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together; to arrange, dispose, incho. (con + cupio), to desiro order; to make, form, compose, greatly, long for, covet. plan; to agree upon, concert; Concurro, ère, curri, cursum, to bring to a close, terminate; intr. (con + curro), to run toto appease, calm; to compare ; gether; to meet, flock together; to bury.

to rush together in fight, join Comporto, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. battle, engage, contend, fight; (con + porto), to


to concur, agree. bring together; to collect, bring, Concursus, ūs, m. (concurro), a carry.

running together, concourse; a Composite, adv. (composỉtus), se- charge, conflict, onset, engage

dately, calmly; neatly, hand- ment. somely, elegantly, skilfully, in Concutio, ĕre, ussi, ussum, tr. an orderly manner.

(con + quatio), to shake, move Compositus, a, um, part. and adj. violently, agitate ; to trouble,

(compono), put together, ar- disquiet, alarm, terrify; to inranged, composed; elegant, well jure, weaken.

arranged, apt, fit; ended, settled. Condemno, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. Comprobo, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (con (con + damno), to condemn.

+ probo), to approve, prove, Condicio, önis, f. (condo), a conconfirm; to allow, assent to; dition, agreement, stipulation, to make good, verify.

contract, terms; a proposal, proConcēdo, ĕre, essi, essum, tr. and position; state, situation, con

intr. (con + cedo), to retire, de- dition. part, withdraw, give place, re- Condidi. See Condo. treat; to submit, yield, concede, Conditio, onis, f. See Condicio. grant, allow; to go, repair. In Conditor, oris, m. (condo), a majus atque dicionem concedere, to ker, builder, founder, inventor,

come under the laws and sway. author. Concido, ĕre, idi, intr. (con + Condo, ère, didi, ditum, tr. (con

cado), to fall down; to fall, sink, + do) to put together, found, perish, die.

build, make; to lay up, hoard; Concio, onis, f. (concieo), a meet- to hide, conceal, bury; to finish,

ing,assembly: an address,speech, end. harangue. Pro concione, before Condono, äri, ävi, ätum, tr. (con an assembly of the people or + dono), to give freely, grant, soldiers, in public.

present, bestow; to pardon, forConcito, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (con give, excuse, overlook; to de

+cito), to put in motion, stir vote, sacrifice. Alterius lubidini up; to excite, arouse, stimulate, malefacta condonare, to pardon

rouse, incite, provoke, irritate. crimes to gratify the lust of anCondāmo, äre, ävi, ätum, intr. other.

(con + clamo), to cry out to- Condūco, ĕre, xi, ctum, tr. (con gether, to cry out, shout, ex- + duco), to bring or lead toclaim.

gether, conduct; to collect, asConcordia, ae, f. (concors), con- semble; to hire.

cord, agreement, union, harmo. Confercio, ire, fersi, fertum, tr. ny, unanimity; the name of a (con + farcio), to stuff or cram Roman goddess, Concord.

together, to crowd together; to Concubina, ae, f. (concubo), a fill. concubine.

Confěro, ferre, contěli, collatum, Concupisco, ère, pivi, pitum, tr. tr. (con + fero), to bring or car


close array:

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ry together; to collect, gather, for succor or refuge; to have reprocure.

course to. Confertim, adv. (confertus), close- Conglobo, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (con

ly, compactly, in close array, in + globo), to form into a round a compact body.

body, conglobate; to collect, asConfertus, a, um, part. and adj. semble, crowd together, gather

(confercio), crammed, crowded; together.
close, thick, compact, dense, in Congrědior, i, gressus, dep. (con

+ gradior), to come together, Confessus, a, um, part. froin con meet, encounter; to engage, confiteor.

tend, fight; to accost, address, Confício, ĕre, éci, ectum, tr. (con

converse with. + facio), to make, effect, cause, Congressus, ūs, m. (congredior), execute, perform, prepare; to a coming together, meeting; a end, finish, accomplish, com conflict, encounter, contest, enplete ; to weaken, enfeeble, wear

gagement, battle. out, consume, destroy, overpow. Conjịcio, ĕre, jēci, jectum, tr. er; to waste, wear away.

