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1757 370 Terentius Christianus. Seu Comoediae Sacrae Sex, Terentiano Stylo a Cornelio Schonaeo Goudano Conscriptae. 12mo., sheep (rough). Cologne, 1620 2/6 371 Theocriti Aliorumque Poetarum Idyllia. Ejusdem Epigrammata. Simmiae Rhodii Ovum, Alae, Securis, Pistula. Dosiadis Ara. 16mo., calf. (Stephanus), 1579 5/372 Theologiae Verè Christianae Apologia, Carolo Secundo, Magnae Britanniae, etc., Regi, à Roberto Barclaio, Scoto-Britanno oblata. Some leaves stained, 4to., calf. 1676



373 Theophili Spizelii, Ecclesiastae Augustani, Scrutinium Atheismi Historico-Aetiologicum. Post 8vo., calf. 1663 374 The Theory of the Earth: Containing an Account of the Original of the Earth and of all the General Changes it hath undergone, or is to Undergo. Frontispiece, folio, calf. 1684 6/375 Thesaurus Phrasium Poeticarum: Opera M. Joannis Buchleri a Gladbach. Ajecta est Institutio Poetica ex R. P. Jacobi Pontani, S.J. Engraved title, post 8vo., calf. 1627


376 D. Thomas Aquinas De Rebus Publicis ; et principum institutione, libri IV. 16mo., vellum. Leyden, 1643 3/377 Thomson (James) Poems. 12mo., calf. Dublin, 1730 3/6 378 Thomson (James) The Seasons. Plates, post 8vo., calf. 1757 2/379 Jac. Aug. Thuani Historiarum, sui Temporis. Engraved title, folio, vellum, back defective. Paris, 1606

5/380 Thucydidis de Bello Peloponnesia Co. Libri VIII. Ex interpretatione Laurentii Vallae, ab Henrico Stephano iterum recognita. 12mo., calf. Frankfurt, 1589 6/381 Tracts. In one volume, 8vo., boards, old parchment back, v.y.


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383 Tully's Offices. Turned out of Latin into English. By Ro. L'Estrange. Frontispiece, fcap. 8vo., old calf. 1684 3/384 Tyrocinium Linguae Italicae, In quo omnes majores difficultates breviter, et optime, in hac secunda editione explicantur. A' Joanne Ludovico Goffoi. Post 8vo., vellum. Rome, 1730 3/385 C. Valerii Flacci Argonauticon, Lib. VIII. A Ludovico Carrione ex vetustiss. Exemp. emendati. Cum notis eiusdem Carrionis, And. Schotti, et Laur. Balbi Liliensis. Leaves a little stained, 12mo., old calf. Geneva, 1617 3/6 386 C. Valerii Flacci Sentini Balbi Argonautica. Nicolaus Heinsius. Ex vetustissimus exemplaribus recensuit et Animadversiones adjecit. Post 8vo., calf, Trajecta Bat, 1702


387 M. Valerii Martialis Epigrammatum Libros XV. Interpretatione et Notis Illustravit Vincentius Collesso, J.C. 4to., calf. Paris, 1680

4/388 Valerii Maximi Dictorum Factorum Q.3. Memorabiliam. Engraved title, post 8vo., calf. Rotterdam, 1683 389 Valerius Maximus.


Addito Indice Perbrevi, Ceu ad Omneis Historias Asylo Tutussimo. 12mo., sheep. Paris, Simonem Colinaeum, 1531

Corners dog-eared.


