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recules au commencement du XVII. siecle, augmente d'une notice sur l'Hotel de Ville. Avec 44 figures, et Biographie des plus illustres Brugeois by J. Delepierre. 8vo., boards, cloth back. Bruges, 1835. 7s. 6d.

¶ BRUIN (Claas). Verzameling der overgeblevene Bybel- Zede- en Mendel Poczy. Engraved title and full-page plates, post 8vo., vellum. Amst., 1741. 4s. 6d. ¶ BRUNET (J. C.). Manuel du Libraire, dictionnaire bibliographique. 4 vols., boards, leather back, Brussels, 1821; with the Supplement issued by Firmin-Didot. 2 vols., roy. 8vo., sewed. Paris, 1878. Together 6 vols.


¶ BUCHANAN (G.). Rerum Scoticarum Historia, ad Jacobum VI. 8vo., vellum. Edinb., 1643

10s. BUCK (Geo.). The Geat Plantagenet. Or, A Continued Succession of that Royall Name, from Henry the Second to our Sacred Soveraigne King Charles. Sm. 4to., half calf, gilt, Rare. 1635. £10

The second edition, entirely re-written and considerably altered. The dedication to Sir John Finch replaces those to the King.

¶ BURGOYNE (Lieut.-Gen.). A State of the Expedition from Canada as laid before the House of Commons, with a collection of authentic documents, etc. Folding maps, 4to., half morocco, rubbed. 1780.

¶ BUSBEQUIUS (Aug. G.). Opera Omnia quae extant. sm. 8vo., calf, gilt, red edges. Basle, 1740.

£5 Thick

4s. 6d.

¶ BUTLER'S Hudibras, corrected with additions. Sm. 8vo., old calf. 1689.

7s. 6d.

¶ CAEDMON. Paraphrasis Poetica Genesios ac praecipuarum sacrae paginae historiarum. Anglo Saxonice conscript. No title, sm. 4to., old calf, rebacked, some corners damp-stained. Amst., 1655. MS. note says" George Borron's own copy."


¶ CALLIMACHUS. Elegiarum Fragmenta cum Elegia Catulli Callemchea, edidit J. Luzac. 8vo., old half russia. Lugd. Bat.,



¶ CAMDEN'S Remains concerning Britaine, fift impression, with many rare antiquities never before imprinted, by the care of John Philpot. Portrait and woodcuts of armes and creasts, sm. 4to., old calf. 1637.


¶ CANNING (T.). The Wedding and Bedding; or, John Bull and his Bride asleep. The Matchmakers Matched-their lamentation for the loss of the Bride Cake. Observations on the Letter of the Princess of Wales to her husband the Prince Regent. 2 Pamphlets in cloth covers, 8vo. N.D.


the Vulgar Tongue. 8vo., calf. Hooper of Holborn, 1785. 10s. CAQUET-BONBEC, la Poule a ma Tante. Poeme Badin. Probably lacks frontispiece, post 8vo., wrappers. No place or printer,



Les CARACTERES de La Bruyère, suivis des Caractères de Théophraste, traduits du Grec par Le Meme, Portrait, 2 vols., 8vo., half morocco, gilt, FINE COPY. Paris, 1818. £1 17s. 6d. ¶ CARIONIS (J.). Chronicorum [Universal History from Adam and Eve] Libri III. 16mo., calf, rebacked. Lugduni, 1560. £1 5s. This chronicle had a tremendous vogue amongst the Protestants. About 30 editions appeared in a few years.

¶ Poems. By C. CHURCHILL. Containing the Rosciad; The Apology; Night; The Prophecy of Famine; An Epistle to William Hogarth; and The Ghost; in Four Books. 4to., contemporary half calf (joints weak), marbled sides. London, Printed for the Author, 1763.


¶ CAROLINE. An Elegie On the Meekest of Men, The most glorious of Princes, The most Constant of Martyrs, Charles the I. Sm. 4to., half calf, gilt, RARE. 1649.

£3 10s. ¶ CARTER (F.). A Journey from Gibraltar to Malaga. Large folding plates of views, etc., 2 vols., 8vo., calf. 1780.


¶ CASTELLA et Praetoria Nobilium BRABANTIAE Coenobiaque celeb. ad vivum delineata aerique incisa in quatuor partes divisa. LOUVANIENSEM, BRUXELLENSEM, ANTVERPIENSEM ET SYLVAE-DucenSEM. Hundreds of magnificent large engravings in "Loggan" style, by Hollar and others, large folio, calf. Antwerp, 1696.

£5 ¶ CERVANTES. Don Quichotte, trad. de l'Espagnol par H. B. Dubournial. Full-page engravings, damp-spotted, 4 vols., 8vo., calf. Paris, 1822.

