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359 Abich (H.) Vergleichende Chemische Untersuchungen der Wasser des Caspischen Meeres, Urmia- und Van-Sees. 2 coloured plates, 4to., dust soiled, 4s. 1856 360 Actinozoa.-18 Papers by McMurrich, Conklin, Wright, Parker, Haddon; inIcluding The Actiniae of the Plate Coll., 5 plates; The Actiniaria of the Bahama Islands, 4 plates; both by McMurrich, 18s. 1889-1907 361 Adan (H. P.) Le Microscope-coup d'œil discret sur le monde invisible. 10 plates, 8vo., half morocco, 6/

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1873 1873

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367 Report on the Echini dredged in
the Gulf of Mexico (1877-78) in the
Caribbean Sea (1878-79), and along the
Atlantic Coast of the U.S. (1880), by the
Coast Survey Steamer
30 plates, 4to., half morocco, 16/-. (Mus.
Comp. Zool. Camb., Mass.)
Embryological Monographs: II.
Echinodermata, by A. Agassiz. With
15 plates-III. Acelphs, by J. W. Fewkes;
and Polyps, by E. L. Mark. With 13 plates.
4to. 6/- each. (Mus. Comp. Zoo., Camb.,
A Contribution to American Tha-
lassography: Three Cruises of the U.S.
Coast and Geodetic Survey Steamer


Blake" in the Gulf of Mexico, in the Caribbean Sea, and along the Atlantic Coast of the U. S., 1877-80. 545 illustrations, 2 vols., large 8vo., cloth, 1 5s. 1888 370 A Visit to the Bermudas in March, 1894. 30 plates, 8vo., 4/-. (Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool.) 1895

371 Agassiz (A.) U.S. Coast Steamer "Blake"
Reports-XXIV. Pt. I., Report on Echini.
With 32 plates, 4to., half morocco, 14/-
Camb., 1883
The Tortugas and Florida Reefs.
With 12 plates, 4to., sewed, 6/-




Cambridge, 1883 Albatross " Results: Calamocrinus Diomedae-a New Stalked Crinoidwith Notes on the Apical System and the Homologies Echinoderms. 32 plates, 4to., sewed, 8/6 1892



Blake Results of Dredging, together with a Description des Crustacés de la Famille des Raguriens recueillis pendant l'Expedition, par Milne-Edwards (A.) et Bouvier (E. L.). 12 plates, 4to., paper, no cover, title and last page dust soiled, 7/6 Camb. (U.S.A.), 1893



Albatross" Results. Preliminary Report and List of Stations in the Tropical Pacific, with Remarks on the Deep-Sea Deposits of Sir Y. Murray. 2 coloured maps, 19 charts and plate, 4to., sewed, 6/- Cambridge (U.S.A.), 1902 Calamocrinus Diomedae : a New Stalked Crinoid. 32 plates, 4to., 12/6. (Mem. Mus. Comp. Zool., Camb.) 1902 The Coral Reefs of the Maldives. 82 plates, 2 vols., 4to., sewed, £2 28. (Mus. Comp. Zool.) 1903


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Vols. I.-II. contain I. Essay on Classification; II. N.A. Testudinata; III. Embryology of the Turtle. With 34 plates 3 coloured); Vols. III. & IV. (back of one volume repaired), Acalephs, Ctnophorae, Dioscophorae, Hydroidae, and Homologies of the Radiatae (with 46 plates (2 coloured). 383 Agnew (I.) Gleanings of Natural History, collected in Autumn 1788, among the Hebrides in the North of Scotland, and, in the North of Ireland. A Series of 176 Original (and unpublished) water-colour Drawings chiefly of the Invertebrata (Minor Classes) and Fungi, 4to., unbound, FINE CONDITION, £10

384 Alcock (A.) Materials for a Carcinological Fauna of India, Nos. 1-6: The Brachyura Oxyrhyncha Oxystoma, B. Cyclometopa, 2 pts. B. Primigenia or Dromiacea-B. Catometopa, or Grapsoidea. 8vo., sewed, 12/6 (Rep. from Jnl. As. Sci., Bengal)