390 Laurentii Vallae Viri Doctissimi Elegantiarum lingua Latinae. Notationibus in libri margine scriptis et observationibus ad cuiusque capitas Calcem additis illustrati, A. F. Angelo Rocchensi Eremita. 12mo., vellum, broken. Venice, 1576

7/6 391 Jacobi Vanierii, E. S.J. Sacerdotis, Praedium Rusticum. Nova editio auctior et emendatior. Fcap. 8vo., calf. Paris, 1746 2/392 Versailles, Nouvelle Description des Chateaux et Parcs de, contenant une explication historique de toutes les Peintures, Tableaux, Statues, Vases et Ornemens. Par M. Piganiol de la Force. Many folding plates, 2 vols., post 8vo., calf. Paris, 1764 5/

393 Virgilius Collatione Scriptorum Graecorum Illustratus, Opera et Industria Fulvii Ursini. 12mo., calf, rebacked. Antwerp, ex officina Christophori Plantini, 1568 8/6 394 P. Virgilius Maro. Pauli Manutii adnotationes, Homeri loca magis insignia, etc., 12mo., boards, leather back. (Aldus), 1567

Venice, 7/6

Worm-hole through title-page and a few stains. Cheap copy.

395 Walonis Messaline De Episcopis et Presbyteris, contra D. Petavium Lololitam Dissertatio Prima. 12mo., calf. Leyden, 1641


396 Walton and Cotton. The Complete Angler. Edited by John Major. Frontispiece and plates, cr. 8vo., original boards, rubbed, 1844 7/6

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419 Ova Paschalia Sacro Emblemate inscripta descriptaq: a Georgio Stengelio. Engraved titles and many plates, 12mo., vellum. Ingolstadt, 1672 £1

420 The Odes of Pindar. . . . . Translated from the Greek... including those by Mr. West. The whole completed, and now first published, by Francis Lee. Portrait and map, 4to., half russia. 1810



421 Pindari Carmina juxta Exemplar HeyniQuibus accesserunt Notae Heynianae; Paraphrasis Benedictina; et Lexicon Pindaricum ex integro Dammii Opere Etymologico excerptum, et justa serie dispositum. Digessit et edidit Henricus Huntingford. 8vo., russia, gilt. 1814 2/6

422 Pulci (Luigi) Il Morgante. Nuovamente corretto, e Ristampato con licenzia de Superiori. Portrait on title and woodcut initials, sm. 4to., calf. Fiorenza, 1574

£I IS. Lacks one leaf, hence low price. With the bookplate of Maurice Hewlett.

423 Joannis Scapulae Lexicon GraecoLatinum e probatis auctoribus locupletatum, cum indicibus auctis et correctis. Folio, russia, gilt (by Hering, with his ticket). Oxford, 1820


424 Somervile (William) The Chase; A Poem. Engravings by Bewick, 8vo., half roan. London: Bulmer and Co., 1802 9/

425 Sophocles.-Turnebi (Greek Text). 4to., calf, well rebacked. Paris: apud Adrianum Turnebum, 1553 15/

A few pages misplaced by Binder. 426 The Travels of Monsieur de Thevenot into the Levant. Portrait, folio, calf. 1687 10/6


MESSRS. DULAU & COMPANY are represented
by their Agents, "Country Life," at

Stand B127, Palace of Industry

(just inside the Gate of Harmony).

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from two libraries recently
purchased. Chiefly classified
: under the headings of :





34, 35 & 36, Margaret Street, Oxford Circus,

London, W.1

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2 The Fables of Aesop, as first printed by William Caxton in 1484; with those of Avian, Alfonso, and Poggio. Now again edited and induced by Joseph Jacobs. Frontispiece, 2 vols., roy. 8vo., boards, parchment back, 20/1889

Large Paper Copy, number 12 of sixty copies printed.

3 Algerie et les Colonies francaises, par J. Duval. 8vo., half morocco (piece torn from one leaf), 3/Paris, 1877 4 A Practical Arabic Grammar. Part I. Compiled by Colonel A. O. Green. 4th edition, enlarged and revised, cr. 8vo., (6/6 net.), 3/


5 Arabic.-Grammaire Arabe, composee d'apres les sources primitives par le P. Donat Vernier. 2 vols., 8vo., cloth (rebound), 10/6 Beyrouth, 1891 6 Arabic Grammar, translated from the German of Caspari by Dr. Wright, revised by Prof. Robertson Smith. 2 vols., 8vo. (vol. II. out of print], 15/

