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1303 Wilson (C. B.) N. Am. Parasitic Copepods (Lernaeidae), with a revision of the entire family. 21 plates, 8vo., sewed, 3/6. (Proc. U. S. N. M., Wash.)




Crustacean Parasites of West Indian Fishes and Land Crabs, with description of new genera and species. 35 plates, 8vo., sewed, 4/-. (Proc. U.S. N. M., Wash.) 1913 1305 Wiman (C.) Uber die Graptoliten (Inaug. diss) 7 plates, 8vo., sewed, 4/-. (Ex. Bull. Geol. Inst. Upsala) 1306 Winterstein (Hans) HerausgegebenHandbuch der Vergleichenden Physiologie Vierter Band, Physiologie der Reizaufnahme reizleitung und reizbeantwortung. Mit 3 tafeln und 175 abbildungen im text, large 8vo., sewed, 18/Jena, 1913 1307 Wood (E.) A Critical Summary of Troost's unpublished Manuscript on the Crinoids of Tennessee. 15 plates, 8vo., 3/6. (Bull. U.S. N. Mus.) 1308 The Crinoids of Tennessee : critical summary of Troost's unpublished manuscript. 15 plates, 8vo., 3/-. (Bull. U.S. N. Mus)



1309 Wood (Rev. J. G.) Common Objects of the Sea Shore. 12 coloured plates, 12mo., calf. 2/6

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cloth, 3/

N.D. 1912

Common Objects of the Microscope. 12 coloured plates by Tuffen West, 12mo., cloth, 2/6 1861 or 1864 1312 Woods (H.) Catalogue of the Type Fossils in the Woodwardian Museum, Preface by T. McKenny Hughes. 8vo., cloth, 4/



Palaeontology-Invertebrate. 5th edition, with 172 illustrations, cr. 8vo., cloth, 9/


1314 Woods (J. E. F.) 3 Papers: Recent and Fossil Sp. of Australian Selenariadae, 2 plates; Tertiary Australian Polyzoa, 2 plates; Anatomy of Distichopoda, 2 plates. 8vo., (Ex.), 3/6 1876-79

1315 Wraxall (L.) Life in the Sea; or, the Nature and Habits of Marine Animals. Illustrated, cr. 8vo., cloth, 3/1860 1316 Wright (Sir A. C.) Principles of Micros❤ copy: being a Handbook to the Microscope. With 18 plates (some coloured) and about 100 diagrams, roy. 8vo., cloth, £1 5s. 1906 1317 Woodward (H.) Monograph of the British Fossil Crustacea of the order Merostomata. 36 plates, 4to., boards, 30/(Pal. Soc.) 1866-78

1318 Catalogue of British Fossil Crustacea, with their Synonyms and the Range 8vo., in Time of each Genus and Order. B.M., 1877 cloth, 5/Monograph of the British Carboniferous Trilobites. 10 plates, 4to., half calf, 8/6. (Pal. Soc.) 1883-84



and (H. B.) Table of British

Strata, 5/-; or folded in book form, 7/6

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1331 Yuncker (T. G.) Revision of the North American and West Indian Species of Cuscuta. With 13 plates, 8vo., 10/-. (Illinois Biological Monographs, v. 6, Nos. 2 and 3) 1920

1332 Zernecke (E.) Leitfaden für Aquarienund Terrarien-freunde. Mit tafeln und 112 Abbildungen in text, 8vo., sewed, 4/Berlin, 1897 1333 Zittel (K. A.) Studien über Fossile Spongien. Zweite Abtheilung Lithistidae. 10 plates, 4to., 5/-. (Ex. Abhand. K. bayer Akad.) 1878

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1336 DARWIN AND WALLACE ASSOCIATION BOOKS. As follows. 5 Works 6 vols.) for £12 12s.


Darwin (Charles) The Descent of Man. FIRST EDITION, 2 vols., post 8vo., 1871 On fly-leaf" From the Author, and Autograph of J. Jenner Weir, Feb. 1871; and an Autograph Letter from C. D. dated Nov. 15/'73, in which he states " I am just beginning to prepare a new Edit. of the Descent of Man-for which work you gave me so much and such valuable information. My dear Sir, yours vy. sincerely, Ch. Darwin. With the Envelope addressed to J. Jenner Weir, 6 Haddo Villas, Blackheath, S.E.

The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals. FIRST EDITION cr. 8vo., cloth 1872 On fly-leaf: From the Author," and Autograph “ J. Jenner Weir, 2 Nov., 1872." The Origin of Species. Sixth edition (12th thousand), post 8vo.,





Contains Autograph of J. Jenner Weir; a few pencil notes by him; a printed poem "Darwin on Species," with note I think a copy of this was sent to Mr. Darwin, Oct., 1860. Also a transcript of a Letter from C. D. to a young student of the University of Jena, dated June 5, 1879. I am much engaged, an old man and out of health, and I cannot spare time to answer your question fully-provided it can be answered. Science has nothing to do with Christ, except as so far as the habit of scientific research makes a man cautious in admitting evidence. For myself I do not believe that there has been any revelation, etc.-Charles Darwin."

