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27 Carotti (Dr. G.) A History of Art. vols., post 8vo., illustrated, 5/- 1908 128 Carpenter (E.) Sketches from Life in Town and Country, portrait, FIRST EDITION, 3/

1908 129 Carroll (Lewis) The Hunting of the Snark. Cr. 8vo., illustrated, 2/- 1876 130 His Life and Letters, by S. D. Collingwood. Illustrated, soiled copy, 2/1898 131 Catalogue de l'Exposition d'Euvres de l'Art Français au XVIIIème Siècle, 1910. Avec une Introduction du Professeur Dr. Seidel, Directeur des Collections Artistiques des Châteaux Royaux, etc. Fine full-page plates, large 4to., boards, with parchment back, 17/6


132 La Geomance du Seigneur Christofe de Cattan, Gentil-homme Geneuois. Livre non moins plaisant et recreatif, que d'ingenieuse invention, pour scavoir toutes choses presentes, passées, et à advenir. Avec la Roue de Pythagoras. Le tout mis en lumiere par Gabriel du Preau: . . . Revue et corrigé. Title within woodcut borders, 4to., boards. Paris pour Gilles Gilles, 1571 LI 5s. 133 Cesaresco (Countess E. M.) The Liberation of Italy, 1815-70. Portraits, cr. 8vo., 2/6 1895 134 Chamberlain (H. S.) The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century. A Translation from the German, by John Lees; with an Introduction by Lord Redesdale. 2 vols., 8vo., 8/135 Chambers' Encyclopaedia a Dictionary of Universal Knowledge for the People. Illustrated, 10 vols., roy. 8vo., half crimson levant, arms of former owner on sides, raised bands on backs, gilt tops, £3 7s. 6d. 1869 Offered at a considerably lower price than the cost of the binding alone.


136 Le Chanson de Roland. Par Léon Gautier. Seconde Partie contenant les Notes et Variantes, Le Glossaire et La Table. Avec une Carte Géographique et quinze Gravures sur Bois. Roy. 8vo., half morocco, gilt, 10/6 Tours, 1872

The late Maurice Hewlett's copy, with his bookplate.

137 Chateaux de France, Anciens et Modernes. Intérieurs et Extérieurs. Fine plates, folio, blue levant extra, with silk ends; arms of former owner on front Cover, AN EXTREMELY FINE COPY, ₤2 17s. 6d. Paris, 19138 Chatterton (Thomas) Poetical Works. 'The Aldine Poets." 2 vols., post 8vo., 7/6 1883 139 Chatto (W. A.) Treatise on Wood Engraving. Historical and Practical. Over 400 illustrations, roy. 8vo., leather back (worn at top), 15/


1861 140 Chaucer.-The Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. Edited by Richard Morris. With a Memoir by Sir Harris Nicolas. Aldine Poets. 6 vols., fcap. 8vo., 21/- 1891 141 Chesterton (G. K.) William Blake. Post 8vo., illustrated. Popular Library of Art. 1/142 China, its Marvel and Mystery. By T. Hodgson Liddell, R.B.A. With forty illustrations in colour by the author, sm. 4to., 10/143 Chirol (Valentine) Indian Unrest. A reprint, revised and enlarged, from " The Times." With an Introduction by Sir Alfred Lyall. 8vo., 3/6



144 Churchill (Winston) Mr. Crewe's Career. Cr. 8vo., illustrated, 2/1908

145 Cicognara (Count Leopold) Storia della Scultura dal suo Risorgimento in Italia fino al secolo di Canova. Per Servire di Continuazione all' opere di Winkelmann e di d'Agincourt. 8 vols., 8vo., and 3 folio volumes of plates, vellum, gilt, £1 5s.

Prato, 1823 146 Classical Picture Gallery.-A Series of Reproductions of the Choicest Paintings of the Old Masters, taken from the Originals in the Galleries and Private Collections of Europe. Edited, with Biographical Notices, by Prof. F. Von Reber and Dr. A. Bayersdorfer. Many hundred fine fullpage plates. II volumes, 4to., £3 3s.

