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BONTINE CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM. Compiled, with a Foreword, by Leslie Chaundy. Printed in Caslon Old Face type, in black and red, on Van Gelder Zonen paper.

2s. 6d. net.

66 An excellent little book."-NEW YORK TIMES.

12mo., art boards.

Limited to five hundred numbered copies, of which very few remain for sale.

MOORE. A Bibliography of the First Editions of George Moore. Compiled by Iola A. Williams. With an introductory letter by George Moore. Sm. 4to., paper boards. 1s. Ed. net.

SADLEIR. Excursions in Victorian Bibliography. By Michael Sadleir. Demg 8vo. 21s. net.

The authors dealt with are Anthony Trollope, Benjamin Disraeli, Frederick Marryat, Wilkie Collins, Charles Reade, G. J. Whyte Melville, Mrs. Gaskell, and Herman Melville. There are essays on each of the authors with the exception of Charles Reade and Mrs. Gaskell, grouping and setting in general perspective the books of the author in question.

Mr. Squire in the OBSERVER: "So far as I am competent to judge, I should say that this bibliography is a model of its kind.” "Mr. Sadleir has made a most welcome addition to


books of reference."

The NEW STATESMAN:- "Mr. Sadleir is not only a reader, but adds to his elaborate bibliography of eight Victorian novelists his own impressions of them."

The Poems of CUTHBERT SHAW and THOMAS RUSSELL. Edited, with an Introduction and Notes by Eric Partridge, M.A., B.Litt. Oxon., author of " Eighteenth-Century English Romantic Poetry," etc. Cr. 8vo., boards, with linen back and paper label. 7s. 6d. net.

Limited edition of 575 copies.


The Editor, a keen observer of XVIIIth Century Literature, brought out in 1924 his Eighteenth Century English Romantic Poetry." Among the lesser figures that he treated, he noted as especially interesting the ill-starred Cuthbert Shaw, whose verse was satirically and lyrically spontaneous, and that delicate cultured and delightful poet, Thomas Russell. And to this interest he has given realisation in the present volume, which includes all the known printed verse of these writers (both unjustly neglected) and a brief scholarly notice, which, biographical and critical, will indicate to students and general readers alike that here may be found an attractive emotional poet in Shaw and an exquisite soneteer and lyrist in Russell. Both serve to throw an intriguing side-light on a period that is either too often or too exclusively called the Century of Reason.

of J. C. Squire and James Stephens. Compiled by Iola A. Williams. With an introductory letter by J. C. Squire. Sm. 4to., paper boards. 1s. 6d. net.

Ditto. LARGE PAPER. Printed on hand-made paper, and limited to 75 copies. Boards. 7s. 6d. net.

WILLIAMS. Seven Bibliographies of the Eighteenth Century. With Introductory Essays. By Iola A. Williams. The Authors dealt with are Goldsmith, Collins, Akenside, Shenstone, Sheridan, Armstrong, and Churchill. Demy 8vo. 18s. net.

Mr. Williams is so well known as the Bibliographical Expert of the LONDON MERCURY that he needs no introduction to that wide public which is interested in the science of books. This volume more than bears out his knowledge of the literature of the Eighteenth Century and also his extraordinary capacity for research. So complete is the bibliographical information that we venture to say that this volume will be for many years the standard work of reference on the first editions of these different authors.


I bave just read a book that is a positive joy to me."--MR. CLEMENT SHORTER in "THE SPHERE."


GOSSE (Philip) The Pirate's Who's Who. Notes on the Lives and Deaths of the Pirates and Bucaneers. Illustrated, large cr. 8vo. 10s. net.

"A gay and original book."—THE AMERICAN OUTLOOK.

"This quaint and entertaining volume."-DAILY Telegraph. THE ADVENTURES OF HAJJI BABA OF ISPAHAN. By James Justinian Morier. With an Introductory Note. Cr. 8vo., art boards, linen back with paper label, and coloured dust wrapper. 8s. 6d. net.

A good reprint of Morier's first and best romance.

