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75 Collingwood (Cuth.) On some new species of Nudibranchiate Mollusca from the Eastern Seas. 2 plates, 4to., 2/6. (Linn. Trans.) .1878 76 Conchologist (The) A Quarterly Magazine for Conchologists, and continuation entitled Journal of Malacology. Edited by W. E. Collinge, H. H. Bloomer, Rev. A. H. Cooke, E. R Sykes, B. B. Woodward, and others. Numerous plates, Vols. I.-XII., No. 3, in 10 vols,, cloth, (and rest in parts) £4 IOS. -1891-1905 Ditto. Vols. I., II., 4to. and 8vo., in parts, 8/1891 to 1893 78 Dall (W. H.) List of Marine Mollusca, comprising the quaternary fossils and recent forms from American localities between Cape Hatteras and Cape Roque, including the Bermudas. 8vo., 5/-. (Bull. U. S. Geol. Surv.)



1885Tertiary Fauna of Florida, with especial reference to the Miocene SilexBeds of Tampa, and the Pliocene Beds of the Caloosahatchie River. Parts III., IV. and V. 1887 With 25 plates. roy. 8vo., sewed, I IOS. (From Wagner Free Inst. Phil.) 1895-1900

64 Cossman (M.) Catalogue illustré des Coquilles Fossiles de l'Eocene des environs de Paris. 2me partie, 8 plates, 8vo., 12/6. Ex. Mem. Sci. R. Mal., Belg.



Pélécypodes du Montien de Belgique, 7 plates, 4to., 6/-. (Ex. Mem. Mus. R. d'Hist. Nat. de Belgique). 66 Costa (E. M. da) The British Conchology. Descriptions and other particulars of Natural History of the Shells of Great Britain and Ireland (with French translation), 17 coloured plates, 4to., calf, 12/6 1788 67 Cox (J. C.) A Monograph of Australian Land Shells. 20 coloured plates, 8vo., boards, £3 35. Sydney, 1868

68 7 Papers on Australian Shells; on Voluta, Cypraea Cytherea, and new species of Land and Freshwater Shells. 4 plates (1 coloured), 8vo., 5/1871-1910



69 Crouch (E. A.) An Illustrated Introduction to Lamarck's Conchology. 22 coloured plates, 4to., cloth (worn), 7/6; or in boards, 816 1827 FIRST EDITION, calf (broken), 7/-; boards, 8/71 Cunningham (R. O.) Notes on the Reptiles, Amphibia, Fishes and Mollusca obtained during the voyage of H.M.S. Nassau," 1866-69. 2 plates, 4to., 3/6. 1870


(Linn. Trans.)

poda of Minnesota.

72 Clarke (J. M.) The Lower Silurian Cephalo






Part III., separate, 5/

A Monograph of the Molluscan Fauna of the Orthaulax Pugnax zone of the Oligocene of Tampa Fla. 26 plates, 8vo., sewed, 6/-. (Bull. U. S. Nat. Mus.) 1915 New species of Chitons from the Pacific Coast of America. 8vo., 1/6. (Bull. U. S. N. Mus.)


Descriptions of new species of Turritidae from the W. Coast of America. 24 plates, 8vo., 3/-. (Bull. U. S. N. Mus.)


and Bartsch.-Pyramidal Mollusks of the Oregonian Faunal Area. 5 plates, 8vo., 2. (Bull. U. S. N. Mus.) 1907 84 D'Argenville (D.) Histoire Naturelle-la Conchyloilogie. 38 plates, 4to., calf, 14/

1757 85 Dautzenberg (P.) Contribution a la Faune Malacologique des Iles Acores (Resultats des Comp. Sci. Prince de Monaco). 3 1889 plates (2 coloured), 4to., 12/6


et Bavay (A.) Les Lamellibranches de l'expedition du Siboga. Partie Systematique-Pectinides. 13 plates, 4to., sewed, coloured plates, 1897 4to., 4/6




3/-. (Minn. Geol. Surv.) 73 Claus. Text Book of Zoology-Mollusca to Man. 2nd edition, with 214 woodcuts, 8vo., cloth, 4/6 74 Conchological Magazine (The Monthly), devoted to the study of the Oriental Mollusca. English edition, Vol. I., Nos. XI. and XII.; Vol. II. complete; Vol. III., Nos. I-IV; Japanese edition, Vols. II. and III. With 82 plates (1 coloured) and numerous text illustrations, in 1 vol., 8vo., half roan, f1 10S. Kyoto, 1907-9




