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742 Scudder (S. H.) Catalogue of the Orthop-
tera of North America described previous
to 1867. 8vo., cloth, 4/6

Washington, 1868
Revision of the Orthopteran Group
Melanopli (Acridiidae), with special refer-
ence to Nth. American forms. 26 plates,
Wash., 1897
744 Alphabetical Index to N. American
Orthoptera. 8vo., cloth, 5/-. (Boston
N. H. S.)
745 Selys-Longchamps (de) Catalogue rais-
onné des Orthoptères et des Neuroptères de
Belgique. 8vo., 2/6. (Ex. Ann. Soc. Ent.
de Belgique)


746 Selys Longchamps (Baron Edm. de)
Catalogue Systématique et descriptif des
Collections Zoologiques:

(a) Fascicules II. Orthoptères, par M.
Burr. 4/-

(b) Fascicules III. Embiidinen, par G.
Enderlein, 4 planches en noir, et 76 figures,

(c) Fasc. V.-I. Megaloptera, par H.
van de Weele, 70 figures et 4 planches
coloriees. 15/6

(d) Fasc. VI., 2 partie-Trichopteren,
par G. Ulmer. 351 figures et 9 planches
coloriees, £2 25.

747 Serville (A.) Histoire naturelle des In-
sects-Orthoptères. With a double set of
plates (plain and coloured), 8vo., half calf,
LI IS. (Suites á Buffon)

748 Shaw (E.) Synopsis of the British Orthop-
tera. 8vo., 2/6. (Reptd. from Ent. Mon.

749 Thomas (Dr. C.) Synopsis of the Acridi-
dae of N. America. 4to., cloth, I (U.S.
Geol. S.)


750 Tillyard (R. J.) The Biology of Dragon-
flies (Odonata or Paraneuroptera). With 4
plates (2 coloured) and 188 illustrations,
demy 8vo., cloth, £1 5s.


751 Tumpel (Dr. R.) Die Gerad flügler Mittel-
europas. Mit 20 von W. Muller nach der
Natur gemalten farbigen und 3 schwarzen
Tafeln nebst Zahlreichen Textabbildungen
und einem Anhang Neuere Beobachtungen.
Zweite Auflage, roy. 8vo., cloth, £1 5S.
Gotha, 1922

752 Vestal (A. G.) Local distribution of
Grasshoppers in relation to plant associa-
tions. 8vo., 2/- (Rept. Biol. Bull.) 1913
753 Veyssiere (A.) L'etat parfait di Prosopis-
toma Punctifrons. Plate, 8vo., 2/-. (Bibl.
Hautes Etudes)


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759 Burr (M.) Dermaptera (Earwigs) of the
Fauna of British India.”
10 plates and
illustrations in the text, 8vo., cloth, 14/-
Notes on the Forficularia, VII. to
XXIII., 8vo., 14/-. (Ex. Annals Nat. Hist.



A few duplicates at 1/- each.

Note on the Manubrium of the
Ninth Sternite in the Male Earwig. 4
plates, 8vo., 2/-. (Ex. Trans. Ent. Soc.)
762 The Opisthomeres and the Gona-
pophyses in the Dermaptera. 20 illustra-
tions, 8vo., 2/-. (Ex. Trans. Ent. Soc.)
763 Dermapteros de la Guinea espanola.
8vo., 1. (Ex. Mem. Soc. Esp. d. Hist.
Nat., Madrid)




Dermatoptera... dem Kilimand-
jaro, dem Mèru. Plate, 4to., 2/-


A Third Note on Earwigs (Der-
maptera) in the Indian Museum. With
descriptions of a New Species. 8vo., 1/-.
(Ex. Rec. Ind. Mus.)



766 - Dermaptera. 8vo., 1/-. (Ex. Wiss.
Erg. d. deutschen Zentral-Af. Exp., 1907-8.
767 Sopra alcum Dermatteri del Museo
Civico di Genoa. 8vo., 1/-. (Ex. Bull.
Soc. Ent. Ital.)
The Dermaptera (Earwigs) of the
U.S. Nat. Mus. 8vo., 1/- Wash., 1910
Uber einige neue und interressante
Dermaptera aus dem K. Zoo. Mus., Berlin.
8vo., 1/6. (Ex. Sitz. Ges. nat., Berlin) 1912
770 Dermaptera of the Percy Sladen
Trust Exp. to the Indian Ocean in 1905.
4 engravings, 4to., 2/-. (Linn. Trans.) 1910
771 Vorläufige Revision der Labuden.
8vo., 1/-. (Ex. Deutsch Ent. Nat. Bibl.)
Nach. zu meiner Bearbeitung der
Dermapteren des K. K. Nat. Hist. Hof-
museums. 8vo., I/-
Wien, 1912
Interesting Dermaptera__in the
Budapest Museum. 8vo., 1/-. (Ex. Ann.
Mus. Nat., Hungaria)





Ueber einige interessante Dermap-
teren der Dohrn'schen Sammlung. 8vo.,
1/-. (Ex. Stett. Ent. Zeit.)



