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$16 Horst (Dr. R.) Polychaeta Errantia of the Siboga Expedition. Part III. Nereidae and Hesionidae. With 7 plates, 4to., Leiden, 1924 817 Hudson and Gosse.-The Rotifera; or, Wheel-Animalcules. Pts. 1, 2, 3 and 5. 6 and Supplement. Roy. 8vo., sewed, £4 1886-89

818 Hughes (J. C.) The Geological Story of the Isle of Wight. With illustrations of fossils by Maud Neal, pp. X+115. Cr. 8vo., cloth, 5/- net. London, 1922

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828 Hyatt (A.) Pseudoceratites of the Cretaceous. 47 plates, 4to., cloth, 6/Washington, 1903 829 Intellectual Observer (The) Review of Natural History, Microscopic Research, etc., 12 vols.; and the continuation and completion The Student," in 5 vols., with numerous coloured plates, 17 vols., 8vo., half calf and half morocco, £2 12s. 6d. Groombridge, 1862-71 830 Internationale Revue der gesamten Hydrobiologie und Hydrographie. Band IX. Heft 3-6. 8vo., 4

1921 831 Jaderholm (E.) Northern and Arctic Invertebrates in the Swedish State Museum Part IV., Hydroiden. 12 plates, 4to., 7/6

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1859 a des

Roy. 8vo.,

wrappers, 4/6



Note préliminaire sur Volvox Globator.

l'oeuf du

8vo., I/






A Manual of the Anatomy of Invertebrated Animals. Illustrated, 8vo., cloth, 4/


825 The Crayfish. 82 illustrations, LARGE PAPER COPY (No. 104 of 250 copies), 82 illustrations, 8vo., cloth, 10/6 1880 825A a copy of the small edition, with autograph of F. Jeffrey Bell. (Int. Sci. Series)


3/L'Ecrevisse introduction a l'etude de la zoologie. 82 figures, 8vo., cloth, 4/1880 827 Invertebrata.-Collection of 45 Papers. With 153 plates (36 coloured), bound in 2 vols., 4to., half morocco, £4 4s.


Principal contents-Gigantic Earthworms by Beddard; Metamorphoses der Squilliden von Claus ; Deformitaten fossilen Crinoiden von Graff; Tunicata of the Triton," by Herdman; Alcyonariaus, by Hickson; Sponge-remains of Lower Greensand, by Hinde; Structure of Tubifex ; by McIntosh; Developmental History of the Mollusca, by Lankester; Limulus, by Benham; Embryology of Terebratulina, by Morse; Structure of certain Corals, by Mosely; On Stylasteridae, by Mosely; Chromatology of Actineae, by MacMann New and Rare Cephalopoda, by Owen; Brain of the Sessile-Eyed Crustacea, by Packard; Annélides Polychétes - de la Nouvelle Zemble, par Théel; Oxycephalids, by Bovallius; Australian Land Planarian, by Dendy; Victorian Sponges, by Dendy; L'Etude der Echinodermes, par Loriol; Cestodaria, by Monticelli.

Considérations sur l'etre vivant. Ier partie résume preliminaire de la constitution de l'orthobionte. Avec planche, 8vo., 3/1920 837 Jeffreys, Norman, M'Intosh and Waller. Last Report on Dredging among the Shetland Isles. 8vo., 3/6. (Ex. B. A. Report).

1868 838 Jelly (E. C.) F.R.M.S. Synonymic Catalogue of the recent Marine Bryozoa, including the Fossil Species. 8vo., cloth, 8/6 1889 839 Jennings (H. S.) Behaviour of the Starfish Asterias Forreri de Loriol. Roy. 8vo., sewed, 4/-. Univ., California, 1907 840 -Life and Death. Heredity and Evolution in Unicellular Organisms. 52 illustrations, cr. 8vo., cloth, 12/6.





