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and Standen.-Mollusca of Torres Straits. 2 plates, 8vo., 2/6. (Jnl. Linn. Soc.) 1899 and Sykes.-Marine shells from the Andaman Islands. Parts 2 and 3, with plate. (Ex. Proc. Mal. Soc.). 8vo., 2/1898-99 213 Mojsisovies (E. v.) Faunistische Ergebnisse aus der untersuchungen der Ammoneen Fauna der Mediterranean Trias. (Ex.) Folio, 3/6 Wien, 1893 Die Cephalopoda der Hallstätter Kalke. I. Band. Supplement, mit 23 tafeln, folio, sewed, £1 Wien, 1902 and Mojsvar.-Das Gebirge 'um Hallstatt eine geol-pal studie aus den Alpen. I. theil, Die Mollusken Faunen der Zlambach und Hallstatter-schichten. II. Heft, mit 38 tafeln, 4to., boards, 10/



Wien, 1875 216 Mollusca.-34 Papers Ueber Molluskenaugen V. Carriére; Early development of Limax, by Kofoid; Eggs of Unio, by Lillie; Deep Sea Mollusks, by Dall; Arionidae of the B. Isles, by Collinge; Nautilus, 1896, 4 Nos.; Ancient and Modern Molluscan Fauna of Omori, by Morse; Land and Freshwater Shells of Keewatin, by Whiteaves. 8vo. and 4to., in box, 15/

1895-1910 217 Montagu (G.) Testacea Britannica; or, British Shells, with a catalogue of shells of North Britain [Scotland]. 2 vols., Supplement in 1 vol., 4to., half morocco, slightly worn, gilt top, 18/

1803-8 Contains many MS. notes in the handwriting of Sylvanus Hanley, pp. 153-60 missing from the Supplement.


trad. de l'Anglais par Chenu. 14 plates, roy. 8vo., sewed, 6/- Paris, 1846

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Observations on Living Brachiopoda. 23 plates, 4to., 5/-. (Bos. Soc. N. H.)


1902 226 Museum Calonnianum.-Specification of the various articles which compose the magnificent museum of Natural History collected by M. De Calonne in France, and lately his property, consisting of assemblage of the most beautiful and rare subjects in Entomology, Conchology, Ornithology, Mineralogy, etc. . . . all of which are now exhibiting at Saville House, on the North Side of Leicester Square, previous to the sale thereof. Part I., pp. 84 [chiefly shells]. 8vo., VERY SCARCE, £2 28. 1797 Linnean names are given; and synonyms by Dr. Solander, from an unpublished MS. of his description of the shells in the Portland Cabinet.

227 National Antarctic Expedition, 1901-4. Discovery Report. Complete in 5 vols. Pp. LXII.+1292, with 195 plates (17 coloured), 111 text-figures, 4to., cloth, £II IS. 1907-12 228 Newton (R. B.) Cretaceous Gastropoda and Pelecypoda from Zululand. 9 plates, 8vo., 7/6. (Roy. Soc., Sth. Afr.) 1909 Systematic List of the F. E. Edwards' collection of British Oligocene and Eocene Mollusca in the B. M. (Nat. Hist.). 8vo., cloth. Author's inscription on title. 5/


229A 230



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New copy, 6/Conchological Features Lenham Sandstones of Kent. 4 plates, 8vo., 4/6. (Ex. Jnl. Conchology). 1913 Eocene Mollusca from Nigeria. With appendix on the Foraminifera from the same deposits. By E. Heron-Allen, F.R.S., and A. Earland, F.R.M.S. Map and 11 plates, sm. 4to., 17/6. (Bull. Geol. Surv. Nigeria, No. 3) 1922

232 Nordmann (V.) Mollusfaunaen i Cyprinaleret og mellem- Europas Andre eem Aflejringer. 2 plates, 8vo., 7/

Kobenhavn, 1908 233 Odhner (N.) Northern and Arctic Invertebrates in the Swedish State Museum. Part 5, Prosobranchia (1) Diotocardia. 7 plates, 4to., 6/1912 233A Part 3, Opisthobranchia and Pteropoda. 3 plates, 5/234 O'Donoghue (C. H.) Nudibranchiate Mollusca from the Vancouver Island Region. 5 plates, 8vo., sewed, 3/-. (Trans. R. Canadian Inst.)