(con+jacio), to throw together; Confido, ére, fisus sum,

half dep. to throw, cast, hurl, thrust, dis(con + fido), to confide in, trust charge, impel. to, rely upon, depend upon; to Conjunctus, a, um, part. and adj. trust, feel confident.

(conjungo), connected, united, Confinis, e, adj. (con + finis), ad attached, allied.

joining, bordering upon, contig- Conjungo, ère, junxi, junctum, uous, near.

tr. (con +jungo), to join togethConfirmo, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (con er, unite, connect, associate, ally,

+ firmo), to confirm, strengthen, form.
encourage, embolden, animate; Conjuratio, önis, f. (conjuro), a
to establish, render efficient; to swearing together; a confedera-
ratify; to

prove, show; to affirm, cy bound by oath; a conspiracy, assent, assure, declare; to reas plot.

Conjurătus, a, um, part. (conjuro), Confitěor, õri, essus, dep. (con + combined, leagued together. As

fateor), to confess, acknowledge, a noun, conjurati, orum, m., own, avow.

Confligo, ére, xi, ctum, tr. and Conjũro, äre, ävi, ätum, intr.

intr. (con + fligo), to strike, beat (con + juro), to swear together;
or dash together; to strike to combine, league together; to
against; to fight, contend, en conspire.
gage; to conflict.

Connubium, i, n. (con + nubo),
Confio, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (con + marriage, wedlock; intermar-

flo), to make up, compound; to riage.
raise, excite, create, cause, occa- Conor, äri, ätus, dep., to attempt,
sion; to contract.

endeavor, strive, try, undertake. Conflio, ĕre, xi, -, intr. (con + Conquiro, ère, quisivi, quisitum,

fluo), to run or flow together; to tr. (con + quaero), to seek, search flock or crowd together.

for; to acquire, get together, obConfodio, ĕre, födi, fossum, tr. tain, procure, collect.

(con + fodio), to dig; to pierce, Conscientia, ae, f. (conscio), joint

stab, wound, thrust through. knowledge; consciousness, corConfúgio, ĕre, fūgi,fugitum, intr. science; consciousness of guilt,

(con + fugio), to flee to, fly to guilty conscience.



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cover over.


Conscius, a, um, adj. (conscio), behold, observe, perceive, dis

conscious, privy to, witness of; cern, look at.

conscious of guilt, guilty. Conspicor, äri, ätus, dep. (con + Conscribo, ĕre, scripsi, scriptum, specio), to see, perceive, descry,

tr. (con + scribo), to write to behold. gether (in a list), write, enroll, Constanter, adv.(constans), firmly, enlist, levy, raise.

steadily, uniformly, evenly. Consécro, āre, ävi, ätum, tr. (con Constantia, ae, f. (constans), firm

+ sacro), to consecrate, dedi ness, steadiness, constancy, concate; to devote to the gods. sistency, perseverance. Consenesco, ĕre, senui, intr. (con consterno, ĕre, stravi, stratum,

tsenesco), to grow old; to grow tr. (con + sterno), to strew or weak, fade, decay, waste; to become obsolete.

Constitŭo, ĕre, ui, ūtum, tr. (con Consěro, ĕre, sēvi, situm, tr. (con + statuo), to place, station; to + sero), to sow, plant, set.

set up, erect; to found, build; Consěro, ére, serui, sertum, tr. to dispose, arrange, post; to

(con + sero), to join or knit to stop, to halt; to establish, fix, gether. Conserere manum,

settle, assign, appoint; to dejoin battle, fight hand to hand, termine, resolve, decide, decree, engage in close combat.

ordain, agree upon. Conservo, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (con Consto, äre, stiti, stātum, intr.

+ servo), to preserve, keep, save, (con+sto), to stand together, be maintain, protect, defend.

established; to be consistent, Considěro, äre, ävi, ätum, tr., to correspond. Constat, impers.,

consider, meditate, think of, it is evident, manifest, clear. weigh, reflect upon.

Constrātus, a, um, part. from Consido, ĕre, sēdi, sessum, intr. Consterno.