Dermaptera of the Abor Ex., 1911-
8vo., 1/6. (Ex. Rev. Ind. Mus.) 1913
Notas de Dermapterologia Ameri-
8vo., 1/-. (Ex. Rev. Chilena de
hist. nat.)



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785 Banks (N.) Revision of the Nearctic Termites Biology and geographic distribution, by T. E. Snyder. 35 plates, 8vo., 4/-. (U.S. N. Mus.) 786 Hegh (E.) Les Termites, partie generale Description, Distribution géographique, Classification, Biologie, Vie sociale, Alimentation, Construction, Rapports avec le monde exterieur. 460 figures dans le texte et une carte, pp. 748, large 8vo., wrappers, £2 15s. Brussels, 1922 787 Silvestri (F.) Cont. alla conoscenza dei Termitidi e Termitofili dell. Africa Occidentale I.-Termitidi. Plate and illustrations in the text, 8vo., title dust-soiled, 4/-.


Portin, 1914


788 Alexander and McAtee.-Diptera, subfam. Tipuloidea from D. of Columbia. Plate, 8vo., 2/-. (U.S. N. M.) 789 Alexander (C. P.) Javanese Crane-flies in the U.S. N. M. 9 plates, 8vo., 2/6. (Bull. U.S. N. M.) 1915 790 Austen (E. E.) Illustrations of British Bllod-sucking Flies, with Notes. 34 coloured plates, roy. 8vo., cloth, out of print, £I IOS. (B. M. (Nat. Hist.) 1906 791

and Hegh (Em.) Tstse-Flies, their characteristics, distribution and bionomics, with some account of possible methods for their control. 5 plates and 17 illustrations in the text, 8vo., sewed, 7/6


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and Newstead.-Prevalence, Distribution and Significance of Stegomyia Fasciata F. in West Africa. Maps, roy. 8vo., 2/6. (Bull. Ent. Res.) 796 Bridges (C. B.) and Morgan (T. H.) The Third-Chromosome Group of Mutant characters of Drosophila Melanogaster. 3 plates and 37 illustrations, 8vo., sewed, 18/-. (Carnegie Inst., Wash.)


1923 797 Cole and Lovett.-New Oregon Diptera. Large 8vo., 3/-. (Cal. Ac. Sci.) 1919 798 Doncaster (L.) Gametogenesis of the Gad-Fly. Pt. I. 3 plates, 8vo., 2/6. (P. R. S.) 799 Drosophila Melanogaster.--Contributions to the Genetics of I. Origin of Gynandromorps, by T. H. Morgan and C. B. Bridges; II. Second Chromosome group of Mutant Characters, by C. H. Bridges and T. H. Morgan; III. Inherited linkage Variations in the Second Chromosome, by A. H. Sturtevant; IV. A Demonstration of Genes modifying the character" Notch," by T. H. Morgan. 12 plates (4 coloured), and 100 text illustrations, 8vo., sewed, 14/-· (Carnegie Inst., Wash.)

1919 800 Edwards (F. W.) Diptera, Tipulidae, collected by The Percy Sladen Trust Expedition. With 2 plates of Wings and Genetalia, (Author's reprint from the Linnean Transactions), 4to., 4/6



801 Faune de France.-Dipteres Anthomyides, par E. Séguy. With 813 text figs., 8vo., sewed, 16/6 1923 Diptères Tipulidae, par C. Pierre. Avec 500 figures, 8vo., sewed, 7/6 1924 803 Fauna of British India.-Diptera : Nematocera (excluding the Chironomidae and the Culicidae: Brachycera. Vol. I. and Vol. III. Syrphidae, etc., by E. Brunetti. With 22 plates and numerous illustrations in the text, 3 vols., 8vo., cloth, £4 138. 804 Felt (E. P.) New Philippine Gall Midges. Plate, 8vo., 3/6. (P. Jnl. Sci.) 1918



Key to North American Insect 16 plates and 250 text-illustrations, 8vo., 6/-. (N. Y. St. Mus. Bull.)


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807 Giles (Maj. G. M.) Handbook of the Gnats or Mosquitos, giving the Anatomy and Life History of the Culicidae. 7 plates and 12 text-illustrations, large 8vo., cloth, 7/6 2nd edition, enlarged, 8vo., 1902



cloth, £15s. 809 Genera Insectorum Diptera. Fams. Blepharoceridae Cecidomyidae, and Chironomidae. By V. Kellogg and J. J. Kiefer. 4to. £12 125.

