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26 Bulletin of the Hill Museum: A Magazine of Lepidopterology. Edited by J. J. Joicey, F.L.S., F.Z.S., F.E.S. and G. Talbot, F.E.S., with the assistance of L. B. Prout, Miss A. E. Prout, and W. Hawker-Smith, F.E.S. With 24 photographic plates of Lepidoptera, and 8 photograhps of other subjects, Vol. I. in 4 pts., with 57 plates, sm. 4to., £4 10S. 1921-4 To be issued at intervals.

27 Busck (A.) Tineid Moths from B. Columbia New Sp', 8vo., 1/6 (U.S. N. M.) 1904 28 American Moths of the genus Cosmopteryx Hüb. 8vo., -. (U.S. N. M.) 1906 Tineid Moths from S. Texas. 8vo., 1. (U. S. N. M.) 1906

American Moths fam. Oecophoridae.


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Part V., with 23 coloured plates (186 figures) of Types of Indian Moths in the B. M., the majority from the N.E. Himalayas and Almoras. 4to., cloth, £2 10S.

1881 Part VI., 20 coloured plates (181 figures), Continuation of Part V. 4to., cloth, £2 45. 1886 Part VII., with 20 coloured plates (204 figures) of the Macro-Lepidoptera Heterocera, made in the District of Kangra by the Rev. J. H. Hocking, 1877-79, chiefly at Dharmsala. 4to., cloth, £2 1889 Part VIII., with 17 coloured plates (390 figures) of The Lepidoptera Heterocera of the Nilgiri District, by G. F. Hampson. 4to., cloth, £2 1891

Part IX., with 20 coloured plates (467 figures) of The Macro-Lepidoptera Heterocera of Ceylon, by G. F. Hampson. 4to., cloth, £2 2s.


Butterflies hitherto referred to the Genus Euplea of Fabricius. 8vo., 1/6. (Linn. Jnl.)

Lepidoptera from Sandakan, Borneo Coloured plate, 8vo., 1/6. (P.Z.S.) 1892 The Butterflies of Malacca. 2 plates, (1 coloured), 4to., 4/6. Trans. Linn. Soc.) 1879 41 Cambridge (Rev. O. P.) Lycaena Argiades Pall. New to Britain. Coloured plate, 8vo., 1/6 Sherborne, 1886 42 Chapman (T. A.) The Genus Acronycta and its Allies. 9 plates (6 coloured), 8vo., cloth, 3/6. (Reprinted from the Ent. Record and Trans. Woolhope Club) 1893

43 Chenu (Dr.) Encyclopedie d'Histoire Naturelle. Volume contenant la premiere partie des Insectes Lepidopteres, par H. Lucas. Profusely illustrated, roy. 8vo., half morocco, 7/1874


Ency. d'hist. naturelle: Papillons. 40 planches et 531 figures, roy. 8vo., cloth, 7/6 Paris, N.D. 45 Clemens (Dr. B.) The Tineina of N. America (a collected edition of his writings on that group of insects), with Notes by H. T. Stainton. 8vo., sewed, 4/6 1872 46 Comstock (J. H.) How to Know the Butterflies : a Manual of the Butterflies of the Eastern United States (Descriptions of 152 species and varieties). Pp. 311, with 45 full-page plates coloured, 8vo., cloth, 21/- net.


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56 Druce (H. H.) Illustrations of African Lycaenidae: being photographic representations of type specimens in the Impl Zoo. Mus. at Berlin. 8 plates, 8vo., cloth,



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Descriptions of new Lycaenidae and Hesperidae from Tropical West Africa. 45 coloured figures on 3 plates, 8vo., 2/-. (Excerpt P.Z.S.)