An Account of the Deep-Sea Brachyura collected by the Indian Marine Survey Ship" Investigator," 4 plates, 4to., 6/1899 and McArdle (A. F.) Zoology of the R.I.M.S. Investigator." Fishes, Pt. 7, Crustacea Pt. 8, Index, Pat. 1. 12 plates, 4to., 4/



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A Naturalist in Indian Seas; or, four years with the R. I. Marine Survey Ship Investigator." 98 illustrations, 8vo., cloth, 14/1902 388 Alder and Hancock.-The British Tunicata. An unfinished Monograph,-edited by John Hopkinson. With a History of the work by Rev. A. M. Norman. With 66 coloured and plain plates, 3 vols., 8vo., cloth, £2 10S. Ray Society, 1905-7 389 " Alert" Report on the Zoological Collections made in the Indo-Pacific Ocean during the Voyage of H.M.S. "Alert." 1881-82. By Dr. R. W. Carpenter, O. Thomas, R. B. Sharpe, A. Günther, E. A. Smith, F. J. Bell, E. J. Miers, C. O. Waterhouse, A. G. Butler, S. O. Ridley. 53 plates, 8vo., cloth, 1 IOS. (B.M., Nat. Hist.)


390 Allen (G. J.) Studies on the Nervous System of Crustacea, 2 pts., 4 plates, 8vo., 3/6. (Ex. Q. J. M. S., v. 36)

391 Allen (W. B.) A quantitative and sta-
tistical study of the Plankton of the San
Joaquin River and its tributaries in and
near Stockton, Cal., 1913. 12 plates, 8vo.,
sewed, 10/6
Univ. Calif., 1920
Microscopy and
I-VI., 8vo., in

392 American Journal of
Journal of Science, Vols.
cloth and parts, 15/-
Vol. I., cloth, 3/6

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396 Allman (Prof.) Structure and Development of Myriothela (Ex. Philosoph. Trans.). 4 plates, 4to., sewed, 3/6

1875 397 Report on the Hydroida collected during the Exploration of the Gulf Stream. 34 plates, 4to., sewed, 15/-. (Mus. Comp.. Zool.) 1877 398 Andree (K.) Zur Kenntniss der Crustaceen Gattung Arthropleura Jordan, und der systematischer Stellung. 2 plates, 4to., 3/-. (Ex. Palaeontographica) 1910 399 Andrussow (N.) Die Fossilen Bryozoenriffe der Halbinseln Kertsch und Taman, Lief. III. 3 plates, 4to., sewed, 6/-. Keil, 1912


400 Annales de L'Institut Oceanographique, Tome 1er, Fasc. 1., 4to., 5/401 Annals of Scottish Natural History, with which is incorporated The Scottish Naturalist," 1871-86, 1887 nos. 15-17, 1889 and 1890, 1891 nos. 31-34, 18921915 nov., illustrated, 8vo., bound in 6 vols. half calf, 17 vols. cloth (2 styles), rest in parts, £3 15S.

The last 4 nos. of 1886 are not bound in with the volume.

402 Annandale (N.) Introduction to the study of the Fauna of an Island in the Chilka Lake, with a List of Plants. By V. Narayanaswami and H. G. Carter. II plates, 4to., 4/6. (Mem. Asiat. Soc., Bengal)



403 Appellof (A.) Untersuchungen ueber den Hummer. 3 plates, 4to., slightly dust-soiled, Bergen, 1909 Teuthologische Beiträge. II. Chaunotheuthis n. g. Oegopsidarum. 4 plates, 8vo., 2/



405 Archer (W.) On Some Freshwater Rhizopoda, New or Little Known, with coloured plates; and other papers by Haeckel, W. Skeat, E. R. Wright, J. R. Greene, G. J. Allman. In 1 vol., 8vo., half calf, 12/6 Various Dates 406 Arctic Manual, and Instructions for 1875: Natural History, Geology, and Physics of Greenland and the neighbouring regions. Edited by T. Rupert Jones. Maps, 8vo., boards, VERY SCARCE, I IS. 1875