Cambridge, 1896-98 7 Aramaic Inscriptions: a Glossary of, by S. A. Cook. 8vo., 4/6 Cambridge, 1898 8 Archaeologia: or, Miscellaneous Tracts relating to Antiquity. Numerous plates (some coloured), facsimiles of charters, wallpaintings, etc. Vol. 49 pt. 1, to 57 pt. 1, 17 vols., 4to., £3 10s. 1884-1900

9 Architecture: a Text-book of; by A. D. F. Hamlin. Hundreds of illustrations, cr. 8vo., used copy, 2/

IO The Rhetoric of


Aristotle. With a Commentary by the late E. M. Cope, M.A.; revised and edited by J. E. Sandys, M.A. 3 vols., 8vo., £I IOS.

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12 Addison (J. de W.) The Art of the National Gallery: Critical Survey of the Schools represented in the British Collection. Illustrated, cr. 8vo., 4/6

1905 13 Addresses delivered to the Students of the Royal Academy by the late Lord Leighton. Portrait, 8vo., 3/6 1897 14 Armour and Weapons, by C. Ffoulkes; with Preface by Viscount Dillon. Plates and illustrations, roy. 8vo., 6/

Oxford, 1909 15 Franz von Bayros. Ex Libris. III. Folge. Twelve beautiful plates exquisitely reproduced, on Japan vellum; the plates are of varying shades and each is mounted, 4to. size, in portfolio, 10/6 Vienna, 1914

4to., I IOS.

16 The Early Work of Aubrey Beardsley. With a Prefatory Note by H. C. Marillier. Portrait and 156 illustrations, 4to., 18/- 1912 17 Beardsley. Ben Jonson: His Volpone ; or, The Foxe. A New Edition, with a Critical Essay on the Author by Vincent O'Sullivan. Frontispiece, initial letters and cover design by Aubrey Beardsley; together with an Eulogy on the Artist by Robert Ross. 1898 18 Beardsley.--MALORY (Sir Thomas) The Birth, Life and Acts of King Arthur, of His Noble Knights of the Round Table, etc. The text as imprinted by William Caxton in 1485, now spelled in modern style. Introduction by Professor Rhys. Many original designs by Aubrey Beardsley, 4to., original decorated cloth, £3 15s. 1909 19 Aubrey Beardsley. By Arthur Symons. New edition, revised and enlarged, photogravure portrait and illustrations, 4to., cloth, with vellum back, £3 10s. Large Paper Copy, one of 150 printed. Idem, ordinary edition, boards, with linen back, 16/



1905 21 Aubrey Beardsley's Drawings. A Catalogue and a List of Criticisms. By A. E. Gallatin. Two portraits of Beardsley, three full-page plates and decorations, folio, boards, parchment back, £3 38. 1903

Number 146 of 250 copies printed. 22 Beardsley (Aubrey) Good Reading about Many Books, mostly by their authors. No. 73 of 100 signed copies on Japan paper, containing some Beardsley illustrations, fcap. 8vo., boards, £1 10s. 1894-5

Articles by John Oliver Hobbes, S. R. Crockett, Louis Becke, and others. 23 Beardsley. The Wonderful History of Virgilius, the Sorcerer of Rome. Englished for the first time (Mediaeval Legends, No. II.). Frontispiece by Aubrey Beardsley, fcap. 8vo., wrappers, 10/6

1893 24 Beardsley.-Wilmot's Child. By Atey Nyne, Student and Bachelor (Dr. Joseph Parker). Cover design by Aubrey Beardsley, post 8vo., wrappers, 17/6


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Connoisseur Extra Number.

27 Drawing and Design.--Numerous illustrations, some in colour and mounted, 4to., cloth, May, 1920, to April, 1921 (17/6 net.) 6/6

28 Etching and other Graphic Arts. An illustrated treatise by G. T. Plowman. Frontispiece (original etching) and 26 illustrations, 8vo., 4/


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