Twenty Papers on W. African Lycaenidae :-Genus Iolaus and Thysonotis, Lycaenidae from N. Guinea, Lycaenidae from the African, Australian, and Oriental Regions, 2 coloured plates; New Diurnal Lepidoptera from N. Rhodesia, from Tropical Africa, coloured plate; Hesperidae from W. Africa, 2 pts., 4 coloured plates; Neotropical Lycaenidae, with 6 coloured plates; and others. 8vo., £1 1891-1912 59 Dubois (R.) l'Etude de la Soie du Bombyx Mori et du Saturnia Yama-Mai. Planche, large 80v., 3/-. (Ext. Lab. d' E't. d. Soie)

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A revision of the Genus Argynnis : Moths allied to Himantopterus, coloured plate; Dimorphisus and Polymorphisus among Palaearctic Lep. 3 Papers, 8vo., 5/-. (Trans. Ent. Soc.) 1890-91

76 A Revision of the Genus Argynnis : Note on the Genus Erebia; A Revision of the Genus Ypthunia, with 3 plates; Lepidoptera Heterocera from N. China, Japan and Corea, Parts III. and IV. 8vo., 15/-. (Ex. Trans. Ent. Soc.) 1899-1902 Lepidoptera of the Altai Mountains 4 coloured plates, 8vo., 7/6. (Trans. Ent Soc.) 1899 78 Fabre (J. Henri) The Life of the Caterpillar. Trans. by A. T. de Mattos. cloth, 5/-.


8vo., 1916

79 Fauna of British India.-Moths, by Sir G. F. Hampson, Bart. Numerous illustrations, 4 vols., 8vo., cloth, £3 125. 80 Fauna Regni Hungariae. Lepidoptera Auct. L. Arafi, Aigner, J. Pavel, et F. Uhryk. Roy. 8vo., 7/6 Budapest, 1896 81 Fawcett (Lt. Col. J. M.) Notes on the Transformation of some South-African Lepidoptera. coloured plates (118 figures) 4to., 12/-. (Trans. Zool. Soc.)


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83 Felder (C.) Ein neues Lepidopteren aus der familie der Nymphaliden. Coloured plate (3 figures), 4to., half morocco, 5/1899 84 Felder (C. and R.) Obs. d. Lep. nonnullis Chinae centralis et Japoniae: Verz. der von Naturforschen der K. K. Fregatte" Novara gesam. Macro-lepidopteren. 2 Papers, 8vo. 5/

Key to the Families of the Lepidoptera. Roy. 8vo., (Ex. Nov. Zool.) 1918 67 Dyar (H. G.) Lepidoptera of the Kootenai district of B. Columbia. 8vo., 3/-. (U.S. N. Mus.) 68



Descriptive List of... early stages of Japanese Lepidoptera. 8vo., 1/6 1905 69 Lepidoptera of the Panama Canal Zone. 8vo., 3/- (U. S. N. Mus.) 70 Edwards (H.) Bibliographical Catalogue of the described transformations of N. Am. Lepidoptera. 8vo., 3/6 Wash., 1889 71 Elrod (M. J.) The Butterflies of Montana, with Keys for determination of species. I coloured and 12 black plates, and 125 figures, 8vo., 7/Montana, 1906


85 Felder (R.) Diagnosen neuer von dem H. v. Hedemann in Mexico in 1865-67 ges. Lepidopteren. Pp. 16, 8vo., cloth, 3/- 1869 86 Fletcher (T. Bainbrigge) Life-Histories of Indian Insects: Micro-lepidoptera. With 67 coloured and plain plates, sm. 4to., sewed, 10/6. (Mem. Dept. Ag. India) 1920 87 Fré (Ch. de) Catalogue des Microlepidoptéres de la Belgique. 8vo., 3/6. (Ex. Ann. Soc. Ent. Belge)


88 French (G. H.) The Butterflies of the Eastern United States "For the Use of Classes in Zoology and Private Students." 4th edition, pp. 429, with 7 plates and 93 text-illustrations, large 12mo., cloth, 10/Philadelphia, 1923

89 Frey (H.) Die Tineen und Pterophoren der Schweiz. 8vo., cloth, 4/6 Zurich, 1856 90 Frohawk (F. W.) F.E.S., etc.-Natural History of British Butterflies. With a Preface by Lord Rothschild. With 60 coloured and 4 black-and-white plates, in 2 vols., folio, boards, £6 6s. 1924 91 Fruhstorfer (H.) Neue Java Rhopalocera. 2 pts., 4 coloured plates, 8vo., 3/6. (Ex. Stett. Ent. Zeit.) 1894 92 Furneaux (W.) Butterflies and Moths (British). 12 coloured plates and many illustrations, cr. 8vo., cloth, 4/6