1890-1900 147 Clement (C. E.) Heroines of the Bible in Art. Cr. 8vo., illustrations, 2/


148 Angels in Art. Cr. Evo., illustrations, 21899

149 2/6

Saints in Art. 8vo., illustrated,


150 Coaching.-ROGERS (Fairman) A Manual of Coaching. Illustrated, 8vo., 7/- 1900 151 Coleridge.-The Poetical Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Edited, with an introduction and notes, by T. Ashe. Aldine Poets, 2 vols., fcap. 8vo., 7/6 1890

152 Coleridge.—Another copy, cloth, gilt, 7/6| 170 Cromwell, by John Morley. Portraits

Coleridge (S. T.) Works.

Library. Red cloth :

1890 Bell's Standard

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and reproductions of contemporary prints, cr. 8vo., 6/


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Sleep: its Physiology,


Psychology, etc.




Six Sermons. By Philip H. WickCr. 8vo., 2/ROSSETTI (M. F.) A Shadow of Dante. FIRST EDITION, cr. 8vo., cloth. slightly damaged on back, 12/



LLOYD MORGAN. Comparative Psycho-
RIBOT. Psychology of the Emotions 1897
SCRIPTURE (Dr. E.) The New Psychology


STARBUCK. Psychology of Religion 1899 166 Courtney (W. L.) Rosemary's Letter Book. The Record of a Year. Portrait, 8vo., ex-library copy, 21909 167 Cowper (Wm.) The Task; Tirocinium ; and other Poems. Post 8vo., 1/6 1872 168 Craig (Edward Gordon) On the Art of the Theatre. 8vo., illustrated, boards (a little shabby), with cloth back, 3/- 1911 169 Crawley (A. E., author of " The Mystic Rose," etc.) The Idea of the Soul. 8vo., 4/6


1891 Karl Witte's Essays on, selected and translated by Lawrence and Wicksteed. Cr. 8vo., 3/1898 Zeichnungen von Sandro Botticelli zu Dante's Goetlicher Komoedie. Description by Dr. Lippmann. Supplement by Dr. Strzygowski; and portfolio of plates [about 27 × 20 in.), £5 5s.

Berlin, 1887 185 Daphnis et Chloe. The Elizabethan Version, from Amyot's translation, by Angel Day. Reprinted from the unique original, and edited by Joseph Jacobs. Sm. folio, 6/6


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86 D'Arblay (Madame) her Diary and Letters; with notes by W. C. Ward. 3 vols., post 8vo., 7/6 Vizetelly, 1890 87 Darmesteter (J.) English Studies [Wordsworth, G. Eliot, Mary Robinson, Joan of Arc, etc.]. Cr. 8vo., 2/6 1896 :88 Daudet (Alphonse) Jack. With illustrations by Myrbach, cr. 8vo., half roan (a little rubbed), 3/

1890 189 Davidson (John) The Great Man and a Practical Novelist. 8vo., four illustrations, FIRST EDITION, 6/


1891 A Random Itinerary. Fcap. 8vo., FIRST EDITION (600 copies), 7/6 1894 191 The Theatrocrat: a Tragic Play of Church and State. 8vo., FIRST EDITION, 6/1905 192 De Baye (Baron J.) The Industrial Arts of the Anglo-Saxons. Illustrated. Translated by T. B. Harbottle. 4to., 4/6 1893 193 Madame De Brinvilliers and Her Times. 1630-1676. By Hugh Stokes. Illustrated, 8vo., 4/


194 Dehan (Richard) Between Two Thieves. Cr. 8vo., 2/

195 De Maupassant (Guy) The Two Brothers, Pierre et Jean. Translated by Albert Smith. Illustrated by E. Duez and A. Lynch, large 4to., wrappers, as issued, 5/Philadelphia, 1889 196 Demonology and Devil-Lore, by M. D. Conway. Illustrated, 2 vols., 8vo., £I IS. 1880