Cont. a la Faune Malacologique Méditeranéene. Coloured plate, 8vo., 1/6. (Ext. Jnl. Conch.)


et Fischer.-Mollusques et Brachiopodes. Map, 4to., 4/6. (Compagne Arctique de 1907 (Duc D. Orleans)


Mollusques provenant des Dragages effectués a l'ouest de l'Afrique pendant les Campagnes scientifiques de S.A.S le Prince de Monaco. 5 plates (coloured). 4to., 6/Monaco, 1906

go Dautzenberg (P.) et Fischer,



et Brachiopodes de la Campagne Arctique de 1907. Map, 5/-, 4tc.


Mollusques provenant des campagnes de l'Hirondelle et de la Princesse-Alice dans les Mers du Nord. With II coloured plates and 2 maps, roy. 4to., sewed, £1 12s. 6d. Monaco, 1912 92 Davidson (T.) British Fossil Brachiopoda; on the Anatomy of Terebratula, by Prof. Owen; Intimate structure of the Brachiopoda, by Prof. Carpenter; Classification of the Brachiopoda, by T. Davidson. Vols. I. and II., with 72 plates, 2 vols., 4to., calf. (Palaeont. Soc.). £4 4s. 1851-62

93 De Kay (James E.) Zoology of New York. Part V., Mollusca. With 40 coloured plates; and Part VI., Crustacea, with 13 coloured plates, 4to., cloth, £1 155. Albany, 1843 94 Deutschen Tiefsee-Expedition, 1898-99. Untersuchun


gen einiger Gastropoden, by J. Thiele. 4 plates, 4to., 5/1903 95 Dickerson (R. E.) Fauna of the Type Tejon; its relation to the Cowlitz Phase of the Tejon Group of Washington. II plates, 8vo., 3/6. (Ex. Proc. Cal. Ac. Sci.) 1915 96 Dixon and Watson.-Descriptive Manual of British Land and Freshwater Shells. 8 coloured plates, 8vo., cloth, 4/6 97 Delgado (J. F. N.) Estudo Sobre Bilobites e outros Fosseis das Quartzites da Base do Systema Silurico de Portugal. 52 plates, 2 vols., 4to., 16/-; or Supplement, 8/Lisboa, 1886 French Translation of vol. I., 43 plates, 4to., half calf, 12/




Lisbonne, 1886

99 Dillwyn (L.) A descriptive catalogue of Recent Shells (Linnean System), with particular attention to the synonymy; with Woods' Dictionary of Terms, and an Index, in MS. inserted. 2 vols., 8vo., half calf (broken), 8/6 1817 100 Dixon and Watson.-Descriptive Manual of British Land and Freshwater Shells. 8 coloured plates, 12mo., cloth, 4/6 1858 101 Donovan (E.) Natural History of British Shells. 180 coloured plates, 5 vols., 8vo., boards, FINE COPY, £3 3S. 1800-1804


5 vols. in 2, 8vo., calf (cover slightly worn), or in half morocco, £2 5s. 103 Ditto. 3 vols. in 2, half morocco, £2 10S. 103A

The plates only (180-all coloured), 8vo., half roan, £1 5s. 104 Dubois (C.) Epitome of Lamarck's arrangement of Testacea, with illustrative observations, and comparative and synoptic tables of the systems of Linnaeus and Lamarck. 12mo., half calf, 3/105 D'Orbigny (A.) List of the Shells of the Canaries in the B. M. 12mo., 2/- 1854


106 Ducros (A.) Revue Critique du genre Oliva de Bruguières. 3 plates, 8vo., 2/Clermont, 1837 107 Dunker (G.) Novitates Conchologicae, II. serie. Mollusques Marins. Livr. I. to IX., 27 coloured plates, 4to., £1 16s. Cassell, 1858

Text in French and German.

108 Duvernoy (G.) Memoires sur le Systeme Nerveux des Mollusques Acéphales, Lamellibranches Ou Bivalves. 9 plates, 4to., sewed, 5s. Paris, 1853

109 Eliot (C.) Nudibranchiatea of the Scottish Nat., Antarctic Expedition. 4to., I

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III Fauna of British India.-MOLLUSCA. Numerous illustrations, 8vo., cloth.

