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Virgin Island and Portorico; Comprehending also Part of Hispaniola and of the Spanish Main, with the Adjacent Islands of Trinidad, Margarita, Bonair, Curasoa, Aruba, etc., Regulated and Ascertained by Astronomical Observations, by Captain Holland. Size, 37ins. × 33ins., mounted on stiff paper, margins uncut, but a few tears. London, Printed for Robert Sayer, 1787. £3

¶ MAP. A NEW PLAN of the Island of Grenada, from the Original French Survey of Monsieur Pinel; Taken in 1763 by Order of Government, and now Published with the Addition of English Names, Alterations of Property and other Improvements to the Present Year. By Lieut. Daniel Paterson. Coast lines, boundaries, etc., edged in colour, size 32ļins. ×24ļins. IN £1 155.


¶ MAPS OF CONTINENTAL RIVERS. The Rhine, the Meuse, and the Scheldt. A series on ten sheets, each measuring approximately 32ins. × 22ins. Descriptions of Cities, Towns, Villages, etc., are given on sheets attached to the margins, with the Sovereigns to whom they belonged previous to the "present French war." Each of the maps has round the title a beautifully hand-coloured and illuminated border of martial emblems, flags. cannon, drums, and the like. The trees, hills, etc., on the maps are all picked out in colours. Bound in contemporary half calf, with marbled sides, A MOST DECORATIVE COLLECTION, IN REMARKABLY FINE AND CLEAN CONDITION. London, published by Matthias Koops, 1797. £10

MAPS. Columbia Prima. SOUTH AMERICA. In which it has been attempted to delineate the extent of our Knowledge of that Continent. Extracted chiefly from the Original Manuscript Maps of His Excellency the late Chevalier Pinto. Likewise from those of Joas Joaquin da Rocha, Joas da Costa Ferreira; El Padre Francisco Manuel Sobrevida, etc., and from the most authentic edited Accounts of those Countries. Digested and Constructed by the late Eminent and Learned Geographer Louis Stanislas D'Arcy De La Rochette. Large folio, contemporary half calf, marbled sides. London, William Faden, 1807.


Twenty-one fine plates, some coloured, sizes varying from 37ins. ×25ins. to 26ins. ×23ins. All with large margins and in REMARKABLY FINE AND CLEAN CONDITION. This book is now rapidly rising in value, and is far from easy to obtain.

¶ MARC-AURELE (ELOGE DE), par M. Françoise. Vignette portrait. 12mo, calf, gilt. With "Descartes," by the same writer.

Thomas, de l'Académie
Amsterdam, 1775. 155.

¶ MARIE ANTOINETTE, Queen of France and Navarre, Memoirs of the Private Life of, to which are added Recollections, Sketches and Anecdotes, illustrative of the Reigns of Louis XIV, Louis XV, and Louis XVI. By Madame Campan. Two volumes extended to four volumes, 8vo, full dark blue levant extra (by Zaehnsdorf), the sides and backs decorated with fleur-de-lys, raised bands on backs and deep, richly-tooled borders within. 1823.


Unique copy, magnificently extra-illustrated. The book has 153 portraits, and many other illustrations. A separate title-page, specially printed for this copy, is inserted before the regular one. At the commencement of the book is a vellum document, dated 1786, folded (19ins. ×13ins.). It bears the signature of Marie Antoinette and also those of several important officials.

8vo, London, Nimmo, 1887. £3 155. MARTIALIS (M. VALERII). Opus. Cura et diligentia Thomae Alexadrini et sociorumcius. Roman letter, numerous painted capitals, folio, finely bound in English red morocco of the Restoration period (a little rubbed). Venetiarum Civitate Impressum, Joanne Mocenico duce foeliciter vivente, 1482. £8

A few margins slightly wormed. This edition is not mentioned by Brunet, nor is there a copy recorded in the Census of Incunabula in the U.S.A.