£1 10s. ¶ CERVANTES. Novelas Exemplares de Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra. Nueva Impresion, corregida y adornada con Laminas. 2 vols., 12mo., old calf. Perpinan, 1816.


¶ CHANVALON (T. de). Voyage a la Martinique, observations sur l'Histoire Naturelle, l'Agriculture, Usages, etc. 1751 et suivantes. Folding map, lists of plants, etc., 4to., calf. Paris, 1763.

£1 1s.

CHESS. STAMMA (Philip, of Aleppo). The Noble Game of Chess, new and easy method to play well. Folding plate, 12mo., calf.


7s. 6d.

¶ CICERONIS Opera, cum optimis exemp. accurate collata. Vol. I. de Orature, etc. 12mo., crimson morocco, damaged at back, with arms of Trin. Coll., Dublin, on sides, and bookplate of Maurice Baring. Elzevir, 1642. 10s.

with Index. 8vo., old calf. 1703.

7s. 6d.

¶ [CLARKE (E. D.)]. A Tour through the South of England, Wales, and part of Ireland, 1791. Thick paper copy, with the engravings coloured, 8vo., old calf (cracking), with Kaithoeher's label. 1793. £2 2s. CLAUDIAN. Hoc volumine haec continentur Claudiani in Ruffinum, de Bello Gildonico in Eutropium, etc. [171 leaves], post 8vo., morocco. Junta, Florence, 1519.

10s. 6d.

¶ CLIVE (Lord) A Letter to the Proprietors of the East India Stock. 1764. With other pamphlets, in i vol., 8vo., half calf. 10s. ¶ CONCILE DE TRENTE œcumenique et general, trad. du Latin par Abbe Chanut. 3 portraits, post 8vo., calf. Paris, 1714. 5s. ¶ CONCILII TRIDENTINI Historia ex Italicis P. S. Polani Latini facti. 4to., vellum. Corinchemi, 1658. 5s.

¶ CONSEILS A UNE AMIE [sur le point de quitter le Convent], par Madame de P. Post 8vo., calf. Amsterdam, 1751.


¶ CONSIDERATIONS on the Principles of Naval Discipline and Naval Courts Martial and the Conduct of the Courts Martial on Admiral Keppel and Sir H. Palliser, 1781. Defence of Captain Sutton and the Court's Sentence, etc., 1785. With various murder trials, etc. In 1 vol., 8vo., calf.


¶ CORONATION OF GEORGE IV. Full details and particulars of that magnificent Ceremony, by Robert Huish. Folding plate of procession and other engravings (one coloured), 8vo., old half calf. 1821. 4s. 6d.

¶ CORONELLI (P.). Epitome Cosmografica o compendiosa introduttione all' Astronomia, Geografia e Idrografia. Folding circular astronomical maps, plans for making an astrolabe, movable diagrams of the hemispheres, etc., sm. 8vo., calf, rebacked. Venice, 1613.

£4 10s. ¶ The COURT OF KING JAMES. Secret Passages of State since the death of Queene Elizabeth until this present. No title. The Court of King Charles, collected by Sir A. W. 1651. The NoneSuch Charles his Character out of the notes of Publick Ministers and Councellors of State. Portrait, 1651. In one vol., 12mo., old calf. £3 3s.

CURIOUS CASES OF POLYGAMY, Cuncubinage, etc. Seriously and learnedly discussed-a complete collection of remarkable Tryals particularly the famous Bernardino Ochino's. Portrait, post 8vo., calf. 1736.


¶ The DANCE OF DEATH. Painted by Holbein and engraved on 30 Plates (damp-stained), by W. Hollar, and the Daunce of Machabree, made by D. John Lydgate. Portraits of Holbein and Hollar, post 8vo., calf. N.D. 10s.

ment and Training of the English Race Horse. 8vo., calf 1828. 5s.

¶ DE GROOTS (Hugo). Nederlandtsche Jaerboeken en Historien sedert het jaer MDLV. tot het jaer MDCIX. Portraits, maps, views of naval battles, etc., folio, old vellum, broken. Amft., 1683. £1 10s. DE LA SUZE (Madame la Comtesse) et Monsieur Pelissonrecueil de Pieces Galantes, augmente de plusieurs Elegies. 12mo., calf (rebacked), Sunderland Library copy. Paris, 1666. 15s. ¶ DELICES des Pais-Bas, contenant une description generale des. XVII. provinces. Numerous folding plates in "Loggan" style, of Cathedrals, Churches, etc., 3 vols., post 8vo., old calf. Brussels, 1711. £1 1s.

DELITIAE DELITIARUM sive Epigrammatum ex optimis quibusq. hujus et novissimi seculi poetis in amplissima illa Bibliotheca Bodleiana, etc., opera A. Wright. 12mo., vellum, with book plate of Maurice Baring, Oxon., 1637.