841 Jensen (O.) Dairy Bacteriology. lated from 2nd Danish edition by P. S. Jupp. Roy. 8vo., cloth, 18/842 Johnson (H. P.) Polychaeta of the Puget Sound Region. 19 plates, 8vo., sewed, 4/6. (B. S. N. H.) 843 Johnston (G.) A History of the British Zoophytes. 2nd edition, with 74 plates, 2 vols., 8vo., cloth, 5/1847 844 LARGE PAPER COPY, 2 vols., cloth, 10/-; or in parts, 8/1847 844 Johnston (G.) Catalogue of the British Non-Parasitical Worms in the B. M. 20 plates, 8vo., cloth, 10/


845 Jones (T. R.) Monograph of the Entomostraca of the Cetaceous Formation of England. With 7 plates, and Supplement, with 4 plates; and Monograph of the Fossil Estheriae, with 5 plates, in I vol., 4to., half calf, 17/6 (Palaeon. Soc.)


846 Jones (T. R.) Monograph of the Tertiary
Entomostraca of England. 7 plates, 4to.,
plain cloth, 7/6. (Palaeontog. Soc.) 1856
and Woodward (H.) Monograph of
the British Palaeozoic Phyllopoda. 31
plates, 4to., half calf, £1 IOS. (Pal. Soc.)


The Aquarian Naturalist; a Manual for the sea-side. Coloured plates, post 8vo., cloth, 4/1858 849 Joubin (L.) Nemertiens avec 55 figures dans le texte, dont 18 en couleurs, 8vo., 3/6. (Ex. Blanchard's Traité de Zoologie) 1897 850 Bancs et Recifs de Coraux (Madrepores). With 5 large maps, 4to. (Ann. Ï'Inst. Ocean, T. IV., Fasc. II.) In portfolio, 8/6 Paris, 1912 851 Jourdan (M.) Recherches Zoologiques et Histologiques sur les Zoanthaires du Golfe de Marseille. 17 plates (2 coloured), 8vo., 7/6. (Bibl. Hautes Etudes). 1880 852 Journal of Applied Microscopy.-Vols. I-VI. Fully illustrated, 6 vols., roy. 8vo., buckram, £2 28.





863 Kirk (Ed.) Structure and relationships
of certain Eleutherozoic Pelmatazoa.
plates, 8vo., 3/-. (U. S. N. Mus.)
864 Kirkpatrick (R.) The Nummulosphere.
An account of the Organic- Origin of so-
called Igneous Rocks and of Abyssal Red
Clays. Illustrated, 3 parts. 8vo., 17/6
1913, etc
865 Klein (J. Th.) Descriptiones Tubulorum
Marinorum ; in quorum censum relati
Lapides Caudae Cancri Gesneri, and his
similes Belemnitae ; eorumque alveoli.
Secundum despositionen Musei Kleiniani,
addita est... de Pilis Marinis. 10 plates,
4to., boards, 10s.
Gedani, 1731

866 Koch (G. v.) Die Ungeschlechtliche Ver-
mehrung (Theilung und Knaspung). 3
plates, 4to., 3/-

867 Koehler (R.) A Contribution to the Study of Ophiurans of the U. S. National Museum. 18 plates, 4to., 6/1914

868 Koehler (R.) Deep-sea Asteroidea collected by the R. J. M. SS. "Investigator." 13 plates, 4to., sewed, 14/- Calcutta, 1909 869 Echinodermes (Mission Gruvel su la Côte Occidentale de Afrique), 1909-1910). 3 plates, 4to., 6/


A Contribution to the Study of Ophiurans of the U. S. National Museum. 18 plates, 4to., 8/6

Rochester, N. Y., 1898-1903 Vol. 2 (no title or index), 8vo., plain cloth, 6/854 Journal of Marine Biology and Microscopy. Vol. 1 and 2, in 8 parts, plates, 8vo., 7/6 1893-1897 855 Journal of Microscopy and Natural Science. Edited by Alfred Allen. Vol. I. (3rd series), with 21 plates, 8vo., half roan, 5/1891 856 Kaufmann (Dr. A.) Cypriden und Darwinuliden der Schweiz. 872 17 plates, 8vo., sewed, 7/6. (Ex. Rev. Suisse de Zool.) 1900