407 Ariola (Dott. v.) Richerche AnatomoZoologiche del Centralophus pompilus C. V. I. 5 plates, 8vo., 3/6. (Ex. Atti d. R. Unv. di Genova, V. xvII.) 1902

408 Arthropoda. About 40 Pamphlets and Excerpts :-F. M. Balfour on Peripatus Capensis, coloured plates, 1883; Haswell's Revision of the Australian Isopoda, plates; Lubbock Anatomy of Ants, coloured plates, 1877; Ray Lankester Limulus on Ārachnid; A. Packer, junr., on Myriopods, 1883; Dr. Wilson on Colorado Potato Beetle, 1877; Spagenberg z. Kennt. v. Brachipus Stagnalis, 1875; Bovallius Arctic Hyperids 8 plates. With others, in 2 vols., 8vo., half morocco, 35/

409 Arwidsson (I.) Die Maldaniden, 2 plates, 4to., 3/


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Second-hand Copy, £1 Is. 412 Audoin et Milne-Edwards.-3 Mems.

pour servir a l'histoire naturelle des Crustacés. 14 plates, 8vo., boards (linen back), 6/1829 413 Aurivillius (C. W. S.) Hafsevertebrater från Nordligaste Tromsö amt och Vestfinmarken. 2 taf., 8vo., 3/


1886 Animalisches Plankton aus dem Meere Zwischen Jan Mayen. Spitzbergen, K. Karl's Land und der Nordkuste Norwegens. Imp. 4to., paper, 3/

Stockholm, 1899 415 Badcock (J.) Vignettes from Invisible Life. Illustrated, cr. 8vo!, cloth, 3/- 1883 416 Baer (Dr. K. E. v.) Entwickelt Sich die Larvae der Einfachen Ascidien in der Ersten Zeit nahh dem Typus der Wirbelthiere. Plate, 4to., 3/- St. Petersburg, 1873 417 Bagg (R. M.) Foraminifera of the Bonaventure Cherts of Gaspé. 6 plates, (with other papers), 8vo., 5/-. (Bull. N. Y. State Mus.) 418 Bailey (W. H.) Figures of Characteristic British Fossils (Palaeozoic Division). 42 plates, 8vo., cloth, 7/6 1875



419 Baird (W.) The Natural History of the British Entomostraca. With 36 coloured and plain plates, 8vo., cloth, 15/-. (Ray Soc.) 1850 Catalogue of Entozoa in the B.M. 2 plates, 12mo., 2/1853 421 Baker (H.) The Microscope Made Easy. 2nd edition, copper plates, 8vo., calf, extra, 1743 3rd edition, calf extra, 8/6 1744






4th edition, calf, 6/- 1754 5th edition, calf extra, 8/6 1769

het Mikroskoop gemakkelyk Gemaakt of Gemeenzaame beschryving van Allerley Werktuigen. 28 folding engravings 8vo., half calf, 8/6 Amst., 1778 trad. P. Demours. Essai sur l'Histoire Naturelle du Polype Insecte. 22 plates, 8vo., calf, gilt, 6/


Paris, 1744

424a Baker (H.) An attempt towards a Natural History of the Polype. Frontispiece and engravings, 8vo., calf, 6/1743 The bookplate of John Blackburne of Orford.

425 Micrographia Restaurata: on the Copper-plates (33) of Dr. Hooke's Wonderful Discoveries by the Microscope Reprinted and fully Explained whereby the most valuable Particulars in that Celebrated Author's Micrographia are brought together in a narrow compass. Folio, half calf (worn), £I IS. 1745

426 Re-issue, folio, boards, £1 IS. 1780 427 Balfour (F. M.) A Treatise on Comparative Embryology. With 791 engravings, 2 vols., 8vo., cloth, £1 15S. 1880-81 428 Barrande (J.) Crustacés Divers et Poissons des Dépôts Siluriens de la Bohëme, 8vo., 2/6 1827 Forms supplement to Vol. I. of " Systeme Silurien de Centre de la Boheme.'

