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31 BAILEY (JOHN). The Continuity of Letters. 8vo

12s 6d


17s 6d

32 BAIN (F. W.). A Mine of Faults. Front. Sm. 4to. 1909

33 BAIN (F. W.). The Descent of the Sun. Front. Sm. 4to. 1903
Both the above are fine copies of the First Editions, printed on Large Paper.

34 BARBELLION (W. N. P.). Enjoying Life, and other Literary Remains. First Edition. Cr. 8vo. Clean copy. 1919


35 BARBER (MARY]. Poems on Several Occasions. First Edition. 4to, original calf, joints strengthened. A fine copy. 1734 £1 15s

With an introduction by Dean Swift. The publication and sale of Swift's" Polite Conversations," which she had obtained, placed Mary Barber in comfortable circum


36 BARNES (WILLIAM, Poet and Philologist). His Life, by his daughter. Portrait. Cr. 8vo, half calf, gilt. 1887 7s 6d

37 BARING (MAURICE). The Grey Stocking, The Green Elephant, A Double Game [Plays]. Cr. 8vo, cloth. 1911

38 BARING (MAURICE). Hildesheim. Quatre Pastiches. Sm. 4to. 1924 39 BARING (MAURICE). Punch and Judy, and other Essays. Cr. 8vo. 1924 10s 6d 40 BAYFIELD (M. A.). A Study of Shakespeare's Versification. Demy 8vo £1 Is 41 BEACONSFIELD (LORD). Novels. 11 vols, cr. 8vo. 192— 42 BEACONSFIELD, Earl of, Life of, by W. F. Monypenny and G. E. Buckle. Portraits and Illustrations. 6 vols, demy 8vo

3s 6s

£2 15s

£4 16s

43 Francis BEAUMONT and John FLETCHER. Plays. Edited by E. A. Glover and A. R. Waller. 10 vols, cr. 8vo £4 10s 44 BEAUMONT (FRANCIS) and John Fletcher. Works. Edited by the Rev. A. Dyce. Portraits. 11 vols, 8vo, calf. 1843-6 £7

45 BEAUMONT AND FLETCHER. Comedies and Tragedies. Lacking portrait and title commences at sheet A2, and has hole, size of a penny, through 50 leaves in "Tragedy of Valentinian." Folio, old half calf, cracked. 1679 £1 150

46 BEAUMONT AND FLETCHER. The Finest Scenes, Lyrics and other Beauties of those two Poets, selected, with introductory preface, by Leigh Hunt. Cr. 8vo. London, Bohn, 1855 £2 10s

Very interesting copy, with the following inscription—“ To Southwood Smith, from his loving patient, Leigh Hunt."

47 BEERBOHM (MAX). And Even Now. First Edition. Sm. 4to. 1920. Fine copy

48 BELLOC (HILAIRE). On. P. 8vo. 1923

£1 5s


49 BENSON (A. C.). Le Cahier Jaune. Poems. 8vo, wrappers (corner torn). Eton, Privately Printed, 1892

Scarce. Maurice Baring's copy, with his autograph and bookplate.


50 BEOWULF. By R. W. Chambers. An Introduction to the Study of the Poem, with a discussion on the stories of Offa and Finn. With eight plates. Demy 8vo £1 10s 51 BIBLIOGRAPHY, A Manual of, an introduction to the Knowledge of Books, Library Management, Cataloguing, etc., by W. T. Rogers. Coloured front, and 37 illustrations. Cr. 8vo, parchment. New York, 1890 6s

52 BIBLIOGRAPHY. Mendelssohn's SOUTH AFRICAN Bibliography-Catalogue of the Mendelssohn Library of Works relating to S. Africa, with Notices of Works not as yet included in the Collection, a list of Parliamentary Blue-Books on S. Africa, etc., reproductions of rare engravings, etc. 2 vols, roy. 8vo, cloth. 1910 £1 12s 53 BINYON (LAURENCE). London Visions. Collected and Augmented. P. 8vo. 1908 10s

Inscribed presentation copy from the author.

54 BLAKE (W.). Works: Poetic, Symbolic, and Critical. Edited by E. J. Ellis and W. B. Yeats. Portraits and facsimiles. 3 vols, imp. 8vo. 1893


55 William BLAKE. His Philosophy and Symbols. By S. Foster Damon. Front. Roy. 8vo. 1924


56 BLAKE (W.). Life, by Gilchrist. Illustrated. 2 vols, 8vo. 1880 The second and best edition.

£10 10s

In Ten


P. 8vo,

10s 6d

57 BLACKMORE (RICHARD). Prince Arthur. An Heroick Poem. Books. First Edition. Folio, original calf. 1695

The author's poem “ Creation" was much praised by Dr. Johnson. 58 BLANCHARD (LAMAN). Lyric Offerings. First Edition. original boards. London, William Harrison Ainsworth, 1828 Inscribed presentation copy-" E. C. from L.B." Blanchard edited the "Monthly Magazine" and "George Cruikshank's Omnibus."

