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1909 (published 30s. net). Offered at

205 net.

A magnificent work which would, if produced at the present time, cost at least 3 guineas.

¶ RUGS, ORIENTAL AND OCCIDENTAL. Antique and Modern. A Handbook for Ready Reference. By Rosa Belle Holt. Full-page plates, many coloured. No. 67 of 100 copies on hand-made paper, roy. 8vo, half green levant, extra, arms on side. Chicago, 1901. £3 ¶RYCAUT (SIR PAUL). The Lives of the Popes, from the time of our Saviour to the Reign of Sixtus IV. Fine Portrait after Lely. Folio, calf. 1688. 155.

¶ S. FRANCIS OF ASSISI. The Book of the Little Flowers, translated by Prof. T. W. Arnold, with illustrations from a Manuscript in the Laurentian Library, etc. No. 2 of 475 copies printed by the Florence Press. 4to, boards. 1909. £I IS.

¶ SAINT PIERRE ET DU JONGIEUR (DE). Fabliau du XIV siècle escript, enlumyne et ystorie par H. Malatesta. The plates beautifully coloured and illuminated, the Text printed in Lettres Batardes, with illuminated capitals. Roy. 8vo, new half calf, gilt, FINE COPY. Paris, N.D. (circa 1910). Edition limited to 250 copies. £2 105. ¶ SAKI (H. H. MUNRO). Beasts and Super-Beasts. First Edition, Cr. 8vo. 1914.


SAND (GEORGE). La Mare Au Diable. Edition enrichie de dix-sept illustrations, composees et graves a l'eau forte par Edmond Rudaux. Number 276 of 1,000 copies on Japanese vellum, imp. 8vo, green levant, extra, arms on side, FINE COPY. With autograph and bookplate of John Oliver Hobbes (Mrs. Craigie). Paris, 1889. £2 155.

¶ SANDY'S TRAVELS, containing an History of the Original and Present State of Turkish Empire. A Description of Constantinople, also, Greece, Aegypt, etc., lastly, Italy. Engraved title and many plates. Folio, calf, well rebacked. 1670. £1 55.

¶ SCARRON (PAUL). Le Chatiment de L'Avarice. Two plates by Evelic Forent, both in two states, plain and coloured, fcap. 8vo, half crimson levant, extra, EXTREMELY FINE COPY. Paris, 1913. £1 IOS. Number 43 of 75 copies printed on Japan vellum.

¶ SCOTT (SIR W.). The Border Edition of the Waverley Novels. Illustrated. 24 volumes, cr. 8vo, new.

£5 8s. Idem. In a special binding, cloth with flat backs and gilt tops. 24 vols. £7 75.

¶ SERIA LUDO. By a Dilettante. Small 4to, cloth. First Edition. 1903. 15s. ¶ SHAKESPEARE (W.). Complete Works. With Annotations and a General Introduction by Sidney Lee. Special Introductions by Edmund Gosse, Edward Dowden, Augustine Birrell, George Santayana, Walter Raleigh, William Archer, Alfred Austin, Henry James, J. Churton Collins, and many others. Photogravure frontispieces by Claude Shepperson, Arthur Rackham, and others. 40 volumes, 4to, boards, with linen backs and paper labels, AN EXTREMELY HANDSOME AND WELL PRinted set, Number 166 of 250 printed (published at £21). New York, 1907.

£7 17s. 6d.

Phrases and Passages in the Dramatic Works of Shakespeare. By John Bartlett. Fifth Impression, 4to, new.

Idem. Half morocco, new.

£2 25. £2 12s. 6d.

¶ SHAKESPEARE. Plays and Poems. Collected verbatim with the most authentick copies, and revised: With the corrections and illustrations of various commentators; with an historical account of the English Stage, and notes, by Edward Malone. Portraits, facsimiles, etc., 16 vols., cr. 8vo, contemporary calf, gilt. Dublin, 1794. £7 10s.

¶ SHERIDAN. A Biography. By W. Fraser Rae. With an Introduction by Sheridan's great-grandson, the Marquess of Dufferin and Ava. Portraits. 2 vols., 8vo. 1896 (published at 26s. net). Offered at

7s. 6d. ¶ SHIRLEY (JAMES). The Bird in a Cage. A Comedie. As it hath beene Presented at the Phoenix in Drury-Lane. The Author James Shirley, Servant to Her Majesty. FIRST EDITION, sm. 4to, half morocco. London, Printed by B. Alsop and T. Fawcet, for William Cooke, 1633. £12 10S. VERY SCARCE. Slightly shaved at top.