810 Goeldi (Dr. Em. Aug.) Os Mosquitos no Parà. Reuniao de quatro traballos sobre os Mosquitos indigenas, principalmente as With especies que molestam o homen. 144 figures in the text and 5 coloured plates, 4to., sewed, 18/Para, 1905 811 Grimshaw (R. H.) Guide to the Literature of British Diptera. 8vo., 2/-. (Proc. R. P. S., Ed.)


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814 Illustrations of Diptera.-A Collection of 66 Beautiful Drawings of the Imago, and sections of Dipterous Insects. Uniform (8vo.) size, with a few pencil notes, no artist's name, enclosed in folio album, half calf, £4 10S.

815 Irwin-Smith (V.) Life-histories of Australian Diptera Brachycera. Part I. Strathomyidae, and Nos. 1, 3 and 4. 2 plates and 73 figures, sm. 4to., 5/-. (Proc. Linn. Soc., N.S.W.)


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826 Morgan (T. H.) Further Experiments with Mutations in Eye-Colour of Drosoohila; The Loss of the Orange Factor. Coloured plate, roy 4to., 5/-. (Ex. Jnl. Ac. Nat. Soc., Phil.) 827 Mundy (A. T.) Anatomy, Habits and Psychology of Chironomus pusis, Meigen (the early stages). 8 plates, 4to., boards, 10/Leicester, 1908 828 Newstead (Prof. R.), F.R.S.-Guide to the Study of Tstse-Flies. With the collaboration of Alwen M. Evans, M.Sc., and W. H. Potts, B.A., Foreword by Prof. J. W. W. Stephens. With 3 coloured and 25 plain plates, 4 maps and 59 text-figures, large 8vo., cloth, I


829 Osten-Sacken (C. R.) Western Diptera: descriptions of new species and genera from

California, and other Entomological Papers of Uhler, Thorell and Packard. 8vo., cloth (being vol. 3 of Bull. U.S. Geol. Survey), SCARCE, I IS. Washington, 1877 830 Pearce (C. K.) Typical Flies. Two Series with 280 illustrations from photographs, 2 vols., roy. 8vo., cloth £1 58. Recent 831 Peterson (A.) The Head-capsule and Mouth-parts of Diptera. 606 figures on 25 plates, 8vo., sewed, 8/-. (Illinois Biol. 1916 Mon.) 832 Reeves (E. M.) Inheritance of extra bristles in Drosophila Melanogaster. Meig. 8vo., 1/6. (Univ. Calif.)

1916 833 Rennie (J.) Biology and Economic Significance of Tipula Paludosa. 3 plates, 8vo., 2/-. (Ann. Appl. Biol.)

1917 834 Ross (E. H.), M.R.C.S.-The Reduction in Domestic Flies. 18 illustrations, 8vo., cloth, 6/1913 835 Samuelson (J.) and Hicks (J. B.) The Earthworm and the Common Housefly. Illustrated, cr. 8vo., cloth, 2/6 1858

836 Seguy (E.) Histoire naturelle des Mous

tiques de France. Etude systematique et biologique des Moustiques de l'Europe Centrale et Septentrionale, et de leurs parasites. Pp. 225 avec 201 figures, 12mo., cloth, 6/



Les Moustiques de l'Afrique Mineure de l'Egypte et de la Syrie. Etude comparative des moustiques des Régions Méditerraneennes, de l'Europe Centrale et Septentrionale, leurs parasites, suivi du Catalogue des Culicides nearctiques et paléartiques. Preface par E. L. Bouvier. 106 figures dans le texte, 29 planches, 10 cartes, 8vo., cloth, 17/6 Paris, 1924

838 Les Moustiques du Nord de l'Afrique, de l'Egypte et de la Syrie, environ 300 pages. 20 planches noires et 130 figures dans le texte, 8vo., sewed, 13/6 1924 839 Senior-White (Ronald) Notes on Indian Diptera. From the Khasia Hills: Tabanidae in the Collection of the Forest Zoologist; New Sp. of D. from the Indian Region. 5 plates, sm. 4to., sewed, 2/6. (Mem. Dept. Ag., V. 7, No. 9) 1922 840 Sturtevant (A. H.) The North American Species of Drosophila. 3 plates (2 coloured) and 40 text illustrations, 8vo., sewed, 12/Washington, 1921

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New Genera and Species of Muscoid Flies. 8vo., 1/-. (U.S. N. M.) 1919 848 Van Duzee (M. C.) Key to the N. Am. Species of the Dipterous Genus Medeterus' Large 8vo., 2/6. (Cal. Ac. Sci.) 1919 849 Walker (F.) Insecta Britannica: Diptera. 30 plates, 3 vols., 8vo., cloth, SCARCE, £5 58. 1851-56 List of Specimens of Dipterous Insects in the B. M. 3 parts (1-3) in 1 vol., 12mo., half calf, slightly worn, 10/- 1848-49 850 Insecta Saundersiana Diptera. 8 plates, 8vo., cloth, £11. 1856


