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Ditto. With plates uncoloured,£1 5s.

1858 5 Agassiz (L.) Iconographie des Coquilles Tertiaires réputées indentiques, avec les espèces vivantes ou dans différens terrains de l'epoque tertiare accompagnée de la description des espèces nouvelles. 15 planches, 4to., 6/6. Ex. Nouv. Mem. Soc. Helvet. Sci. Nat.).



1845 Monographie des Myes, parts I. and II., with 76 plates, 2 parts, sewed, 18/- 1842 Etudes Critiques sur les Mollusques Fossiles Trigonies. II plates, 4to., boards, 6s. Neuchatel, i84o 8 Alder and Hancock.-The British Tunicata. An unfinished monograph, edited by J. Hopkinson. With 66 plates (mostly coloured) and 3 portraits, 3 vols., 8vo., cloth, £2 10S. Ray Soc., 1904-12 See also Hopkinson (J.) No. 153. 2nd hand copy, £2 Monograph of the British Nudibranchiate Mollusca, with figures of all the species. With 83 coloured and plain plates, and Supplement by Sir Charles Eliot, with 8 coloured plates, forming 2 vols., (in 8 parts), £5 Ray Soc., 1845-52 & 1910 II Alth (Dr. A.) Wapién Nizniowski i Jego Skamieliny, 12 plates, 4to., 8s. (Ext.).



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15 Andruson (N.) Fossile und Lebende Dreissensidae Eurasiens. 20 plates, 4to.,


1897 15A Ashford (C.) The Darts of British Helicidae. 6 plates, 8vo., 3/6. (Author's Ex. Jnl. Conch.) 1883-85 16 Barrande (J.) Distribution des Céphalopodes dans les contrées Siluriennes. Ext. du Syst. Silur. Boheme. Vol. II. 8vo., 6/1870 5

17 Barrois (C.) Faune du Grès Armoricain. planches, 8vo., 3/6. (Ext. Ann. Soc. Geol. du Nord) 1891

18 Barrois (Dr. T.) Les Glands du Pied et les Pores Aquifères chez les Lamellibranches. 10 plates, 4to., 6/


19 Bartsch (P.) New Marine Shells from Panama, plate; New Parasitic Mollusk of the genus Eulima, plate; Two new land shells of the Epiphragmophora Traskii Group, plate. 8vo., 3/6. (Bull. U. S. N. Mus.) 1907-18 20 Bernard (F.) Recherches sur les organes Palléaux des Gastéropodes Prosobranches. 10 plates, 8vo., sewed. (Thèses). 10/

1890 21 Binney (W. G.) Terrestrial Air-Breathing Mollusks of the U. S. and adjacent territories of N. America. Vol. 5, text and plates, without supplements, 12/- 1878-92 22 Biolley (P.) Mollusques de l'Isla del Coco. Map, 4to., 2/1907

23 Blake (J. F.) Monograph of the British Fossil Cephalopoda. Part I. [all issued]. Introduction and Silurian Species, 31 plates, 4to., boards, 12s. 6d. 1882

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29 Brander (G.) Fossilia Hantoniensia collecta, et in Musaeo Britannico deposita. Vignette on title and 9 plates, 4to., half calf,





9 plates, now reprinted, with a list of the figures and references to the works of Lamarck, by W. Wood. 4to., boards, 16/31 British Antarctic (Terra Nova) Expedition. Invertebrata. Vol. II., No. 4, Mollusca. Part I., Gastropoda Pelecypoda, by E. A. Smith, 2 plates, 4/-; Part II., Cephalopoda, by Anne L. Massy, 3/-; No. 9, Part III., Eupteropoda and Pterota. By A. L.; Part 8, Brachiopoda, by J. W. Jackson, I plate, 5/-; No. 10, part 4, Anatomy of Pelcypoda, by R. H. Burne, 4 plates, 8/6

32 Brogger (Dr. W. C.) Om de senglaciale og Postglaciale Nivafórandringer i Kristianiafeltet (Mollusk faunan). 19 plates and 69 text illustrations, 8vo., sewed, 14/