Vol. I., Testacellidea and Zonitidae, by W. T. Blandford and Lt. Col. H. H. Godwin-Austen, 21/

Vol. II., Trochomorphidae-Janellidae, by G. K. Gude, 14/

Vol. III., Freshwater Gastropoda and Pelycopoda, by H. B. Preston, 14/

Vol. IIIIa, Land Operculates, by G. K. Gude, 35/

112 Fischer (H.) Rech. sur la Morphologie du foie des Gastéropodes. (Thèse). 7 plates,


8vo., 4/6


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et Joubin (L.) Céphalopodes (Exp. Sci, du Travailleur et du "Talisman.") 4 plates (1 coloured), 4to., 5/114 Foord (A. H.) and Crick (G. C.) Catalogue of the Fossil Cephalopoda in the British Museum (Natural History), London.

Part I., containing part of the Suborder Nautiloidea, consisting of the families Orthoceratidae, Endoceratidae, Actinoceratidae, Gomphoceratidae, Ascoceratidae, Poterioceratidae, Cyrtoceratidae, and Supplement. 8vo., cloth. [With Systematic Index, and Alphabetical Index of Genera and Species, including Synonyms]. With 51 woodcuts, Ios. 6d.


Part II. Containing the remainder of the Suborder Nautiloidea, consisting of the families Lituitidae, Trochoceratidae, Nautilidae, and Supplement. 8vo. [With Systematic Index and Alphabetical Index of Genera and Species, including Synonyms] with 86 woodcuts, cloth, 15/1891

Part III. Containing the Bactritidae, and part of the Suborder Ammonoidea. 8vo., cloth. [With Systematic Index of Genera and Species, and Alphabetical 'Index]. With 146 woodcuts, 12/6 1897 Vols. I. and III. secondhand,

2 vols., cloth, LI

115 Fauna Hawaiiensis.-Mollusca, by E. R. Sykes, with intercalations on Anatomy. By Lt. Col. Godwin-Austen. 2 plates (with 26 coloured figures), 4to., 18/- 1900 116 Forbes (E.) and Hanley (S.) History of British Mollusca and their Shells With about 200 coloured plates, LARGE PAPER COPY, 4 vols., roy. 8vo., cloth, £6 6s.



Van Voorst, 1853 Another copy, LARGE PAPER, uncoloured, 4 vols., roy. 8vo., cloth, £1 16s. 1853 Vol. III., including some Bivalves, the Pteropoda and the Gasteropoda as far as Ianthinidae, about 50 coloured plates, LARGE PAPER, roy. 8vo., cloth, 20/1850 119 (uncoloured), 4 vols., 8vo., cloth, £155. 1853 120 Frenzel (Dr. J.) Allgemeine Morphologie und Physiologie des Drüsenepithels. 3 plates, 4to., 10/-. (Deut. Akad. d. Narurf.)

1886 121 Friele og Greig.-Mollusca III. (of The Norwegian North Atlantic Exp., 1876-78). Folio, sewed, 6/


122 Garrett (A.) Terrestrial Mollusks of the Viti Islands. 2 papers, 8vo., 3/-. (Ext. P.Z.S.) 1886-87 123 Geddes (P.) Mechanism of the Odontophore in certain Mollusca. 2 coloured plates, 4to., 3/6. (Zoo. Trans.)


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129 Gray (J. E.) Guide to the Systematic Distribution of Mollusca in the British Museum. Part I. (all issued), 121 engravings, 8vo., cloth, 4/130


(M. E.) Figures of Molluscous Animals, etched for the use of Students. 381 plates, with descriptions, 5 vols., 8vo., cloth, 25/1857-59

131 Groom (T. T.) Early Development of Cirrepedia. 15 plates (1 coloured), 4to., slightly dust-soiled), 6/- (Phil. Trans.) 1892 132 Gualterius (N.) Index Testarum Conchyliorum quae adserv. in Museo N. G. Fine portrait and 110 engraved plates, folio, half morocco, or half calf, 30- Florent., 1742

133 Gude (G. K.) On Chloritis. Descriptions of 21 N. Sp., 2 parts. 3 plates, 8vo., 4/-. (Ex. Jnl. Mal. Soc.) 1906 134 Hall (James) and Clarke (John M.) An introduction to the Study of the Genera of Palaeozoic Brachiopoda. With 106 plates, 2 vols., 4to., cloth, £2 10s. (Geol. Surv. of the State of New York, Albany). 1894-96 135 Haas (H. G.) Kritisch e Beitrage zur Kenntniss d. Jurassischen Brachiopoden fauna des Schweizerischen Jurageberges. 2 plates, 4to., 4/-. (Ex.)

