A Catalogue of Geography, Voyages, Travels, Americana

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Quaritch, 1895 - 18 pagine
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Pagina 45 - A TRUE AND ALMOST INCREDIBLE REPORT OF AN ENGLISHMAN, that (being cast away in the good Ship called the...
Pagina 175 - THOMAS (Gabriel). An Historical and Geographical Account Of The Province and Country Of Pensilvania ; And Of West-New-Jersey In America.
Pagina 114 - PARENTATOR. Memoirs of Remarkables in the Life and the Death of the Ever-Memorable Dr. Increase Mather.
Pagina 90 - John. An historical journal of the campaigns in North-America, for the years 1757, 1758, 1759, and 1760; containing the most remarkable occurrences of that period; particularly the two sieges of Quebec, &c.
Pagina 56 - CONGRESS. —Extracts From the Votes and Proceedings Of the American Continental Congress, Held at Philadelphia on the 5th of September 1774.
Pagina 76 - A briefe and true report of the new found land of Virginia, of the commodities and of the nature and manners of the naturall inhabitants.
Pagina 24 - A Description of the Island of Jamaica; with the other Isles and Territories in America, to which the English are related, viz.
Pagina 30 - THE GENESIS OF THE UNITED STATES. A Narrative of the Movement in England, 1605-1616, which resulted in the Plantation of North America by Englishmen, disclosing the Contest, between England and Spain for the Possession of the Soil now occupied by the United States of America...
Pagina 46 - Delafield (John). An Inquiry into the Origin of the Antiquities of America. With an Appendix, containing Notes and a View of the Causes of the Superiority of the Men of the Northern over those of the Southern Hemisphere.
Pagina 64 - THE DISCOVERIES OF THE WORLD from their first originall vnto the yeere of our Lord 1555. Briefly written in the Portugall tongue by ANTONIE GALVANO, Gouernour of Ternate, the chiefe Island of the Malucos : Corrected, quoted, and now published in English by Richard Hakluyt, sometimes student of Christchurch in Oxford. LONDINI, Impensis G. Bishop . 1601 . Sm.

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