¶ SIDNEY (SIR PHILIP). The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia. Now for the eighth time published, with Additions. With a supplement of a Defect in the third part, by Sir W. A., Knight. Title within decorative border. Folio, calf, red edges. 1633.

£2 10s.

Contains the first edition of Book VI, by R. B. An 18th century portrait is inserted.

¶ SLAVE TRADE. A Late 18th Century Poster of great interest and scarcity. The top is taken up with the "Plan of an African Ship's lower deck with Negroes in the proportion of only One to a Ton." The text consists of a long list of the inhumanities of the slave trade, and is signed by W. Elford, Chairman, by the Plymouth Committee. IN GOOD CONDITION. £2 ¶ SMOLLETT (TOBIAS). Works. Etched Portrait. 6 vols., roy. 8vo. 1884. £3 155.

Large-paper set, one of 350 numbered copies.

¶ SOLON (M. L.). A Brief History of Old English Porcelain and its Manufactories; with an Artistic, Industrial, and Critical Appreciation of their Productions. Ninety-four plates, twenty of which being beautiful coloured reproductions. Number 71 of 1,250 copies printed, thick 8vo, half scarlet morocco, extra, marbled sides and ends, arms on side, FINE COPY. 1903.


¶ SOLON (M. L.) The History and description of Italian Majolica, with preface by W. Burton, 24 coloured plates and many black and white illustrations. Thick roy. 8vo, cloth. 1907. £1 55.

¶ SOME YEARES TRAVELS into Africa and Asia the Great. Especially describing the Famous Empires of Persia and Industani. As also Divers other Kingdoms in the Orientall Indies, and Iles Adjacent. The third edition further inlarged. By Sr. Tho. Herbert, Bart. Engraved title-page and many illustrations. Folio, calf. 1677. £1 155.

¶ SOUTHEY (ROBERT). A Collection of Material apparently arranged for a new edition of Southey's Correspondence by J. Dykes Campbell. The foundation appears to be the correspondence pages from the Southey's Life and Correspondence by C. C. Southey, and also from W. W. Taylor's

MS. notes and references to Prof. Dykes Campbell, together with newspaper cuttings, etc., etc. The whole bound in 2 vols., cr. 8vo, cloth. £4 10s. ¶ SOUTHEY (ROBERT). Miscellaneous Pieces relating to the Chinese. 2 vols. FIRST EDITION, post 8vo, original mottled calf. 1762. £2 Southey's copy, with his autograph, dated, inside the cover of vol. 1. ¶SPENSER (EDMUND). The Faerie Queene Disposed into XII. Bookes, Fashioning twelve Morale Vertues. Small folio, old calf, rebacked and repaired. At London, Printed by H. L. for Matthew Lownes. 1609. £15 FINE TALL COPY, measuring 11ins. 7ins.

¶SPENSER (EDMUND). Ditto, full morocco. 1617.


A FINE COPY. This edition has also The Shepheards Calendar: Together with the other works of England's Arch-Poët.

¶SPENSER (EDMUND). Poetical Works. Edited, with Critical Notes, by J. C. Smith and E. De Selincourt. With a Glossary. Photogravure Portrait. Cr. 8vo, full crushed levant gilt, gilt edges. 1912. £1 55.

¶ STANTON PRESS. Hortulus or the Little Garden. A Ninth Century Poem, by Walafrid Strabo. 4to. 1924.

Beautifully printed in red and black. Number 75 of 132 copies.

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£3 35.

¶ STEVENSON (R. L. & F.). The Dynamiter. FIRST EDITION, fcap. 8vo, original wrappers, within a specially made cloth case. 1885. STRACHEY (LYTTON). Queen Victoria. Illustrated. FIRST EDITION, 8vo. 1921.

£1 155. ¶ STRAWBERRY HILL PRESS. Journal of the Printing-Office at Strawberry Hill. Now first printed from the MS. of Horace Walpole. With notes by Paget Toynbee, M.A., D.Litt. 4to. 1923.