59 BLOOMFIELD (ROBERT). Remains. 2 vols in 1, p. 8vo, calf. 1824 10s 6d An interesting copy of the collected works of Bloomfield, with the following inscription Gratefully presented to the author of The Modern Dunciad,' by G. R. Bloomfield's family, Hannah Bloomfield, Feb. 1, 1825."


The author of "The Modern Dunciad" was, of course, George Daniel, a friend of both Bloomfield and Charles Lamb.

60 BLOOMFIELD (ROBERT). The Farmer's Boy. First Edition. Large Paper. With cuts by Bewick. Sm. 4to, boards rebacked [few stains at edges of leaves]. 1800


61 BLUNDEN (E. C.). Pastorals. A Book of Verses. First Edition. Fine Copy. P. 8vo, original wrappers. 1916

A very scarce early work of Edmund Blunden's.

10s 6d

62 BLOUNT (SIR THOMAS POPE). De Re Poetica; or, Remarks upon Poetry. With Characters and Censures of the Most Considerable Poets, whether Ancient or Modern. Estracted out of the Best and Choicest Criticks. Sm. 4to, panelled calf, well rebacked. 1694

The First Edition.

£3 3s

63 BLUNDEN (EDMUND). The Shepherd; and other Poems of Peace and War. 8vo, 1922

Awarded the Hawthornden Prize, 1922.

64 BLUNT (W. S.). Poems. Cr. 8vo. 1923


7s 6d


65 BOCCACCIO. The Decameron; or, Ten Days' Entertainment. Introduction by Thomas Wright, M.A. With portrait and ten designs by T. Stothard. Cr. 8vo, half calf, gilt. [1872]


66 BOOKBINDING AND THE CARE OF BOOKS. A Text book for bookbinders and librarians, by D. Cockerell. Illustrated. P. 8vo, boards. 1915 5s 67 BOOKBINDING considered as a Fine Art, Mechanical Art, and Manufacture, by H. B. Wheatley. Full-page plates. Roy. 8vo. 1880.-Zaehnsdorf, Suggestions in Bookbinding, 1886. With other Papers, etc., on the same subject. In one vol. Half morocco 15s

68 BOOKS ON THE GREAT WAR. An Annotated Bibliography of Literature issued during the Conflict, by Lange and Berry. Vols 1-4, in 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1915 7s 6d 69 BOOK-VERSE, an Anthology of Poems of Books and Bookmen, from earliest times, edited by W. Roberts. P. 8vo, boards, cloth back. 1896 4s 6d


vols, large cr. 8vo


Photogravure and other illustrations. 6

£1 11s 6d

71 The Journal of a Tour to CORSICA, and Memoirs of Pascal Paoli. By James Boswell, Esq. Edited, with an introduction, by S. C. Roberts. Portrait. 1923

Cr. 8vo. 4s 6d

72 Letters of James BOSWELL. Collected and edited by Chauncey Brewster Tinker. Portrait and facsimile. 2 vols, 8vo. 1924 £1 16s 73 Young BOSWELL. Chapters on James Boswell, the Biographer, based largely on New Material. By Chauncey Brewster Tinker. Many Illustrations. Roy. 8vo. 1924 15s 74 BOTTOMLEY (GORDON). A Vision of Giorgione. Three Variations on a Venetian Theme. Sm. 4to, white buckram, gilt. Very clean copy. 1922 £1 4s Number 15 of fifty copies, signed by the author.

75 BOTTOMLEY (GORDON). Chambers of Imagery. First Edition. 2 vols. p.8vo, original wrappers. 1907-1912 13s 6d 76 BOTTOMLEY (GORDON). The Poems of Thirty Years. With a portrait by Charles Shannon and a cover design by Charles Ricketts. Sm. 4to. 1925 £1 1s

Edition de luxe, limited to 75 copies,

signed by the author. Sm. 4to, vellum, gilt. 1925

£2 2s 78 BOTTOMLEY (GORDON). The Gate of Smaragdus. Decorated by Clinton Baker. Second issue of First Edition. Roy. 8vo, boards (label soiled). 1904 £1

79 BRANDES (GEORGE). Main Currents of Nineteenth Century Literature. 6 vols, demy 8vo

80 BRIDGES (ROBERT). Poetical Works. 6 vols, p. 8vo

£2 5s

£1 16s

81 BRIDGES ROBERT). Poetical Works, excluding the Eight Dramas. Portrait. Cr. 8vo, full crushed levant, g.e. Fine copy. 1912 £1 5s

82 BRIDGES (R.). Poetical Works of Robert Bridges. Excluding the Eight Dramas. Oxford Edition. Portrait. Cr. 8vo, leather. AS NEW. 1914

3s 6d

A Poem in Twelve Measures. 1885

17s 6d

83 BRIDGES (ROBERT). Eros and Psyche. First Edition. 12mo, boards, with parchment back.

84 BRIDGES (ROBERT). Eros and Psyche [revised and parts re-written]. P. 8vo, cloth. 1894

12s 6d

85 BRIDGES. Sonnet XLIV. of Michelangelo Buonarroti. Translated for Andrew Lang by Robert Bridges, with his Accompanying Epistle Thereunto. Two facsimiles. Large 8vo, original wrappers. Fine copy. 1912 Only 35 copies printed, for private distribution.