1889 136 Hanley (Sylvanus) An Illustrated and Descriptive Catalogue of Recent Bivalve Shells. With 900 coloured figures by Wood. and Sowerby. 8vo., cloth, £2 2s. 1842-56 Forms an appendix to Woods' Index Testaceologicus.

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Fine and Rare Books, Limited
Editions, Private Presses, etc.
Old Books, chiefly Greek and
Latin Classics.

Our June List of "Books to Buy " (The most important new books).

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(P.) Description de Quelques Fragments de Deux Céphalopodes Gigantesques. 3 plates, 4to., 2/Amsterdam, 1860 141 Hedley (C.) The Mollusca of Funafuti. 2 parts and supplement, with illustrations, 8vo., 5. (Ex. Mem. Austral, Museum). 1899



Mollusca of the Mast Head Reef, Capricorn Group. Part 2 only, 5 plates, 8vo., 3/-. (Ex. Proc. Linn. Soc., N.S.W.) 1907 Mollusca of the Hope Islands. 9 plates, 8vo., 3/6. (Ex. Proc. Linn. Soc., N.S.W.) 1907 144 Herdman (W. A.) Reports I.-V. to the Government of Ceylon on the Pearl Oyster Fisheries of the Gulf of Manaar. With Supplementary Reports upon the Marine Biology of Ceylon by other naturalists. With plates, 5 vols., 4to., cloth. £4

Royal Society, 1903-6 145 Heude (P. M.), S.J. Notes sur les Mollusques Terrestres de la Vallée du Fleuve Bleu (Nanking). Avec planches XII-XXI. 4to., 6/1879

146 Hidalgo (J. G.) Moluscos Marinos Testáceos de la Costa y Bahiá de Cadiz. 8vo., sewed, 3/6 Madrid, 1911 147 Hidalgo (J. G.) Obras Malacologicas.

Parte I. (Fauna Malacologica des las Islas Filipinas). Tome I., Moluscos terrestres (complete); Tome II., fasc. I, Moluscos Marinos.

Parte II. (Moloscas terrestres y marinos de Espana, Portugal y Las Baleares (Bibliografia critica)). Complete in 3 Tomes, with Supplement.

Parte III. (Moluscos de la America Meridianal), pages 33-608.

Atlas. Plates 1-170 (75 coloured), roy. 8vo., sewed, £5 10s. Madrid, 1890-1913 Forms part of "Memorias de la Real Academia de Ciencas de Madrid."


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148 Obras Malacologicas. Parte I.. Tome I. and II., fasc. I. Parte II., complete in 3 tomes, with supplement, roy. 8vo., sewed, £3 Madrid, 1890-1913 Monografia de las Especies Vivients del Genero Cypraea, pp. 588, 2 parts, roy. 8vo., sewed, I 5s. 1907-8 150 Hirase (Y.) A Design Book of sections of Shells, with 2 coloured plates and 50 plates of ingenious designs made from sections thereof. printed from woodcuts, with text in Japanese, folio, 4/Kyoto, 1914 151 Hornes (Dr. M.) Die Fossilen Mollusken des Tertiaer-Beckens von Wien. I., Band. Univalven, mit 52 Tafeln und IV. Band, mit 85 Tafeln, in 4 vols., sm. folio, quarter calf, £4 4s. Wien, 1856-70 152 Hoernes und Auinger. Die Gasteropoden der Meeres Ablagerungen der Ersten und Zweiten Miocanen Mediterranean stufe in der Osterreichisch Ungarischen Monarachic. Lief 2. 4 plates, folio, slightly dust-soiled, 4/6 153 Hopkinson (J.) A Bibliography of the Tunicata, 1469-1910. 8vo., cloth. 15/Ray Soc., 1913 154 Houssay (F.) Recherches sur l'opercule et les grandes du pied des Gastéropodes (Thèse). 8 plates, 8vo., 3/6 155 Hayle (Dr. W. E.) Cephalopoda collected during a cruise of H.M.S. Research," 1900; List of Generic Names of Dibranchiate Cephaolpoda, with their type species; The Cephalopoda of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition; Mollusca (Cephalopoda) in West Africa. Plate, 4 papers, 4to, 6/159 Hudleston (W. H.) and Wilson (E.) Catalogue of British Jurassic Gasteropoda, with their geological distribution and localities. 8vo., cloth, 6/-; another copy, interleaved, half morocco, 7/1892 160 Hutton (F. W.) Manual of the New Zealand Mollusca. 8vo., sewed, 8/6