(con+sido), to sit down to- Constrŭo, ĕre, uxi, uctum, tr. gether; to seat one's self; to (con+struo), to put together, settle, take up one's abode; to construct, build, form, fabricate. fall, sink; to encamp, halt, sta- Consuefăcio, ěre, fēci, factum, tr. tion one's self.

(consuesco + facio), to accustom, Consilium, i, n., counsel, advice ; inure, habituate.

deliberation, consultation, con- Consuesco, ĕre, suėvi, suétum, sideration, prudence, premedita intr. (con + suesco), to become tion ; design, intention, measure, accustomed, accustom one's self; aim, plan, purpose, intent; reso to accustom, inure. lution, determination, judgment; Consuetūdo, inis, f. (consuesco), wisdom, discretion; a stratagem, custom, habit, usage; interartifice; a council. Habere con course, intimacy. Stupri consilium, to hold a council.

suetudo=a criminal intercourse, Consisto, ère, stiti, stitum, intr. Consuētus, a, um, part. and adj.

(con+sisto), to take one's stand, (consuesco), accustomed, habitumake a stand, stand, stop.

ated, inured; customary, usual, Consitus, a, um, part. from Con ordinary, wonted. sěro.

Consul, ŭlis, m. (consulo), a conConspectus, us, m. (conspicio), sul, one of the two chief magis

seeing, sight, view, observa trates of Rome, elected annually. tion.

Consul designatis, consul elect. Conspicio, ĕre, spexi, spectum, Consularis, e, adj. (consul), of or

tr. (con + specio), to see, view, belonging to a consul, consular.



As a noun, a consular, an ex- a contemner, despiser. As an consul.

adj., disdainful, haughty. Consulātus, üs, m. (consul), the Contemptus, a, um, part. and

office of consul, the consulship adj. (contemno), contemned, deor consulate.

spised; contemptible, despicaConsŭlo, ĕre, ului, ultum, tr. ble, vile.

and intr., to consult, deliberate, Contendo, čre, di, tum, tr. and discuss, take counsel; to judge, intr. (con+tendo), to stretch; consider, ask advice. With the strain, exert, put forth; to strive, dative, to provide for, consult endeavor, attempt; to seek for, for, take care of, look to, regard, solicit; to strive to reach, hasten; respect. Mihi consultum est= to compare; to contend, dispute, my interests have been consulted.

fight, engage: Male consulere=to adopt bad Contentio, önis, f. (contendo), a

contention, contest, dispute, conConsultatio, onis, f. (consulto), a troversy; a straining, effort, exconsultation, deliberation.

ertion, endeavor. Consulto, adv., designedly, on Contěro, ĕre, trivi, tritum, tr. purpose, deliberately, purposely. (con + tero), to

away, Properly ablat. of cause.

waste, consume, spend; to wear Consulto, åre, ävi, ätum, tr. and out, break to pieces.

intr. freq. (consulo), to consult, Continentia, ae, f. (contineo), a deliberate, to advise; to take checking, restraining; self-concare of, provide for, look to, trol, moderation, continence, consult for.

temperance, abstinence. Consultor, oris, m. (consŭlo), one Continěo, ēre, tinui, tentum, tr.

who gives advice or counsel, a (con + teneo), to hold or keep counsellor, adviser; one who asks together; to contain; to hold, advice or counsel, a client.

keep, retain; to restrain, curb, Consultum, i, n. (consŭlo), delibe- check; to hem in, bound.

ration, consideration; a decree, Continuo, áre, ävi, ätum, tr. (con-
resolution, ordinance; a meas- tinuus), to continue, prolong; to
ure, design, plan ; a question join together, unite, connect.
(for deliberation)

Contio, onis, f. See Concio.
Consultus, ūs, m. (consulo), a de-Contra, prep. with the

accus., cree, resolution, ordinance, sta- against, contrary to, in oppotute.

sition to; to, in reply to. Cousūmo, ĕre, sumpsi, sump- Contra, adv., on the contrary, on

tum, tr. (con tsumo), to con- the other hand, in return, in op-
sume, devour, destroy, kill, slay; position, against. Contra ferire,
to waste, spend, squander, ex- to strike back.
haust, employ, use up.