"At a reasonable price and in sensible form."-SIR EDMUND GOSSE in the SUNDAY TIMES.

THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF PETER WILKINS, a Cornish Man; His Shipwreck Near the South Pole; His Extraordinary Conveyance to the Country of Men and Women that Fly; etc. By Robert Paltock. With a short introductory note and reproductions of the fine original illustrations of Boitard. Cr. 8vo., art boards, linen back with paper label, and picture dust wrapper. 8s. 6d. net.

A well-printed edition of this famous and fascinating romance. "Peter Wilkins" was much esteemed by, amongst others, Coleridge, Scott, Leigh Hunt and Charles Lamb.

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Paltock's masterpiece."-SIR EDMund Gosse.

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2 Antram (C. B.), F.E.S.-Butterflies of India. With 512 illustrations of practically every species for easy classification by the Author, sm. 4to., cloth, £2 5s. Calcutta, 1924

3 Aurivillius (Chr.) Ten Papers on the Lepidoptera of Egypt and the White Nile, Katanga-Gebiete, Lower Congo, and West Africa. With 6 coloured plates; and 10 other Papers on African Lepidoptera by E. M. Sharpe, W. J. Holland, H. Druce, W. F. Kirby, and G. T. Baker. 8vo., 12/6 (Author's Reprints from various Journals) 1880-1903

4 Austaut (J. L.) Les Parnassiens de la Faune Paléarctique. 32 coloured plates, sq. 12mo., cloth, 14/Leipzig, 1889

5 Barnes (Wm.), S.B., M.D., and McDunnough (J.), Ph.D.-Check List of the Lepidoptera of Boreal America. Pp. 392, 8vo., wrappers, 10/6 Decatin, Ill., 1917

6 Barrett (Charles G.), F.E.S.-The Lepidoptera of the British Islands: a descriptive account of the families, genera, and species indigenous to Great Britain and Ireland, their preparatory states, habits, and localities. With 504 coloured plates, COMPLETE SET, II vols., roy. 8vo., new half morocco, cloth sides, sprinkled edges, £30 1893-1907

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13 Boisduval (M. le docteur) Entomologie du Voyage de découvertes de L'Astrolabe, 1826-29, sous la commandement de M. J. Dumont-D'Urville de Faune Entomologique de l'Ocean Pacifique. Pp. 716, avec Atlas, 178 coloriees figures, 2 vols., 8vo., half calf, SCARCE, £5 5S. 1832

The Author's presentation copy to M. Lacordaire. Contains the bookplate of Ludovici Peringuey.

The Atlas was issued in large folio but this copy contains all the figures cut from the folio and bound in 8vo. to match the text.

14 Rambur, et Graselin. Collection iconographique et historique des Chenilles ou description et figures des Chenilles d'Europe. 126 coloured plates, 8vo., half morocco, SCARCE, £3 35. Paris, 1852




et Guenee-Lepidopteres Nocturnes. Liv. 6-10, no text, 57 plates (54 being coloured), 8vo., 8/6 Suites à Buffon, N.D. Liv. 1 and 2,9 and 10, uncoloured, 1/6 each

Catalogue des Insectes Lepidoptéres de la Belgique. Pts. 1 and 2, 8vo., 3/6 (Ex. Ann. Soc. Ent. Belge) 1857-59

18 Braun (A. F.) Evolution of the Color Pattern in the Microlepidopterous genus Lithocolletts. 2 coloured plates, 4to., 10(Jnl. Ac. N.S., Phil.)



Top of corner of the plates are missing. Revision of the N. Am. Sp. of the genus Lithocolletis (Hübner). 5 plates (4 coloured), 8vo., 5/-. (Author's rept.) 1908

20 British Museum. List of Specimens of Lepidoptera in the British Museum. By J. F. Stephens and F. Walker. Parts I.-VI., IX., X., XII. and XVI., 12mo., half vellum and wrappers, £3 1850-54 21 Brocher (F.) Les organes pulsatiles méso et métatergaux des Lépidopterès. 8vo., 2/6. (Arch. Zoo. Exp.)


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