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Wellington, 1880 161 Ihering (H. von) Analyse der SüdAmerikanischen Heliceen. 2 plates, 4to., 4. (Ex. Jnl. Ac. Nat. Sci. Phil.) 1912

162 Jackson (J. W.) The Brachiopoda of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition. 2 plates, 4to., 2/6. Roy. Soc., Edin., 1912 163 Jay (J. C.) Catalogue of the Shells in his Collection (Lamarckian System). 10 plates 3rd edition, 4to., half calf, 10/6. New York, 1839


with their authorities, synonyms, and references to works where figured or described contained in (his) collection. 4th edition, with Supplement, 4to., cloth, 16/- New York, 1850-51 165 Jeffreys (J. G.) Synopsis of the Testaceous Pneumonobranchous Mollusca of Great Britain. 4to., 3. (Linn. Trans.) 1828 British Conchology. Vols. I-IV. only With 4 coloured and 32 plain plates, cr. 8vo., cloth, £1 12s. 6d. ; Vols. I and 2, 16/6 1862-67


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On the Mollusca procured during the Lightning and Porcupine" Expeditions, 1868-70. Parts III to VIII. inclusive. With 12 plates, 8vo., 9/-. (Author's Ex. Proc. Zool. Soc.) 1881-84 On the Mollusca procured during Porcupine Expedition, 1868-70. Parts 3 to 8, with 15 plates, 8vo. form. (P. Zoo. Soc.). 1/each part


the " Lightning and "

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and Carpenter (Dr.) Biological Results of the Valorous Expedition. With chart and sections, 8vo., 3/6. (Proc. Roy. Soc.) 1876 170 Johnston (G.) Introduction to Conchology, with the History of Conchology from Aristotle to Cuvier, and the History of Systems, from the publication of Cuvier's System to its completion. 8vo., cloth, 51850


Einleitung in die Konchyliologle, heraus. von Dr. H. G. Bronn. Illustrated, 8vo., half calf, 6Stuttgart, 1853 172 Jonstonus (Joannes) Historiae Naturalis de Exanguibus Aquaticis. Libri 4. About 150 full-page quaint plates, folio, half calf, antique style, newly bound, £4 48. 1650 173 Journal de Conchyliologie, comprenant l'etude des Animaux, des Coquilles vivants et des Coquilles fossiles. Année 1861 and 1865-68, 1870-79, 1893-94, 1899. Nos. 3. 4. and 1900-1917. Many plates (some coloured), 8vo., 4 vols., half roan, I vol., half mor., rest in parts (as issued), £5 174 Vol. LXVII. Avec 3 planches (1 coloured), 8vo., (Brochure). 10/6 Paris, 1922-3 175 Journal of Conchology. Vols. I.-XVII., part 2 (all published), 15 vols., plain half morocco, and 2 vols. in parts, 8vo., £15 10S. 1874-1923

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178 Kenyon (A. F.) New Variety of Volute from W. Australia. Svo., 9d. (Rept. Proc. R. S. Vict.) 1913 179 Kershner (L.) Uber Zwei Neue Notodelphyiden. 6 plates, 4to., 3/- 1879 180 Killan (S.) Sur quelques Ammonitides Appartement au Museum d'hist. Nat. de Lyon. Avec planches, folid, 3/6 181 Knorr's (G. W.) Verlustiging der oogen en van den geest, of Verzameling vom allerley bekende Hoorens en Schulpen, die in haar eigen kleuren afgbeeld zyn. With systematische bladwyzer der Hooren Schulpen. 190 coloured plates (hundreds of figures), 6 vols. in 2, 4to., calf, £4 12s. 6d. Amsterdam, 1770-75 182 Kobelt (W.) Iconographie der schalentragenden europäischen Meeresconchylien. Vierter Band. Dritte Lief. 4 coloured plates, 4to., 7/6