1894 93 Galvagni (E.) Lepidoptera: Beitrage zur kenntniss der Lepidopteren fauna der Adriatischen Inseln. Pp. 96, 8vo., 4/-. (Ex.) Wien, 1909 94 Geneve. Bulletin de la Société lépidoptérologique. Vol. III., fasc. 2 and 3, 4 plates (2 coloured), 8vo., 6/6 1915-16 95 Gilson (G.) Rech. s. 1. Cellules sécrétantes. I. La Soie et les Appareils Sérigicigenes I. Lepidoptères; II. Trichoptères. Planche, large 8vo., 2 Papers, 7/6. (La Cellule)

1890-1898 96 Grunberg (Dr. K.) Lepidoptera für 1913 Publikationen und Referate. 8vo. 10/6. (Archiv. fur Naturgeschichte Abt. B. 7 Heft.) 1914

97 Hampson (Sir George F.) Baronet-Catalogue of the Lepidoptera Phalaenae in the British Museum. Vols. I.-XIII. and 2 Supplements, 15 vols., 8vo. cloth, and 15 vols. of plates in wrappers, £27 7s.


1898-1920 The above contains 310 coloured plates, 3.193 woodcuts, and nearly 10,000 pages.

The Moths of S. Africa. Pt. I., roy. 8vo., cloth, 8/6. (Ex. Ann. S. Afr. Museum)

99 Hampson (Sir G. F.) Bart.-ENTOMOLOGICAL EXCERPTS from Proceedings of the Zoological Society: Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society; Annals of Natural History, Novitates Zoologicae, etc., various dates. I. Description of N.S. of Noctuidae, 2 pp., 6d.; II. New Thyrididae and Pyralidae, parts 1-4, 3/6; III. New Genera and Species of Drepanidae and Thyrididae, 1/-; IV. Heterocera from the Transvaal, collected by Distant, 1/-; V., Lep. from the Sabaki River, 1/-; VI. New Genera and Species of Syntomidae, Arctiadea, Agaistidae, and Noctuidae, 4 parts, 4/-; VII. On recent contributions to the Classification of the Lepidoptera, 1/-; VIII. New African Agaristidae in the B. M., 1/-; IX. Descriptions of New African Moths, 4 parts, 5/-; XA. Moths collected

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XB. Moths of Lake Urmi, 1/-; XI. Phalanae of the Bahamas, 2 parts, 3/-; XII. New Species of Syntomidae and Arctiadae, 2 parts, 3/-; XIII. Description of N. S. of Noctuidae in the B.M., 3 parts, 4/6; XIV. Description of New Genera and Species of Noctuidae, 3 parts, 4/6; XV. New Pyralidae, 1/6; XVI. New Pyralidae of the subfamilies Hydrocampinae and Scoparianae, Pyraustinaes, Epipaschianae, Chrysauginae, Endotrichinae, and Pyralinae Hydrocampinae, Scoparianae, Crambinae and Siginae, 33 Papers from Annals Nat. Hist., 1906-19, 30/-; XVII. The Moths of India (from Jul. Bombay N. H. Soc.), part I., Ser. II. parts 4 to 10, Ser. III., parts 1, 2 and 3 (in 6 sections), 9. 10, 11, Ser. IV., parts 1, 2, 3 and 5, with coloured plates, 35/-; XVIII. Butterflies of the Nilgiri District, 1882, 2-; XIX. Classification of the Aegeriadae of the Oriental and Ethiopian Regions, 5/-; XX. New Species of Arctiadae in the B. M., 2/6; XXI. New Genera and Species of Amatidae Lithosidae and Noctuidae, 6/-; XXI. Classification of the Pyralidae (sub-family Gallerianae, 3/6; XXIII. Key to the families of the Lepidoptera, prepared by Durrant, 2/-; XXIV. Some small families of the Lepidoptera which are not included in the Key to the families in the Catalogue of the Lep. Phalaenae in the B. M., 4/-; XXV. A Collection of Moths made in Somaliland by W. Feather, by E. B. Poulton, with description of New Species by Hampson, Prout, and Durrant, 2 coloured plates, 4/6; XXVI. Classification of the Pyralidae-sub-family Hypsotropinae, 2/6; XXVII. Lepidoptera from Chapada, 1/-; XXVIII. Description of one new Genus and fourteen New Species of Moths (from Sokotra), 1/- ; XXIX. Stridulation Lepidoptera, 1/6; XXX. Classification of the Chrysauginae, engravings, 2/6; XXXII. Classification of the Thyrididae, engravings, 2/6; XXXIII. Lepidoptera Phalanae from Northern Rhodesia, 6 coloured plates, 6/-; XXXV. Revision of the Moths of the sub-family Pryraustinae and family Pyralidae, 2 parts, with 2 coloured plates, and engravings, 8/6; XXXVI. A New Genus and Species of Noctuidae from Britain, coloured plate, 1/6; XXXVII. Progress in the Collection of Insects in the B. M. since the purchase by the Government of the Collection of Sir Hans Sloane in 1753, 3/-; XXXVIII. Classification of three subfamilies of Pyralidae, the Epipascheinae, Endotrichinae and Pyralinae, engravings, 3/-; XXXIX. Classification of the Hydrocampinae and Scoparianae, 3/-; XL. Classification of a New Family of the Lepidoptera, engravings, 1/-; XLI. Moths of