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Mém. sur le Terrain Crétacé des Ardennes et des régions voisines. 8vo., sewed, 5/-. (Ex. Ann. Soc. Geol. du Nord.) 1878 Métamorphoses des Bryozoaires. 8 plates, 2 papers, 8vo., 6/-. (Bibl. Hautes Etudes) 1880 & 1886 Faune du Calcaire d'Erbray (Loire Inferieure). Etude du Terrain Devonien de l'Ouest de la France. 17 plates, 4to., 12/Lille, 1889 434 Bassler (R. S.) Dendroid Graptolites of the Niagaran Dolomites, Hamilton, O. 5 plates and 87 text-illustrations, 8vo., 2/6 (Bull. U.S.N. Mus.) 1908 435 Bate (C. S.) Development of Decapod Crustacea. plates, 4to., 3/6 1857 Catalogue of the Specimens of Amphipodous Crustacea in the B.M. 58 plates (a few coloured), 8vo., cloth, slightly used, 18/

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446 Beck (R.) Treatise on the Construction, Proper Use, and Capabilities of Smith, Beck and Beck's Achromatic Microscopes. 28 plates, roy. 8vo., cloth, 4/6 447 Beecher (C. W.) Brachiospongidae: a Memoir on a group of Silurian Sponges. With 6 plates, 4to., sewed, 6/-. (Mem. Peabody Museum)

1889 448 Bedot (M.) Rev. d. la fam. de Forskalidae. 8vo. 1/6. (Ex. Rev. Suisse de Zool.) 1893 449 Sur le genre Kirchenpauria: Le genre Antennella-Les variations d'Aglaophenia pluma (L.). 3 papers, 8vo., 3/6. (Rev. Suisse de Zool.) 1917-19 450 Bell (F. J.) The Actinogonidiate Echinoderms of the Maldive and Laccadive Islands. 4to., 3




Characters of the Echinoidea. III, Temnospleuridae. Plate, 8vo., 2/-. (P.Z.S.) 1880 The Echinoderm Fauna of Ceylon. 2 coloured plates, 4to., 2/6, (R. Dub. Soc.) 1887 453 On Antipatharian Corals. 2 plates, 4to., soiled, 2/-. (Trans. Zoo. Soc.) 1890 454 Catalogue of the British Echinoderms in the B.M. (Nat. Hist.). 16 plates, 2 coloured, 8vo., cloth, 12/6 1892

455 Bell (T.) History of the British Stalkeyed Crustacea. 174 wood engravings, 8vo., calf, 6/-; LARGE PAPER COPY, гoy. 8vo., cloth, AS NEW, 10/1853 456 Horae Carcinologicae : a Monograph of the Leucosiadae. 5 plates, 4to., 4/6. (Linn. Trans.)


460 Bedot (M.) Bathyphysa Grimaldi (nova species), Siphonophore bath. de l'Atlantique Nord (Res. d. Comp. Scie. Prince de Monaco). Plate, 4to., 8/


1893 Siphonophores provenant des campagnes du Yacht Princesse-Alice, 18921902. Avec 4 planches, 4to., 7/6. Monaco, 1904


Plumularidae-Hydroides provenant des Campagnes des yacht Hirondelle et Princess Alice, 1887-1912. Avec 6 planches, 4to., 12/6 Monaco, 1921 463 Beitrage der Kenntniss der Land- und Süsswasserfauna Deutsch-Sudwestafrikas. Herausgegeben von W. Michaelsen. Lief I. Roy. 8vo., sewed, 5/- Hamburg, 1914 der Meeresfauna Westafrikas. Herausgegeben von W. Michaelson. Lief I. Plates, roy. 8vo., 3/6 Hamburg, 1914 465 Beneden (P.-J. v.) Recherches sur la Faune Littorale de Belgique (Polypes). 19 plates, 4to., 8/6. (Mem. Acad. Roy. Belg.)



