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Aelii Herodiani Philetaerus, e MS. nunc primum ed. 8vo., morocco extra, silk ends, with gold rolls. Lug.-Bat., 1759. 17s. 6d.

¶ MONMOUTH (Earl of). Memoirs of his Life, by himself, [from MS. in private hands, published to exhibit a new picture of Queen Elizabeth and King James I.]. Frontispiece, 8vo., old half calf. 7s. Ed.


¶ La MORALE en Action. Anecdotes instructives propres a former le coeur des jeunes gens. Quaint coloured engraved frontispiece and 2 scenes [L'Amour filial, etc.], coloured in the engraved title, post 8vo., old calf. Paris, 1819.


¶ MYTHOLOGIE. Traite a l'usage des jeunes gens, par l'Abbé Lyonnais du College de Nancy. Orne de 180 gravures en taille douce, 8vo., half calf. Mannheim, 1798.

¶ NANNIUS ALCMARIANUS (Petrus). old calf. Lugduni, 1548.


Miscellaneorum. I 2mo.

4s. 6d.

¶ NAPOLEON. Nouvel Apercu des Resultats obtenus de la fabrication des Sirops et Conserves des Raisins, par Parmentier. 8vo., calf gilt, from the collection of Napoleon-two of the back panels having the letter "N" surmounted by a crown, the third panel having" the bee" in gold. Paris, 1813.

£1 10s.

¶ [NEEDHAM (Marchmont)]. The Levellers levell'd; or, The Independents Conspiracie to root out Monarchie. An Interlude. Written by Mercurius Pragmaticus. FIRST EDITION, sm. 4to., half calf, gilt, VERY rare. 1647.

£€ 6s.

¶ NEEDHAM. The True Character of a Rigid Presbyter: With a Narrative of the Dangerous Designes of the English and Scotish Covenanters, as they have tended to the Ruine of our Church and Kingdom. Also, The Articles of their Dogmatical Faith, and the inconsistency thereof with Monarchy. To which is added, A Short History of the English Rebellion: Compiled in Verse, By Marchamont Needham; and formerly extant, in his Mercurius Pragmaticus. Sm. 4to., half calf, gilt, RARE. 1661.


¶ NICETAE Acominati Choniatae. Magni Logothetae Secretorum Inspectoris et Judicis veli Imperii Graeci Historia editio Græcolatina H. Wolfio interp. Folio, calf, blind tooled and panelled sides. S. L., 1593.

£1 1s.

¶ NICOLAIUS (Johan). Tractatus de Calcarium, usu et abusu, nec non juribis illorum; Lectu jucundus, utilis et variis antiq. illust12mo., calf. Francofurti, 1702.


also his Life by J. Oldmixon, engraved frontispiece, 1745. The genuine and remarkable Prophecies of Archbishop Usher, with divers other Predictions, surprising, 1745. Prophecies of Scotland, England, France, Ireland, and Denmark prophecied by Rymer, Merling, Waldhave, and others, in Latin Verse and Scottish Meter, and other strange and marvellous matters, 1745. 3 vols. in 1, 8vo., old calf. £1 1s, ¶ NONNUS PANOPOLITANUS. Paraphrasis Sancti secundum Joannem Evang. Parallel Greek and Latin. Engraved title, post 8vo., half vellum. Paris, 1623. 4s. 6d.

¶ NOVUM TESTAMENTUM, haud pænitendis sacrorum Do&torum Scholiis, Joannis Benedicti Theologi Parisiensis cura concinnatis, non inutiliter illustratum. Well printed, sm. 8vo., calf. Paris, I543. 15s.

OLDHAM (John). Works, together with his Remains. Used copy, first fen leaves crumpled, 8vo., calf. 1792.

£1 1s. ¶ ONUPHRII Panvinii Veronensis de Triumphis, etc., quibus universa fere Romanorum Veterum sacra ritusq: declaruntur ac Figuris Aeneis illustrantur adj. novissima ed. J. J. Maderi notis. Numerous large folding plates, large folio, old calf. Patavii, 1681.

6s. 6d.

¶ ORPHEUS. Argonautica Hymni et de Lapidibus cur. Stephani et Scaligeri. Sm. 8vo., vellum. Utrecht, 1689.

4s. 6d.

OVA PASCHALIA Sacro Emblemata inscripta descriptaq: a Georgio Stengelio. Engraved titles and many plates, 12mo., vellum. Ingo'dstadt, 1672.

£1 ¶ OVID. Alle de Verken, met Verklaaringen en Uitleggingen verryk door Lud. Smids, M.D. Illustrated throughout with hundreds of engravings by Le Clerc, thick 4to., old calf. Amst., 1700. ¶OVID, translated into Dutch by J. V. Vondel. out with fine large engravings, large folio, calf, worn.