857 Keber (G. A. F.) De Spermatozoorum introite in Ovuli. 2 plates, 4to., half calf, 6/1853 858 Kent (W. Saville) A Manual of the Infusoria; including a description of all known Flagellate, Ciliate, and Tentaculiferous Protozoa, British and Foreign ; and an account of the organisation and affinities of the sponges. With coloured frontispiece and 2,178 figures on 51 plates, 3 vols., roy. 8vo., half red morocco, £15 1880-82

859 Kiaer (H.) Thalamophora. (Nordske Nordhavs-Expedition, 1876-8). Folio, sewed, with plate and map, 2/6


Christiania, 1899 860 Kimus (J.) Recherches sur les Branchies des Crustaces. 8 plates, 4to., 6/-. (Ex. La Cellule). 861 King (W.) Histology of the Test of the Class Palliobranchiate. Plate, 4to., 2/6 Dublin, N.D. 862 Kingsley (C.) Glaucus; or, the wonders of the shore. With 12 coloured plates by Sowerby, 2 vols., 12mo., cloth, 4/6 1855-58 Ditto. Being vol. 5 of the works, cr. 8vo., half calf, 4/1884



871 Kofoid (C. A.) Protophyra Ovicola from the blood-sac of Littorina rudis. 4to., 2/

1903 and Swezy (O.) The Free-living unarmored Dinoflagellata, pp. 562. 12 coloured plates and 388 figures in the text, 4to. (Mem. Univ. Calif., V. 6). £3 10s. 1921 873 Kolliker (A.) Die Schwimm Polypen oder Siphonophoren von Messina. 12 coloured, folio, boards, 18/Leipzig, 1753

Anatomisch Systematische Besch-
reibung, der Alcyonarien: Die Pennatuli-
den. 1st Halfte, 10 plates, 4to., 7/- 1870
875 Koren (J.) and Danielssen (D. C.) Nye
Alcyonider Gorgonider og Pennatulider
tilhorende Norges Fauna. 13 plates, folio,
half morocco, £1
Bergen, 1883
Asteriodes of the "Nordhaus
Expedition," 1876-78. With 15 plates and
coloured map, 4to., 7/-
Christiania, 1884


877 Kuchenmeister (Dr. F.) On Animal and Vegetable Parasites of the Human Body. Trans. by E. Lankester. Vol. I., Animal Parasites belonging to the group Entozoa. With 8 coloured and plain plates; Vol. II., Animal Parasites with striped muscular fibres, and vegetable parasites, with 6 coloured and plain plates; With a Supplement on Tape and Cystic Worms, by C. T. Von Siebold; translated by T. H. Huxley, with 36 woodcuts, 2 vols., 8vo., cloth, 12/6 Sydenham Soc., 1857

$78 Kubler u. Zwingli-Mikroskopische Bilder aus dem leben unserer einheimischen Gewasser. 2 parts, with 6 plates (Algae and Foraminifera). 4to., half calf, 6/


879 Kuikenthal (W.) Japanische Alcyonaceen. 5 plates (4 coloured) and 70 text illustrations. (Beit. Z. Natur. Ostasicus, heraus. Dr. Koflein). 4to., 7/1906 880 Lacaze-Duthiers (H. de) Histoire de la Laura Gerardiae. Type nouveau de Crustacé Parasite. With 8 coloured plates, 4to., cloth, 7/

1882 881 Lamarck's Genera of Zoology, etc., in Manuscript. 44 vols., sm. 4to., full roan (some worn), gilt edges, and 4 vols. with the covers missing, £5 5s.


These manuscript volumes are the work of, or written under the instruction of the late Mr, Henry Denny, Curator of the Leeds Museum. They are apparently incomplete.