£2 25. Limited edition of 650 copies, printed at the Chiswick Press. An important source book for students of printing. Contains a bibliography of the famous Press. ¶ SUCKLING (SIR JOHN). Poems, Plays and Other Remains. New Edition, with a Copious Account of the Author, Notes, and an Appendix of Illustrative Pieces. 2 vols., fcap. 8vo. 1874.


¶ SULLY. Memoires, mis en ordre, aves des remarques (par l'abbé de l'Ecluse de Loges). With the celebrated series of portraits published by Odieuvre. 3 vols., 4to, calf, rebacked, arms on sides. London, 1745. £5 5s. ¶ SWINBURNE (A. C.), SELECTIONS FROM. Edited by Edmund Gosse, C.B., and Thomas James Wise. BEAUTIFULLY PRINTED EDITION, number 207 of 525 copies, 8vo, vellum, gilt. 1919. 155. ¶ SYMONDS (J. A.). Renaissance in Italy. 7 vols., large cr. 8vo, new. £4 45.

¶ SYMONS (ARTHUR). Poems; and the Fool of the World and other Poems. Portrait, 3 vols., 8vo, half morocco, extra, “Morris" sides and endpapers. 1906-1907. £2 155.

¶ SYMONS (ARTHUR). The Café Royal, and Other Essays. 8vo, art boards, with linen back. £1 55.


One of 310 numbered copies.

¶ SYNGE (J. M.). Works. Portraits, 4 vols., 8vo, cloth. 1910. £6 6s• With Maurice Hewlett's bookplate in the first volume.

adornata. 16mo, morocco, extra, newly bound. Ferrara, 1599. With Maurice Hewlett's bookplate.

£3 35.

TASSO. La Secchia Rapita. Poema Eroicomico, e la vita del Poeta comp. L. A. Muratori. 13 full-page woodcuts, facsimiles of MS., etc., sm. 4to, vellum (name on title). Modena, 1744. £3 35. With Maurice Hewlett's bookplate.

TAYLOR (JOHN). The Water Poet. The Works of. Being 63 in number. Collected into one volume by the Author. With sundry new additions, corrected, revised, and newly imprinted, 1630. The Spenser Society Facsimile edition. Folio, diced cloth. London, 1869.

£1 16s. ¶ TENNYSON (ALFRED). Timbuctoo, with other Prolusions. 8vo, wrappers, full levant slip-in case, by Rivière. 1829. £6 VERY FINE COPY.

¶ TENNYSON (ALFRED). Poems. Chiefly Lyrical. P. 8vo, original boards, but with new cloth back-strip, 1830.

£6 10s.

The First Edition. The rare first issue, with the misprint on page 72. TENNYSON (LORD ALFRED). Works. Eversley Edition. Annotated by the Author. Edited by Hallam, Lord Tennyson. 9 vols., 8vo, new. £25s. Separate volumes.

5s. each.

TERENCE. Publii Terentii Afri Comoediae Sex. 2 vols., numerous plates and vignettes after Gravelot, fcap. 8vo, calf gilt, t. e. g., arms on side (by Zaehnsdorf). Paris, 1753.


A BEAUTIFUL COPY, entirely untrimmed with the exception of the top edge. ¶ TERENTII (P.). Afri Poetae Lepidissimi Comoediae omnes. Cum absolutis Commentariis Aelii Donati, Guidonis Juvenalis Cenomani, Petri Marsi in omnes fabulas, Joannis Calphurnii Brixiensis in Heaut ont imorumenon. Printer's device on title and block capitals throughout. Folio, half calf, marbled sides. Venice, 1569. £1 55.

¶ TERENTII (P.). Afri Poetae Lepidissimi, Comodiae. . . . Ex emendatissimis ac fide dignissimis summa diligentia castigatae, Versibus in suas dimensiones restitutis, ac variis lectionibus in margine appositis. Elenchum interpretum, qui in has Comoedias doctè simul er eruditè scripserunt, proxima subinde pagina demonstrabit. Delightful little cuts of scenes from the plays, and decorative capitals, folio, bound (about 1860) in full brown morocco, extra, with raised bands on back, blind tooling on sides and gilt edges. Paris, Apud Joannem de Roigny, 1552. £8 155.