Wallace (Alfred Russell) Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection, Post 8vo., cloth


On fly-leaf From the Author," and an Autograph Letter addressed to Weir," from The Dell, Grays, Essex, Oct. 21st, 1874, with Envelope.

Darwinism. 2nd edition, post 8vo., cloth


1872 Dear


With 2 Autograph Letters to My Dear Jenner Weir," from Frith Hill, Godalming, Feby. 5th, 1888; and Parkstone, Dorset, Jany. 22nd, 1893 (with Envelope).

FINE COPY, 1883-1909

1337 Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft Zeitschrift. Vols. 35-61, with many plates, 8vo., 14 vols. cloth, 6 vols. half calf, and 7 vols. in parts. (pub. M.540), £10 1338 Donovan (E., F.L.S. and W. S.) Natural History of the British Isles. COMPLETE SET, 39 vols. bound in 16, sumptuously bound by [Herring] in full red morocco, gilt borders on sides, raised bands, gilt edges, SPLENDID CONDITION, £52 IOS. 1793-1820

QUADRUPEDS, with 72 coloured plates.
BIRDS, with 244 coloured plates.
FISHES, with 120 coloured plates.
SHELLS, with 180 coloured plates.

1339 Geological Magazine; with which is incorporated "The Geologist" 1858 to 1923 (Geologist 7 vols.). First 17 vols. in half dark red morocco, cloth sides to match, m. e.; 4 vols. half calf; 8 vols. cloth; rest in parts. £52 IOS. 1340 Geological Magazine, Index to the, 1864-1903. By E. S. WOODWARD, edited by H. WOODWARD. 8vo., cloth, £I IS.

1905 1341 Jahrbuch der K. K. Geologischen Reichs Anstalt. Vols. 33-38, 41 heft 4, 43-59, 61, 62 heft 1-3, and 63 heft 4, with many plates, roy. 8vo., vols. 33-38 cloth, rest in parts, £7 1883-1914 Including: Festschrift & Festbericht of the 50th Anniversary (9th June, 1900).


1342 Linnean Society of London. Transactions. ZOOLOGY, Vol. IX., pts. 5-7 and 11-14; X., pts. 1-3 and 6-10; XI., pts. 1-12; XII. to XV. complete ; and XVI., pts. 1-3. Numerous plates, 4to., sewed, (pubd. £29 178.), £15 1343 Linnean Society. Journal. ZOOLOGY. Vols. 9-35, No. 235. With numerous plates and illustrations, 8vo., 13 vols. half green calf and morocco to match, I vol. half brown calf (broken), I vol. plain cloth, rest in parts, £14 10s.


Thousands of 1849-1922

A large stock of odd volumes and runs always on hand. 1344 Palaeontographical Society's Publications. COMPLETE SET. plates of Fossils, 73 vols., 4to., paper boards and half calf, £52 1345 Pritchard's History of the Infusioria. 4th edition. UNIQUE COPY, in 6 vols. Svo., half morocco, £36

1861 The above comprises the Author's Proof Copy from pp. 38 to end. The Original Manuscript by Williamson on the Rotatoria; the Original Manuscripts by Kitton and Ralfs on Diatoms and Desmids; and a Collection of 252 Autograph Letters (lettered Pritchard's Scientific Correspondence), accompanied with a MS. Catalogue and Analysis of MS. Correspondence addressed to Andrew Pritchard, 1856-62.

1346 Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society, Vols. I.-LXIX. and Index, together with the Centenary No. 1907; and ORMEROD'S Index, 2nd edition; and 3 Supplements, 1870-90. Half calf, £40 1845-1913

1347 Reeve (Lovell) Conchologia Iconica; or, Illustrations of the Shells of Molluscous Animals, continued by Sowerby. COMPLETE SET, with 2,727 coloured plates, 20 vols., 4to., gilt tops, £130 1843-78

17 vols. in uniform half calf and 3 vols. half vellum. CHOICE CONDITION, (lettering not quite uniform).

1348 Societe Zoologique d'Acclimatation, Bulletin de la. Vols. I. to LVI. With many plates and illustrations, 36 vols., half calf, II vols. three-quarter morocco, remainder in parts, £17 17s.


Wanting 8 Nos., and Vol. 38, 1er semestre, and title-pages to Vols, 43-46.


Vols. XIII. to XXXVI. With plates, 22 vols. three-quarter morocco, and 2 in parts (with extra vol. entitled "La Production Animale et Végétale," 1867, three quarter morocco), £5 5s.