¶ DERBY, its History to the Year 1791 and of its Illustrious Families, etc., by W. Hutton. 19 plates, 8vo., calf. 1817. 7s. 6d. ¶ DESCRIPTION de l'Isle des Hermaphroditis [une Satyre ingenieuse, qui fait voir les desordres de la Cour du Roy Henry ÏII.]. Curious engraved frontispiece, post 8vo., calf. Cologne, 1724. £1 15s.


Los Cinco Libros de La DIANA Enamorada. Compuestos por Gaspar Gil Polo. Fcap. 8vo., calf, rebacked. London, 1739. ¶ DICTIONARY of the Canting Crew, Gypsies, Beggars, Thieves, etc., useful for people to secure their money and preserve their Lives, by B. E. Post 8vo., old calf, soiled, piece torn from centre of one leaf. 17.

7s. 6d.

DOLCE (Lodovico) L'Achille e l'Erea, dove egli tessendo l'historia della Iliade d'Homero a quella dell' Eneide de Vergilio, ambedue l'haridotte in ottavo rima. Woodcut illustrations and decorations throughout, sm. 4to., vellum (loose in covers). Venice, 1572.


¶ DOLCE (Lodovico) Le prime Imprese del Conte Orlando di L. Dolce, da lui composte in ottavo Rima et nuovamente stampate. Portrait and woodcut illustrations and decorations, sm. 4to., vellum. Vinegia, 1572. 10s.

¶ DON FRANCESCO (Colonel). His Life-the whole series of his most remarkable actions from his birth to the time of his receiving sentence of death, for Rape. Portrait, 8vo., half calf. 172-.


¶ DONNE (John). Poems on Several Occasions, with his Life. 12mo., calf, carefully rebacked, small hole in centre of one leaf. Tonson,


Contains the Elegy To his Mistress omitted in other editions.


Border, with other Poems, Legendary, etc. Post 8vo., russia, gilt.


10s. 6d. ¶ DRAMA. Faithful Memoirs of the Life, Amours and Performances of that most eminent Actress Mrs. Anne Oldfield, by W. Egerton. Folding portrait, sm. 8vo., half calf.



¶ DREXELIUS (H.). Caelum, Beatorum Civitas Aeternitatis. 16mo., old calf. Antwerp, 1635.

7s. 6d.

¶ DREXELIUS. Heliotropium seu Conformatio humanae voluntatis cum divinate. 16mo., calf. Cologne, 1634. 7s. 6d. ¶ Romancero e Historia del muy valeroso Caballero EL CID, Ruy Diaz De Vibar. En lenguage antiguo, recopilada por Juan De Escobar. Anadida y adornada con una version Castellana de la Historia de la Vida del Cid por D. Juan de Muller. Frontispiece (a little foxed), post 8vo., half roan. Frankfort, 1828.


¶ ELZEVIR. GROTII (H.). et aliorum-dissertationes de studiis instituendis. Engraved frontispiece, TALL COPY, 12mo., half morocco. Amst., 1645.

7s. 6d. ¶ ELZEVIR.-HOBBES (Thos. Malmesbury). Elementa Philosophica de Cive. 12mo., russia, red edges. Amst., 1647. 7s. 6d. ¶ ELZEVIR.—TACITUS, cum optimis exemplaribus collatus. Engraved title, 12mo., old calf, used. Amst., 1678.


¶ [EULER (L., Astronomer). Lettres a une Princesse d'Allemagne, sur sujets de Physique et de Philosophie. Folding diagrams, 3 vols., sm. 8vo., old half calf. Londres, 1775.

4s. 6d. ¶ FIELDING (Henry). History of Tom Jones. 4 vols., post 8vo., old calf (one volume cracking). 1773.

£1 10s. ¶ FIRENZUOLA (M. Agnolo). Prose. Post 8vo., crimson morocco, gilt edges, NICE COPY, bound by C. Hering, with his label. Fiorenza, 1552.

£1 10s. ¶ FLANDRIA ILLUSTRATA, Antonii Sanderi, sive provinciae ac Comitatus descriptio. Magnificent plates in "Loggan" style of towns, churches, monasteries, etc. Long series of portraits of Bishops, detailed maps of towns, etc. FINE COPY, 3 vols., folio, boards, leather back, edges uncut. Hagae-Comitum, 1735. £10 10s. ¶ FLORAVANTI (F.). L'Arbitatore del Sole in due Colloqui ne' quali si prova le Stelle effere alcune Soli, ed altre Terre, etc. Post 8vo., old crimson morocco (cracking), with designs in gold on sides. Fine piece of binding. Londra, 1743.


¶ FLORES Omnium Pene Doctorum qui tum in Theologia, tum in Philosophia hact claruerunt per Thomam Hibernicum, ac ord. alphabet. 16mo., old calf.



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