197 Dickens and Wilkie Collins.-Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices; No Thoroughfare; Perils of Certain English Prisoners. Illustrated, 8vo., 7/6 1890 198 Dickinson (G. L.) The Greek View of Life. Cr. 8vo., 2/1909

Justice and Liberty. A Political


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Rev. E. Cobham Brewer. 24th revised. To which is added a concise bibliography of English Literature. Thick cr. 8vo., 3189.201 Dictionnaire de la Langue Verte. Archaismes, Neologismes, Locutions étrangères, Patois, par Hector France. 4to., half roan. 10/Paris, N.D. 202 Diosy (Arthur) The New Far East. With illustrations from special designs by Kuboto Beisen, of Tokio, 8vo., 5/- 1904 203 Dixon (H. Claiborne) The Abbeys of Great Britain. Cr. 8vo., illustrated, 2N.D. (19-) 204 Dobson (Austin) A Paladin of Philanthropy; and other Papers. 8vo., FIRST EDITION, 6/6 1899 Richard Steele. " English Worthies Series." 8vo., FIRST EDITION, 5/- 1888 Horace Walpole: a Memoir. 8vo., portrait of Walpole, 5/1893 207 Donaldson (Sir James) Addresses delivered in the University of St. Andrew's, 1886-1910. 8vo., 3/




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210 Dostoieffsky (Fedor) Crime and Punishment. A Russian Realistic Novel. 8vo., 31Injury and Insult. 8vo., portrait, FIRST ENGLISH EDITION, 10/6 1886 212 Drummond of Hawthornden.--Story of his Life, by D. Masson. Portrait, used copy, cr. 8vo., 3/1873 213 Dryden (John) Poetical Works. Globe Edition. Edited by W. D. Ametie. 8vo., 2/


214 Du Maurier (G.) The Martian: a Novel. 8vo., a portrait and some illustrations, 7/6 1898

215 Trilby. 8vo., illustrated, 4/6 1895 216 Dutch Masters.-One hundred illustrations from the drawings and studies of; well reproduced and mounted separately on card. 4to., in portfolio, with cloth sides and morocco back, £1 15s.

1923 217 Old Dutch and Flemish Masters. Engraved by Timothy Cole. With critical notes by John C. Van Dyke, and comments by the Engraver. Imp. 8vo., £I IS. 1895 218 Early Teutonic, Italian, and French Masters, translated from the Dohme Series, by A. H. Keane. Illustrated throughout, roy. 8vo., half morocco, 10/

1880 219 Edinburgh and the Lothians at the Opening of the 20th Century, by A. Eddington, illustrated; Contemporary Biographies, with hundreds of portraits, edited by W. T. Pike. 4to., leather, 5/

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1904 220 Egan-Paul Jones. By Pierce Egan the Younger, author of Robin Hood," Wat Tyler," etc. Illustrated, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo., half red morocco, gilt, arms on sides, £3 7s. 6d. 1842 221 Egerton (H. E.) A Short History of British Colonial Policy. 8vo., 2/6 1897 222 Eliot (George) Novels. With illustrations, 8 vols., cr. 8vo., £1 IOS. (circa 1896) 223 Ellis (Havelock) Affirmations. 8vo., 9/1898 224 Ellis (Mrs. Havelock) Three Modern Seers. James Hinton, Nietzsche, and Edward Carpenter. Cr. 8vo., portraits, etc., 311910 225 Elton (C. I. and M.A.) The Great Book Collectors. Portraits, cr. 8vo. (cloth soiled), 2/1893 226 Emerson (R. W.) Works. 8vo., portrait, 2/6 1889 227 Encyclopaedia Biblica, edited by Drs. T. K. Cheyne and J. Sutherland Black. 4 vols., roy. 8vo., £1 5s. 1899

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The following volumes in the 1/6 each:

older issue.