7s. 6d.

Illustrated through-
Amsterdam, 1703.


¶ OVIDII Metamorphosis cum integris ac emendatissimis Raphaelis Regii enarrationibus et repraehensione illaru ineptiarum, quibus ultimus Quaternio primae editionis fuit inquinatus. Finely printed text, within commentory, woodcut initials. Simon Bivilaqua, Venice, 1497.

Joannis Tortelii Aretina Orthographia. Beautiful specimen of early printing, the initial letters carefully filled in and coloured in red and blue. Tacuinus, Venice, 1495.

SPLENDID COPIES of both works. The two bound up in one vol., folio, newly rebound in pigskin, antique style, blind tooling on sides, with brass and leather clasps.


gilt backs, with bookplate of Maurice Baring in each. H. Scheite, Amst.,


£1 10s.

¶OVID'S Art of Love, together with his Remedy of Love, translated into English verse, by Several Eminent Hands [Dryden and Congreve]. Frontispiece and engravings, 8vo., calf. 1716. 4s. 6d. ¶ PAINE (Thomas). Letter addressed to the Addressers on the late Proclamation, 1792. Paine's Two Letters to Lord Onslow and one to Mr. Dundas, on the late excellent Proclamation, 1792. William Pitt's Speech, House of Commons, 1783; and various others. In 1 vol., 8vo., calf.

£1 1s.

¶ [PALTOCK (Robert)]. The Life and Adventures of Peter Wilkins, A Cornish Man: Relating Particularly, His Shipwreck near the South Pole; his wonderful Passage thro' a subterraneous Cavern into a kind of New World: his there meeting with a Gawry or Flying Woman, whose Life he preserv'd, and afterwards married her; his extraordinary Conveyance to the Country of Glums and Gawrys, or Men and Women that fly. With a description of that Strange Country. . . . Taken from his own mouth, in his Passage to England, from off Cape Horn in America, in the ship Hector. By R. S., a Passenger in the Hector. Illustrated with several cuts [by Boitard]. FIRST EDITION, 2 vols., post 8vo., diced calf, gilt, AN EXTREMELY FINE COPY. London, Printed for J. Robinson and R. Dodsley, 1751.

£10 15s.

(PALTOCK (Robert)]. The Life and Adventures of Peter Wilkins. Another Copy, First Dublin Edition, one plate defective, 2 vols., post 8vo., half calf. Dublin, 1751.

With Professor Edward Dowden's autograph on fly-leaf.

£2 5s.

[PALTOCK (Robert)]. The Life and Adventures of Peter Wilkins. Another Edition, without illustrations, half morocco, extra, FINE COPY. Berwick, 1784.

vols., post 8vo., £3 17s. 6d.

PARIS. Journal of a Party of Pleasure to Paris in 1802. aquatint views of French scenery, 8vo., calf. 1802.


£1 1s.

¶ PARIS. Voyage Pittoresque de Paris ou description de tout ce qu'il y a de plus beau dans cette grand ville par M D***. Coloured engraved frontispiece and seven plates, post 8vo., calf. 1770.


¶ PARTENIO ETIRO. La Sirena, Marfisa e Angelica Poemetti. 12mo., vellum. Venice, 1630. 10s. ¶ PAULINUS (Sanctus). Opera Omnia, partim soluta oratione partim carmina conscripta D. H. Gravii ac argumentis illustrata vixit temporibus D. Augustini. Post 8vo., old calf (broken). Coloniae, 1560. 3s. 6d.

etc., of the people by Monsieur Sanson, translated by John Savage. Engravings, sm. 8vo., calf, gilt, newly rebound. 1695. 14s. 6d.

PERSIUS. Les Satyres de Perse, fidellement traduits en nostre langue avec le Latin a costé avec remarques historiques sur les vies des plus illust. autheurs de ce temps par le Sieur. Gefrier. Name cut from engraved title, 12mo., old red morocco, fleur-de-lys in gold on back, panelled sides, good specimen of French binding. Paris, 1658.


PERSIUS. Satyres de Perse, traduites en vers Francois par Taillade d'Hervilliers. Sm. 8vo., calf. Paris, 1776. 7s. 6d. ¶ PETRONIUS Arbiter Satyricon. [Variorum Notes] accedunt Petroniorum fragmenta veterumque poetarum Catalecta Sulphiciaeque Vita et Satyra. Sm. 4to., vellum, age-stained throughout due to poor teper. Coloniae, 1629 6s.