¶ MASEFIELD (JOHN). The Taking of Helen. Large paper copy, number 106 of 750 copies, printed on hand-made paper, and signed by the author. 8vo. 1923. £2 25. MASEFIELD (JOHN). Melloney Holtspur. 1922. 8vo. 22s. 6d. net. One of 530 copies, each signed by the author.

MASEFIELD (JOHN). Selected Poems. Portrait. 1922. Crown 8vo, parchment.

Limited edition of 530 copies, each signed by the author.

31s. 6d. net.

⚫ MAZZINI (GIUSEPPE). Ricordi dei Fratelli Bandiera e dei loro Compagni di Martirio in Cosenza. Post 8vo, sewed (somewhat "foxed" by damp), in cloth case. Parigi, 1844.

£8 8s.

Signed presentation copy from Mazzini to Sig. ROBERTO BROWNING. MEDICAL. Aretaei Cappadocis medici insignis ac vet. libri septem, nunc primum e tenebris eruti a J. P. Grasso Patavino accur. in latinum sermonem versi. Ruffi Ephesii, medici clarissimi, de corporis humani partium appelat. ab eodem J. P. Grasso, latinitate Donati. A few M.S. Notes in an old hand. Finely printed. Folio, calf, stamp on title. VENETIIS APUD JUNTAS.


£2 25. ¶ MEDICAL. The Practice of Medicine in the Tropics, by many authorities, edited by W. Byam and R. G. Archibald. Numerous coloured plates of insect pests and many illustrations in the text. 3 vols., thick roy. 8vo, cloth. Oxford Medical Publications, 1921. £10 ¶ MEREDITH (GEORGE). Complete Works, Prose and Poetry. With Notes by G. M. Trevelyan. 18 vols., med. 8vo, 1914-1919.

£4 IOS. ¶ MEYNELL (ALICE). Poems. Complete Edition. Portrait. 8vo. 1923.

Number 101 of 250 copies on large hand-made paper.

£1 2s. 6d.

¶ MICHEL-ANGE, Sculpteur et Peintre. Par Emile Gebhart. Magnificent coloured and other full-page plates, folio, levant extra, richly gilt on back and sides, with deep gilt borders within, and silk ends, A MAGNIFICENT COPY. Paris, Goupil, 1908.

No. 21 of 300 copies printed.


¶ MILMAN (HENRY HART). Ode on the Arrival of the Potentates in Oxford; and Judicium Regale; an Ode. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, original wrappers. Oxford, 1814. £3 Esqre., with H. H. Milman's EXTREMELY SCARCE.

On the half-title "William Wordsworth, Compts." Milman's second published poem.

¶ MILNES (R. MONCKTON). Poems. 2 vols., 8vo, boards, rebacked (title damp-spotted). Moxon, 1838.

Charles Kingsley's copy, with his bookplate in both volumes.

£1 155.

Commentators and some account of his Life, by the Rev. Henry J. Todd. Portrait and Illustrations. 6 vols., 8vo, calf, gilt, well rebacked. 1801. £225. ¶ MOLIERE. Oeuvres, avec des Remarques Grammaticales; Des Avertissemens et des Observations sur chaque pièce. Par M. Bret. Portrait and thirty-three full-page plates, FINE IMPRESSIONS, by Moreau le Jeune. 6 vols., 8vo, contemporary calf, gilt, double lettering pieces, gilt edges, marbled end-papers, joints slightly strengthened, but NICE SET. Paris, 1788. £10 ¶ MOORE (GEORGE). Memoirs of my Dead Life. FIRST EDITION, cr. 8vo, 1906. £8

¶ MOORE (GEORGE). Esther Waters. No. 19 of 750 signed copies. 8vo. Privately printed for subscribers only. 1920. £3 10S. ¶MORE (SIR T.). The Life and Death of Sir Thomas More, who was Lord Chancellor of England to King Henry the Eight (by his great grandson, Thos. More). Engraved portrait, some woodcut initials. Sm. 4to, calf. Printed for N. V., 1642. £4 The Eneids of Virgil done into English

¶ MORRIS (WILLIAM). Verse. Cr. 8vo. 1896.