466 Les Commensaux et les Parasites dans le règne animal. 8vo., cloth, 4/

Avec 83 figures,


467 Benham (W. B.) Report on Oligochaeta of the Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand. 2 plates, 4to., 3/6

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Holothurians, of the Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand. 5 plates, 4to., 7/469 Beraneik (E.) L'Organe auditif des Alciopides. Plate, 8vo., 2/-. (Ex. Rev. Suisse d. Zool.)




Etude sur l'embryogénie de L'Oeil des Alciopides. Planche, 8vo., 2/-. (Ex. Rev. Suisse de Zool.) 1893 471 Berger (E. W.) Physiology and Histology of the Cubomedusae. 3 plates, 4to., 5/-. (Mem. Biol. Lab.) 472 Bernard (H. M.) Catalogue of the Madreporarian Corals in the B.M. (Nat. Hist.). Vol. V. Porites of the Indo-Pacific Region; VI. Porites of the Atlantic and West Indies. With the European Fossil Forms. 52 plates, 4to., cloth, £2 1905-0 473 Bieler (S.) A. B. C. du Microscope. 12mo., half calf, 2/- Lausanne, 1872

[blocks in formation]

Catal. Crustacea in the B.M.-I. Leucosiadae. 12mo., 1/6 458 Beddard (F. E.) Anatomy and Systematic Position of a Gigantic Earthworm (Microchaeta rappi from the Cape Colony. 2 coloured plates, 4to., 3/6. (Zoo. Trans.) 459 On the Structure of two genera of Earthworms belonging to the Eudrilidae. 5 plates, 8vo., 3/-. (Quar. Jnl. of Micro. Sci.)

1886 new



The Anatomy and Development of Cassiopea Xamachana. 8 plates, 4to.,— paper, 3/6

Boston, 1900 476 Bigelow (M. A.) Early Development of Lepas. 12 plates, 8vo., 3/6. (Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool.)

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478 Biology of the Philippine Archipelago and adjacent Regions. One new genus and three new species of Meducsae. By H. B. Bigelow. The Euphausiacean Crustaceans by H. J. Hansen-New Crabs (Goneplacidae), by M. J. Rathburn-Scyphomedusae, by A. G. Mayer-Asudians, by W. G. Van Name Hydromedusae, Syphonophores & Ctenophores, by H. B. Bigelow-Polychaetous Annelids, by R. A. HoaglandSalpidae, by M. M. Metcalf. Many illustrations, 8vo., sewed, 7/6. (Proc. & Bull. U.S.N.M., Wash.) 1912-1920 479 Biological Lectures from the Marine Biological Laboratory of Wood's Hole, 1894-99. Illustrated, 5 vols., 8vo., cloth, £I 5S. 1896-1900 480 Benham (W. S.) Pharyngeal Bars of Amphioxus, 2 plates; and New Sp. of Monidigaster from India, plts., 8vo., 4/

(Ex. Q.J.M.S., 1883) 481 Biology of the Sea Shore (The), by F. W. Flattely, Lecturer in Zoology, Universty of Durham, and C. L. Walton, M.Sc. of University College, Bangor. Introduction by J. Arthur Thomson, M.A., LL.D., Professor of Natural History, Aberdeen. With Notes on the Commonest Shore Algae, and Shore Insects. 16 plates and 23 illustrations in the text, 8vo., cloth, 16/- 1922 482 Boeck (C.) Bermerkungen angaaende

Graptolitherne. 2 plates, 4to., 2/6 1851 483 Bohm u. Oppel. Taschenbuch der Mikroskopischen Technik. 2 Aufl., 12mo., cloth, 2/6


1893 484 Bosquet (J.) Description des Entomostracés Fossiles des Terrains Tertiaires de la France et de la Belgique. 6 plates, 4to., 6/485 Boulenger (G. A.) and (C. L.) Animal Life by the Sea-shore. 91 illustrations, 8vo., cloth, 7/6 486 Bourne (G. C.) Structure of Aenigma Aenigmatica Chemnitz. 3 plates, 8vo., 2/6. (Ex. Q.J.M.S.)




