The Modern Language Review, Volume 8

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John George Robertson, Charles Jasper Sisson
Modern Humanities Research Association, 1913
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The Modern Language Review (MLR) is an interdisciplinary journal encompassing the following fields: English (including United States and the Commonwealth), French (including Francophone Africa and Canada), Germanic (including Dutch and Scandinavian), Hispanic (including Latin-American, Portuguese, and Catalan), Italian, Slavonic and East European Studies, and General Studies (including linguistics, comparative literature, and critical theory).

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Pagina 193 - And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof. And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him.
Pagina 236 - ... they bring us acquainted with the every^day human face, — they give us skill to detect those gradations of sense and virtue (which escape the careless or fastidious observer) in the countenances of the world about us ; and prevent that disgust at common life, that tadium quotidianarum formarum, which an unrestricted passion for ideal forms and beauties is in danger of producing.
Pagina 418 - THE AUTHOR'S PREFACE. HE wits of the present age being so very numerous and penetrating, it seems the grandees of church and state begin to fall under horrible apprehensions, lest these gentlemen, during the intervals of a long peace, should find leisure to pick holes in the weak sides of religion and government.
Pagina 442 - His first motion from his house was to preach where his beloved wife lay buried, in St. Clement's Church, near Temple Bar, London ; and his text was a part of the prophet Jeremy's Lamentation : " Lo, I am the man that have seen affliction.
Pagina 410 - Bastard without a father to acknowledge it ; true it is that my plays are not exposed to the world in volumes, to bear the title of works (as others *) : one reason is, that many of them by shifting and change of companies, have been negligently lost. Others of them are still retained in the hands of some actors, who think it against their peculiar profit to have them come in print, and a third that it never was any great ambition in me to be in this kind voluminously read.
Pagina 422 - From 1696 to 1699 we may well suppose him to have been occupied with the Tale of a Tub, the Battle of the Books, and the Discourse.
Pagina 278 - Certayne Egloges of Alexander " Barclay Priest, Whereof the first three conteyne the miseryes of Courtiers and Courtes " of all princes in generall, Gathered out of a booke named in Latin, MiserLe cvrialivm, " compiled by Eneas Siluius Poet and Oratour.
Pagina 402 - Sluice his own blood, lodg'd in his daughter's breast; Which your own hands shall act upon yourselves. If you be Romans, and retain their spirits, Redeem a base life with a noble death, And through your lust-burnt veins confine J your breath.
Pagina 211 - The word of the Lord by night To the watching Pilgrims came, As they sat by the seaside, And filled their hearts with flame. God said, I am tired of kings, I suffer them no more; Up to my ear the morning brings The outrage of the poor.
Pagina 235 - tis not peculiar to us, it rambles about the World, and is less kind to us than others ; but for the Earth of England, tho perhaps inferior to that of many places abroad, to him there is Divinity in it, and he would rather dye, than see a spire of English Grass trampled down by a Foreign Trespasser...

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