¶ MORRIS (WILLIAM). The Defence of Guenevere; and other Poems. Cr. 8vo. 1896.


¶ MORRIS (WILLIAM). The Earthly Paradise. 4 vols., cr. 8vo. 1896. £1 10s. ¶ MORRIS (WILLIAM). The Lfe and Death of Jason. Cr. 8vo. 1896.


¶ MORRIS (WILLIAM). The Odyssey of Homer done into English Verse. Cr. 8vo. 1896. 155. ¶ MORRIS (WILLIAM). Poems by the Way; and Love is Enough. Cr. 8vo. 1896.


¶ MORRIS (WILLIAM). The Story of Sigurd the Volsung and the Fall of the Niblungs. Cr. 8vo. 1896.


All the above copies belonged to Maurice Hewlett and carry his bookplate. ¶ MORRIS (WILLIAM). Letters on Socialism, addressed to the Rev. G. Bainton, of Coventry. Facsimile of 4-page letter as frontispiece. One of 34 copies for private circulation only. Presentation copy to "F. S. Ellis from Thos. S. Wise." 8vo, parchment. London, 1894. £3 10S.

¶ MORTE D'ARTHUR (LE). By Syr Thomas Malory. The Original Edition of William Caxton now reprinted and edited, with an Introduction and Glossary by H. Oskar Sommer, Ph.D. With an Essay on Malory's Prose Style by Andrew Lang. 3 vols. in 4, 4to, half calf, extra, FINE SET. 1889.


¶ MUSÉE DE CLUNY (LE) (Deuxième Série). Le Bois, Bahuts, Buffets, Sièges, Lits, Tables, Portes, Bureaux, Détails de Sculpture, Panneaux. Seventy-two fine photographic plates, reproducing nearly three hundred objects, large 4to, superbly bound in full levant, extra, raised bands on back, tooled sides, arms on sides, and silk ends. Paris, 19—.

£4 IOS.

¶ NAPOLEON. Bussey (George Moir) History of Napoleon. by Horace Vernet, 2 vols., roy. 8vo, half levant, extra. 1840.



8vo, ORIGINAL EDITION, VERY SCARCE, three-quarter levant, gilt, cloth ends, arms on three volumes, FINE SET. 1871.

£7 10s. ¶ NAPOLEON. Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte by M. de Bourrienne. Engraved portraits and illustrations, 4 vols., 8vo, half calf, arms on sides (emblematic tooling on back).


£4 10S. ¶ NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, THE LIFE OF. By William M. Sloane. Numerous fine illustrations, many in colour, 4 vols., imp. 8vo, cloth, deep vellum backs, gilt. N.Y., 1906.



NEWCASTLE (Duke of). The Humorous Lovers: a Comedy. FIRST EDITION, sm. 4to, boards. Printed by J. M. for H. Herringman, 1677. £3 35. VERY FINE COPY.

¶ NEW TESTAMENT. The text translated out of the Vulgar Latine by the Papists of the traiterous Seminarie at Rhemes, whereunto is added the translation out of the original Greeke commonly used in the Church of England, with confutation and arguments by Dr. W. Fulke. Engraved title, folio, calf, rebacked. Robert Barker, 1601. £3 35.

NICHOLSON (WILLIAM). Original Coloured Drawing of the Grammar School at Magdalen College, Oxford. Size 14ins. × 10lins., in a black and gold frame. £10

This excellent water-colour drawing signed by the artist, was painted for Mr. Nicholson's famous portfolio reproductions of the Oxford Colleges, published some years ago.

¶ NIGHTS OF STRAPAROLA, THE. Now first translated into English by W. G. Waters. Illustrated by E. R. Hughes, A.R.W.S. Copy with the plates BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED, 2 vols., imp. 8vo, half levant, extra, arms on sides. 1894.