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235 Pallary (P.) Coquilles Marines du Littoral du Department d'Oran. 3 plates, 8vo., 3/6. Paris, 1900 236 Panceri (P.) Gli organi e la secrezione dell' Acido Solforico nei Gasteropodi con un' appendice relation ad altre glandole dei medesinu. 4 plates (2 coloured), 4to., sewed, 6/Napoli, 1869 237 Parona (C. F.) I Brachiopodi Liassici di Saltrio e Arzo nelle Prealpi Lombarde. 6 plates, 4to., 4!


238 Pearl Oyster Fisheries of the Gulf of Manaar. Reports, by W. A. Herdman. 4to. 1905-6

I. The Pearl Fishery of 1904 and present condition of the Pearl Banks, 3/II. The Great Pearl Fishery of 1905, 2/6 III. Suppt. Reports on the Isopoda, by Stebbing, 12 plates, 4/

IV. On Jousseauma, by G. C. Bourne, 3 plates, 2/6

V.-Discussion on Faunistic Results, by Herdman, 2 plates. 3

VI.-Pearl Production, by Herdman, 3 plates, 3/6

239 Pennant's British Zoology. 4th edition, with numerous plates, 4 vols., 8vo., half calf, 18/Warrington, 1786-87 Contains 4 bookplates of J. Blackburne of Orford (near Warrington), and many MS. notes (chiefly about the Birds in his collection) with his initials. Vol. 2 has an appendix on Extinct Birds and other interesting items. 240 Peron (A.) Description des Mollusques fossiles des terrains Crétacés de la region sud des hautes-plateaux de la Tunisie. parts, 8vo., 5/



241 Perry (G.) Conchology; or, the Natural History of Shells; containing a new arrangement of the genera and species. 355 coloured figures on 61 plates, executed from the natural specimens, and including the latest discoveries, folio, boards, leather back, £2 12s. 6d.


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New Japanese Marine Mollusca. 3 Excerpts (from Proc. Ac. Nat. Sci.). With 13 plates, 6/6


247 Mollusca of the S.W. States. Parts VI. and VII. With 11 plates. Contained in Proc. Ac. Nat. Sci., Phil., Vol. 67. 8vo., sewed, 6/1915




and Hirase.--Catalogue of the L. and F. W. Mollusca of Tawan (Formosa). (Ex. Proc. Ac. Nat. Sci.). 8vo., 3/- 1905 and Johnson.-Classified Catalogue with localities of the Land Shells of America N. of Mex. (Ex. from "The Nautilus.") 8vo., 3/1898 and Vanetta. Marine Mollusca of the Galapagos Exp., 1898-9, plate; Mollusca of Flint and Caroline Islands; on Rhachi1904-5 glossate Gastropoda. 4 Ex., 4/6 251 Planci (Jani) De Conchis minus notis. . . . Cui acessit specimen aertus reciproci maris superi ad Littus Portumque Arimini. plates (plate I missing), 4to., boards, 3/6 Venetus, 1739



Editio altera, 18 plates (waterstained), 4to., boards, 7/6 Romae, 1760 253 Proceedings of the U. S. National Museum. Vol. XV., 1892; containing List of Shells of San Pedro Bay. by Mrs. M. B. Williamson; and on the Unionidae of Florida, by C. F. Simpson, with 25 plates, library stamped, 8vo., cloth, 8/6 1893

254 Ramon de la Sagra.-Historia fisica politica y natural de la Isla de Cuba. Atlas de Zoologie (no text), containing Mammiferes 8 coloured plates; Aves, 33 coloured plates, including 19 bis; Reptilia, 31 coloured plates, including 29 bis; Mollusca, with 29 coloured plates, including IV. bis and XI. bis; Foraminifera, 12 plates, folio, cloth, 1845 morocco back, gilt edges, £8 8s.