Byron. By John Nichol
Bunyan. By J. A. Froude
Bentley. By Jebb

Burke. By John Morley
Chaucer. By J. W. Ward
Cowper. By Goldwin Smith
Defoe. By W. Minto
Dryden. By Saintsbury
Gray. By Edmund Gosse
Gibbon. By J. C. Morison
Goldsmith. By Wm. Black
Hawthorne. By H. James, Jr.
Hume. By Prof. Huxley
Johnson. By Leslie Stephen
Locke. By Thomas Fowler
Lamb. By Alfred Ainger
Landor. By Sidney Colvin
Milton. By Pattison
Macaulay. By J. C. Morison
Pope. By Leslie Stephen
Sheridan. By Mrs. Oliphant.
By H. D. Traill

Scott. By R. H. Hutton
Swift. By Leslie Stephens
Spenser. By R. W. Church

Thackeray. By Anthony Trollope
Wordsworth. By F. W. H. Myers

232 The English Novel in the time of Shakespeare. By J. J. Jusserand. Translated from the French by Elizabeth Lee. Revised and enlarged by the author. Illustrated. Svo., 151890 233 English Patriotism, The History of, by Esmé Wingfield-Stratford. Frontispiece, 2 vols., 8vo., 8/6 1913

234 Engravings of the Most Noble the Marquis of Stafford's Collections of Pictures, arranged according to Schools, with Remarks. By W. Y. Ottley, F.S.A., and P. W. Tomkins. 5 vols. in 3, 4to. (volume five larger than the others, as published). Half crimson levant, gilt, arms of former owner on sides, FINE SET, £7 7S. 1818


235 Etching.-Year Book of American Etching, 1914. With an Introduction by Forbes Watson. With 100 reproductions of etchings (including examples of the work D. S. MacLaughlin, E. T. Hurley, G. C. Aid and Allen Lewis) shown at the Annual Exhibition of the Association of American Etchers. 8vo., (10/6 net.), 4/- 1914 236 Etheredge (Sir G.) Works, complete. edited by A. W. Verity. Only 500 copies printed, 8vo., 15/Nimmo, 1888

237 E.V.B.-Ros Rosarum Ex Horto Poetarum. Cr. 8vo., wrappers, 2/- 1896

238 Evelyn (John) Sylva; or, A Discourse of Forest Trees. With an Essay on the Life and Works of the Author, by John Nisbet. Portrait and plates, 2 vols., roy. 8vo. (21/- net.), 10/6


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241 Farquhar.-The Dramatic Works of George Farquhar. Edited by Ewald. 2 vols., 8vo., one of 520 copies printed, 25/


242 Felissa, or, The Life and Opinions of a Kitten of Sentiment. 12mo., coloured illustrations, 2/

1903 a Complete Bibliography of. By Carl A. Thimm. With a classified index. Illustrated with numerous portraits, reproductions of early title-pages, etc., thick sm. 4to. (31/6 net.), 5/1806 244 Fenelon.-Telemachus. Translated from the French. 12mo., calf, 1/6 1807 245 Feuillet (Octave) The Romance of a Poor Young Man. Translated from the French. With illustrations by Mouchot, engraved by Meaulle. Imp. 8vo., decorated linen, as issued, 15/

243 Fencing and Duelling,


Limited edition of 1,000 numbered copies. 246 Field (Eugene) The Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac. 8vo., 2/6

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247 Finck (H. T.) Romantic Love and Personal Beauty. 2 vols., cr. 8vo., 10- 1887 248 Flaubert (G.) The First Temptation of St. Anthony, translated by René Francis from the 1849-56 MS., edited by L. Bertrand. 8vo., 6/

1910 249 Folk-Lore of Modern Greece: The Tales of the People. Edited by the Rev. E. M. Geldart, M.A. Cr. 8vo., 2/

1884 250 Forest Tithes; and other Studies from Nature. By "A Son of the Marshes." Edited by J. A. Owen. Cr. 8vo., 2/- 1893

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Jeremy Taylor. English Men of Letters.' 8vo., FIRST EDITION, 6/- 1904 Questions at Issue. 8vo., FIRST