Notes on the Genus Monstrilla Dana, plate; On Surface Collections made in the North Sea and West of Scotland, plate; Report of a Trawling Cruise of the S.W. Coast of Ireland, 8vo., 3/6


(Ex. Q.J.M.S. & Jnl. M.B. Assoc.) Postembryonic Development of Fungia (Ex. Trans. R. Dub. S.). 4 plates, 4to., sewed, 2/Dublin, 1893 489 Bousfield (E. C.) Guide to the Science of Photo-micrography. 2nd edition, illus

trated, 8vo., cloth, 2/6 1892 490 Binkhorst (J. T.) Esquisse Géologique et paléontologie des Couches Crétacées du Limbourg et plus specialement de la Craie Tuffeau. Coloured geological map and 5 plates, 8vo., 41859

491 Bouvier (E. L.) Rech. anat. sur le Système Artériel des crustacés décapodes. 4 coloured plates, 8vo., 3-. (Ex. Ann. Sc. Nat. Zool., xi., 14)


492 Bovallius (Carl) Monograph of the Amphipoda Hyperiidea. 2 parts, with 28 plates, 4to., sewed, £1 4s. Stockholm, 1885-7 493 Bowerbank (J. Š.) Anatomy and Physiology of the Spongiadae. 3 parts, with 16 plates, 4to., 10/1857-62 494 Bowerbank (Dr. J. S.) Monograph of the British Spongiada. About 150 plates, 4 vols., 8vo., cloth, £3 10s. (Ray Society) 1864-82 495 Brady (G. S.) Monograph of the Free and Semi-parasitic Copepoda of the British Islands. 93 plates, 3 vols., 8vo., cloth, £2 10s. (Ray Soc.) 1878-80 Another Copy (second-hand), cloth (faded), 1 18s.



British Species of Entomostraca (Daphnia and other allied genera). 4 plates 8vo., 3/6. (N.H. Trans., North)



A Revision of the British Species of Freshwater Cyclopidae and Calanidae. With 12 plates (should be 14), 8vo., sewed, 5/- (N.H. Trans., North) Plates 6 and 7 are missing and plates 5 and 8 are in duplicate.


499 New or imperfectly known Species of Marine Ostracoda. 6 plates, 4to., 5/-. (Ex. Trans. Zoo. Sec.) 1865


A Monograph of the Recent British Ostracoda. 19 plates, 4to., half morocco, cloth sides, 14/-. (Linn. Trans.) 1868 Monograph of the Ostracoda of the Antwerp Crag. 8 plates, 4to., 6/-. (Ex. Trans. Zoo. Soc.) 1877



On New or imperfectly known Species of Ostracoda, chiefly from N. Zealand. 5 plates, 4to., 5/-. (Trans. Zool.




Crustaceans of the Group Myodcopa Supplementary Report (obtained during the Challenger" Exp.). 3 plates, 4to., 3/6. (Zoo. Trans.)


1897 Marine Copepoda of New Zealand. 5 plates, 4to., 4/6. (Ex. Trans. Zoo. Soc.) 1899


and Norman (Canon A. M.) Monograph of the Marine and Freshwater Ostracoda of the N. Atlantic and N.W. Europe. Pt. II., Sec. II.-IV. Myodocopa, Cladocopa and Platycopa. 19 plates, 4to., 5/-. (Sc. Trans. Roy. Dublin Soc.) 506 Brady (H. B.) A Monograph of Carboniferous and Permian Foraminifera (the genus Fusulina excepted). With 12 plates, 4to., 12. (Pal. Soc.) 1876



and Parker (W. K.) On some Foraminifera from the Abrohlos Bank. 8 plates, 4to., 7/-. (Trans. Zool. Soc., v. XII., No. 7) 1888

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