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PART FIRST. Price by mail, postpaid, 75 cents.





PART THIRD. In Preparation.

These hand-books can be advantageously used in connection with any system. They lead the student from the first elements of the language to and through the principal rules of the French Syntax, enabling him, in a short time, to master intelligently what otherwise would prove a tedious and difficult task.


of Poetical Selections for Children. Price by mail, postpaid, 50 cents.

That sympathy which loves to link the present with the past, has prompted the preparation of this volume. Simply to make a child glad, is a worthy motive for storing its mind with poetic utterances, especially when the remembrance of such happiness becomes a well-spring of delight for a lifetime.

This little book is intended for children not more than nine or ten years of age, and the compiler would feel it a good excuse for adding another book to those already extant, should the little ones find pleasure in it.

IN THE SCHOOL-ROOM; or, CHAPTERS in the PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION. BY JOHN S. HART, LL.D., Principal of New Jersey State Normal School. Price by mail, postpaid, $1.25.

This work gives the results of the experience and observation of the author "In the School-room" for a period of years extending over more than one-third of a century.

No teacher can afford to be without it. It is a teacher's library in a single book. Descriptive circular sent on application.

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HE MODEL ROLL-BOOK, No. 1. For the Use
of Schools. Containing a Record of Attendance,
Punctuality, Deportment, Orthography, Reading,
Penmanship, Intellectual Arithmetic, Practical
Arithmetic, Geography, Grammar, Parsing and
History, and several blanks for special studies
not enumerated. Price by mail, postpaid, $5.00.

THE MODEL ROLL-BOOK, No. 2. For the use

of High Schools, Academies, and Seminaries. Containing a Record of all the studies mentioned in Roll-Book No. 1, together with Declamation, Elocution, Algebra, Geometry, Composition, Rhetoric, French, Latin, Philosophy, Physiology, and several blanks for special studies not enumerated. Price by mail, postpaid, $5.00.

THE MODEL POCKET REGISTER & GRADEBOOK. A Roll-Book, Record, and Grade-Book combined. Adapted to all grades of classes, whether in College, Academy, Seminary, High or Primary School. Bound in fine English cloth, crimson edges. Price by mail, postpaid, 65 cents.


aid in securing the co-operation of parents. It consists of a Record of the Attendance, Deportment, Recitations, &c., of the Scholar, for every day in the week. At the close of the week it is to be sent to the parent or guardian for examination. Price per dozen, by mail, postpaid, $1.05.


THE MODEL MONTHLY REPORT. The general character of the Monthly Report is the same as that of the Model School Diary, excepting that it is intended for a Monthly instead of a Weekly Report of the Attendance, Recitations, &c., of the Pupil. Price per dozen, by mail, postpaid, $1.05.

BOOK-KEEPING BLANKS. Consisting of six

blank books, as follows: Day Book, Cash Book, Ledger, Journal, Bill Book, and Book for Miscellaneous Exercises. Price for each book by mail, postpaid, 15 cents; or the entire set of six books by mail, postpaid, 90 cents.

These books have been prepared as a matter of practical convenience for students in Book-keeping. They can be used with any treatise, and will be sold singly or in sets, as may be desired.

Teachers corresponding with us are requested to supply us with a copy of the circular or catalogue of the school of which they are the Principal, or with which they are connected.

Descriptive circulars of all our publications will be sent to any address on application.

Please address,


No. 17 North Seventh Street,


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