183 Kolliker (A.) Entwickelungsgeschichte der Cephalopoden. With 6 plates, 4to., boards, 6/Zurich, 1844 184 Kuster (Dr. H. C.) Die Gattungen Buccinum, Purpura, Concholepas und Monoceras. Bd. 3, Abt. I. 45 coloured plates, 4to., £I IS. 185 Lamarck's Conchology. An Introduction to, by E. A. Crouch a literal translation of the descriptions of the Recent and Fossil Genera. 22 coloured plates, 4to., boards, 12/6 each 1826 or 1827

plain plates, 7/6


185A 186 Lister (M.) Historiae sive synopsis Methodicae Conchyliorum (no text), with 1,062 plates on 417 leaves (LARGE PAPER), folio, boards, £3 1685-86

With Tabularum Anatomicarum (no text). 22 plates.


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Liber L-VI, 828 figures, FIRST EDITION, in 2 vols., folio, calf (1 cover detached and other worn), I IOS. Recensuit et indicibus auxit With 1,084 engravings, folio, half calf, £2 108. Oxonii, 1770 The Notes and Observations were written by Dr. Lister in a copy of this work (consisting chiefly of Proof Plates), now in the possession of Mr. Ingham Forster, 1769.

The two Indexes are arranged according to the Linnean system.

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191 Locard (A.) Description de la Faune de la Mollasse Marine et d'eau douce du Lyonnais et du Dauphine. Folio, £1 108. (Archives Mus. d'Hist. Nat.) Lyon, 1879


Les Dreissensia du système Europeén d' apres la collection Bourguignat. 3 plates, 8vo., 3/6. (Ex. Rev. Suisse de Zool.) 1893 193 Lynge (H.) Marine Lamellibranchiata. [The Danish Expedition to Siam], 18991900. Map and 5 plates, 4to., sewed, 816 Kobenhavn, 1909 194 Mabille (Jules) Sur quelques Mollusques du Tonkin. 4 plates, 8vo., 6-. (Ex.) Paris, 1887 195 Macfarland (F. M.) The Opisthobranchiate Mollusca of the Branner-Agassiz Expedition to Brazil. 19 plates, large 8vo., sewed, 8/-. (Stanford Univ. Publications)


196 Macgillivray (W.) History of the Molluscous Animals of the counties of Aberdeen, Kincardine and Banff. Cr. 8vo., cloth, second edition, 4/1844

197 Malacological Society of London.-Proceedings. Edited by B. B. Woodward and E. A. Smith. Complete set, 15 vols., 8vo., Vols. I.-XI. half roan, rest in parts, £14 1893-1923

198 Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society's Memoirs and Proceedings for 1887 [cont. Melvill on subgenus Cylinder of Conus] and 1893 [cont. Melvill and Abercrombie on Marine Shells of Bombay]. vols., 8vo., cloth, 7/6



199 Mansel-Pleydell (J. C.) Mollusca Dorsetshire and the Brachiopeda. Large map, 8vo., cloth, 4/6 Dorchester, 1898 200 Marrat (F. P.) Varieties of the Shells belonging to the genus Nassa, Lam. 8vo., 3/6 Liverpool, 1880 201 Martens (Prof. E. v.) Beschreibung Borneo einiger im Ostlichen von Dr. Martin Schmidt gesammelten Land und Susswasser-Conchylien. 2 plates, 4to., 3/6 1908 Fossilien von Java. Heft 3. Anthozoen

202 Martin (Dr. K.) Die Band I., 2te abtg.

von Java, von H. Gerth, 3 plates; und die Mollusken der Njalindungschichten, von K. Martin, 2 plates, 4to., 18/

192 I 203 Bd. I., 2te abtg. Heft I. and II., Mollusca, 9 plates, 4to., £1 16s.

1909-10 204 Maton (W. G.) and Rackett (T.) An historical account of Testaceological writers. Author's edition from Trans. Linn. Soc.). 4to., boards, 12/6

205 Mawe (J.) The Linnean System of Conchology. Coloured frontispiece and 36 plain plates, 8vo., half roan, 8/6 1823 206 McEwan (E. D.) Brachipod (Platystro phia). II plates, 8vo., 1/6. (Bull. U. S. N. Mus.)


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