£1 10s

86 Robert BRIDGES. A Critical Study. By F. E. Brett Young. Portrait. First Edition. 8vo. 1914


87 BRIDGES. A Bibliography of the First Editions of Robert Bridges. Sm. 4to, paper boards

Is 6d

88 BRIDGES. Ditto. Large Paper. Printed on hand-made paper and limited to 50 copies. Boards

7s 6d

89 BRITISH NOVELISTS (The). 50 vols, fcp. 8vo, calf, gilt. 1820


90 BRITISH POETS. A Complete Edition of the Poets of Great Britain, 11 vols. Poetical Translations, 3 vols. Together 14 vols, 8vo, contemp. calf. Edinburgh, 1892-95

£4 10s

91 The Novels of the Sisters BRONTE. With MRS. GASKELL'S LIFE OF CHARLOTTE BRONTE. Edited by TEMPLE SCOTT. With 63 portraits and illustrations. 12 vols, 8vo, cloth, with gilt tops and gilt backs (published at £6 6s net) £3 17s 6d

92 BRONTE (The Sisters). Complete Works. With 14 full-page plates. 7 vols, 8vo, limp red calf, gilt. 191—

£2 2s

93 BROOKE (RUPERT). Collected Poems. With woodcut portrait and title-page. Large 8vo, half crimson levant, extra. Fine copy. 1919

£3 10s

The Riccardi Press edition, limited to 1,000 copies.

94 BROOKE (RUPERT). Collected Poems. With a Memoir. Portrait. First Edition. Cr. 8vo. Fine copy. 1918


95 BROOKE (RUPERT). Letters from America. With a Preface by Henry James. Portrait. First Edition. Cr. 8vo. 1916 5s

One margin badly torn, hence low price.

96 BROOKE (STOPFORD A.). The History of Early English Literature. 2 vols. 8vo £1 97 BROOKE (STOPFORD A.). English Literature from the Beginning to the Norman Conquest. Cr. 8vo 8s 6d 98 BROWNE (SIR THOMAS). Works. First Collected Edition. Portrait. Folio, calf. 1686 £5 10s 99 Sir Thomas BROWNE, A Bibliography of, by G. Keynes, M.A., M.D. With five plates and 41 facsimiles. Cr. 4to. 1924 £2 2s Edition limited to 500 copies.

100 BROWNING (ELIZABETH BARRETT). Poems Before Congress. First Edition. Cr. 8vo. Very clean copy. Scarce. 1860

[ocr errors]

101 BROWNING (ROBERT). Works. Edited and Annotated by the Rt. Hon. Augustine Birrell and Sir Fredric Kenyon. 2 vols, cr. 8vo £1 Is 102 BROWNING (ROBERT). Works. With portraits and illustrations. 17 vols, £5 2s cr. 8vo 103 BROWNING (E. B.). Poetical Works. Portraits and illustrations. 6 vols £1 16s, cr. 8vo

104 BROWNING (E. B.). Poetical Works. Complete in one volume. With portrait. Cr. 8vo


105 BROWNING (ROBERT). Balaustion's Adventure: including A Transcript from Euripides. First Edition. Fcp. 8vo, polished calf, gilt. 1871 Presentation copy from Dr. Jessop to his wife.


106 BROWNING (ROBERT). Dramatic Idylls. Clean fresh copies of First Edition. 2 vols, p. 8vo, cloth. 1879


107 BROWNING (ROBERT). The Ring and the Book. With an Introduction by Edward Dowden. Portrait and facsimiles. Cr. 8vo, tree calf, gilt. 1912 10s 6d 108 BROWNING Interest. The Seraphim and other Poems, by Elizabeth B. Barrett. Cr. 8vo, cloth. As issued. 1838 £2 10s Inscribed by Mrs. Browning's father :-" Edw. M. Barrett to John Kenyon, Torquay, Nov., 1840."

109 [BULWER-LYTTON (EDWARD, BARON LYTTON)]. The Siamese Twins. A Tale of the Times. To which is added, Milton, a poem. By the author of " Pelham," etc. Second Edition. Front. 8vo, boards, back slightly broken. 1831

Presentation copy, with author's inscription on title-page.


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