Hampson (Sir G. W.)-cont.

the Lesser Antilles, coloured plate, 2/6; XLII. New Palearctic Pyralidae, coloured plate, 2/6; XLIII. Three remarkable New Genera of Microlepidoptera, engravings, 1/6; XLIV. Remarkable New Lepidopterous Insect from Zululand, engravings, 1/-; XLV. The Moths of South Africa, parts 2 and 3, 6/-; XLVI. Lepidoptera Heterocera (of the Ruiwenzori Expedition, coloured plate (69 figures), 8/6; XLVII. Two New Spec. of Wood-boring Moths from W. Africa, 6d. ; XLVIII. List of Types of Catocala in the B. M., 6d.; XLIX. Determination of Generic Types of Lepidoptera, 6d.; L. New Forms of Pyralidae from Spain, 6d. LI. New Moths collected by A. Avinoff in W. Turkestan and Kashmir in 1909-12, 6d.; LII. New Gen. and Spec. of Lepid. Phalaenae, with two new families, 2/6

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113 Hofmann (Prof. Dr. Ernst.) Die Raupen der Gross Schmetterlinge Europas. 50 coloured figures; and Die Gross-Schmetterlinge Europas. 71 plates, with 2,000 figures, 2 vols., 4to., cloth, ₤2 25.

Stuttgart, 1893-9 114 Holland (Dr. W. J.) The Butterfly Book: a popular guide to a knowledge of the Butterflies of North America. 48 plates in colour photography, 4to., cloth, £1 58. 1923 115 The Moth Book: a popular guide to a knowledge of the Moths of North America, 48 plates in colour and numerous illustrations in the text, 4to., cloth, 15s.



Notes on the Transformation of some African Lepidoptera, plate; Descriptions of New Species and Genera of West African Lepidoptera, 5 plates; New and undescribed genera and species of W. African Lepidoptera, 5 plates; New and undescribed genera and species of W. African Noctuidae, 5 plates. 3 Papers, sm. 4to., 6/-. (Ext. Psyche) 1892-94 117 The Lepidoptera of Buru. 2 pts., 4to., 4/6. (Nov. Zool.)


118 Hopkins (F. G.) Pigments of the Pieridae. 4to., 1/-. (Phil. Trans.) 1895

119 Horsfield (T.) Descriptive Catalogue of the Lepidopterous Insects in the Museum of the Hon. East India Company. With 8 coloured plates of Imago and Larvae of new species (all published); also, MACLEAY (W. S.) Annulosa Javanica, Part I. (all published), with plates, no title. 4to., half calf, £2 12s. 6d. 1825-28


and Moore. Catalogue of the Lepidopterous Insects in the Museum of the Hon. East-India Company. 36 plates (uncoloured), 2 vols. in 1, 8vo., cloth, 12.6 1857-59

120 Hubner (Jacob) Der Sammlung europaischen Schmetterlinge. Geometra. 20 coloured plates (Nos. 1-18, 21 and 22), 107 figures and MS. Index, no text-Tortrices, 16 coloured plates (104 figures), no textPyralides, with text, pp. xvi. × 30 and Index, 20 coloured plates (134 figures)— Tineae, with text, pp. 70 and Index, 34 coloured plates (237 figures). In 1 vol., 4to., half calf, £7 7s. 1796, etc.