¶ THACKERAY (WM. M.). Works. The Centenary Biographical edition. Edited by Lady Ritchie. With Biographical Prefaces, many New Letters and numerous illustrations. 26 vols., 8vo, new. £13 135. ¶ THEATRICAL. Memoirs of Charles Lee Lewes, containing Anecdotes of the English and Scottish Stages during a period of Forty Years. Written by Himself. 4 vols., p. 8vo, contemporary half calf. 1805. £1 8s. 6d. ¶ THOMAS (EDWARD). Feminine Influence on the Poets. Portraits. FIRST EDITION, 8vo. 1910. 6s. 6d.

¶ THE TOPOGRAPHER, for the year 1789, containing a variety of Original Articles, Illustrative of the Local History and Antiquities of England. Embellished with 12 engravings. 4 vols., 8vo. 1789-1791. £6

author of Nichols History of Leicestershire. THE ABOVE COPY IS OF PARTICULAR


GRAPHERS, DANIEL LYSONS (1762-1834). It has his name on the title page, and various notes by him, and, in addition, a number of extra illustrations, including original drawings and water-colours. Some of the latter are by Lysons himself. TROLLOPE (ANTHONY). The Three Clerks. A Novel. 3 vols., fcap 8vo, new, half calf, gilt. 1858. £2 25.

The first edition, very rare.

¶ TROUBADOURS. Le Parnasse Occitanien ou choix de poesies Originales des Troubadours, tirees des MS. Nationaux, 1819. Essai d'un Glossaire Occitanien pour servir a l'intelligence des poesies des Troubadours. 1819. 2 vols., 8vo, morocco, gilt edges. Toulouse. £3 35. With Maurice Hewlett's bookplate.

£4 45.

¶ TURNER (J. M. W.). By Sir Walter Armstrong, with 103 reproductions (two coloured) of Turner's pictures. Large folio, cloth. 1902. ¶ TYPOGRAPHIA, or the Printer's Instructor: Including an Account of the Origin of Printing, Bibliographical Notices of the English Printers from Caxton; a Series of Ancient and Modern Alphabets, etc., by J. Johnson, Printer. 2 vols., thick 16mo, green levant, extra, arms on sides (by Zaehnsdorf). 1824. £2 25.

¶ Serie di Ritratti D'UOMINI ILLUSTRI TOSCANI. Con Glielogjistorici Dei Medesimi. Frontispiece, vignettes, and about two hundred beautiful full-page portraits engraved by Allegrini after various Masters, 4 vols., folio (18ins. ×14ins.), calf, gilt. Firenze, 1766. £9

A few tears have been carefully repaired, but with this exception the set is a particularly fine one. Arms of a former owner on sides.

¶ VILLON (FRANÇOIS). The Testaments of, translated by John H. Lepper. Facsimile frontispiece. 4to. 1924. £I IS.

Limited edition of 775 numbered copies, privately printed for subscribers. VILLON SOCIETY. Poems of Shemseddin Mohammed Hafiz of Shiraz, now first completely done into English Verse from the Persian, by John Payne. 3 vols., 8vo, polished green morocco, by Zaehnsdorf, with floral ornaments on corners and back, inlaid in coloured leathers, silk ends and ornamental inside roll. 1901. £9 ¶ VIRGIL'S Georgics, Bks. 1 and 2. Translated into English verse by Lord Burghclere. LARGE PAPER COPY inscribed "Maurice Hewlett from Edmund Gosse," sm. 4to, wrappers. 1900. £1 ¶ VIZETELLY (HENRY). Extracts principally from the English Classics: showing that the legal suppression of M. Zola's Novels would logically involve the bowdlerizing of some of the greatest works in English literature. 8vo, boards. Privately printed, 1888. £7 10S. A.L.s from GEORGE MOORE of 38 lines inserted. This letter, which is early, but undated, is about a biographical story of Zola's life which he proposed doing, principally from diclation of Zola.

¶ VOLTAIRE. Candide; or, All for the Best. A New Translation from the French. With Introduction by Walter Jerrold. Vignettes by Adrien Moreau, LARGE PAPER COPY, number 25 of 100 copies, printed on Japanese vellum, with extra set of “en-têtes" in colour, roy. 8vo, watered silk binding, with ties, arms on side (the back slightly stained). 1898.


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