Conchology, vols. 1-28 (vol. 16 unbound); Coralsete, 4 vols.; Fossils of Invertebrate Animals, Radiated Animals, Echinas, etc.; Supplement, vols. 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7, in 8 vols.; and Montague's British Sponges, vol. 1, extracted from Wernerian Society's Memoirs.

Neatly and uniformly written in feminine hand (?)



882 Lamarck.-Philosophie Zoologique ou exposition des considerations relatives à l'histoire naturelle des animaux. Nouvelle edition, revue et precédée d'une introduction biographique par Charles Martins. vols. in 1, 8vo., half morocco, £I IS. 1873 883 Lamouroux (J.) Corallina; or, classical arrangements of Flexible Coralline Polypidoms. 19 plates, 8vo., boards, or half calf, 4/6 1824 884 Landacre (F. L.) The Protozoa of Sandusky Bay. 8vo., 2/6

Ohio St. Univ., 1908 885 Landsborough (D.) Popular History of British Zoophytes and Corallines. 20 coloured plates, sq. 16mo., cloth, 3/6 1852 886 Lankester (E. Ray) On the Muscular and Endoskeletal systems of Limulus and Scorpio. II plates, 8 coloured, 4to., 12/6 (pub. £2 2s.). (Trans. Zoo. Soc.) 1885 887 Structure and Classification of the Arthropoda, plate, 8vo., 3/- (Ex. Q.J.M.S. Vol. 47)



Modification of the eye peduncles in Crabs of the genus Cymonomus. 2 plates, 8vo., 2/6. (Q. J.M.S. Vol. 47) 889


Spolia Maris; contributions to the knowledge of Rhabdopleura and AmphiOxus. 9 coloured and plain plates, 4to., boards, 10/6 1889


A Treatise on Zoology. Part I. in 2 vols.-Introduction and Protozoa; Part II. Porifera and Coelenterata; Part III. -Echinoderma; Part V.-Mollusca; Part VII.-Appendiculata; Crustacea. 8vo., cloth, each £I


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891 Lankester (E. Ray) Zoological Articles contributed to the Encyclopaedia Britannica"; to which are added kindred articles by W. J. Sollas, A. A. W. Hubrecht, L. von Graff, A. G. Bourne, and W. A. Herdman. Illustrated, 4to., cloth, ex-library label on cover, 12/6 1891

The subjects are-Protozoa, Sponges, Hydrozoa, Planarians, Nemertines, Rotifera, Mollusca, Vertebrata, Tunicata. 892 Laurent (Paul) Etudes physiologiques sur les Animalcules des Infusions Végétales. Tome I., Des Infusoires. Avec 22 planches; II., Des Organes élémentaires des vegetaux, avec 23 planches, in 1 vol., 4to., half calf, £I IOS. Nancy, 1854/58 893 Lauterborn (R.) Susswasser-fauna of Insel Helgoland. 4to., 2/1894

894 Lee (A.B.) The Microtomist's Vade-Mecum; a handbook of the methods of microscopic anatomy. 6th edition, 8vo., cloth, 8/6

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1887 Descriptive catalogue of the sponge 12 plates, 8vo.,


in Australian Museum. half roan, 7/903 Lerebours (N. P.) Description des Microscopes Achromatiques simplifies. 2e edition, planche, 8vo., half calf, 2/6 [1840] 904 Leslie (G.) and Herdman (W. A.) The Invertebrate Fauna of the Firth of Forth. 3 parts, 8vo., sewed, 6/-. (Ex. Proc. Phys. Soc. Edin.) 1881

905 Letourneau (Ch.) La Biologie. 2me edition. 113 figures, 12mo., cloth, 3/- 1877 906 Leuckart (R.) Allgemeine Naturgrschichte der Parasiten. 91 woodcuts, 8vo., half morocco, 4/1879 Festschrift zum Siebenzigsten Geburtstage dem verehrten Jubilau, von S. D. Schülern. 40 plates and 43 figures in text, slightly used, sewed, £I 1892