Plate X. of the Mollusca was not issued. From Prince Albert's Library, with indelible stamp on half-title and his arms on sides.

255 Reeve's Conchologia Iconica.-COMPLETE SET. Vide last page. 256 Vols. I and II. With 224 coloured plates, 4to., half dark green morOcco, marbled edges. (Pub. £15 13s.) £10 IOS. 1843

Contents-Conus, . Pleurstoma, Crassatella, Phorus, Pectunculus, Cardita, Delphinula, Cypricardia, Harpa, Corbula, Arca, Triton, Glauconome, Myadora, Ranella, Mitra, Cardium and Isocardium.

257 Reeve's Conchologia Iconica.-Uncoloured

Original issues:

(a) Paludomus, 3 plates, 2/

(b) Dolium, 8 plates, 3/6

(c) Cypricardia, 2 plates, 1/6
(d) Phorus, 3 plates, 21-
(e) Cardita, 9 plates, 3/6
(f) Mitra, 33 plates, 7/6

(g) Cypraea, 27 coloured plates, 27/-
(h) Harpa, 4 coloured plates, 4/-
(1) Mangelia, 8 coloured plates, 8/6

() Mesalia and Eglisia, 1 coloured plate, 1/6 (k) Mitra, in buckram, gilt top, 39 coloured plates, 36/

() Murex, 37 coloured plates, 34/(m) Oliva, 30 coloured plates, 25/(n) Pyrula, 9 coloured plates, 9|(0) Ricinula, 6 coloured plates, 6|(p) Rostellaria, 3 coloured plates, 3/(9) Turritella, 11 coloured plates, 10/(r) Voluta, 22 coloured plates, 18/257A The following Monographs are newly bound in 2 vols., half morocco, cloth sides, sprinkled edges, with 118 coloured plates. Price £7 7s.

Glaucoma; Crassatella; Pectunculus; Cardium; Tapes; Meroe; Cardita; Cassidaria; Turritella; Pleurotomaria; Scalaria; Ampullaria.


Conchologia Systematica. Vol. II. only, with coloured plates 130-100, 4to., half calf, £3 1842

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Land and Freshwater Mollusks of the British Isles. Portrait and numerous illustrations. Author's autograph letter inserted, cr. 8vo., cloth, 8/6 1863

264 Reinhardt (G. T.) og Prasch (V.) Om Sciadephorus Mülleri (Eschr.) en undersögelse. 2 plates (1 coloured), 4to., boards, 2/6 1846 265 Richardson (L.) F.G.S. A Handbook to the Geology of Cheltenham and neighbourhood. Map and 19 plates of fossils, cr. 8vo., cloth, 6/


266 Rimmer (R.) Land and Freshwater Shells of the British Isles. With illustrations of all the species, on 10 plates, cr. 8vo., cloth, 4/[1880 ?]

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267 Robson (G. C.) Report on the Mollusca collected by the B.O. U. & Wollaston Exp.. to Dutch New Guinea. 2 plates, 4to., 4/6 (Zoo. Trans.) 1914 270 Roebuck (W. B.) Census of Scottish Land and Freshwater Mollusca 8vo., sewed. 2/-. (Ex. Proc. R. Phys. Soc., V. 10) 1890 271 Rogers (Julia E.) The Shell Book:


popular guide to a knowledge of the families of living mollusks, and an aid to the identification of shells, native and foreign. 8 plates in colour and 96 in blackand-white, sm. 4to., cloth, £1 5s. New York, 1920 272 Rumphius (G. E.) D'Amboinsche Rariteitkamer, Behelzende eene Beschyrvinge van allerhande ZOO weeke als hande Schaal Visschen te weeten raare Krabben, Kreeften en diergelyke zeedieren als mede allerhande Hoorntjes en Schulpen, die men in d'Amboinsche zee vindt; Daar beneven zommige Mineralien, Gesteenten. Engraved title and 60 fine plates, folio, boards (worn), (portrait missing), £1 5s. Amsterdam, 1705 273 Salopek (Dr. M.) Uber die Cephalodenfaunen der Mittleren Trias v. Süddalmatien und Montenegro. 3 plates, folio, 5/-. (Abh. d. K. K. Geol. Reich.)


274 Saussaye (P. de la) Catalogue des Mollusques Testacés des Mers d'Europe. 8vo., sewed, 4/6

275 276

half roan, 6/


half roan, interleaved, 7/277 Schaffers (J. C.) Schnectén. 2 parts, with 5 coloured plates of Helix, 8vo., boards, 5/Regensburg, 1768-9 278 Schepman (M. M.) und Nierstrasz (H. F.) Parasitische und Kommeusalistische Mollusken aus Holothurien. 4 plates, 4to., sewed, 4/6 Stuttgart, 1913 279 Sellü (G.) Historia Naturalis Teredinis seu Xylophagi Marini Tubulo-Conchordis speiatim Belgici. 4 plates (3 coloured), 4to., half morocco, 12/6

1733 280 Semper (Dr. C.) Reisen im Archipel der Philippinen. Dritter Band. Landmollusken. With 23 coloured and plain plates, in 5 parts 4to., sewed, £2 2s. Weisbaden, 1870 Two supplementary parts were issued. 281 Sharpe (D.) Description of the Fossil Remains of Mollusca found in the Chalk of

England. 27 plates, 3 parts, with title and index, I IS. (Pal. Soc.) 1853-1909 282 Shattuck (G. B.) Mollusca of the Buda Limestone; and on the Corals, by T. W. Vaughan. 28 plates, 8vo., sewed, 4/(Bull. U. S. Geol. Survey, Wash.) 1903 283 Simpson (C. T.) Synopsis of the Naiades, or Pearly Freshwater Mussels. 8vo., 86 Washington, 1900

284 Shuttleworth (R. J.) Notitiae Malacologicae oder Beitrage zur nähren Kenntniss der Mollusken. I. Heft. 9 plates, 8vo., sewed, 3/6 Bern, 1856 285 Smith (E. A.) List of Marine Shells, chiefly from the Solomon Islands. Plate, 8vo., 2/-. (Ex. J. Linn. Soc.) 1876 286 Smith (E. A.) Mollusca of the Ruwenzori Expedition. Coloured plate, 4to., 4/6. (Zoo. Trans.) 1909 287 Sowerby's Thesaurus Conchyliorum; a selection of 150 plates (uncoloured) of the genera of shells. Roy 8vo, cloth, 15/


288 Sowerby (G. B.) The Genera of Recent and Fossil Shells for the use of students in Conchology and Geology; systematically arranged. Bivalves and Univalves. 264 coloured plates (all published), 4 vols., 8vo., half calf, no titles, £5 5s. 1831, etc. 289 Sowerby (G. B., junr.) Conchological Manual, second edition, 660 coloured figures, 8vo., half roan (cut), 1842, 12/6; Third edition, enlarged, 660 coloured figures, £1 1846 4th (last) edition, in which many synonyms have been rectified, some dates given and descriptions of many additional genera have been inserted, illustrated by new figures. 28 coloured plates, 8vo., cloth, £1 8s. 1852 Eight New Species of Marine Mollusca. Plate, 8vo., 1/6. (Ex. Jnl. Mal. Soc.)