Wanting Vol. 33, No. 3, and title-page and index; Vol. 35, Nos. 3 and 14. 1350 South Africa.-Transactions and Proceedings of the Geological Society. COMPLETE SET, numerous plates and maps, Vols. 1-24, and General Index to Vols. 1-13, 8vo. and 4to. Vols. 2-11 bound in 8 vols., half calf; the remainder unbound. £30 1896-21

1351 Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, for 1863-1915; and General Indexes, 1861-1910. With hundreds of coloured plates, bound in 98 vols., 8vo., half red calf (uniform), dark blue labels, gilt tops, (pubd. at £140), £48 1352 for 1901-1921, and General Indexes for 1891-1910. Numerous coloured and plain plates, 26 vols., in publisher's cloth, rest in parts, 8vo., £21 1353 Zoological Society of London. Transactions. Volume XV., part 7, to Vol. XXI., pt. 1. Numerous coloured and plain plates, 4to., wrappers, AS NEW, (pubd. £56 14s.), £25 1900-1916

Vol. XIX. contains the Scientific Results of the Ruwenzori Expedition.

1354 Beebe (William) Galapagos: World's End. With 24 coloured illustrations by Isabel Cooper, and 83 photographs mostly by John Tee-Van, roy. 8vo., cloth, £2 25.

Published under the auspices of the New York Zoological Society.


1355 Bennett (F. T.) Outlines of Fungi and Plant Diseases for students and prac tioners of Agriculture and Horticulture. Illustrated, cr. 8vo., cloth, 7/6 1924 The author is assistant lecturer in Agricultural Botany, The University, Leeds.

1356 Coker (W. C.) The Clavarias of the United States and Canada. With 92 plates (2 coloured) roy. 8vo., cloth, £2 5s. University of N. Carolina Press, 1923 1357 The Saprolegniaceae, with notes on other water molds. With 63 plates, sm. 4to., cloth, £2 17s. 6d. University of N. Carolina Press, 1923 1358 Geikie (Sir Archibald) O.M., K.C.B., a Long Life's Work. An Autobiography. Portrait, 8vo., cloth, 18/1924

1359 Gilbert-Carter (H.) Descriptive Labels for Botanic Gardens, oblong 12mo., sewed, 1/6


The Author is Director of the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens. 1360 Gill (A. H.) Ph. D. Oil Analysis. A Short hand book for Chemists and Engineers, 10th edition, cr. 8vo., cloth, 10/6

1922 1361 Lake (Philip) F.G.S. and Rastall (R. W.) A Text-Book of Geology. 134 illustrations, 8vo., cloth, £1 IS. 1922 1362 Low (G. C.) M.B.M. The Literature of The Charadriiformes from 1894 to 1924, with a classification of the order and lists of the genera, species and sub-species, 8vo., cloth, 12/6 1924 1363 Macfarlane (J.M.) University Carnegie Foundationer. The Evolution and Distribution of Fishes. 72 illustrations, 8vo., cloth, £1 5s. New York, 1923


Fishes the Source of Petroleum. 50 illustrations, 8vo., cloth, 1 5s.

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1365 Myddleton (W. W.) and Barry (T. Hedley) Fats; Natural and Synthetic, sm. 4to., cloth, £1 5s.


1366 Rastall (R. W.) The Geology of the Metalliferous Deposits. 81 illustrations, 8vo., cloth, £I IS.


1367 Stamp (L. Dudley) An Introduction to Stratigraphy. 84 illustrations, cr. 8vo., cloth, 10/1923 1368 Ward (Capt. F. Kingdon) The Mystery Rivers of Tibet. A description of the little-known land where Asia's mightiest rivers gallop in harness through the narrow gateway of Tibet, its Peoples, Fauna and Flora, many illustrations and 3 maps 8vo., cloth, £I IS. 1923


The Romance of Plant Hunting. Illustrated, 8vo., cloth, 12/6 1924






JUN 24 1924




JUNE, 1924.


of the XVIth to the XVIIIth Centuries

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'Phone Mayfair, 3809.

9 L'Annaeus Florus.-Cl. Salmasius, addidit Lucium Ampelium, E. cod. M. S. nunquam antehac editum. Engraved title, post 8vo., vellum (broken). Leyden, Elzevir 1657

2/IO Annales Rerum Anglicarum et Hibernicarum Regnante Elizabetha. Autore Guil. Camdeno. Engraved title, 12mo., calf, rebacked. Amsterdam, Elzevir, 1677 12/6 II Anti Lucretius, sive de Deo et Natura. Libri Novem. Eminentissimi S. R. E. Cardinalis Melchioris de Polignac. 2 vols. in 1, post 8vo., calf. 1748

3/6 12 Anti-paedobaptism; or the Second Part of the full Review of the Dispute concerning Infant-Baptism. By John Tombs. 4to., old calf, 1654


Somewhat stained and some pages cut. 13 Aphorismi Novi, ex Hippocratis Operibus, nunc primum collecti et in suas quique classes digesti, notisque illustrati. Studio Jacobi Sponii. Post 8vo., calf. Leyden, 1684


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