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Lancashire and 8vo., 6/Various dates

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M.) 861


N. Am. Collembolous Insects, subfam. Achorutinae, Neanurinae, and Podurinae. 19 plates, 8vo., 3/6. (Bull. U.S. N. M.) 1916 862 Handschin (Ed.) Die Onychuirinen der Schweiz. 2 plates, 8vo., (Ex.), 2/Basel, 1920 863 Hinds (W. E.) Cont. to a Monograph of the Thysanoptera inhabiting N. Am. II plates, 8vo., 3/6. (Bull. U.S. N. M.) 1902 864 Imms (A. D.) Collembola from India, Burma, and Ceylon. 7 plates, 8vo., 3/6 (P.Z.S.)


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V. Diptera Brachycera, 1er partie, par Th. Becker. Avec planches, 4/6 1915 870 Archiv der Insectengeschichte.


gegeben von J. C. Fuessey. Heft III.VIII. No General Title page, with 54 coloured plates, sm. 4to., contemporary green morocco, gilt edges, £2 7s. 6d.

The text is clear water-stained. 1781-86 871 Awaiti (P. R.) The Apple Sucker, with Notes on the Pear Sucker. 2 plates and 21 text-figures, 8vo., 2/- (Ex. Ann. App. Biol.) 1915 872 Babcock (E. B.) and Clausen (R. E.) Genetics in relation to Agriculture. With coloured plates and 237 illustrations in the text, 8vo., cloth, £1 New York, 1918

873 Badenoch (L. N.) True Tales of the Insects. 44 illustrations, 8vo., cloth, 5/- 1899 874 Balfour-Browne (F.) Key to the Orders of Insects. 13 diagrams, interleaved, demy 8vo., cloth, 7/6 875 Bastin (H.) Insects: their life-histories and habits. 45 plates (a few coloured), 8vo., cloth, 7/6


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880 Berlese (Vilh) Gli Insetti loro Organizzazione suiluppo abitudini e rapporti coll' With coloured plates and numerous engravings, now complete in 2 vols., sewed, £4 4s. Milano, 1909-24 881 Boisduval (Dr.) Entomologie HorticoleInsectes nuisibles-les moyens a les detruire, etc. 125 figures gravees sur bois, 8vo., half calf, 7/1867 882 Blanchard (E.) Métamorphoses moeurs et instincts des Insectes-myriapodes, arachnides, crustaces. 40 planches et 200 figures, roy. 8vo., half morocco, 12/Paris, 1868

883 Blandford (W. F. H.) The Palm Weevil of B. Honduras. 2 plates, 8vo., 1/6 1893 884 Board of Agriculture Reports: Insects and Fungi Injurious to Crops. 10 coloured plates, 8vo., 2/1892 885 Bonnet (Charles) Oeuvres d'historie naturelle et de Philosophie-Traite d' Insectologie Recherches sur l'usage des FeuillesContemplations de la Nature, Sur les Facultés de l'ame, etc. Portrait et planches. 8 vols., 4to., half calf, £2 12s. 6d. Neuchatel, I779-1783

Vol. III. imperfect. Pages 513-520, Considerations sur les Corps Organisés, is missing.

886 Bourcart (E.) Insecticides, Fungicides and Weed-killers. Pp. 430, with 83 tables and 12 illustrations, trans. from the French by D. Grant. 8vo., cloth, 14/6 net.

1913 887 Bouvier (E. L.) The Psychic Life of Insects. Translated by L. O. Howard. Cr. 8vo., cloth, 8/

1922 888 Brues (Charles T.) Insects and Human Welfare. Pp. 104, гoy. 8vo., cloth, 10,6



and Melander (A. J.) Key to the Families of North American Insects: An introduction to the classification of Insects. 8vo., cloth, 12/1915

890 Brittain and Good. The Apple Maggot in Nova Scotia. Illustrated, 8vo., 2/-. (Bull. Dept. Ag.) 1917

891 Buchoz (M.) Histoire des Insectes utiles a l'homme, aux animaux, et aus arts; also, Méthodes sures et faciles pour détruire les animaux nuisibles. 3me. éd., in I vol., 12mo., half calf, 15/- Paris, 1785-84

892 [Budgen (Miss)] Episodes of Insect Life. Coloured illustrations, 3 vols., 8vo., ornamental cloth, gilt, 21/1849-51 Uncoloured copy, half calf,




New Edition, edited by J. G. Wood. Coloured illustrations, 8vo., cloth, used copy, 6/894 Buffon.


Insectes Neuropteres. 12

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planches (noir), manque texte, 8vo., 2/6

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