Illustrated Index of British Shells; containing figures of all the recent species. 24 coloured plates, roy. 8vo., cloth, 14/- 1859 293 A Catalogue of the Shells contained in the collection of the late Earl of Tankerville (Lamarckian system); with appendix of new species. 9 coloured plates, 8vo., boards, 12/6 1825 294 LARGE PAPER COPY, Sm. 4to., boards, 18/1825 295 Speyer (Dr. Oscar) Die Conchylien der Cassele Tertiarbildungen Univalves. 35 plates, 4to., half morocco, gilt top, £2 2s. 1870 296 Stein (J. P. E. F.) Die Lebenden Schnecken und Muscheln der Umgegend Berlins. 3 plates, 8vo., boards, 4/1850 297 Step (Edward) Shell Life; an introduction to the British Mollusca. With upwards of 600 ilustrations, cr. 8vo., cloth, OUT OF PRINT, 7/6


298 Strebel (H.) Beitrage zur Kenntniss der Molluskenfauna der Magalhaen-Provinz. No. 4 and 5. 15 plates and 6 illustrations in the text, 2 parts, 8vo., sewed, 8/-. (Abd. Zoo. Jahrb.) 1906-7 299 Streeter (E. W.) Pearls and Pearling Life (including a chapter on the Origin and Formation of Pearls (coloured pearls and the value of pearls). Map, 10 plates and 7 illustrations in the text, 8vo., cloth, RARE, £4 48. 1886

300 Stubbs (A. G.) Illustrated Index of British Freshwater Shells. Roy. 8vo., 3 plates, cloth, 4/6 Leeds, 1907

301 Suess (E.) Uber die Wohnsitze der Brachiopoden. 2 parts, 8vo., 3/6 1859-60 302 Suter (A.) Das Genus Harpa. 2 coloured plates, 2. (Ext. Jahrbucher IV.)

303 Swainson (W.) Treatise on Malacology (Natural Classification) with explanatory terms. Engravings, 12mo., cloth, 3/6 N.D. (1834?) half calf (worn), 2/6; or, half calf (as new), 4/6



Zoological Illustrations. First

series, conchological portion. plates, 8vo., boards, £2 2s.


74 coloured 1820-21

Exotic Conchology; or, figures and descriptions of rare, beautiful, and undescribed shells (Natural System). 2nd edition. Edited by Hanley. 48 coloured plates, 4to., half morocco, gilt edges, £4 4s. 1841

306 Tate (R.) Plain and easy account of the Land and Freshwater Mollusks of Great Britain. 12 coloured plates, 12mo., cloth, 4/6 1866 307 and Blake (J. F.) The Yorkshire Lias. [Geology and Palaeontology]. With a large folded map and 2 coloured sections, and 19 plates of fossils, 8vo., cloth, SCARCE, £I IS. 308 Taylor (J. W.) Monograph of the Land and Freshwater Mollusca of the British Isles. Vols. I to 4, part 3 (being parts 1-24) With numerous illustrations, many coloured, maps and portraits, 8vo., sewed (pub. £8 8s. 6d.), £6 6s. 1894-1921



Zonitoides Nitidus. Coloured plate, 8vo., 2/-. (From Mon. L. and F. W. Shells, G. B.)


Monograph of Helix Pisana. 2 coloured plates, 8vo., 10/-. (Ex. Mon. L. and F. W. Moll.)

311 Tewetaev (M.) Cephalopodes de la section supérieure du calcaire carbonifère de la Russie Centrale. 6 plates, 4to., 5/-. (Mem. Com. Geol.)