Contrăho, ére, xi, ctum, tr. (con
Consumptus, a, um, part. from + traho), to draw together, as-

semble, collect, unite. Contagio, onis, f. (contingo), con- Contrěmo, ère, ui, - intr. (con

tact, touch; contagion, infection, + tremo), to tremble greatly, disease.

quake; to be greatly agitated. Contemno, ĕre, tempsi, temptum, Controversia, ae, f. (controver

tr. (con + tempo), to contemn, sus), a controversy, debate, dis-
despise, slight, treat with con- pute.

Contubernium, i, n. (con + ta-
Contemptor, oris, m. (contemno), berna), tent-companionship, a

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dwelling together in a tent; the vince; to overcome by argument, intercourse of a young man and

prove clearly. the general accompanied by him Convivium, i, n. (con + vivo), a in war, attendance; a common feast, banquet, entertainment. war-tent.

Convoco, äre, ävi, ätum, tr. (con Contŭli. See Confěro.

+ voco), to call together, sumContumelia, ae, f., an affront, in- mon, assemble, convoke.

sult, contumely, reproachful lan- Convorto, ěre. See Converto. guage.

Coopério, ire, rui, rtum, tr. (con Contumeliosus, a, um, adj. (con- toperio), to cover over, en

tumelia), reproachful, abusive, velop; to overwhelm, bury, sink. insolent, insulting, contumeli- Coorior, iri, ortus, dep. (con +

orior), to arise, rise. Contundo, ĕre, ŭdi, üsum, tr. Copia, ae, f. (con + ops), plenty,

(con + tundo), to beat, bruise, abundance; supply, store, numbreak, crush; to quell, subdue; ber; effects, resources; power, to destroy, impair; to bafile, opportunity, means, facilities, thwart.

leave, permission. In ihe plural, Conturbo, are, ävi, ätum, tr. forces, troops. Ex copia rerum

(con + turbo), to disturb, dis- =under the circunstances. Pro order, confuse, disquiet, throw rei copia = considering the cirinto confusion.

cumstances, Contūsus, a, um, part. from con. Coquo, ĕre, coxi, coctum, tr., to tundo.

cook, boil, bake, roast, toast. Convěnio, ire, vēni, ventum, tr. Coquus, i, m. (coquo), a cook.

and intr. (con + venio), to come Coram, prep. with the ablat., before, together, meet, flock together, in the presence of, before the assemble, collect; to agree, cor- eyes of, in view of, respond, consent; to be agreed Corium, i, n., a hide, skin; leather. upon, settled, or adjusted; to Cornelius, i, m., the name of a suit, agree, fit, he adapted; to Roman gens, including many become, be becoming. Convenit, families, such as the Scipiones, it is fit, proper, becoming, suit- Cinnae, Sullae, etc. Caius Corable; it is agreed, settled; it is nelius, a Roman knight conconsistent.

federate with Catiline. Conventio, onis, f. (convenio), a Cornicen, inis, m. (cornu + cano),

coming or meeting together; a a horn-blower, a corneter. meeting, assembly, convention; Cornificius, i, m., Quintus Corniau agreement.

ficius, a distinguished Roman. Conventus, ūs, m. (convenio), a Cornu, üs, n., a horn; sail-yards;

meeting, assembly, convention, the wing of an army. council.

Corpus, oris, n., a body, substance; Converto, ĕre, ti, sum, tr. (con + the body, person; a corpse.

verto), to turn about, wheel, corporis = bodily strength. turn; to turn back, return; to Correctus, a, um, part. from corbetake one's self; to change, rigo. alter, convert; to apply, di- Correptus, a, um, part. from correct.

ripio. Convictus, a, um, part. from con- Corrågo, ĕre, exi, ectum, tr. (con vinco.

+ rego), to set right, make Convinco, ĕre, vioi, victum, tr. straight, correct, reform, remedy,

(con + vinco), to convict, con- order, regulate.


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