History of the Association of the Alumni of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York

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New Era Printing Company, 1909 - 93 pagine

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Pagina 36 - York, as their medical department, under the name of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in the City of New York.
Pagina 35 - An Act for the Incorporation of Benevolent, Charitable, Scientific and Missionary Societies," passed April 12, 1848, and the several acts extending and amending said act.
Pagina 85 - Directors, disburse all funds of the Association. He shall report annually and oftener if required; he shall keep regular accounts, which shall be at all times open to the inspection of the members of the Association.
Pagina 87 - At each annual, stated or adjourned meeting of the Association, the order of business shall be as follows : 1. Reading of minutes of preceding meeting. 2. Report of Executive Committee. 3. Report of Treasurer. 4. Report of Committee on Admissions.
Pagina 83 - ARTICLE IV- -Officers. The officers of the Association shall be a president, a vicepresident, and a secretary-treasurer, who shall perform the duties usually pertaining to their respective offices.
Pagina 86 - They shall have power to make such regulations, not inconsistent with the Constitution and By-Laws, as shall be necessary for the protection of the property of the Association, and for the preservation of good order in the conduct of its affairs. They shall keep a record of their proceedings, which shall be read at the ensuing meeting of the Association; and it shall be their duty to present business for the Association.
Pagina 36 - AD 18 , before me personally appeared [insert names of the tubscribers to the certificate) to me known to be the individuals described in the foregoing certificate and they severally before me signed the said certificate and acknowledged that they signed the same for the purposes therein mentioned.
Pagina 87 - Any standing Committee of the Association may by rule provide that three successive absences from the meetings of the Committee, unexcused, shall be deemed a resignation by the member, so absent, of his place upon the Committee. Any standing Committee of the Association may, by rule, impose upon its members a fine for nonattendance, and may provide for the disposition of the fines collected under such rule.
Pagina 85 - SECRETARY. The Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of all meetings of the Association, and discharge such other duties as shall be required of him by the Association, and by the Executive Committee.
Pagina 84 - The Executive Committee shall manage the affairs of the Association subject to the constitution and by-laws. Any person who shall hold the offices of Secretary and Treasurer may receive such salary as shall be fixed by the Executive Committee, not to exceed one hundred dollars per annum.

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