Messrs. Dulau have been large purchasers of all the books of the NONESUCH PRESS from the beginning of that remarkably successful venture. They have thus been able to supply NONESUCH Books when the Publishers themselves and the Booksellers have had no copies left-an example of the special service which Messrs. Dulau afford to book-buyers.

Of the books already published by the Nonesuch Press-Meredith's Letters to Alice Meynell; The Book of Ruth; Love Poems of John Donne; Cupid and Psyche; Paradoxes and Problemes of John Donne; Ten Sermons by John Donne; the Complete Works of Congreve; Anacreon; Letters from W. H. Hudson; Poems of Andrew Marvell; Poems of Henry Vaughan; Genesis, by Paul Nash-Messrs. Dulau occasionally have copies, and they are always ready to report and quote for these books.

The remainder of the NONESUCH programme for 1924 is set out below. It is essential that orders for these be placed without delay, for in no case can a late-comer expect to be supplied, although Messrs. Dulau have placed large orders for all the titles, and their facilities are certainly unsurpassed. Particular attention is drawn to the proposed issue of a NONESUCH Bible.

ELIZABETH RAPER'S RECEIPT BOOK, 1770. Now for the first time printed. Edited, with extracts from her cipher journal, by the late Major Bartle Grant, her great-grandson, and with a drawing by Duncan Grant, her great-great-grandson. Edition limited to 850 copies. Price 12s. 6d. net. August

Nonesuch Press

WYCHERLEY, COMPLETE WORKS OF. Edited by the Rev. Montague Summers. Uniform with the NONESUCH Congreve. Four volumes, Cr. 4to. £3 35. net. August

Nonesuch Press

GEORGE MOORE: PURE POETRY, an anthology. Edited and with an introduction by George Moore. Imperial 12mo, limited to 1,250 copies, on hand-made paper. Price 17s. 6d. nei. September.

Nonesuch Press

BURTON'S ANATOMY OF MELANCHOLY. With more than 100 new designs by E. McKnight Kauffer. Folio, two volumes. Limited to 750 sets at £5 5s. and 35 (the two volumes bound together in full leather, with some of the illustrations in colour) at £12 12s. Autumn.

The text faithfully follows that of the 6th edition. The type is one especially modified for this book.

Nonesuch Press

THE APOCRYPHA, in the James I version. With title page, head piece and tail piece designed and engraved on copper, from which they are printed, by Stephen Gooden. Small folio, printed for the Nonesuch Press in a special version of Plantin's type by the Oxford University Press. Limited to 1,200 copies. Price £1 7s. 6d. Autumn.

This volume is issued separately, but it is intended to be a part of a NONESUCH Bible, to be completed in four further uniform volumes. These volumes will be limited to 1,000 sets; they will cost, to subscribers, £1 10s. each (they contain on an average 33% more pages than Apocrypha); and they will be paid for only as each volume is published. This completion of the Bible, the publishers announce, is contingent on the whole edition being subscribed forthwith-which will doubtless happen. The price to subscribers for the whole five volumes will be £7 7s. 6d.; and the price after publication will be raised immediately to a minimum of £8 8s. Orders should be placed at once.

Nonesuch Press

SONGS OF THE GARDENS: A selection by Peter Warlock from the songs sung at the London Pleasure Gardens in the 18th century. Printed in the music type of Peter Walpergen, with the words in the Fell music type. Edition limited to 675 copies. Winter. Price One Guinea.

NORTH (THOMAS). The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romanes, compared together by that Grave Learned Philosopher and Histriographer, Plutarche of Chaeronea: Translated out of Greeke into French by Jean Amiot, and out of French into English by Thomas North. Folio, old sheepskin, rebacked. Imprinted at London by Richard Field for Thomas Wight, 1595. £12

The Second Edition. A few corners have been repaired and the title and first few pages have their edges strengthened. In no case is the text even approached.

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