The Works of George Meredith: Poems

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A. Constable, 1898

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Pagina 222 - The living throb in me, the dead revive. Yon mantle clothes us : there, past mortal breath, Life glistens on the river of the death. It folds us, flesh and dust ; and have we knelt, Or never knelt, or eyed as kine the springs Of radiance, the radiance...
Pagina 208 - Love took my hand when hidden stood the sun To fling his robe on shoulder-heights of snow. Then said : There lie they, Life and Death in one. Whichever is, the other is : but know, It is thy craving self that thou dost see, Not in them seeing me.
Pagina 148 - tis to senses pricked with fright. • So mine are these new fruitings rich The simple to the common brings ; I keep the youth of souls who pitch Their joy in this old heart of things : Who feel the Coming young as aye, Thrice hopeful on the ground we plough; Alive for life, awake to die ; One voice to cheer the seedling Now. Full lasting is the song, though he, The singer, passes : lasting too, For souls not lent in usury, The rapture of the forward view.
Pagina 216 - So may we read, and little find them cold: Not frosty lamps illumining dead space, Not distant aliens, not senseless Powers. The fire is in them whereof we are born; The music of their motion may be ours. Spirit shall deem them beckoning Earth and voiced Sisterly to her, in her beams rejoiced. Of love, the grand impulsion, we behold The love that lends her grace Among the starry fold. Then at new flood of customary morn, Look at her through her showers, Her mists, her streaming gold, A wonder edges...
Pagina 170 - Then let our trust be firm in Good, Though we be of the fasting ; Our questions are a mortal brood, Our work is everlasting. We children of Beneficence Are in its being sharers ; And Whither vainer sounds than Whence, For word with such wayfarers.
Pagina 209 - VI Look now where Colour, the soul's bridegroom, makes The house of heaven splendid for the bride. To him as leaps a fountain she awakes, In knotting arms, yet boundless : him beside, She holds the flower to heaven, and by his power Brings heaven to the flower.
Pagina 213 - The seen, the unrevealed. Implacable they shine To us who would of Life obtain An answer for the life we strain To nourish with one sign. Nor can imagination throw The penetrative shaft: we pass The breath of thought, who would divine If haply they may grow As Earth; have our desire to know; If life comes there to grain from grass, And flowers like ours of toil and pain; Has passion to beat bar, Win space from cleaving brain; The mystic link attain, Whereby star holds on star. Those visible immortals...
Pagina 172 - I neighbour the invisible So close that my consent Is only asked for spirits masked To leap from trees and flowers. And this because with them I dwell In thought, while calmly bent To read the lines dear Earth designs Shall speak her life on ours.
Pagina 82 - Beams that panted black and bright, Scornful lightnings danced their sight : Him they see an oak in bud, Him an oaklog stripped of bark : Him, their lord of day and night, White, and lifting up his blood Dumb for vengeance. Name us that, Huddled in the corner dark, Humped and grinning like a cat, Teeth for lips ! — 'tis she ! she stares, Glittering through her bristled hairs. Rend her ! Pierce her to the hilt ! She is Murder : have her out ! What!
Pagina 212 - The song had ceased ; my vision with the song. Then of those Shadows, which one made descent Beside me I knew not : but Life ere long Came on me in the public ways and bent Eyes deeper than of old : Death met I too, And saw the dawn glow through.

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