◄ PHAEDRUS Fabulae, cum notis Brotier. Fables choisies tirees ou imitees de Phedre par La Fontaine. Paralleles de Fables Choisies. Engravings after Durand, post 8vo., morocco back, arms on sides. Barbou, Paris, 1783.

10s. ▼ PHILIP DE COMINES. Memoires. Thick 8vo., old calf. Rouen, 1625.

12s. 6d.

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[PHILLIPS (John)]. The Religion of the Hypocritical Presbyterians in Meeter. Sm. 4to., half calf, gilt, VERY RARE. 1661. £7 19s. John Phillips, nephew of John Milton, published" Miltoni Defensio," in answer to the "Apologia pro Rege." He later changed his politics and published the attack on Cromwell entitled "A Satire against Hypocrites.' PILES (H. de). Leven der Schilders met Aanmerkingen over hunne Werken. Thick post 8vo., vellum. Amst., 1725. 3s. 6d. PLATONIS Opera Omnia translatione Marsilii Ficini, emend. et ad Graecum Codicem collat. S. Grynaei. Folio, old calf. Froben., Basie, 1546.


£1 10s. Le PLATONISME Devoilé. Ou Essai Touchant le Verbe Platonicien. 12mo., calf, rebacked. Cologne, 1700. With the autograph of Hartley Coleridge on the fly-leaf. PLAUTUS. Ex Plauti Comoediis quarum Carmina Magna ex parte in Mensum suum restituta sunt. Aldine issue, with anchor on title and at end. With bookplate of L. L. Shadwell, Dante Scholar. 8vo., calf. Venice, 1522.



£2 2s. Naturalis Historiae opus ab innumeris mendis a D. Johan. Fine woodcut title shewing thirteen scenes, very crudely coloured and some figures damaged. Well printed throughout, with large woodcut initials, a few MS. notes in margins, folio, old half calf Cologne, 1524.

£3 3s

piece, 4to., vellum. Amst., 1738.


¶ POETAE Latini Rei Venaticae Scriptores et Bucolici antiqui cum notis var. Engraved frontispiece, 4to., vellum. Lugd. Bat., 1728.


¶ POINTER (J.). Rational Account of the Weather-the Signs of its Changes [from Birds, Beasts and Fishes], with an Essay accounting for a continued course of Wet Years, etc. 8vo., rough copy. 1738. 7s. 6d.

¶ PORT ROYAL. Method of Learning the Greek Tongue. 2 vols., 8vo., old calf. 1746.·


¶ PSALMORUM DAVIDIS. Paraphrasis Poetica auct. G. Buchanano. Tragaediae duae Buchanani Jephthes et Baptistes. 12mo., vellum. Laurentius, Amst., 1618.

7s. 6d. ¶ QUAKERS in Ireland. History of their rise and progress, 16531700, by T. Wight. 8vo., old calf. 1811.

2s. 6d.

¶ RAMEL (Adj. Gen.). Memoirs-facts relating to the 18th Fructidor, his exile to Cayenne and his escape with Barthelemy, Aubrey, and others. 8vo., calf. Norwich, 1798. 3s. 6d. ¶RISPOLIS (F. I. M. de). Status Controversiae, Praedefinitionum et Praedeterminationum cum libero arbitrio. Post 8vo., old vellum, Paris, 1609. 4s. 6d.

¶ ROAD-MAKING. Traite de la Construction des Chemins, ceux des Romains, ceux des Modernes, suivant qu'on les pratique en France. Folding plans, sm. 8vo., calf. Paris, 1756.

10s. ¶ RODNEY (Lord). Letters to his H.M.'s Ministers relative to the Capture of St. Eustatius, with his correspondence with the Admirals and others in the West Indies and America during the year 1781. 4to., half morocco

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£1 1s. ¶ [ROGERS (Samuel)]. An Epistle to A Friend, with other Poems. By the author of "The Pleasures of Memory." 4to., original boards, with new back-strip. 1798. Presentation copy, with inscription From the Author" on title-page. ¶ ROHAN (Henry, Duke of). The Compleat Captain, an abridgement of Julius Caesar's Commentaries, with the Military Discipline of the Greeks and Romans, their encampments, etc. Frontispiece and plan, post 8vo., old calf. 1694.


¶ ROME Ancienne, description abregee, d'apres Ligorius, Donati, etc., par Schoell. Coloured folding frontispiece and map, 12mo., morocco, Paris, 1811.


¶ RUSCELLI (V., da Viterbo). Imprese Illustri. con figure di Stampedi Rame. 5 full-page engraved titles and about 140 engravings [proofs ?], sm. 4to., vellum.

Venice, 1580.

£2 2s.

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