Kristiania, 1900-1 33 Brongniart (A.) Mémoire sur des Terrains qui paroissent avoir étc., formes sous l'eau douce. 2 planches (coquilles fossiles), 4to., no covers, 411810 34 Brown (Capt. T.) Elements of Conchology (Linnean System). 9 coloured plates, 8vo., half calf, 5/6 35 - The Conchologist's Text Book, embracing the arrangements of Lamarck and Linnaeus. 9th edition, enlarged by W. Macgillivray, 21 plates, 12mo., cloth,






Illustrations of the Land and Fresh Water Conchology of Great Britain and Ireland. 413 coloured figures (including varieties) on 27 plates, roy. 8vo., new half green morocco, cloth sides, gilt top, 18/1845

roy. 8vo., half roan, 15/- 1845 38 Brusina (S.) Papyrotheca: a new genus of Gastropoda from Servia. Plate, 8vo., 1/6. (Ext. The Conchologist "') 1893 39 Bucquoy, Dautzenberg et Dollfus.-Les Mollusques Marins du Roussillon. Tome II., Pélécypodes. Avec atlas de 99 planches en phototypie, 2 vols., roy. 8vo., half morOCCO, ₤2 IOS. 1887-98 40 Bullen (Rev. R. Ashington) Eleven Papers. Fossil non-marine Mollusca from Dover-Holocene Land-Shells from Reigate-Post-Tertiary non-marine MolluscaJava and Australian Mollusca, platePlanispira Zebra, var. Kolleri, n. var. and Chloritis Malangensis, n. sp.-Pleistocene and recent shells from Crete and SpainMarine Shells from the Adaman Islands, part 2-Pleistocene Mollusca from Perim Island-Land and Freshwater Mollusca from Sumatra, 2 parts-Non-Marine Mollusca from Perranzabuloe-Holocene Deposit at Harlton-Mollucsa from Mallorca. 8vo. Author's editions from Jnl. Mal. Soc. 7/6


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1844 46 Another copy, coloured plates, 6|1844 47 Call (R. E.) Quaternary and recent Mollusca of the Great Basin. 6 plates, 8vo., 2/-. (Bull. U. S. Geol. Surv.) 1884 48 Cambridge Natural History.-Vol. III., Molluscs, by Rev. A. H. Cooke; Brachiopods (recent), by A. E. Shipley; Brachiopods (fossil), by R. F. C. Reed Map and numerous illustrations, 8vo., cloth, 17/

1895 49 Canavari (M.) I Brachiopodi degli strati e Terebratula Aspasia, M. G. H. 4 plates, 4to., 4/-. Roma, 1880 La fauna degli strati con Aspidoceras Acanthicum di monte Serra presso Camerino, Part 2, Cephalopoda. 10 plates, 4to., 6/-. Ex. Pal. Italica


1898 51 Carpenter (R. P.) Catalogue of the Collection of Mazatlan Shells in the B. M. collected by F. Reigen. 12mo., sewed, 7/6 1857

52 Catlow (A.) Popular Conchology. With complete descriptive list of Families and Genera of Recent and Fossil Shells. Profusely illustrated, cr. 8vo., 3/1854


and Reeve. The Conchologist's Nomenclator. A Catalogue of all the recent species of shells, with their authorities, synonymes and references to works where figured or described, 8vo., cloth, 6/- 1845 54 Chapman (F.) A Monograph of the Silurian Bivalved Mollusca of Victoria. 6 plates, roy. 8vo., 4/6. (Mem., Nat. Mus., Melbourne)


55 Chenu (J. C.) Lecons élémentaires d'histoire naturelle comprenant un apercu sur toute la zoologie et un Tracite de Conchyliologie. With 12 coloured plates of Shells (116 figures) and 848 engravings, 8vo., wrappers, 7/6 1847

56 Choffat (P.) La Faune Jurassique du Portugal: Mollusques Lamellibranches. 2me Ordre, Asiphonidae. 2 parts in 1, 20 plates, 4to., 12/1885-88 Part 2 only, with plates 11-19





Faune Crètacique du Portugal. Vol. Espèces nouvelles ou peu connues. 18 plates, folio, sewed, 12/- Lisbonne, 1901-2 Contains-Mollusques de Senonien à facies fluvio-marin.

58 Clark (W.) History of the British Marine Testaceous Mollusca. With references and notes of every British specie. 8vo,, cloth, 5/1851

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