657 Duncan (P. M.) Echinodermata of the Arctic Sea West of Greenland. 6 plates, folio, wrappers, 7/6

1881 658 Revision of Families and Genera of the Sclerodermic Zoantharia, or, Madreporaria (M. Rugosa excepted), 8vo., sewed, 5/- (Jnl. Linn. Soc.) 659

1884 A Revision of the Genera and Great Groups of the Echinoidea: Pp. 311, interleaved, (Trans. Jnl. Linn. Soc. Zoo., v. 23), 8vo., cloth, 10/



and Sladen.-Monograph of the Tertiary Echinoidea of Kachh and Kattywar. 13 plates (from Pal. Indica), 4to., sewed, 8/6 1883 661 Du Plessis (G.) Organisation et genre de vie L'Emea Lacustris nemertien des environs de Geneve. Plates (coloured), 8vo. 2/6. (Ex. Rev. Suisse de Zool.) 1893 662 Ealand (C. A.) The Romance of the Microscope. Pp. 314, cr. 8vo., cloth, 7/6 1920 663 Echinodermata.-Sixteen Papers on. One vol., 4to., half morocco, £2 28.


Echinoderm Fauna of Ceylon, by Bell, coloured plates; Genus Actinometria (Meill), by Carpenter, 7 plates; Form of the Cirre in Comatulae, by Carpenter, plate; Three new species of Metacrinus, by Carpenter, 2 plates (1 coloured); Brasilien Echinodermen

von Ludwig, 2 plates; Acanthology of the Desmosticha (Pts. 2 and 3), 6 plates; Echinodermi Fossile di Bologna by Manzoni, with Suppt., 5 plates; and other Papers (illustrated), by Marenzeller, Perrier, Romanes, Théel, Wyville Thomson.

664 Edwards (A. M.) Histoire des Crustaces Podophthalmaires Fossiles. 16 plates, 4to.,



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Fossils of the British Islands, Vol. I. Palaeozoic. 4to., cloth, 15- Oxford, 1888 679 - and Carpenter (P. H.) Catalogue of the Blastoidea in the B. M. (Nat. Hist.), with an account of the Morphology and systematic position of the group, and a revision of the genera and species. 20 plates, 4to., cloth, £1 5s. 1886

Second-hand copy, £1

679a 680 Eyferth (B.) Die Einfachsten Lebensformen. Systematische Naturgeschichte der Mikroskopischen Süsswasser bewohner. 5 plates, 4to., boards, 5/


681 Fauna Hawaiiensis.-Crustacea Isopoda. By A. Dollfus, and C. Amphipoda, by T. R. R. Stebbing. 2 plates, 4to., 6/- 1900 Earthworms, by F. E. Beddard.



4to., 3/683 Fauna of Sponges, etc. By N. Annandale. 5 plates and numerous illustrations, 8vo., cloth, 14/684 Fauna de las posesiones Espanolas del Golfo de Guinea, por Beltran y Rozpide, A. Canera y Latorre, G. A. Boulenger, E. Simon, H. D'Orbigny, A. G. Varela, H. Schouteden, M. Pic, J. Bolivar, J. Carl, M. Burr, R. Shelford, and others. With plates, 8vo., (forming Tomo I. Mem. de la Sociedad Esp. d. Hist. Nat.), 15/

British India.-Freshwater

Madrid, 1903-10

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686 Fauna Littoralis Norvegicae. Folio, half morocco, £6 6s. 1846-77 Contents -Polypen, by Sars, Parts 1, 2 and 3, with 10 coloured plates; Nouvelles Annelides, by Sars, Koren and Daniellsen, with 12 plates: New or little known Coelentrates, by Sars, with 16 coloured and plain plates.