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254 Fox-Bourne (H. R.) English Newspapers. Chapters in the History of Journalism. 2 vols., 8vo., 6/1887 255 France, by J. E. C. Bodley. Thick sm. 8vo., 3/6 1889 256 Francis of Assisi, his times, life and work, by Canon Knox Little. 8vo., 4/- 1897 257 Freshfield (D. W.) Round Kangchenjunga; Narrative of Mountain Travel and Exploration. Maps and illustrations, roy. 8vo., 6/1903 258 Freeman (E. A.) William the Conqueror. Twelve English Statesmen." 8vo., 1/6 1888 259 Froissart (Sir John) Chronicles of England, France, Spain, and the adjoining Countries, from the latter part of the Reign of Edward II. to the Coronation of Henry IV. Translated from the French Editions, with variations and additions from many celebrated MSS., by Thomas Johnes. With a Life of the Author, etc. Coloured title-page and illustrations, 2 vols., 4to., half morocco. With arms on sides and gilt tops, FINE COPY, £2 IOS. 1862

260 Froissart's Chronicles.-Johnes' translation, with essay, etc., 2 vols., roy. 8vo., used copy, 7/6 1857 261 Gardiner (Dr. S. R.) A Student's History of England, to the death of Queen Victoria. Illustrated, thick cr. 8vo., 5/1907 262 Garnett (Richard) Poems. Cr. 8vo., 6/1895

263 Gascoyne-Cecil (Lord W.) Changing China. Cr. 8vo., 2/1911 264 Anne Gilchrist, Her Life and Writings. Edited by H. H. Gilchrist; with a Prefatory Notice by W. M. Rossetti. 8vo., worn copy, 2/1887 265 The Glastonbury Lake Village.-A Full Description of the Excavations and the Relics Discovered, 1892-1907. By Arthur Bulleid, L.R.C.P., and Harold St. George Gray. With an Introductory Chapter by Robert Munro, M.A. Numerous plates and maps. Volume one. 4to., 8/

1911 266 Goldsmith (Oliver) Miscellaneous Works. With Biographical Introduction by Professor Masson. [Globe Edition]. Frontispiece, cr. 8vo., 2/1884 267 Gosse (Sir Edmund) Sir Thomas Browne. English Men of Letters." 8vo., FIRST EDITION, 6/1905 Gossip in a Library. 8vo., 3/6 1892



Series." 8vo., 6/-
Another copy. FIRST EDITION,

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281 Goya y Lucientes. Cinquante planches d'après ses oeuvres les plus célèbres. Introduction par Paul Lafond. Large folio, blue levant, extra; the arms of a former owner on front cover, EXTREMELY CHOICE COPY, £15 15S. Paris, 1910

Limited edition of 500 numbered copies. 282 Grand (Sarah) Adham's Orchard: a Prologue. Cr. 8vo., 2/1912 283 Grant Duff (Sir Mountstuart E.) Notes from a Diary, 1851 to 1901. 14 vols., cr. 8vo., £3 10S. 1897-1905 284 Gray (B. Kirkham) Philanthropy and the State; or, Social Politics. Edited by E. K. Gray and B. L. Hutchins. 8vo., 3/1908

285 Gray. The Poetical Works of Thomas Gray. English and Latin. Introduction, Life, and Bibliography by John Bradshaw, M.A. Aldine Poets. Fcap. 8vo., frontispiece, 4/6 1891 286 Greece in the Nineteenth Century. A Record of Hellenic Emancipation and Progress: 1821-1897. By Lewis Sergeant. Map and illustrations, 8vo., 4/6 1897 287 Green (Alice Stopford) The Making of Ireland and its Undoing, 1200-1600. 8vo., 5/288 Green (J. R.) Short History of the English People. Illustrated Edition. 4 vols., roy. 8vo., £1 5s. 1892-4


289 Greg (W. R.) Rocks Ahead; or, Warnings of Cassandra. Cr. 8vo., 2/6 1874 290 Groome (F. H.) Two Suffolk Friends 8vo., illustrated, 2/1895

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