 8 vols, 1775. The Free-Holder, or Political Essays, by the Right Honourable Joseph Addison, Esq., 1758. The Guardian, 2 vols, 1760. 15 vols, 8vo, contemp. mottled calf. Printed for J. and R. Tonson £5

6 ADDISON. The Works of the Right Hon. Joseph Addison. With Notes by Richard Hurd, D.D. Portrait. 6 vols, roy. 8vo, calf gilt, very large margins and good type. 1811

7 AGATE (JAMES). White Horse and Red Lion. 8vo. 1924

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£4 15s

7s 6d

Illustrated by Cruikshank,

£8 17s 6d

9 AIKIN. Select Works of the British Poets. With Biographical and Critical Prefaces. By Dr. Aikin. 8vo, calf, title foxed. N.D.


10 AITKEN (CONRAD). Punch: The Immortal Liar. Documents in His History. [Poems]. First Edition. Fcp. 4to. Clean copy.


3s 6d


11 ALDINGTON (RICHARD). Images of War. A Book of Poems. hand-coloured wood-cut illustrations. 12mo, boards, with linen back. 1919 £1 10s Number thirty-six of eighty copies printed on cartridge paper at the Beaumont Press.

12 The Cambridge History of AMERICAN LITERATURE. Edited by W. P. Trent, J. Erskine, S. P. Sherman and C. Van Doren. 4 vols, roy. 8vo


13 AMERICAN POETRY SINCE 1900. By Louis Untermayer. With 17 portraits. 8vo 12s 6d

14 Interesting ANECDOTES, Memoirs, Allegories, Essays, and Poetical Fragments; Tending to Amuse the Fancy and Inculcate Morality. By Mr. Addison. 6 vols, 8vo, half calf, m.e. Printed for the Author, 1794

15 An ANGLO-SAXON READER. By A. J. Wyatt. Demy 8vo



16 An ANTHOLOGY OF ENGLISH VERSE. By John Drinkwater. Thick fcp. 8vo. 1924


17 The Poetry of the ANTI-JACOBIN. Edited by L. Rice-Oxley [The Percy Reprints. Edited by H. F. B. Brett Smith]. Cr. 8vo 6s "The best political satire since the age of Dryden."-Cambridge History of English Literature.

18 ARNOLD (M.). Essays by Matthew Arnold. Including Essays in Criticism, 1865. On Translating Homer (with F. W. Newman's Reply), and Five Other Essays, now for the first time collected. Oxford Edition. Port. Cr. 8vo, leather. AS NEW. 1914 3s 6d

19 ARNOLD (MATTHEW). On the Study of Celtic Literature. Cr. 8vo 3s 6d 20 ARNOLD (MATTHEW). Mixed Essays. Cr. 8vo 3s 6d

21 ARNOLD (MATTHEW). Poems. With an Introduction by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch. Portrait. Cr. 8vo, half red levant gilt. Fine copy. 1913 £110s 22 AUSTEN (JANE). Novels. The Text based on Collation of the Early Editions, by R. W. Chapman. With Notes and Indexes. Coloured frontispiece and Illustrations from contemporary sources. 5 vols. 8vo. 1923


Large paper edition, limited to 1,000 sets.

23 AUSTEN (JANE). Works. 7 vols, cr. 8vo, half levant, gilt. 1923 24 AUSTEN (JANE). Another set, bound in half calf, gilt. 1923



25 AUSTEN (JANE). The Watsons. With an Introduction by A. B. Walkley. Portrait. 12mo. 1923


26 AYTOUN (W. E.). Poems. With Preface by F. Page. Portrait. Cr. 8vo, calf, extra. Fine copy. 1921

13s 6d

27 BACON (FRANCIS, BARON VERULAM). Works. Engraved portrait, etc. 10 vols, 8vo, calf, gilt. 1819

£3 10s

28 BACON (F.). The Works of Francis Bacon, Baron of Verulam, Viscount of St. Alban, and Lord High Chancellor England. 10 vols, calf (rebacked), back gilt, and with coloured labels. 1819

£7 10s

29 BACON'S ESSAYS, with a Table of the Colours of Good and Evil. Whereunto is added The Wisdom of the Antients, enlarged by the Honourable Author. P. 8vo, half morocco. 1691 10s

30 BACON (SIR FRANCIS). Letters written during the Reign of King James the First, now collected, and augmented with several Letters and Memoirs address'd by him to the King. FIRST EDITION. Sm. 4to, old calf, skilfully repaired. 1702 £2 2s

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