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A Conchological Dictionary of the British Islands. 28 coloured plates, 12mo., boards, FINE COPY, 7/6


324 Another copy, boards (broken), 6/325 Vayssiere (A.) Mollusques Nudibranches et Marséniades. (Extrait Expédition Antarctique Francaise. 4 plates, 4to., 6/- 1906 326 Webb (W. M.) The Non-Marine Molluscs

of Essex. 8vo., 2/-. (Ex. Essex Nat.) 1897 327 Wenz (Dr. W.) Das Mainzer Becken und seine Randgebiet. Eine Einführung in die Geologie des Gebietes zwischen Hunsrück, Taunus, Vogelsberg, Speffart und Odenwald' Mit 518 abbildungen im Text und auf 41 Tafeln, 12mo., cloth, 4/- Heidelberg, 1921 328 Westerlund (Dr. C. A.) Fauna Europaea Molluscorum Extramarinorum Prodromus. Fascs. I. and II. 8vo., 3/6



1876-8 Monographia Clausiliarum in Regione Palaeoarctica Viventium. 8vo., 4/1878 330 Westerland (C. A.) et Blanc (H.) Apercu sur la Faune Malacologique de la Grèce inclus L'Epire et la Thessalie. 4 plates, 8vo., sewed, 7/Naples, 1879 Synopsis Molluscorum in Regione Palaearctica Viventium ex typo Clausilia Drap. 4to., sewed, 12/-. (Mem. l'Ac. Sci.) St. Petersburgh, 1899 332 White (C. A.) A review of the NonMarine Fossil Mollusca of North America. With 30 plates, imp. 8vo., sewed. 6/-. (Author's ed. from Geol. Surv. Report). Wash., 1883 Review of the Non-Marine Fossil Mollusca of N. America. 32 plates, 4to., Wash., 1883


335 White (C. A.) On the relation of the Laramie Molluscan Fauna to that of the


succeeding freshwater Eocene. 5 plates, 8vo., 2/-. (Bull. U. S. Geol. Surv.) 1886 On Mesozoic Fossils. 9 plates, 8vo., 2/-. (Bull. U. S. Geol. Surv.) 1884 337 On Marine Eocene Freshwater Miocene and other fossil mollusca of W. N. America. 9 plates, 8vo., 2/6. (Bull. U. S. Geol. Surv.) 1885 338 Whiteaves (J. F.) On the Land and Freshwater Mollusca of Oxford. 8vo., 1/6 1857

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339 Whitfield (R. P.) Brachiopoda and Lamellibranchiata of the Raritan Clays and Greensand Marls of New Jersey. 35 plates and coloured map, 4to., cloth, 7/6 Washington, 1885 Mollusca and Crustacea of the Miocene Formations of New Jersey. 24 plates, 4to., cloth, 6/- Washington. 1894 Gasteropoda and Cephalopoda of the Raritan Clays and Greensand Marls of New Jersey. 50 plates, 4to., cloth, 7/6 Washington, 1892 342 Wodarch's Introduction to the Study of Conchology (with directions for collecting) IST EDITION, with 4 coloured plates, 12mo., half calf, 2/6


1820 4th edition, 6 coloured plates, boards or half calf, 3/6 1831




344 re-issue of above, 3/6 345 Wood (Rev. J. G.) Common of the Seashore. 12 plates, 12mo., cloth, 3/

1865 346 Woodward (B. B.) The Life of the Mollusca. With 32 plates and a map, cr. 8vo., cloth, OUT OF PRINT, 7/6 1913


Catalogue of the British species of Pisidium (recent and fossil) in the collections of the British Museum (Natural History), with notes on those of Western Europe. 8vo., pp. 144, with 30 plates, cloth, 10/6 London, 1913 348 Woodward (S. P.) Manuel de Conchyliologie. Traduit par Alois Humbert、 23 planches 579 figures) et 297 gravures dans le texte, sm. 8vo., cloth, 6/- Paris, 1870

349 Wood (W.) General Conchology;

or, a description of shells (Linnean System). With a chronological list of writers on shells, and a Dictionary of Terms. 60 plates containing 260 coloured figures of Univalves and Bivalves, roy. 8vo., boards, £I IS.


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3rd edition, with appendix, 24 plates, cr. 8vo., cloth, 3/1875 last edition, 12mo., cloth, 1890

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