687 Fauna Regni Hungariae. Vol. 3 Arthropoda, edidit Regia Societas Scient. Naturalium Hungarica. Roy. 8vo., sewed, 30/Budapest, 1900 588 Fauna of Mergui and its Archipelago. Vol. II. Crustacea, by Dr. J. G. De Man. With 19 plates, 8vo., cloth, 12/-. (Reprinted from Jnl. Linn. Soc.) 689 Fauna of New England, Nos. 1-7. Reptilia and Batrachia, by S. Henshaw; Mammalia, by G. M. Allen; Echinodermata, by H. L. Clark; Crustacea, by M. J. Rathbun; Adonata by P. R. Calvert; Formicidae, by W. M. Wheeler. 8vo., 12/-. (Bost. S.N.H.) 1904-6

690 Fauna Sudwest-Australiens (Die) Ergebnisse der Hamburger südwest-australischen Forschungsreise, 1905, herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. W. Michaelsen und Dr. R. Hartmeyer. Band IV., Lief I.-XII. Caprellidae von P. Mayer, Oniscoidea G. Budde-Lund-Mantodea und Phasmodea, von F. Werner ... Plecoptera von Dr. G. Enderlein; Polychaeta von Dr. H. Augener Crinoidea (Supplement) von A. H. Clark; Gryllacridae von A. Griffini; Coccidae von L. Lindinger; Holothuweridea von W. Erwe; Amphibia von F. Werner; Curepedia von R. Krüger; Echinoidea von L. Döderlein; Polychaeta II. Sedentaria von Dr. Augener; Cumacea von C. Zimmer. 9 plates and many illustrations in the text, roy. 8vo., £I IOS. Jena, 1912-14 691 Faune de France.-I. Echinodermes par R. Koehler 210 pages, 153 figures, 8vo., 14/


V. Polychètes errantes, par R. Fauvel. 448 pages, 2,011 dessins en 181 figures, 8vo., 12/6


1923 VII. Pegenogonides par E. L. Bouvier. 69 pages, 129 dessins in 61 figures, 8vo, 4/6 Paris, 1923 694 Faxon (W.) Crustacea (Selections from Embryolog. Monog., compiled by Agassiz, Faxon and Mark. 14 plates, 4to., 7/6 1882 695 Feldman (Dr. W. M.) Biomathematics : Being the Principles of Mathematics for Students of Biological Science. Pp. XIX. x 398, 8vo., cloth, £I IS. 1923

So far as we know this is the first work dealing with the application of Mathematics to Biology."-Nature, Apl. 5, 1924.

696 Fewkes (J. W.) On Certain Medusae from New England, 6 plates; On the Development of Agalma, 4 plates; Medusae from the Bermudas, plate: List of Free Jelly-fishes found in Castle Harbour, 1882. 8vo., 6. (Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool.) 1883-88 697 and Mark (E. L.) Acalephs and Polyps (being selections from Embryological Monographs III. of the Mus. Comp. Zool.). 4to., 6/6 1884 698 Figuier (L.) The Ocean World. New edition, revised by E. P. Wright. 435 illustrations, cr. 8vo., cloth, 3/



699 Zoophytes et Mollusques. 385 figures, roy. 8vo., half red morocco, g. e., 1866 700 Fisch (C.) Unter über einige Flagellaten und verwande Organisme. 4 plates, 8vo., 2/6 1885 701 Fisher (W. K.) Asteroidea of the North Pacific and adjacent waters. Part I. Phanerozonia and Spinulosa. 122 plates. 4to., sewed, £1 5s. (Bull. U.S. N. Mus.) 702 Holothurians of the Hawaiian Islands. 21 plates, 8vo., 2/6. (Proc. U.S N. Mus.)



1907 Asteroidea of the N. Pacific and adjacent Waters. Pt. I. Phanerozonia and Spinulosa. Thick 4to., 122 plates, £15s. (U.S. Nat. Mus. Bull. 76) Two pages dust-soiled.



Starfishes of the Philippine Seas and adjacent Waters. 155 plates, 8vo., sewed, 8/6. (Bull. U.S. N. Mus.) 1919 705 Flattely (F. W.) and Walton (C. L.) The Introduction Biology of the Sea-Shore.

by J. Arthur Thomson. 23 illustrations, 8vo., cloth, 16


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