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ing will find this little book a valuable aid, in furnishing subjects for discussion.

Circular containing specimen pages, &c., sent to any address on application.



A. M., Professor of Mathematics in the Philadelphia Central High School. Price by mail, postpaid, $1.25.

The present work is the result of an effort to produce an Elementary Algebra suited to the wants of classes commencing the study. It has been prepared by one who for years has felt the need of just such a book, and is the fruit of long experience in the school-room.

With this book in hand, the pupil cannot help avoiding the difficulties which invariably present themselves at the very threshold of the study of Algebra.

It has been the aim to give such a presentation of the subject as will meet the wants of Common Schools and Academies. It is an elementary work, and no attempt has been made to include everything which might be brought under the head of Algebra. The treatment of the subject is on the principle of "step by step,” so that the pupil at the very outset is inspired with a degree of confidence which induces self-reliance; rendering unnecessary a constant application to the teacher for help.

The book is commended to teachers in the hope that it wil satisfy a need which the Descriptive circular sent on application.

author has himself frequently felt.

A KEY TO WILSON'S ELEMENTARY ALGEBRA, for the use of Teachers only. By Prof. JOSEPH W. WILSON, A. M. Price by mail, postpaid, $1.25.


THE CRITTENDEN COMMERCIAL ARITHMETIC AND BUSINESS MANUAL. Designed for the Use of Teachers, Business Men, Academies, High Schools, and Commercial Colleges. By JOHN GROESBECK, Principal of Crittenden's Philadelphia Commercial College. Price by mail, postpaid, $1.50.

In every High School and Academy in the land, the organization of a class in Commercial Arithmetic, Business Calculations and Forms, will prove an element of popularity and success that will yield rich results. The subject itself is so intrinsically valuable as a means of developing thought, that, were this the only result to be gained, it would be entitled to and should receive the special attention of the progressive teacher. But apart from this, the introduction of a study so interesting in itself, so attractive to the scholar, and having so direct a bearing on his future welfare, will, in many an instance, decide the welfare of a school, directing the channel of popular opinion in its favor, and prove the means of filling it with students anxious to secure its advantages. Circulars containing full descriptive notice, testimonials, &c., will be sent to any address on application.

A MANUAL OF ELOCUTION. Founded upon the

Philosophy of the Human Voice, with Classified
Illustrations, Suggested by and Arranged to meet
the Practical Difficulties of Instruction. By M. S.
MITCHELL. Price by mail, postpaid, $1.50.


Articulation, Pronunciation, Accent, Emphasis, Modulation, Melody of Speech, Pitch, Tone, Inflections, Sense, Cadence, Force, Stress, Grammatical and Rhetorical Pauses, Movement, Reading of Poetry, Action, Attitude, Analysis of the Principles of Gestures and Oratory.


The compiler cannot conceal the hope that this glimpse of our general literature may tempt to individual research among its treasures, so varied and inexhaustible; - that this text-book for the school-room may become not only teacher, but friend, to those in whose hands it is placed, and while aiding, through systematic development and training of the elocutionary powers of the pupil, to overcome many of the practical difficulties of instruction, may accomplish a higher work in the cultivation and refinement of character.

THE MODEL SPEAKER: Consisting of Exercises in Prose, Poetry, and Blank Verse, Suitable for Declamation, Public Reading, School Exhibitions, &c. Compiled for the Use of Schools, Academies, Colleges, and Private Classes, by Prof. PHILIP LAWRENCE. Price by mail, postpaid, $1.50.

Great care has been taken to consult the authorized editions of the various writers represented, that the extracts from their works may be relied upon as accurate; though, in some instances, preference has been given to an early edition, when, in later issues, the alterations have not been deemed improvements. Many poems have been introduced which have never before found their way into any book of selections, being now for the first time published in this country in a permanent form.

It is believed that this book will be found admirably adapted for use as a "Reader," either in connection with any of the regular series of reading-books, or to be taken up by classes that, having used the higher readers of the different series, need variety as an incentive to interest. For this purpose we particularly commend it to the attention of Principals of Academies, Seminaries, High Schools, Normal Schools, and Institutions for Young Ladies.

Descriptive Circular, containing entire List of Contents, sent to any address on application.

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THE MODEL DEFINER. An Elementary Book

for Beginners, containing Definitions, Etymol-
ogy, and Sentences as Models, exhibiting the
correct use of Words. By A. C. WEBB.
by mail, postpaid, 25 cents.


THE MODEL ETYMOLOGY. Giving not only the Definition, Etymology, and Analysis, but also that which can be obtained only from an intimate acquaintance with the best authors, viz.: the correct use of Words. By A. C. WEBB. Price by mail, postpaid, 60 cents.

The plan adopted in the Model Definer and Model Etymology is not new. All good Dictionaries illustrate the meaning by a Model. To quote from a good author, a sentence containing the word, as proof of its correct use, is the only authority allowed. A simple trial of the work, either by requiring the child to form sentences similar to those given, or by memorizing the sentences as models for future use, will convince any one of the following advantages to be derived from the Model Word-Book Series. 1. Saving of time.

2. Increased knowledge of words.

3. Ease to teacher and scholar.

4. A knowledge of the correct use of words. Descriptive Circular sent on application.


STATES. From the Discovery of America to the close of the late Rebellion. By JOSEPH C. MARTINDALE, M.D., Principal of the Madison Grammar School, Philadelphia. Price by mail, postpaid, 60 cents.


With this book in his hand, the scholar can in a single schoolterm obtain as complete a knowledge of the History of the United States as has heretofore required double the time and effort. Descriptive circular sent on application.

THE YOUNG STUDENT'S COMPANION; or, Elementary Lessons and Exercises in Translating from English into French. By M. A. LONGSTRETH, Principal of a Seminary for Young Ladies, Philadelphia. Price by mail, postpaid, $1.00.



an Aid to the Study of the Latin Grammar. By AMOS N. CURRIER, A.M., Professor of Latin in the University of Iowa. Price, 50 cents.

FRENCH VERB BOOK; or, the New Expositor
of Verbs in French. By ERNEST LAGARDE,
A.M., Professor of Modern Languages in Mount
St. Mary's College. Price, $1.00.

Lagarde's French Verb Book embraces a comprehensive analysis of the conjugations, a new method for the formation and use of the tenses, and a complete paradigm of all the verbs, the whole explained and exemplified by full illustrations. It is believed that the book will be found a valuable aid to the study of the French language.


pendium of the Grammatical Rules of the French Language. By F. A. BRÉGY, A.M., Professor of French in the University of Pennsylvania.

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