Although incomplete it is of great value to the Entomologist, as absolutely complete copies are rarely met with.

121 Hufnagel (A.) Recherches histologiques sur la Metamorphose d'un Lépidoptere (Hypanomeuta padella L.). 3 planches, 8vo. 6-. (Arch. Zoo. Exp.)


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123 Humphreys (H. N.) The Genera of British Moths (arranged according to the system now adopted by the British Museum). With 62 coloured plates, 2 vols., roy. 8vo., cloth (some plates loose), £1 London, N.D. 124 Indian Lepidoptera: A Collection of Excerpts by Moore, Atkinson, Butler and Swinhoe on New Genera and Species of India, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Mhow. With 35 coloured plates, bound in I vol., 8vo., new half morocco, gilt top, £2 25. (From Proc. Zoo. Soc.) 1863-86 125 Jameson (A. P.) Report on the Diseases of Silkworms in India. 8 plates (1 coloured), 8vo., boards, 6|Calcutta, 1922 126 Janet (A.) Les Papillons. Avec planche en coleur, 8vo., 2/-. (Soc. Zoo. d. France)

127 Johnson (Theodore)



1902 of

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128 Kappel (A. W.) and Kirby (W. E.) British and European Butterflies and Moths (Macrolepidoptera). 30 coloured plates, 4to., cloth, 15/-. 129 Kawrigin (W. N.) Catalogus Lepidopterorum Gaberni Petropolitani. 8vo., 6/-. St. Petersburgh, 1894 130 Kearfott (W. D.) New American Crambid Moths. 8vo., 16. (U.S. N. M.) 1908 131 Kenrick (Sir G. H.) New Heterocera from Madagascar. 36 coloured figures, 8vo., 3/6. (Ext. Trans. Ent. Soc.) 1914 132 Kirby (W. F.) Manual of European Butterflies. Illustrated, cr. 8vo., cloth,

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1882 half morocco, rubbed, 12/1882

Butterflies and Moths of the United Kingdom. 70 coloured plates, 8vo., cloth, 10/6



The Butterflies and Moths of Europe. With 55 coloured plates and many illustrations in the text, bound in 2 vols., 4to., quarter morocco, some plates loose, 18/1903 138 Genus Xanthospilopteryx. Coloured plate, 8vo., 2/-. Trans. Ent. Soc.) 1891 Handbook to the Order Lepidoptera. 157 coloured plates, 5 vols., 12mo., cloth, 1 IOS. Lloyd's, 1896-97 140 Klages (E. S.) Syntomid Moths of S. 1898-1900. 8vo., 1/6. 1906


Venezuela Coll. (U.S. N. Mus.)

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146 Lathy (P. I.) Monograph of the Genus Calista. Coloured plate, 8vo., 1/6. (Ext. Trans. Ent. Soc.) 1899

147 Leech (John H.), F.L.S., F.Z.S., F.E.S. Butterflies from China, Japan and Corea. With 43 plates (460 coloured figures), 3 vols., 4to., half cloth, £7 ICS. 1892-4 Lepidoptera of Japan and Corea, Part II. Heterocera, Sect. I. .3 coloured plates, 8vo., 4/6. (P.Z.S.)




Lepidoptera from Kinkiang, 3 coloured plates; and New Species of Deltoids and Pyrales from Corea, N. China and Japan. 3 coloured plates, 8vo., 6/- 1899 150 Lepidoptera Palearctica. Collection of more than 200 Author's editions of Excerpts from various Entomological publications on Entomology, chiefly Lepidoptera Palaearctica from the Library of the late H. J. Elwes, F.R.S. Hundreds of illustrations and a few coloured and plain plates, all in 8vo. size, £4 12s. 6d. Various dates

151 Longstaff (G. B.) Butterfly-Hunting in Many Lands. Notes of a Field Naturalist, to which are added Translations of Papers by Fritz Müller on the Scent Organs of Butterflies and Moths, with a Note by E. B. Poulton. 16 plates (7 coloured), 8vo., cloth, 12/6. Out of print


151A Lubbock (J.) Arrangement of the Cutaneous Muscles of the Larva of Pygaera bucephala. 2 plates, 4to., 2/-6. (Linn. Trans.)


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